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Fair For Jews To Leave Gaza

Is the US starting to turn it's back on Israel? The tensions are mounting as some of the Israels are being force to leave their homes on the Gaza. Is this fair?

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 ---EJ on 8/19/05
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If you check out the website of the Satmar hasids in Brooklyn, you will discover that there are devout Jews who believe it was a horrendous sin to found a Jewish state before the arrival of the Messiah.
---bernie_cohen on 8/18/08

Eloy, you make a lot of sense!
---bernie_cohen on 8/18/08

Gayla, if the Bible made everything clear, these blogs would be terribly boring. As it is, they are not!
---bernie_cohen on 8/18/08

The bible makes it very clear, them that bless thee, I will bless, them that curse thee, I will curse. America is just setting themselves up for more judgement.
---gayla on 8/17/08

The land does not belong to you nor to me, for every little bit and single speck of land belongs to God alone, it is all his and none of man's. Man was put on God's earth to tend it and not to covet it. God is the owner of his own land, the entire globe, and man is merely the dust made from his globe. If the human race will never learn to love each other, then the human race must continually be condemned. I have learned to love the unlovable, how? by accepting that the unlovable one could very well be me, or that unlovable one could easily be you. Each of us must live the Golden Rule, Do and say to others exactly what you would want others to do and say to you. Indeed one sinner destroys much good.
---Eloy on 8/15/08

taking something by force 50 years ago does not mean you can expect to hold on to it. especially when as a result of having taken what does not belong to you, many people are made homeless. ever heard of the plight of the palestinians??? yes the palastinians!!! they did live in this land since the birth of christ. then the very people who renounce christ come and displace them. is this fair???
thank you
---neil on 8/14/08

Far too many leftists don't want to learn from history: when a despot clearly states that he intends to wipe out the Jews, believe him!

Like Chamberlain of old, far too many people think that Israel should smile sweetly and give even more land. But Iran's president and Hamas shout from the rooftops that they want to see the Jews wiped out.

BTW, hamas is the Hebrew word for "violence", as in "the earth was filled with violence" (Gen. 6:11,13). How apt!
---Ktisophilos on 7/11/07

Israel has a right to exist firstly & most importantly because of the infalible Word of God & much less importantly because of the opinions of falible man.

How can Israel live peacefully while surrounded by nations which seek its destruction?

Does Israel seek the destruction of any nation? We know it doesn't, but the Jewish nation longs for peace.

May God bless Israel & bring its enemies to their knees in repentance.
---Warwick on 7/10/07

God has allowed the arab nations to be built up for a big fall.
---Lee on 7/9/07

Israel lost the Temple Mount in the War for Independence, yet not one Moslim cried foul. When the Temple Mount was liberated the world screamed. Arab armies attacked Israel the moment it came back into existance. Those armies were beaten back. Again in the Six Day War and the Yom Kippur War the invaders were shoved out of Israel. Israel gave land back to Egypt for peace, now they're doing the same with the Palestinians. Not one Palistinian organization has stated Israel's right to exist. Go figure.
---Rabbi_Dean on 7/9/07

Many residents set their homes on fire before they vacated them so they can't be used. God help us if we don't support Israel, that's pretty clear in the bible.
---NV_Barbara on 7/3/07

Moderator ... you cast a new perspective on what I had understood of the creation of the state of Israel. I had thought that after WW2, the Palestinians were ejected from the land that was to be given to the new state of Israel.
You say though that the Jews already owned the land by the end of WW2. Is that correct?

Moderator - Not all of the land, but the majority of the land. In addition by WW2, they were the majority of the population.
---alan8869_of_UK on 6/29/06

The Jews owned most of the land? How when there were very few Jews at the end of WW I in Palestine? How do you explain the change in demographics turning Palestenians from majority to mionority due to the Jewish migration from Europe to Palestine in the 1940's? And if the Arabs sold their land, why are there 100 of thousands of refuges scatterred in adjacent countries? How odd is your logic.

Moderator - By the end of World War II, they had moved in and bought much of the land. 100,000s of refuges is not in any history books I have read.
---Haitham on 6/29/06

I cannot believe some of the replies. God gave you this land? Well, it seems like he took it from you 2000 years ago. And it is unfair to uproot Israelis from their homes? That is *exactly* what the European Jews did to the Arabs in 1948. How else did the state of Israel come into existence? I say back to the 1948 borders.

