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Strange 44 Year Old Single Woman

Is it strange that a 44 yr old woman would be content being single? Some think I'm jaded, I think I'm satisfied!

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 ---Amy on 8/15/05
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I agree about the mods and misleading titles.

I once posted a blog about how many churches kick singles out of the church singles group at age 30. They titled the blog 30 too old for marriage. That is precisely why I was offended. They only poured salt in my wounds.

Lack of understanding or sensitivity towards singles in the church is far too common.
---Obewan on 4/24/11

Instead of speculating that the Mod's have some kind of deceitful intent, it is better to believe they are titling things as the question is posted. There could be many reasons for many answers not to be posted. Sometimes too many together takes to much of the spaces in the blog question. I am guilty of that many times when I try to explain something pieced together. Some of mine are not posted, but thank them for posting the ones they do.
---Mark_V. on 4/25/11

No, it is not strange at all, IN GOD'S KINGDOM, for anyone to be single, no matter what age. I CORINTHIANS 7 has Verses that, in effect, says that GOD blesses Singleness, just as He does Marriage. Some have the strength to be single, and to be CONTENT in that. If one cannot be single contentedly, it is then expediant for such to marry. Being single is only strange in the eyes of the world. The world knows not GOD, and places her priorities the opposite of GOD's.
---Gordon on 4/25/11


Waiting is made undoubtedly more difficult when we do not know, but I am always buoyed by the Promise of the Eternal Father, given in Isaiah 54:10. God is completely aware and acutely interested in the smallest details of your life. And that gives us all great comfort!
---Allan on 4/24/11

I wrote to the Webmaster about the sometimes inappropriate titles given to questions, and I gave this one as an example

This was the respose I received:

"Most people would not think of this, but frequently the moderators are getting the main keywords in the title because it makes the pages friendly for the search engines. But yes I would agree with you on the title example you gave that it may have been worded more clearly"
---alan8566_of_uk on 4/22/11

Robyn ... Like you, I have noticed that the Moderstors make up their own title to the question.

In this case, it is a most unfortunate title.
---alan8566_of_uk on 4/21/11

Amy I sent a very real message to you on yesterday but it was not posted. I don't play neither do I pull punches. I tell it like it is. It(the comment) must have been too real for this blogsite.
---robyn on 4/21/11

The heading for some of these topics are changed by CN when they are received. I don't know who does this. But I think it may be done to save space. I think the person who changes these topics should be made aware of what they are doing and use better wording also. Or leave it the way it was received.
---Robyn on 4/21/11

No matter your situation now, my prayer for you is that God's will be done for you always. This is also my number1 prayer point.
---Adetunji on 4/20/11

Being single at this age is difficult at times, especially when some who are married look at you as if there is still hope for you. I'm not sure attending a bible study group with my marital status "singles" in the title is the answer...Singles Group! My hope is knowing that God has a greater plan for my life than I could ever think of...I just wish I knew what it was and how long I'll be on this journey alone.
---France on 4/19/11

Oh yes it is strange not many women or men come to think of it can seriously say they trully are contented being single, Howbeit a wonderful choice marriage is too both how ever have advantages/disadvantages if you haven't got a seriously well established personal relationship with God.
---Carla5754 on 4/21/08

Well if you're satisfied then don't worry about it. you are truely blessed.
---wayne on 4/21/08

Amy, I think it's awesome that you are single and satisifed! I admire you. God's will is different for each of us. Some are called to live a single life. May He continue to bless you in your walk with Him!
---Michelle on 10/29/06

Quiet an interesting Blog Mix it up yea!But Norma dont look for a Gentleman friend rather one Gentle manfriend, age is no respecter of being conned.Loveable Linda ..does celibate come with age?? or desire.
---Emcee on 10/28/06

I don't think it's strange at all that you are 44 and still single. I know a fellow who didn't get married until he was about 60 years old and has a good marriage. I've been a widow for 17 years and I've only dated two gentlemen, the first one was for two years and the second one 6 months. I have no desire to get married again, but I would enjoy having a gentleman friend.
---Norma7374 on 10/28/06

Amy#2Your self esteem may suffer, even when people tell you how special you are because of ALL the time you can spend serving the Lord (you struggle, too, to get in daily Bible reading/prayer). Ah, the guilt.
BUT you learn to depend on the Lord (not people) in ALL things .HE himself gives you joy, fulfillment. HE teaches HOW to overcome fear. He gives the gift of singleness (And, eventually, you wont be
"strange" ....all the women you know will be single too!)
---Donna2277 on 10/28/06

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Amy#1 Blessings! Welcome to the "strangers" club! I've been single most of my adult life...lost my husband after just a few years of marriage.
Many folk (most unconsciously) make you "feel" strange. You re an outsider when all your friends are getting married, when all have babies, when all get divorced, when the whole church focuses on marriage and family. What you do doesn't interest them or it's enviable...I wish I had a career...I wish I could travel.
---Donna2277 on 10/28/06

It's not strange to be single and 44, I'm 47 and single by the grace of God, I am content in what evey situation I'm in. I have prayed to take lustful desires from me until he sends me a mate, I also stand on God's word, don't put my self in compromising situations, don't watch movies or shows with sexual situations, live a holy and acceptable life before God and he will help you resist temptations and you will be tempted. Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world
---lavon on 10/27/06

It is done by grace dear ones.
---ann_G on 10/7/05

I agree with Randy.Some are called to marry and some aren't.
---sun on 9/17/05

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So,ok,Randy...are you celibate? I wonder how people like Carman(very handsome,Christian),Mike Murdock,others stay single,celibate and serving God for decades if it's not a gift.I do it day by day...and sometimes "white knuckling it".
---lovable_linda on 9/15/05

Amy, just look at all the folks on this blog that are trying to get out of their marriage. I was told long ago that if you are miserable now you will be miserable in marriage. But it sounds like you have found your calling as being single. I have too. Bless you in your journey.
---randy on 8/18/05

I am very happy for you. I thought that after divorce I would never want to marry again, not out of bitterness just out of exhaustion, marriage is hardwork. But I miss having someone to share with, talk to, hold, laugh with...... yep I dont like "aloneness" so anyone who does I say it's a gift!!! congratulations, enjoy!
---km on 8/16/05

Well Amy....Loveable Linda expressed one of the major struggles with being single...

