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Does God Have A Sense Of Humor

Does God have a sense of humor?

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 ---NurseRobert on 8/16/05
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Is it a sin to say God has a sense of humor?
---Patricia on 1/3/11

The way of the transgressor is hard.
---Linda on 6/16/10

God asked me tonight, earlier: "You didn't know being under me would be so hard, did you? I said, "No, I sure didn't". He keeps assuring me one day I will thank Him. God has a great sense of humor. But, He is tough, also. Have a great evening everyone.
---catherine on 6/15/10

The Pharisees preferred Dodge Vipers, and Paul was attached to one for a bit. Act 28:3.
---aka.joseph on 6/15/10

The disciples were wrong to use a honda. They shold have used a KIA

Deuteronomy 6:5 And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy SOUL, and with all thy might.
---FRANCIS on 6/15/10

we are made in the image and likeness of God

if The Father in Heaven can become angry he can experience humor too
---Rhonda on 6/15/10

I found this amusing....
I've never told a mountain to "be removed".
...Never felt the need to. But a friend of mine has. He was driving cross-country and pulled the car over to eat a sandwich his wife had made for him. He found himself at the foot of a mountain. He felt somehow he should command the mountain before him to be removed. He couldn't get this thought out of his mind, so, feeling foolish, he did just that.
A year or more later, he happened to return to that very spot and discovered....yes, there were a couple of a new houses, built on nicely leveled ground, right where the moutain had stood.
I won't try to find a lesson in this, but it sure is interesting.
---Donna66 on 6/15/10

The Hondas won't last though...
2Pet 3:10 But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night, in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the ELEMENTS shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.
Maybe VW's? Lev 11:22 [Even] these of them ye may eat, the locust after his kind, and the bald locust after his kind, and the BEETLE after his kind, and the grasshopper after his kind.
of course Jesus rode a Plymouth...
Luke 19:35 And they brought him to Jesus: and they cast their garments upon the COLT, and they set Jesus thereon.
---micha9344 on 6/15/10

francis and joseph, that's funny. "In the first month, that the month Nissan, they cast Pur, that is the lot in front of Haman." Esther 3:7.
---Eloy on 6/15/10

After the day of Pentecost, how do we know the Apostles preferred Hondas over other cars?
They were all in one Accord.
---aka.joseph on 6/14/10

I take issue with that.
Joshua 2:7 And the men pursued after them the way to Jordan unto the FORDS: and as soon as they which pursued after them were gone out, they shut the gate.

Judges 3:28 And he said unto them, Follow after me: for the LORD hath delivered your enemies the Moabites into your hand. And they went down after him, and took the FORDS of Jordan toward Moab
---francis on 6/15/10

When I get undressed for a shower, God probably calls for all the holy angels in heaven to gather together, and he says to them, "Hurry up, look down there, he's going to do it again." And when they look and see me without bare naked, they probably all crack up laughing.
---Eloy on 6/15/10

After the day of Pentecost, how do we know the Apostles preferred Hondas over other cars?

They were all in one Accord.
---aka.joseph on 6/14/10


I don't believe God laughs when He is mocked.
(you'll probably tell me I am wrong...that your relationship with Him is special)

Yes, I understand that we can all have an intimate relationship with our Lord. We may have wonderful conversations with Him. Yes, I'm sure He has a sense of humor. BUT He is not a "buddy" to kid around with. HE is Lord of
Heaven and Earth, All Holiness and Righteousness, The Beginning and the End, by Whose Hand everything was created.

It's worth remembering that...
Pro 9:10 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.
---Donna66 on 6/14/10

Of course he does.
The Hebrews, after fleeing the Egyptians into the desert, complained of the monotony of God's provisions... of manna..manna, manna,day after day the same. They wanted meat. God sent them quail, an answer to their prayers! Hallelujah!.
Quail, quail, quail...they were inundated with quail, they ate quail every meal, every day, until it made them sick!
Do you believe God did this with a straight face?
I'm sure he hasn't changed. Then and now, He teaches that ya' better not try to play around with God. HE wins every time.
---Donna66 on 6/13/10

\\You would be surprise what I get away with.\\

You may be unpleasantly surprised at what you think you've been getting away with, too.

