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Where Are The Single Christians

Is there a reliable place to petition God for a 'help meet' who is 'equally yoked'? Please advise where the single, yet-to-marry, (no children) Christians are for Christ's name sake.

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 ---Mit-ChL on 8/17/05
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Hello,Thanks bro.Eloy,God bless you! God is love. amen.
---ELENA on 5/8/12

ELENA, A-men. We are joined to the Lord, hand-in-hand, and complete. We came out of our mother's womb single, so it is a natural thing not to be attached to another. Whether we be single or whether we be married, we are joined to the Lord.
---Eloy on 5/8/12

Hello,when I went to a church used to visit been years now..they pray for married folks,sickly,elderly,prisoners,homeless,etc.,after 3 visits I ask "why don't you pray for single christians? pastor replied "it's not our fault you singles can't get nobody!".... Needless,to say I never went bk there anymore. Not my kind of church... I got victory and I like being single... No rush.
---ELENA on 5/8/12

Someone sounds a little bit frustrated?I emphatize with you. The first part of your question is easy to answer-ANYWHERE. Being facetious.God answers in His own time.I think you should not give Him conditions- Trust Him. That child that he/she already has may be a blessing to you.Men are lazy these days They no longer ask for your number, instead they offer theirs - Not a great idea guys- at least for some women. If you want a great girl you will have to take some risks;rise to the challenge.
---al-na5657 on 10/13/07

well, there are many christian singles in the Philippines.
---faith on 4/23/07

Hi.. yes God will do in His time. Be specific. Make your requests known to God with prayer and supplication. Then start thanking God for your husband/wife. Question for you is: do you have room in your heart for a mate? Perhaps when your not looking also is when God will show up suddenly.. bless you..
---sandi on 9/21/05

I agree with Melissa. Only God knows WHEN and WHERE. He has a plan for each and everyone of us ... and it may be quite possible that we may not be meant to have a partner. Pray with conviction, and trust that He will answer your prayers in HIS own time and according to HIS own will. In the meantime, get to know some of the great folks on CN. The "right" person might be just a click away.
---helen6669 on 8/18/05

While I actually met my husband on this site, I actually found him in my prayers and meditation with God. God had a lot of work he needed for me to do before blessing me with a life partner.
---Tammy on 8/18/05

The most reliable place is on your knees in God's presence. Pray and trust in Him.
---Melissa on 8/18/05

I'm here...where are you??
---chria8537 on 8/18/05

I believe that we don't have to "help" God in His business to match make His creations. I think website is cool, though! We can make new friends. Some people do not socialize them selves much, may be they are shy to talk in person, but we can be true to ourselves in front of the computer, provided, you're truly honest.
---Helen on 8/18/05

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