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Origin Of The Title Reverend

I am interested in the origin of the title, "Reverend." Where is the origin in church history and is its use biblical? Many protestant ministers use the title.

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 ---Charles on 8/20/05
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Cluny, this is a prime example of your example of not accepting scripture as it is written. In the passage of scripture which uses the name "REVEREND" it also uses the name "HOLY". Are you rejecting that GOD IS THE HOLY ONE.

As it happens to be, I do no know in replace of the name REVEREND, some translations use AWESOME or TERRIBLE.
---Rob on 11/7/10

\\Scripture does say "REVEREND" speaking of GOD, IS HIS NAME.
---Rob on 11/6/10\\

The Bible is not lying, but you are clearly misunderstanding English grammar.

"Clear and blue is the sky," does not mean that the sky's name is Blue or Clear.

The sentence is clearly using "reverend" as an ADJECTIVE, not as a proper noun.

Were it being used as a proper noun, it would be capitalized, which it clearly is NOT in this verse.

And other translations render this verse differently.
---Cluny on 11/7/10

Cluny, are you saying what is written in scripture is incorrect or a lie?

Scripture does say "REVEREND" speaking of GOD, IS HIS NAME.
---Rob on 11/6/10

\\Brian Warner, the name "REVEREND" is found only one time in the entire Bible.\\

"Reverend" is not a name but an adjective, as I said before.

Doubtless the Hebrew term here can be properly rendered by any number of other English words.
---Cluny on 11/6/10

Brian Warner, the name "REVEREND" is found only one time in the entire Bible.

It is talking about GOD and GOD alone. The word for "REVEREND" in Hebrew is "YAWRAY" which also means "JEHOVAH GOD".
---Rob on 11/6/10

"Reverend" means a person is worthy of honor. Study 1 Tim 3. Consider how often "worthy of respect" is used for leaders. Consider 1Tim 5:17 "The elders who direct the affairs of the church well are worthy of double honor..." Integrity brings worthiness. "Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful. (I Cor 1:4) "Have confidence in your leaders and submit to their authority, because they keep watch over you as those who must give an account." (Heb 13:17)

The argument that only God is to be respected is simply not biblical. ONLY God is to be worshiped.
---Brian_Warner on 11/6/10

Psalm 111:9 He sent redemption unto his people: he hath commanded his covenant for ever: holy and reverend is his name.

No mortal man deserves this title
---michael_e on 10/23/10

Cluny --You are technically correct. And those who have been well taught may use the term "reverand" as you say...but that is the formal manner of addressing clergy. It used to be esp. important in addressing a letter .
But our society has become so informal, it is rarely heard anymore.
---Donna66 on 10/22/10

"Reverend" is an adjective--NOT a title--from the Latin "reverendus," similar to the adjective "Honorable."

Like "Honorable," it should not be used with simply a surname, this is a solecism.

One would not say, "Honorable Smith," but "Honorable Senator/Mayor (or whatever office) Smith," or "Honorable John Smith."

In the same way, it's "Reverend John Smith," "Reverend Pastor Smith," "Reverend Dr. Smith", "Reverend John Smith," "Reverend Fr. Smith" (should he be in such a church), but never "Reverend Smith".
---Cluny on 10/22/10

I believe in calling people what they want to be called. If "Reverend" is what they want...."Reverend", it is. For a priest, it's usually "Father" (which might be considered "unscriptural") but signifies the role he takes with his congregation. Some ministers prefer "Pastor" (which certainly IS scriptural). Baptists and Pentecostals often want to be called "brother", which applies to any man the body of Christ.

These titles are usually chosen by the church denomination: so the minister assumes the title his denomination approves. There are times when good will is more important than semantic differences..
---Donna66 on 10/21/10

I think it is from the word "revence" in the bible but tat means to worship not preach the word of God. Jesus has all ready provided us with the 5 fold misterey that is what he did not man but God
---dexter on 10/21/10

Thank you lawrence. His name is to be Reverend....To be feared.
---catherine on 6/20/10

Psa. 111 v 9.
Yes Reverend & Reverence belongs to The Lord Only because He has Not failed.
---Lawrencel on 6/20/10

As I have stated before I have never seen the word in the Bible.
---catherine on 6/19/10

Rob, Catherine obviously did not read the entire blog. And was obviously looking at church history which was part of the question. It appears she just wanted to prove someone wrong. Can we correctly conclude that she did not know what she was doing at the time? and forgive her? you did correct her right? I am quite sure she is being deceived by the spirit of Ahab. I recognize him well.

