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Wish My Kids Stayed Home

I am a mother of 3. I love having my children at home with me during the summer, but as school time approaches, I get very weepy & depressed. It makes me so mad to hear mothers say, "I'll be so glad when school starts!" Do any other mothers feel this way?

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 ---Cana on 8/19/05
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I desire to see my kids grow up and become contributing men and women of society. In other words: get a job and support yourself. Plan a life and give me some freedom,too. I want to be in their lives but I would like breathing space,too.I don't need to be under my kids or relatives,everyday. A quick phone call from my kids,some days is acceptable to me. I wanted to maintain my marriage and life this way. So when they grow up I would not fall apart and would not require their company every hour of the day.
---Robyn on 10/25/10

Although I have all my children at home with me except the last lad who is at university. I am glad when he go's back,too right I am, typical messy student, untidy and boy do I count down the days lol however I do get emotional when he has to go, I surpose it's a momma thing!
---Carla on 10/23/10

I love my children being in school. They have many opportunites in school v.s. homeschooling. For example my dd age 11 is in 6th grade and in orchastra playing the cello. It is free through the school system and she is enjoying it . I have a 4th grader son and he's excelling as well and gonig through Cubscouts supported through the school and he can play football next year, that homeschooling can't support.
I do need a break to being a mother of 4 children. My 6 yr old is in Kinder, but learning as well despite speech delays. God gave us children to raise, YES ,but he also tells us to rest.and that's what school season is for.
---candice on 10/23/10

Cana I understand it is hard to have their company what seems like all day every day for almost 10 weeks straight - literally attached to my hip ...then the house is quite and no more laughter singing and mild chaos :)

for the time they are in school I start planning my days a few weeks before the school year filling my time with seeing friends who I cannot connect with during the summer ...and doing activities like staying fit, workshops and such and organizing after school activities etc

I know its easy for many mothers to fall into trap of making their lives revolving around the children ...instead of missing them think of this as time for you to find other things to accomplish ...they will grow up one day and move on
---Rhonda on 10/23/10

Hopefully, you have some interests, social activities or hobbies of your own to help fill your time while they are in school.
---Donna66 on 10/22/10

I must say, "This is unusual".
---catherine on 10/22/10

It is great that you love your children so much!!! But do not make idols of them..Get yourself involved in a women's bible study-during school hours-you will meet other moms there. If you are not doing it already, I suggest you start taking walks or a yoga class or go work out somewhere, it will make you feel better about yourself and keep you healthy to be around as your children get older. You got to take care of yourself and God wants you to do that, to be in touch with Him and rely on HIm to fulfill your needs.
---stacey on 10/22/10

yes, I know several that feel as you do.
I am a mother of 5 wonderful sons (not perfect, just wonderful)
We have been home-educating for 14 years now.
God bless
---pam on 1/11/08

YESS!!!!! I am glad to read I'm not alone!
---Chris on 4/1/07

i think every one was in the same boat as you yes i always liked my children around me summer ,winter, spring ,fall , yes it made me weepy when the first one went to school but i know it was some thing that had to be to make them grow.and yes i could not understand why some mothers would say that.... i was always glad to have my children around me..
---irene7395 on 3/31/07

Actually, you are being selfish. (Boy, that's harsh!) But, that's the bottom line. A parent wants what's best for their children, and to want to deny them an education so you don't get depressed is just plain selfish. Our daughter sent us this plaque after she grauated from college, "There are only two lasting things we can give our children ... one is roots and the other wings."
---WIVV on 9/15/05

Home school em!

They'd learn more in two hours then they will all day long at a public school.

No offense to teachers, so please don't take it that way, but children have changed and so have the educational standards.
The potential to learn the wrong things is greater than ever before.
---Dr._Pepper on 8/19/05

I look forward to fall/school time not because I want to get my kids out of the house, but there are so many things in school that I enjoy doing with my kids. There are school plays, festivals, seeing them learn new things. Schools always need volunteers. Instead of missing your children, go to their school. You'll not only get to see them but meet their friends and make their school a better place.
---Annie on 8/19/05

Me too! I miss my kids. Even tho there grown now I wish I could stay together with them always. Most parents I hear say they cant wait till the last kid moves out. I like having my kids around me.
---sue on 8/19/05

Cana, is there any possible way you can have your children homeschooled or sent to a Christian school? Maybe you're "weepy and depressed" because you know that public school is not the best for them. I would do absolutely everything to be sure they attend Christian school. It wasn't easy but the Lord helped my friend's little girl get admitted to Christian school this year. When this child heard the news, her first question was, "Oh, Mommy, can I take my Bible to school?"
---Elsie on 8/19/05

Yes, I am a single mom of 1 son and can not home school him so I have no choice but to send him off to school. I hate it when September comes cause then I have to constantly worry again. The school my son attends is not the nicest school so I am always worried about him when he is there r when he walks to and from. I pray each day that God protects him and gives him wisdom in his choices while there.
---Marla on 8/19/05

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Home schooling is not as popular in U.K. as it is in U.S. I often wish I had done it but once you have started your children in state school here it is much more difficult (legally) to change your mind, it needs to be done from day one. I used to hate the end of holidays as I loved having all my 5 around me and yes, I think it is really sad when mums cannot wait to get their children back to school. Mine are all adults now and I'm seeing as much as possible of the grandchildren in the holiday.
---Xanthi on 8/19/05

Yes, I know I would feel that way if I had to send my children to school. That is why I am so blessed to be able to keep them with me and home school them.
---Tracy on 8/19/05

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