\\I even jokingly mock Him and He laughs. We have a great time together.\\

Further proof that your god is not the God of the Bible, who said "God is not mocked."
---Cluny on 6/13/10

I cannot brag enough on God. He has the best sense of humor OF any person. You would be surprise what I get away with. All He does is laugh. I even mock unbelievers, sometimes. He laughs. I even jokingly mock Him and He laughs. We have a great time together.
---catherine on 6/13/10

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Two woman were having a baby on the same day at the same hospital, one a boy and the other a girl. Because the two mothers spent time together in the maternity ward they became close friends as did thier children who grew into sweethearts. On their 25th birthday the children decided to get married. when they were alone on their wedding night God appeared promising that as long as they kept their vows for forty years God would grant each of them one wish each. Forty years later as they went to bed God again appeared fullfilling His promise...the wife went first asking that she take her husband on a trip and two cruise tickets popped into her hands...the husband asked God for a wife 30 years younger than him and he immediatly turned 95!
---michael on 6/13/10

Yes He does. When i was on a trip with my family to florida as little kid, i prayed the day that we left that we would get to stay in florida longer.....our plain ended up waiting on the runway for 2 hours while the mechanics fixed something. Yeah not exactly what i had in mind hahaha.
---brent on 3/3/10

Alan: Lighten up! As a former hemorrhoid sufferer, I was the "butt" of many jokes. You wouldn't believe how many. But I find it best to roll with the punches and make the most of the situation. They were indeed quite funny for the most part, albeit at my expense.
---jerry6593 on 2/20/10

Brian ... So you find hemorrhoids funny? Sufferers don't
---alan8566_of_uk on 2/3/10

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Let's see... God once struck the enemies of Israel with extreme cases of hemorrhoids, he created the platypus and constantly unhinges man's plans against him in a most comedic way... Yeah, he has a sense of humor.
---Brian on 2/3/10

OH MY GOODNESS, HALLELUJAH. No one has a sense of humor that can even come close to God's.
---catherine on 1/10/10

Yes! Just when the liberal, environmental whacko eggheads of the earth have gathered together to force us to stop global warming (as if we had the power), He sends the coldest winter on record. It must really "frost" them to see all the manatees and turtles dying here in Florida from the extreme cold. Quick, everybody burn more stuff and make more CO2! We NEED global warming!
---jerry6593 on 1/10/10

Just about thirty years ago, I remember reading a story about a well known politician(?) who held up the bible high into the air in front of a large gathering of people and news reporters on the steps of his home and declared that the bible will completely disappear from the face of the world in 100 years. Exactly one hundred years later, his home became a worldwide christian organization.
---Steveng on 12/27/09

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Yes, I believe the our Lord DOES have a sense of humor. I asked my dad, a Baptist pastor, the same question & his response was "Son, go look in the mirror!"
---Chris on 12/23/09

Yes God does have a sense of humor. Because if he didn't, we wouldn't have the ability to burp and fart. lol
---Maya on 7/8/09

Yes, Yes, and by all means yes. God has a sinse of humor that won't quit. I would hardly ever laugh if it were not for God making me laugh. And I make Him laugh. And He understands my sinse of humor. Although I do not always understand His. God can be so much fun. God also sits in heaven and God laughs at His enemies, Because He knows their time is coming. Man's day is now God's day is coming. Get ready.++
---catherine on 8/19/07

Of course God has a sense of humor!
He created us didn't he and humor is part of who we are.
If he did have a sense of humor and give that to us there would be no laughter and then this old world would be a very rough place to be.
---Pam on 8/19/07

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Absolutely. I say He has. Just read about Sarah and Abraham whom God blessed with Isaac. First He allowed Sarah to give her husband to father a child thru the slave. Then He caused Sarah to tell Abraham to send Ishmael away with his
---boob on 12/4/06

He made us in his very image. He enjoys our range of emotions, gusto, adventure, laughing, smiling even wipes away our tears. He is the maker of us knows exactly how we are. Jesus must have had a lovely sense of humor I taught school kindergarten for years until I changed & now work w/animals. So kids will not respond to a mean, gruff, stuffy person & it says the children followed him, came to him so they loved Him which proves he was gentle, kind, funny, smiled or kids would have run the other way.
---Jeanne on 12/3/06

Yes, He does. God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 12/3/06

I have one word about God and His sense of humor: Platapus!
---sue on 12/3/06

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Yes, God does have a sense of humor. Yesterday, the bus driver put the wheelchair ramp down for me so I could get my shopping jeep on. I know I've got a sick body, but I'm not ready for a wheelchair yet.
---Helen_5378 on 12/3/06

I read some happiness boosters.
Spend time with happy people. Science shows our brains cells imitate those around us.

