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What's Up Blog #2

"What's up Blog 2" Sounds good. How about it?

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 ---John on 8/21/05
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What's up saints? Just want to say hello and please pray that God gives me more work. I have been working very hard lately, maybe too hard but not complaining at all, and all of a sudden the work stopped. I honor Him with my tithes and offerings so I'm not worried. Thank you and God bless you all!
---Peter on 8/28/07

Hey kids, Everyone move to the first column for the new What's up Blog #3! It's got the latest friends news and gravy too!
---John on 9/18/05

All move to the other side, <------- We have started a new "What's Up" blog.
---NVBarbara on 9/18/05

Who has time to go fishing? I would love to relax and do that. Good time to spend with the Lord.
---Kent on 9/17/05

Who is Alan of UK?
---Bubby on 9/17/05

Madison, what age group are your kids? Are they all handicaped and are you giving them the Love of Jesus? I bet you are. God bless.
---Marie on 9/17/05

Bob.. I don't know were Alan is. Maybe someone on the pen pal forum would know.
---Ralph on 9/17/05

Update: Your not going to believe this , she just handed me the dreaded honeydo list! The fishing will have to wait. Drat!
---Rick on 9/17/05

Root, Fishing is a great idea! Now if my wife only will let me, it's a go.
---Rick on 9/17/05

Hello everyone! Maybe going fishing this weekend. We can always bring the Lord with us.
---Root on 9/16/05

Where did everybody go? Must be the weekend. Has anyone heard from Alan of UK?
---Bob on 9/16/05

Hi all,
I am plum tuckered tonight. Those kids at school just wore me out today.

Tomorrow is Constitution Day, and we taught about it. I had my kids memorize the Preamble.
---Madison on 9/16/05

Thanks John and all. It appears that being out in the heat and low blood sugar combined to make him ill. He's fine, he just needs to balance his eating habits better and not skip meals.TY dearie for asking and praying.
we'll be on the opposite side with the humor blog soon, shall we restart them, maybe combine them?
---NVBarbara on 9/16/05

What's up kids? Be careful out there today. Take the King with you.
---Ralph on 9/16/05

Barbara, How did Bob make out with the tests? Still praying for you guys.
---John on 9/14/05

Not even close. we are inland a few hundred miles. lets continue to pray for the ones in the path. Thanks for asking. God bless you.
---John on 9/14/05

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Wazzup Root? I hope everybody is having a blessed day.
Getting a lot of rain John?
---NVBarbara on 9/14/05

Hey everybody! God bless you all today!
---Root on 9/14/05

John: Are you safe with Ophelia pounding the Outer Banks? Praying for you and your state.
---Madison on 9/14/05

They told me to turn at the Hollor tree on the left.
I never heard the tree hollor.......
Then I heard a war was started by some Germ men.
---Elder on 9/13/05

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I love the directions that tell you to follow this road for about 15 minutes! Is that 15 min. at 35 or 65 MPH?
---NVBarbara on 9/12/05

I'll never forget when I first moved down here. I asked for directions for China Grove NC and the guy told me that it was just right down the road a piece. It was 20 miles!
---John on 9/12/05

"Even Southern babies know that "gimme some sugar" is not a request for the white, granular sweet substance that sits in a pretty little bowl in the middle of the table."
---Madison on 9/12/05

A good friend sent me an e-mail with some tips for learning to speak Southerner.
"Only a Southerner can show or point out to you the general direction of
Only a Southerner knows exactly how long "directly" is - as in: "Going to
town, be back directly." The Cornish also know this secret, but they 'ain't
tellin' either."
---Madison on 9/12/05

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Barbara, Those are'nt blocks, they are genuine petrified leftover biscuits after the gravy dried up! I kind of like the green grass effect growing up around em. Hoo doggy!
---John on 9/12/05

Madison, I have been to many productions at the Flatrock Theatre. Greenville is only about 30 miles from there.
Beautiful country indeed.
And yes, there are a lot of cars sitting on blocks in that area!
---NVBarbara on 9/12/05

John: I always made sure I got my tickets out of state, no points cross over the state line. Also, my insurance company was clueless too.