I am not asking that anyone not correct her. Only that it be done in love, not pride or condemnation. Have you ever won a soul for Jesus by being sarcastic?
---fay on 6/18/10

I understand where you're coming from with the word reverend. I often thought about that myself. However, I have to say, I'm not sure it was saying that reverend was His title because it is not capitalized. I could be wrong. I have not investigated it thoroughly. It's just my immediate thoughts. Are we not straining at a gnat, if you know what I mean? Remember it is a fearful thing to fall in the hands of the living God.
---fay on 6/18/10

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Catherine, I counted 8 times on this specific blog where the verse containing the name REVEREND was given by myself and others. On 1/23/09 the verse where REVEREND is found was also given by yourself. So why are you asking for where the verse is?
---Rob on 6/18/10

My Heavenly REVEREND.
---catherine on 6/18/10

Well Rob, lets have the Scriptures.
---catherine on 6/17/10

Catherine, I have shared many times on this blog where the name REVEREND is found in the Bible. I have also shared some translations use the name TERRIBLE, or AWESOME.
---Rob on 6/17/10

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I do not think it's in the Bible....Church history: I found reverence>>>A feeling of profound awe and respect. Because of His majesty and holiness, God arouses feelings of REFERENCE in those who worship and serve Him. You may certainly find this in Hebrews 12: 28-29.
---catherine on 6/16/10

Cluny, I guess you didn't read my post on 1/23/09 where I shared the true Hebrew translation for the name REVEREND.
---Rob on 6/17/10

I believe Reverend - Reverence ( Highest Esteem) belongs to God Only, why?, God has Not failed.
Man has failed, so Reverend & Reverence does Not belong to man.
If it used it should be spelled with the little r, (lower esteem) because man Has failed.
Sinner people will call my Pastor Reverend.

I call my Minister, Pastor, Bro, Evangelist.
---Lawrence on 6/16/10

It's an adjective from the Latin "reverendus" meaning "honorable" or "respected."

Its use is proof of how Protestants are children of Rome.

Note: It's an adjective, NOT a title, like "honorable".

To use it in the frequently encountered form "Reverend Surname" is a solecism. You wouldn't say, "Honorable Smith," would you?
---Cluny on 6/6/10

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Names of God>>> Elohim, YHWH, El Shaddai, El Elyon, Adonai, EL Olam. No, I don't see the word Reverend listed as being a name for God. Sorry.
---catherine on 6/5/10

The name REVEREND is found only one time in the entire Bible, and it says REVEREND is GODS NAME!
---Rob on 6/2/10

I've never looked. I'm glad you did and shared it. Where is it found?
---Trav on 6/4/10

Thanks anyway, I found it. Plus some other keys as well. Redeem, his people...for-ever.

Psalm 111:9
He sent redemption unto his people: he hath commanded his covenant for ever: holy and reverend is his name.
---Trav on 6/5/10

The name REVEREND is found only one time in the entire Bible, and it says REVEREND is GODS NAME!
---Rob on 6/2/10

I've never looked. I'm glad you did and shared it. Where is it found?

An opinion, but people have been slowing indoc'd by the denoms that they have lost their ability/confidence in the only "teacher/rabbi" and GOD to guide them. The agressive Wolves have circled the sheep. The shepherds rod and staff deals with the types nicely.
Proverbs 8:13
The FEAR of the LORD IS to HATE evil: PRIDE, and ARROGANCY, and the evil way, and the froward mouth, do I hate.
---Trav on 6/4/10

The name REVEREND is found only one time in the entire Bible, and it says REVEREND is GODS NAME!
---Rob on 6/2/10

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That was a little rough, Trav, but I do agree with you.
---Rod4Him on 6/2/10

It was rough...but, true. The older I get the less patience I have for trix. Trix are for kids.
Now if the "Dr" had given us some biblical meat to support his "opinion" no problemo. I noticed the date afterwards of the post. Like most "reverends" he may revere.....he hasn't been back.
---Trav on 6/2/10

That was a little rough, Trav, but I do agree with you.
---Rod4Him on 6/2/10

It comes from the word Reverence meaning to have respect for something.

But the title reverent is ONLY used for God.

Psalms 111:9 He sent redemption unto his people: he hath commanded his covenant for ever: holy and reverend [is] his name.