Imagine you are laughing. Anticipating laughter is as effective as laughing.
(Bowling Green State University)

Twenty to thirty minutes outside in fresh air, feel more optimistic and mentally sharp. Children who play outside are happier and have longer attention spans.
(University of Michigan)
---Trina on 12/2/06

Of course God has a sense of humour.. hence there is so much comedy in the world; and men, women and children laugh. If God didn't have a sense of humour, we wouldn't either. Why would a humourless God create human beings who have a weird sense of humour that He doesn't? Now, that's funny.
---Tan_MJ on 12/2/06

lol david...100 marks to you brother...I like that have humour, just as God
---jana on 8/26/06

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That was funny Ann, nostrils down so we don't drown.
---Eloy on 1/3/06

Yes. One day I prayed for some single Christian girls that speak in tongues to start working at my jobsite. Well I got it alright, but she spoke in tongues because she was from another country, not because the Holy Spirit came upon her and gave her the gift, as I had wanted.
---Jethro on 1/3/06

Have you ever heard the expression, be careful what you pray for? Pray for patience and you will see God's sense of humor all right. lol
---carla on 1/3/06

One day I was convicted by the Lord that I should go into the mission field. I was praying but not giving my will completely over to Him. I prayed, "Lord I will obey you but PLEASE don't send me to Africa". Does God have a sense of humor? Oh yes......He sent me to Siberia!
---Elsie on 8/18/05

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Look at kittens playing and you have your answer, who couldn't laugh at them?
---Hazy on 8/17/05

....or you could just send me the money....hey, is this turning into our next humour blog?
---Ann5758 on 8/17/05

I got totally confused when I was in Canada 2 years ago with the money exchange.
I still have some Canadian money, maybe I need another trip to Canada!
---NVBarbara on 8/17/05

God is mostly serious, but he does have humor at times. Please read Deuteronomy 30:9; Psalm 2:4; 37:12,13; 59:8; Isaiah 62:5; 65:19; Jeremiah 32:41; Zephaniah 3:17; Luke 10:21; John 11:15.
---Eloy on 8/17/05

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Love it david! But then again, where would be a more appropriate place? It'd be hard to blow your nose if it was under your arm!
You'd have to lift your arm to enjoy the scents coming from the kitchen! I'm imagining a restaurant with all arms raised.

Ewwww the BO under your arm would keep your nose clogged up!
If it was still on your face, but turned the other way, you'd have to stay out of the rain!
---NVBarbara on 8/16/05

So's we don't drown when it rains....nostrils down instead of, eh?
---Ann578 on 8/16/05

Of course God has a sense of humor - why would he hang something like your nose upside down over your mouth?
---David on 8/16/05

Barbara, you mean more "loonies" than the Canadian mint can make?...for thems of you what don't know, it's our $1 coin- $2 coins are "toonies"---I heard they're coming out with a $5 coin and call it a "sankee" since 5 in french is cinq(sank)
---Ann5758 on 8/16/05

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Missy ... I LOVE that!! It's just like something God would say! :)
Thanks for sharing!
---DoryLory on 8/16/05

I KNOW God has a sense of humor each morning when I look in the mirror!
Smudged mascara that leaves me looking like a raccoon, and hair like Medusa. Not so funny to me, but I bet God gets a giggle!
---NVBarbara on 8/16/05

Yo Robert, drop into the 'Humor blog', or the 'What's up' blog. We're on our 5th Humor blog! There are more loonies here than you may think!
---NVBarbara on 8/16/05

When I got saved I was so afraid of what I would be like. I asked God if I could still have a sence of humor, and He said "Yes, I made you that way".
---missy on 8/16/05

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It was just after the biggest snow storm we ever had I realized the kind of sense of humor our Lord has. I was out shovelling, and thigh high snow is not fun to shovell. I was getting cranky, so I prayed a little prayer, saying Lord please put a song in my heart to sing to get my thoughts off this and onto You. Well next thing I know I'm singing, "It's a lovely day, and I praise God for the weather..." Yeah God has a sense of humor.
---bethie on 8/16/05

Nurse Robert, we have 5 or 6 humour blogs on this site... probably 1000 or more entries... we can have fun here, and God blesses our laughter. Of course He has a sense of humour....look at the platypus
---Ann5758 on 8/16/05

Yes, God created all, including humor. I'm sure that God watches the funny things we all do just like we watch our favorite comedy shows on TV. Just think about that!
---EJ on 8/16/05

Someone recently said, on another similar blog ... who would create a zebra if not for someone with a sense of humor? I thought that was a cute answer. You could also say the same thing about a giraffe. In fact, can't you just imagine God having a great time inventing most of the animals ... or perhaps us?!
---DoryLory on 8/16/05

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when I was first saved, I asked the Lord about somthing I was going through, needing the answer I vowed a fast of four days , he answered me within an hours time , I called my pastor and asked him could I come off of my fast , he said no your up for four days, you vowed a vow, I had never fasted before.
---susan_Holland on 8/16/05

I agree, of course he does... but why is everyone so SERIOUS on this board??? Ive been reading these blogs for a couple of weeks now and I am amazed at the seriousness that most people portray on here. Lighten up people.. laugh, love and enjoy life!
---NurseRobert on 8/16/05

yes! I think the creator of laughter in us had to know what laughter was before he made us.
---Laure5469 on 8/16/05

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