Moderator - The Jews already owned most of that land and the Arabs were paid for the few people that left.
---Haitham on 6/29/06

the land to begin with is and still is owned by the children of Israel...given to them by God..He said "my people are scattered and I will bring them back" At the right time, God will bring everything back to how He wanted it in the first place...and man has no say in the matter...
---jana on 6/17/06

#2 This step will be followed by further withdrawals from the West Bank [Judea and Samaria] and Jerusalem," adding that they'd come to visit the airport of "martyr Yasser Arafat." Hamas militia held their own press conference in Gaza City on Saturday, announcing that they have no plans to stop terror attacks against Israelis after the Gaza withdrawal. "This retreat does not mean the end," said Hamas militiamen. "Our battle with the enemy will continue."
---curious_2 on 8/23/05

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#1 Speaking to a crowd of Palestinian youths in Gaza City yesterday, Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas said the "small jihad" was over and the "big jihad" has begun. The day before during a visit to the Gaza airport, he attributed Israel's withdrawal from Gaza to the sacrifices of "Palestinian martyrs" [a euphemism for suicide bombers]. "The martyrs have paved the road for us.
---curious_2 on 8/23/05

In my opinion, it is not fair that Jews have been uprooted from their homes in GAZA. Arabs have over 80 million acres of land and lots of oil money whith which they can develope those why are they coveting that is not even the size of Vermont...and from what I hear, not even one really good golf course!??
---Wings on 8/22/05

God is Justice. This is why Jesus stood for LOVE. Love thy neighbour as yourself. Love your enemy. Why love? Because Love encompasses justice. You cannot love anyone even yourself if you are not just. If someone is horrible to others they will end up hating themselves. This is the big danger we face in going down the road of prophesies. We end up being unjust, which is against God. Thinking is required here otherwise we become easily manipulated by clever self appointed priests! Thank you. Neil
---neil on 8/22/05

Let me point out that the Arabs who swarmed into Israeli territory after 1948 and the 67 war were taking advantage of the economy, much like illegals are doing in America today. They did not own the land..but went for work. Remember the land was MUCH like Mexico is today UNTIL the Hebrew people possessed it and with GOD's blessing it became prosperous and flourished as GOD PROMISED. Should TX be returned to the Mexicans? It will return to the garbage heep and they will continue to terrorize.
---Eloia_N_KS on 8/22/05

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Mike: Re when we Americans "should hand back the illegal land we live on", may I ask - do two wrongs make a right? It wasn't "right" for U.S. immigrants to steal occupied land from the Indians and it wasn't "right" for the European Jews to steal occupied land from the Palestinians (which created the Arabs refugees and made the indigenous Sephardic Jews second class citizens). If we can step back from the emotionalism re the Arab/Israeli issue, there might be some healing.
---Elsie on 8/22/05

I assume your American, so when do you intend to hand back the land you live on to the Indians? That has been an illegal occupation for over 100 years, often taken by dint of WMD (smallpox blankets given to the Indians).
---mike6553 on 8/22/05

Dear Neil: I have been reading your responses and would like to clarify that the Bible is not just "a historical document". It is the living Word of God. When we accept Jesus as the Master and Lord of our lives, the Holy Spirit of God is awakened within us. We are able to
understand the Bible not just as some history book but with Spiritual eyes....God directs our Way through His Word-the Bible-from that day forward into eternity.
---Elsie on 8/22/05

The Israelis and Arabs have been fighting over the land for a very long time. i think it's ironic that the territory over there is called the Holy Land, and Jerusalem means Sacred Peace. i think about when Jacob took Esau's birthright, and also disguised himself as Esau in order to get his dying father's blessing, and then God says: Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated.
---Eloy on 8/22/05

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God does not condemn a race or choose a race. God judges individuals on their deeds and intentions. Every race has good and bad in it. It is therefore a ludicrous concept to hold that God takes nationality into account when weighing up the evidence/deeds for each individual/or race. As for what the scriptures say, I do not believe that these should be taken as prophesies, but more as a historical document that is open to interpretation. thank you. neil
---neil on 8/21/05