So these pastors should think twice about it.
Sure they should be respected, but thier titles cannot be the same as God's.
---francis on 6/2/10

I will never understand Christians that make a big deal out of nothing. The word "Reverend" simply is a title of respect for the office of an ordained minister. With all the disrespect, I would think Christians would not reject a term of respect for ministers. -Dr. David M. Berman
---Dr._David_M._Berman on 1/16/08

The fact that they need to be called reverend, negates it from the start. Ordained? By who?
Just as the fact, that you think putting Dr. in front of your name here will carry weight. Your self esteem needs it (for authoritive weight I suppose)....not ours.
You've proven nothing, established nothing, except to tout that you are a Dr of something with an opinion.
---Trav on 5/30/10

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Origin word's of Reverend
---rajesh on 5/30/10

And through all these post, not one soul was saved. The wages of sin is death... and All have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. But the gift of God is eternal life through Christ. God so loved the world that He gave His only Begotton Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life. Jesus Christ died to pay for your sin. And three days later He rose in victory over sin and death. If you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, thou shall be saved. TGBTG! Rev. Carl Lawson
---Carl on 7/19/09

Alicia you are welcome. You are 100% correct in what you wrote regarding Pastors, Elders, Overseers, and Bishops being the same.

The fact that you asked the question about Pastors being in the Bible shows you have the desire to learn and know Biblical Truth.

However there are many false teachers who disort and pervert GOD'S TRUTHS as they are written in HIS WORD.

I encourage you to continueto be diligent, to study, 2 Timothy 2:14-19, follow the example found in Acts 17:11, and to not just believe what a person may say.
---Rob on 5/13/09

Okay thanks Rob! "Pastor" has the same meaning as "elder" overseer of the assembly. So pastor, elder, and bishop are all the same position. Cool!
---ALICIA on 5/13/09

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Alicia, Pastors are mentioned in Ephesians 4:11.
---Rob on 5/12/09

Lets see...titles of position can be located in 1 Timothy 3. Bishop (which is the same as an elder and used interchangeably) and deacons. A "pastor" is not mentioned in the Bible. If you can find it let me know.
---Alicia on 5/12/09

I agree with the answers of the following: Rob 2/05/09, Rod 1/23/09,Lonnell 12/31/06, Helen 5378 11/04/06, Daniel 9/14/05, Daniel 9/04/05, Jerry 8/22/05. I don'believe in titles period. I believe that the terms pastors, elders, deacons, etc. are only ministries carried out by those the Lord has called for that purpose. As Daniel in his post explained, title reverend was first used by the RCC, and later adopted by the Protestant church along with many of the teachings retained from the RCC. I dislike being called reverend, pastor, elder or any term now used by churches. I believe that any individual can be used in multiple ministries as a true SERVANT of Christ.
---Franglen on 4/18/09

Ben, please take the time to examine the post I wrote below. The name REVEREND is found only one time in the entire Bible, Psalm 111:9 (King James Version). Some versions use the name Awesome or Terrible.

Ben, if you take it in the true context which it is written (Psalm 111:1-10) you will see that it is talking about GOD and GOD ALONE.

Please show me where in scripture it tells us REVEREND means a person who is ordained or has dedicated their life to be reverent to God.
---Rob on 2/5/09

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The title "reverend" does not refer to one's great piety. It only means you are ordianed. It is a title that traditionally is only used in churches that ordain their ministers. It means you have dedicated your life to be reverent to God. Any other definition is misleading of the intent of the title. The Matthew 23:8-12 saying we shouldn't call one "Rabbi", "father", or "teacher" is refering the Pharisees and Saducees who had set up a corrupt religious system that but a burden on the people but didn't free them. They would claim they were equal to Moses and so everyone had to listen to them. That is not the same thing as the use of "reverend" in todays terms.
---Ben on 2/5/09

The name REVEREND is found only one time in the entire Bible. If a person takes it in the true context which it is written, they will see the name REVEREND is applying to GOD and GOD ALONE.

The Hebrew translation for REVEREND is YAWRAY. In Hebrew if a name begins with EL or YAW, it is refering to GOD and GOD ALONE.
---Rob on 1/23/09

There is room for an arguement that no one should be called, teacher (Rabbi). I think the principle would include the terms, Reverend, Pastor, Elder, Bishop and the like should not be used. There is only One Teacher. No one of us is better than the other in God's eyes. There is no hierachy in Christianity. There are overseers, but that is an activity, not a position of lordship. On what basis should I hold one person in more respect than another?
The problem with names, which "show respect," in Christendom is that it gives a subtle implication that the person in question is some type of intermediary between God and man.