---Joy9988 on 8/16/05

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Amy,I'm curious...Are you celibate?
---lovable_linda on 8/16/05

It is not given for all people to be as Paul. If that is your calling, there is nothing wrong with it.
---ron on 8/16/05

There is no law that says a person has to be married. If you are content being single, Praise God. Read 1 Cor. 7:7, Paul would be proud of you. In the same way, there is no law that says people have to have kids just because they are married! I am a nonconformist and I am a firm believer that just because the crowd does things one way, dont mean it is the right way! Enjoy your life and be close to God. So few people are content with their life, particularly married people, look at the divorce rate!
---Pat on 8/16/05

It is quite alright to enjoy being single. Whatever works for you is what you should do. It is between you and God and you need to live life how you enjoy it.
---Karen on 8/16/05

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No you are not strange honey.when my husband died ,for the first time in my life I am no one's care taker,wife ,mother ,and its Great. With alot of time for myself and getting aquantied with my Father on a more personal level. Go girl. And enjoy not cooking,cleaning etc.
---Alice on 8/16/05

Barbra that is great if the person chooses to be single. St Paul did and there is nothing wrong with that. But what if a person desires to be married and realy needs a mate, is God going to tell/him or her NO? This could be unbarable for some people, who realy need love especialy those who have never had family around them, or somebody to apprechiate them.
---susanna on 8/16/05

May I ask: What is meant by "jaded"? Is this an idiomatic expression? I am not from the U.S. thus I need to know exactly what the word "jaded" means before I could react to this Blog question. Thank you.
---Bebet3754 on 8/16/05

Susanna, why do you consider an unmarried person 'unlucky' and "condemned?" by God? If they want to have no husband/wife or children, that's a choice they make. Being celebate goes along with being an unmarried Christian. A person can be happy single and celebate, there are other important things in life!
---NVBarbara on 8/16/05

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No, it is not strange. I am 39 and have been on my own many yrs and I am at a point in my life where I am content on my own as well.
If God wants me single that is fine and if he wants me married than he will have to work it out. Yes satified is the word and with God in our lives we should be satisfied because he is all we need.
---Marla on 8/15/05

Have a question for ---Tameisha
so what happens for those unlucky ones who are condemned by God to a life of singleness, barreness and celebacy? are they at liberty to commit fornication?
Where in the bible does it say that it is 'GOOD for some of us to be alone? (read 1corinthians7v2)
---susanna on 8/15/05

MODERATOR, what a choice of words for a heading! I thought she had 2 heads or something!
Amy, are you happy? Do you have a relationship with the Lord? Nothing wrong with being single! I pray you are not jaded, just listen to the Lord and follow His lead.
I don't happen to think everyone should be married. If you're content, and God is happy with you stay on your course til He tells you different. God bless you.

Moderator - Need to mix it up once in a while :)
---NVBarbara on 8/15/05

I personally dont believe that is strange. We all have different callings on our lives and most people dont want to accept but all of us arent meant to married. That's why we have to ask God what it is He intends for us to do. There are types of single people;
single and satisfied, single and seeking, and single for a season.
---Tameisha on 8/15/05

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Paul talks about being single is better (he encouraged people to be like he was) and if you are satisfied, then that is all that matters...
---Steven_Wilkey on 8/15/05

I commend you, 1 Corinthians 7:8, Paul writes and commend those widows ans unmarried to stay that way. If you can't substain from have sexual relationships, then it is best to marry. Also look at 1 Corinthians 7:34. How the unmarried person can devote more time to the Lord's work than a married person.
---geraa7578 on 8/15/05

I don't think it's strange at all. I think it's good that you are living exactly how YOU want to and that you can be happy with yourself.
---sue on 8/15/05

Kudos to you Amy! Some of us are meant to be independant in these ways. If anyone looks at you strange, stick your tongue out in a child-like fashion. LOL! What man thinks about you is of no consequence. God loves you, and so, you need no one else's approval. I may spend my life playing solitaire- but at least Jesus is with me. I am a strange (but benevolent, so I have been told) I celebrate being an authentic person. You should too! :)
---Blade7398 on 8/15/05

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Hello Amy- it isn't so strange that you are content and single simultaneously. As I grow closer to God, my desires/ hungers for the flesh begin to wane. There are other elements at work, as well- a lot of them being psychological. My self esteem is improving, I am reading self-help books, etc. Not long ago, I was desperately lonely for a female companion. But you know what- the truth is that our society in America frowns upon people who do not conform and become married- but so what, says I. :)
---Blade7398 on 8/15/05

I don't see what is strange about that at all if that is what you want. Not everyone finds fulfilment in marriage and having a family. I did and would have hated to stay single but I have 3 adult children unmarried, not much younger than you and they are quite content as they are.
---Xanthi on 8/15/05

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