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Obligated To Go Back To Husband

Am I biblically obligated to go back to my husband (whom I left 1 year ago)who was mentally, sexually(not according to him though)and physically(he punched my oldest son in the stomach the day I left)? He claimed to be a Christian when I met him. Married 4 yrs.

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 ---krist4385 on 8/17/05
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No, you are not "obligated" to be with someone who inflicts pain on you and your son this way.
HE however is obligated to get himself some councelling. Do you think a God who loves you as much as our God loves us would want to see you hurt? No, I do not believe he would.
---Shaz on 12/8/07

10,000xNo!!!You are biblically obligated to hear the Lord's voice for yourself and try to get confirmation..If you are in a legalistic church/friends..Get out or rid of..
---shawn on 4/20/07

You may find some comfort to how God sees a man who is violent toward his family by reading Malachi, Chapter 2. Stay safe dear sister, I can tell you don't want to go back and a good counsellor would tell you to stay away UNLESS he has made radical changes to his violent and abusive nature. God bless you, I pray you find peace with your decisions.
---Maxine on 8/23/05

God does not want anyone to suffer in pain of abuse, abuse has many faces: Emtional, physical, mental.Phil 4-7 this verse says it all, read it. claim it for you and your son. I pray that god will show you how much he cares for you and how important you are. God does not obligate us to stay in pain. God loves you.Be strong for you.
---inez on 8/18/05

Because of the abuse, separation is necessary, but not divorce. Read Malachi 2:16 & "The Power of a Praying Wife". Remember your vows to hubby & God: for worse, in sickness, for poorer, until death do you part. A lot of Christians forget this half of their vows. Trust God! It took me years of praying, but I stayed faithful to husband and God and now husband is back in church and has had a change of heart. Email me at doroth3714 for great Christian website re: marriage.
---Dorothy on 8/18/05

My dad was abusive toward my mother even during her pregnancy. The abuse ended when he left us girls in 1986. The mistrust and fear has rippled through our relationships. We are survivors not victims just like you. The cycle of abuse has to stop with you. My firm belief is that my mother would be dead now if she had fought the divorce and our lives would be just like hers was. God will understand, even if the church community can't.
---Auror3743 on 8/18/05

"No", not if there is physical abuse involved. While you shouldn't divorce him, you shouldn't go back to an abusive situation. (1 Corinthians 7:11) If he ask you to come back, do so only AFTER he's had a complete marital counseling program. (Make sure the marriage counselor is certified, and if possible unknown to both of you.) However, even if he takes the marriage counseling, this doesn't mean you automatically go back. Evlauate the situation first.
---WIVV on 8/18/05

No, no, no. Ephesians:5 v6. Husbands, love your wives just as Christ loved the church and gave his life for it.
And again, Ephesians: 5, v28. Men ought to love their wives just as they love their own bodies. a man who loves his wife, loves himself.
And again, Ephesians:6 v4. Parents, do not treat your children in such a way as to make them angry. Instead, bring them up with Christain discipline and instruction.
---Margaret on 8/18/05

I'm slightly puzzled as to why you are wondering about this a whole year after you left him. Is someone now putting pressure on you after all this time or has something else happened to make you feel guilty about going? Unless you want to go back I'd say don't if he behaved like that.
---Xanthi on 8/18/05

He claimed to be a Christian! Couldn't you tell? what about you? do you claim to be one and you left him? Stop making mistakes and take some responsibility.
---lupe2618 on 8/17/05

That is a question best left to a Christian counselor. Have you sought counseling for yourself and your son? Has your husband been in therapy for his abusiveness? These are questions that need to be discussed with a Christian therapist.
---Madison on 8/17/05

If someone submits to God, I don't think he'd be punching his son. I would keep your distance for now.
---Tom145 on 8/17/05

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