There is only mediator between God and man, Jesus Christ.
---Rod on 1/23/09

Suited to a sacred character, reverend hieros, "sacred", prepo, to be fitting], is translated "reverent" in Titus 2:3. also, see Ps. 111:9.
---catherine on 1/23/09

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The titles that we are given in scripture are: pastor, bishop, elder, and minister not reverend. I understand that one who plays a violin is a violinist and if we are to reverence God we should be called reverends, well, if that's the case every believer would be a reverend. Nevertheless, lets stay with scripture and call those of us that serve in the office minister, pastor, bishop, or elder. I'm reluctant to say apostle due to the specific qualification of having to have seen Christ in the flesh or have a Pauline experience. This is not to be dogmatic.:-)
---James_E._Holiday on 1/23/09

Reverend: a derivative of the verb "to revere", which used to mean to fear/to be frightened, untouchable. Language is a man-made construction. The meaning inferred from language changes over time. Reverend's meaning came to mean respected and honoured. Those who stipulate that the words in the bible should be interpreted in their own particular and perhaps fundamentalist way ignore the value of taking into account cultural and linguistic changes in meaning that have occurred over time.
---Jeff on 1/20/08

The Hebrew word translated Reverend in the KJV means 'frightening.' But what the connotation of the word was when it became a title for clergy, that I don't know.
---InimicusStultitiae on 1/17/08

When the word says his name alone it means just that. He and nobody else should be called Reverend. There are acceptable titles for ministers such as deacon, pastor, bishop, and such. Christians today have lost their fear of God and are showing it everyday.
---Frank on 1/17/08

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I will never understand Christians that make a big deal out of nothing. The word "Reverend" simply is a title of respect for the office of an ordained minister. What's missing in this post modern world is respect!! Calling one who has been called into the ministry "Reverend" is a way of showing respect for the office. Remember Paul and Apostle"(title)". With all the disrespect, I would think Christians would not reject a term of respect for ministers. -Dr. David M. Berman
---Dr._David_M._Berman on 1/16/08

I as well believe that the word Reverend as stated in Psalms is a name or title that should only go toward God for him alone should we fear and respect like that, for men using this title is an attempt to but man on the same level as God as Satan did in the beginning.Study the Bible on this and remember not to add nor take anything from his word for what is written is what is for ever setteld in heaven. God bless
---Lonnell on 12/31/06

Psalm 111
7 The works of his hands are verity and judgment; all his commandments are sure. 8 They stand fast for ever and ever, and are done in truth and uprightness. 9 He sent redemption unto his people: he hath commanded his covenant for ever: holy and reverend is his name. 10 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments: his praise endureth for ever.
---Greg on 12/24/06

I agree with emg. I don't like titles being used either. Somehow it seems to put that person above others which is not Christlike.
---Helen_5378 on 11/4/06

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"Reverend" is the sound you hear from the back of a car when you start it...just kiddin.
---Eloy on 11/4/06

to give a quick answer here, I would have to say; Reverend means honorable, to reverence, and rightfully. This term is used by the ordained only b/c ordination gives us the "right" or authority to execute the ministries of the Elder or Deacon (the only 2 ordained offices of the church.)& never be afraid to "minister" or be called a minister whereas the scripture tells us we are all "ministers" of reconciliation, and the word minister= to serve.
---The_Rev._K.C._Brooks on 11/4/06

This is more a concern of men than God. KJV/AS aside the term is not found in scripture. I have no problem with it being used as a "style" rather than a "title". In the same way Dr. identifies a role - that is what they do, Not WHO they are. If a brother or sister takes issue with the use of "Reverend", I would drop the use of it to accomodate them. Christ accepted the term "teacher" because that's part of what he did - but is wasn't a definitive term of Who he is.
---Tris on 7/29/06

Our Baptist pastor is most often called "brother".
---mike on 1/26/06

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Just yesterday a person called me" Pastor". I didn't like it but I didn't make a big fuss about it. Also yesterday a person told me," I love how you are always ministering to people". Now because this took place in my home I do speak out and I said," I am not ministering to people I am witnessing to people I am delivering a message nothing more. They of course can accept or reject that message.
---mima on 1/26/06

I can never understand why the words reverend and pastor are used by some as if they are the persons name. Reverend Thomas, Pastor Williams or even just "Pastor may I have a word with you" etc. If we know someone's name should we not use it, rather than their title? We might not know the names of individual nurses in hospital but we all know the name of our pastor/minister so why not call him Mr. Williams or whatever? Personally I do not like the titles Rev. Very Reverend or His Holiness.
---emg on 1/26/06