Was it "fair" for the Palestinians to be kicked out of their homes in the 1940s? Who stole from whom first? Please read Alfred Lilienthal's book (he's a Jew) entitled "The Other Side of the Coin". You can get it through Google. He foresaw all this misery for his people years ago. If there is an extreme action from a group of people, there is usually a reason for it.....just as the Jews were justified in resisting the fascists.
---Elsie on 8/21/05

The Hebrew people ARE chosen by God for a specific purpose. They ARE his chosen people for a particular purpose. Race is NOT the issue. God sent his SON through the Hebrew people to evangelize the world to His amazing grace in Jesus.. They rejected Christ as their Savior but that has not negated their responsibility. They WILL fulfill his purpose for them. They will turn to HIM again and during the tribulation they WILL receive Christ and evangelize the lost world. Bless the Jews and pray them.
---Eloia_N_KS on 8/21/05

If God preferred one set of people over another, that would make him racist. God is most certainly not racist! This leads to the conclusion that the concept of Gods' Chosen people must be wrong. If Jesus stood for anything it was LOVE to all mankind, and not just the Jewish people, so let us not forget who our prophet is or what he stood for! Love is patient, Love is kind, Love bears no malice and most certainly is not racist!
Thank you
---neil on 8/20/05

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Can't EVERYONE see, land isn't the issue with the Palestinians. Just look at a map....the Arab held land area is comparable to all of the U.S. compared to the state of R.I. *The point with the Muslim is to annihilate the Hebrew people.* This land issue will only be accelerate by the terror and forced exit from Gaza. Watch for proof of that prophecy. LAND IS NOT THE ISSUE!! GOD HIMSELF gave all that land to the Hebrew people and it's NEVER been revoked by HIM.
---Eloia_N_KS on 8/20/05

RD. Cont. LIT ISR, as a nation rejected Christ > lost preeminance as the children of God. Because of this they were rejected as God's peculier people and others took their place, and now bear the name ISRAEL in common with those who were first called that name. This SPIRITUAL ISRAEL IS what makes up GOD'S LAST-DAY REMNANT, including: Messianic Jews, Gentiles grafted in and many of you and me, Yes, if you consider yourself saved you are part of spiritual Israel and you are a Jew (spiritually speaking).
---Pierr7958 on 8/20/05

Rebecca D. God's Israel changed
Literal Israel = descendants of Jacob, grandson of Abraham, know as the 12 tribs of Israel. To them pertain the adoption, the glory the covenants, the giving of the law, the services and promises of God. TBC
---Pierr7958 on 8/20/05

Yes, the US is pushing for this move in Israel. For some time, Pres. Bush has supported a Palestine state. It the goal of Pres. Bush to see a Palestine state. On another point, where is the Islmic brother at? Why are they not helping the Palestinias? Many Palestians are in poverty and no help from Islmic brothers...something is wrong. Yet, they want Israel to give up land...something funny here! The money that the PLO recieve came from INternational groups.
---Micha6835 on 8/20/05

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First of all, Pres. Bush encouraged Prim. Min. Sharon to do this. PM Sharon is a avid supporter of the settlements. PM Sharon talked about this on Israel radio. The troops are following orders. Accounts from Israel speak how troops are unable to look people in the eye and the soldiers are crying...they are following orders.
---micha6835 on 8/20/05

EJ: The US isn't forcing Israelis from their homes. Isreali soldiers are - and it is wrong, no matter what country it happens in. It even happens in the US (eg, immenient domain & endangered species act). By the way, the Palestinians are the modern form of the Philistines, whom God himself dispossesed for the benefit of the Hebrews.
---Jerry on 8/20/05

Not only is what has happened in Gaza not fair, it is extremely stupid. If ANYBODY thinks that giving up this land will stop the shedding of Israeli blood, they do not understand the conflict that has gone on between the Jews and the Arab people since they have been in existence. This conflict will only be solved when Jesus Christ returns to set up His earthly kingdom. God forgive the U.S. if we should turn our back on Israel.
---tommy3007 on 8/20/05

If US is turning their back on Israel, then they are in a world of trouble with God. Israel is still God's chosen, people need to have fear from God.
---Rebecca_D on 8/19/05

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