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Should I Continue To Win Love

I really love this girl and have prayed about it. I expressed my feelings to her before she left for school. She knows quite well that I love her so much; but she's not really making it clear to me. I am so confused so can I continue hoping to win her love or should I quite.

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 ---olamide on 8/17/05
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It depends how long you've been waiting for her. Clearly she does not reciprocate your feelings at this time. One of my brothers-in-law waited a year before my sister finally developed feelings for him greater than friends. In the end she appreciated his patience and his "pursuit" (but he hadn't been overbearing ... she was simply aware of his feelings). I agree with WIVV, it may help keep things in perspective if you go out with other girls while you're waiting. Don't wait forever.
---DoryLory on 3/13/08

"Keep on keeping on." You didn't state her age or your age, so I'll assume she's a freshman in collage. You should keep trying, but understand she is not ready to get serious with anyone. You might consider, "playing the field" some. Don't be confused. She is only doing what would seem logical to me - she looking at her options. (Better now than later, which I've seen happen more that once.) Let her know you will continue to love her, but give her "space".
---WIVV on 7/5/07

you can love someone but you cannot make the other person love you. Keep loving her and see where it leads. She will give you hints what is on her mind. Don't be disappointed if she does not. That is just the way life is. If she doesn't just keep that little part of love forever yourself. One day it will go away. You just move on and meet people. Your focus should be God and everything else will fall into place, when you have faith.
---lupe2618 on 8/17/05

I think she would tell you if she felt the same way about you, so just keep praying and give her some space, then ask to talk to her about the issue later, if it seems obvious that your feelings are stronger than hers, you should prepare yourself to move on. You'll find "The One", just be patient.
---Joseph on 8/17/05

, she "left" for school, knows how you feel and yet won't say as much to you? it's time to move on and find someone who feels the same way about you as you do about her.
---steve on 8/17/05

I know how your heart must be longing for this girl to respond positively to your profession of love, however you need to realize that you can't make her love you. No woman is worth the heartache some guys put themselves through in their pursuit. If she wants you she'll let you know and even then be very careful.
---ralph7477 on 8/17/05

well speaking as a women I would say ask her point blank. If you want to wait for her shouldn't she also wait for you? What good is it if one waits and not the other. Waiting means making a committment to that person and that person only to not have another. Ask her if she is willing to make that committment to you while off at school.
Then you will have your answer and know where you stand in her heart.
---M on 8/17/05

If truely u've prayed and u're convinced, u got 2 pray to God to show her a sign bcos she might not be convinced until she hears from that same God.
---phila on 8/17/05

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