If the word reverend is not scriptural how can we say the word pastor is a proper title? It is never used as a title and only once in the N.T. is it mentioned and it is a work, not a title, just like teacher, evangelist, apostle, and prophet. If the word pastor is acceptable then so should the word reverend.
---john on 1/25/06

My father is a minister as am I. Neither one of us like being called reverend, in fact I hate it! No man should be revered. Christ need be revered so also should the Father. But never man! Let us never forget from which rock we were hewn. For dust we are and dust we shall be.
---BEN_PEARSON on 1/25/06

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I am a Rev. My Dad was a Rev. and I was taught that the word did not apply to us but was rather in reference to our attitude toward God. I am not revered but rather am one who has exibited a deep reverence toward God and subsequently has offered my life to Him in reverence toward Him. That is why I gladly display the title. I am like a pet who gladly wears the colar of his master.
---Phil on 1/17/06

Reverend is not scriptural..I called a former "pastor" shepherd, until I found out he was fleecing the sheep..Now I home Church, like the Bible
---Lynn_Bedford77 on 12/26/05

Jerry-(Why do RCC call their priests FATHER, when Matthew 23:9 tells us not to call no man your father upon this earth?) What do you call your FATHER?
---ruben on 10/1/05

Why do RCC call their priests FATHER, when Matthew 23:9 tells us not to call no man your father upon this earth?
---jerry on 9/30/05

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Rev :is just a term of respect accorded to an office, like Her Majesty or Mr Or Elder Or your worship ---comes under the heading of ettiquete & no religious significance.
---Emcee on 9/30/05

Than if this be so than why do so many churches used such a reverend title.. Sould not they be fearful of jugdement that may come upon them and is it disrepectful if I cjoose not to use that title?
---Arneta on 9/30/05

First, no human is worthy of representing God; and secondly, the adjective should never be used without a person's name. God alone is Reverend, but why add another name for God? I think that people accepting the title of the Rev. Name or the Rev. Dr.Name are challenged to accept accountability and responsibility with it. The Rev. and the Rev. Dr. Names are accountable as representatives of the reverence of God to live holy and righteous and are responsible for the proclamation of truth, wisdom, and love.
---Coupe on 9/21/05

In high school, my friend's father was the pastor of Church of God Seventh Day, he was referred to as "Elder." In my church, our pastor is "Brother."
---Annie on 9/16/05

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The 2-vol. Shorter Oxford English Dictionary states that "Reverend" came into use in 1449, and was already being used of deans, bishops and archbishops by 1485. In 1486 "As a courteous or respectful form of address." Protestant clergy didn't start using it until around 1645. There's a good online etymology dictionary too! So, Reverend was used as a title for clergy even before Tyndale's English NT existed.
---Daniel on 9/14/05

"Reverend" _as a title_ is *not* found in Scripture. In Ps 111:9(AV), it's descriptive (adjective) of God; the Hebrew "yare" means "to fear, be afraid, stand in awe of" ('awesome' is often used in English translations. Note: Latin Vulgate has "terribile" here, not "revere-"). At the time of the AV, revere/reverend was already being applied to people for 'respect' (of their position?); the AV could have used 'terrible' as it does in Ps 99:3 and elsewhere.
---Daniel on 9/4/05

The title "Reverend" is from the Bible and is ascribed ONLY to the name of God. (Psalm 111:9) It may indeed be blasphemy for a mere man to take the name of God.
---Jerry on 8/22/05

Ann, pope is an endearing term for father. So is abba or papa, pop, poppy, pops; or dad, daddy and dada.
---Eloy on 8/21/05

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What's the Pope got to do with this? Ne comprendez pas.
---Ann5758 on 8/21/05

It is used in Psalm 111:9. i agree with Daniel: Pastor, Brother, or Preacher are better titles. "Moreover the fathers of our flesh, we have had those who train and we respected; will not we much be in subjection to the Father of spirits, and will live?" Hebrews 12:9. Jesus said do not many of you be called "masters", like the Teachers and Ministers love, and call no religious leader "father", for there is only one Pope or Father in heaven. Please read Matthew 23:1-12.
---Eloy on 8/20/05

First, it has no Biblical origin whatsoever. It simply comes from 'paying respect to, to revere someone' from some Latin word. It was regularly used of Church of England clergy during late 1600's onward; laymen were often called reverend before that! Some denominations have 'right reverend' and 'most reverend'. The RCC may even use 'reverend father(s)' etc. "PASTOR" is a FAR BETTER and Biblical appellation in my opinion!
---Daniel on 8/20/05

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