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Revelation Teaching Anymore

Why don't pastors preach on the book of Revelation? You know to equip them. I don't ever remember hearing any thing talked on Revelations here in Bermuda.

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 ---Judith on 8/20/05
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Probably because it's controversal, many people within the same faith interpret this book very differently. Probably also because people are more interested in hearing about things that affect their everyday life in this moment. They have a hard time looking to the future.
---Linda on 12/22/07

it is a very interesting and revealing book in itself and it works well with the book of Daniel..not many pastors like it as some dont believe in going from one book to another to find the answers...the bible answers itself if you truly want to understand it. The Revelation of good and evil, the 7 churches and the revelation of Jesus Christ and His testimony...
---jana on 8/20/06

Revelation means "revealing" but some say it can't be understood. 2Peter 1:19 says Prophecy is light for dark times. to free us from devil's religious deceptions. There are many counterfeit understandings. Jesus has a true one for our time that will bring freedom and assurance (John 8:31f) Majority of teachings are contrary to Reformation heritage &hide the real issues... most tend to sensationalize rather than apply to the life and spiritual conflict. If you seek, you WILL find. Matthew7.7
---aa4768 on 9/18/05

My pastor is preaching a series of messages on Sunday night about the 7 churches. Boy, that is interesting and makes me want to delve in and study even more. If you do nothing but study the churches, you would really learn a lot.
---shira_5965 on 8/22/05

The "key" to the book of the revelation of Jesus Christ is right over the "door" and can be found in the first five words of the book....the Revelation of Jesus Christ. For some strange reason, man has gotten everything but Jesus out of that book. It takes a lot of help to misunderstand the Bible and we have had a lot of help, amen?
---Linda_Smith on 8/21/05

I believe that the revelation in the book of Revelations, is to know that it is the Revelation of Jesus. In that, I am saying that the blood of Jesus shed for the new covenant is the filter by which we look at the Word, either the old covenant or the future events. Where are we in the old covenant? Where are we in the future? I want allow the Holy Spirit to still be my Teacher, amen?
---sam7944 on 8/21/05

Some don't understand it, and some are afraid of it. To me in order to understand the book of revelations you need to read the Old Testament. History is repeating itself if one has the time to sit and read the OT.
---Rebecca_D on 8/21/05

It is very important that we be knowlegeable about last day events for Satan is out to deceive as many as he can before it is all over and it is true here too "if you don't stand for anything you are likely to fall for everything."
If you will send me your address I will send the first 5 a beautiful magazine on Daniel & Revelation, FREE compliment of Pierre's Christian Book Ministry "where you get your first book FREE!
---Pierr7958 on 8/21/05

I agree, it is a book that is not preached on much but I bought a whole series of sermons on Revelation, from start to finish. I had them from Charles Stanley of In Touch Ministries. If you go onto his website youll find them listed with his books and tapes.He is so sound biblically and they have been such a help and blessing to me. Unfortunately they are not on CD as yet.
---F.F. on 8/21/05

There are many different answers to this question. This last year we did a study through the book of revelations. Most probably don't understand it well enough to teach it. The big thing is if you are part of the body of Christ, you will never see the things that will happen in that time. Christ will rapture us out before that happens, which is a good thing.
---geraa7578 on 8/21/05

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