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Do I Marry My Boyfriend

My question is that I would like to marry my boyfriend but he is 49 years old. And I have three kids that are not buy him but he treat them like they are. He loves us but I dont know what to say. Or ask him to marry me we been together for almost two years. Let me know what you think. thank you.

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 ---keiara on 8/16/05
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#4, Have you read Dr. Laura's book on "Feeding Husbands?"
---timotheus on 3/5/08

Is this where you get your ideas about marriage??
---NurseRobert on 3/6/08

IF you have been living together and have "slept" with him, Technically, you are already "married" to him. IF SO, then you must now decide the most efficient method to "Make it right & Official."
IF NOT, You must ask yourself...
#1, Is he a practicing christian, and not in word only? ARE YOU?
#2, Do you know his imperfections, does he know yours?
#3, Are you willing to put up with them?
#4, Have you read Dr. Laura's book on "Feeding Husbands?"
---timotheus on 3/5/08

thats something that you need to talk over with your boyfriend. If God says it's right then it's right. God will let you know all things just trust in him and God give you all of your answers.
---Amanda on 3/5/08

I am one for being practical...You didn't mentioned that you loved him, but something must be positive about the relationship after all it's been two years in the making of it. So, this is a plus for marriage. I think you should find out his intentions toward you and your children. So come out and ask him where do you and your children fit in his life. Inquire and see if he is considering you and your children as being a continual part in terms of marriage. If he says yes, "Go for it Girl!"
---Joy9988 on 7/8/07

Perhaps there are 2 different Sarahs on here.
---M.P. on 1/22/06

Sara you said in one of your other posts on here that sex outside of marriage is not biblical so why are you having sex with this man???? you have a child by him and are already pregant again. You seem to make christian statments in most of your previous posts. If you are a christian why are you having sex and you are not married yet you are judging others on here?
---ginnie on 1/22/06

why are you writing on a christian blog sarah? if you are a christian you should not be having sex and baring children for some man you are not married either get married with him or split, but think of your should put their interests first not your own. children do not get in the way!
---susanna on 1/20/06

i want to marry my boyfriend but the kids get in the way of us all the time and my boyfriend is 35 years old we are great together i have already got a son with him and a baby on the way which is due next year but i would like to know if it is the right thing to do thanks you for let me know what you think thank you so much
---sarah on 9/28/05

How funny. I am in the exact same situation, almost to the age (boyfriend) and number of kids... I guess I am waiting for someone to tell me it's ok to not be married and continue, but I know its not.
---Elsie on 9/26/05

If he's good to you and love you and you and your kids love him, then marry him. If not, move on.
---elmer on 9/16/05

The Bible says that those who are fornicators will not see the King of God. That's the only answer you need.
---Sally on 8/22/05

about in your same situation,dating my bfriend for 11 years now,feel like you do should I marry him?hasnt asked this whole time or wanted to live with me.I ask am I worth his time,does he really love me.I love god.I try to do the right.But I am human and mess up from time to time.Dr.phil says if after 4 years they dont ask you to marry then they never are.If they have been with you that long of time then why cant they be married to you.thats your situation also.I think alot of men are scared of commiting.
---STACY on 8/17/05

Do you love him? Does he love you and your kids? If so what is the problem? If he accepts your kids like they are his own and loves you and is already your boyfriend than what is the difference if they are his kids or not. Many men would not accept someone else's kids but when you find one that does and you love him than hold on to him cause is a rare and wonderful catch.
---M on 8/16/05

I'm curious. Why seek outside advice? Is it that you know the answer but don't like it? If you've been going out with this person for two years, you know a lot about him. What is it about him that you are uncertain about? First and foremost, is he a believer? Does he love the Lord and seek the Lord's way? Does he love you and cherish you? It is important that he loves your children, but they are number three on the list. Have you prayed about it? What do you believe the Lord is telling you?Cecilia
---Cecilia on 8/16/05

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