You live in NC? My Tennessee son did two summers at the Lost Colony out on Roanoke Island. He also lived in Flat Rock for a semester doing an internship at the playhouse there. Both parts of that state are just gorgeous. Just a little rednecky is all.
---Madison on 9/11/05

"Tar Heel"--sounds like Elder's coffee! He's in VA, maybe the term spread to NC!

In reality John, few lovlier places than Charlotte (and Matthews) in the Spring time, could you ever leave now that you have been 'dug in' for 10 years?
And the mountains of South-cack-a-lacky in the upstate are awesome! I'll be in Greenville next month!
---NVBarbara on 9/11/05

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We call it South-cack-a-lacky, here in the Tar Heel state. Tar heel, whats that, a place for gummy shoes? Yep, been here too long and now, I are one!
---John on 9/11/05

I have a very fast car with a lot of power and I have been known to use it, especially by the police. I got a ticket for speeding (19 miles over the limit) about 3 months ago. I got a lawyer (and $300) and got off with no points. This was clearly God's grace and I give Him the glory. I didn't deserve to get off. I promised Him that I would really make an effort to do better and I am, so far.
---John on 9/11/05

They have to make their quota Madison! Your speeding helps them in their effort. I tend to have a heavy foot as well, but only 1 ticket in my life! I admit I deserved a LOT of tickets if cops had been around! I'm much more careful now, most of the time!
---NVBarbara on 9/11/05

Aw John, 'mayonase' was my next study word for you! You're so right, Southerners are good folks, I are one! I'll be in SC next month visiting family. I hope we get there before all the leaves fall off!
---NVBarbara on 9/10/05

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John and Barbara: I live right across the Delaware River from Jersey. Beautiful state, lousy drivers. Not to mention, their state troopers are mean. They always ticket me when I am speeding. How dare they? Guess it is my Pennsylvania tags.
---Madison on 9/10/05

Sorry Barbara, His name is Joe and he's from New Jersey. I know, please no Jersey jokes, I've heard so many. I'm from New York and we are always talking about Jersey drivers. Did you know some companies won't even insure Jersy drivers? True. They are among the worst in the Nation. Sorry if I offended anyone from Jersey. If it's any comfort, I have family there also.
Getting back to the wedding, yes there will be southerners there and I love em. Mayonase, a lot of rednecks here!
---John on 9/10/05

John you need to work on your redneck words, you've been in NC for 10 years now! Is your daughter marrying a southerner? You're sure to have southern guests, you need to study so you'll know what they're saying!

Here's one for you, "waterfront." Used in a sentance like this:
"She shore is wide in the rear, I wonder waterfront looks like?"

I'll continue your lessons next time.
---NVBarbara on 9/10/05

I'll remember you AND your feet in my prayers Madison. Kids from 12 to 18 are already in a of confusion and annoyance! I think it would be better if parents could go someplace,maybe Cancun till their kids turn 18!
Don't wear your phone out!
I hope everyone has a fruitful week-end.

Yo John, bout time to start a new blog, we're getting too close to the bottom!
---NVBarbara on 9/10/05

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How is everyone this weekend? My feet hurt a lot since I am back at my teaching job. If anyone can spare a prayer, my middle school students really showed their true colors today. I once heard someone say there should be a state just for adolescents. We lock them in there at 12 and release them on their 18th birthdays. My students are prime candidates for that kind of set-up. I love them dearly, but I have to make a bunch of phone calls to parents this weekend.
---Madison on 9/9/05

Please take pictures for us if you do this John! My home e-mail address is on my profile--barba7434. I wanna see that!
---NVBarbara on 9/9/05

I should ride my lawn tractor down to the gas station. That would be a hoot! Maybe I should soup it up, first. I wish I had my motorcycle back.
---John on 9/8/05

John: My son is a transplanted northerner living in Tennessee. He has sent me real photos he has taken of some redneck stuff. One was of a bunch of people on the 4th of July sitting on the back of a pick-up truck. There was a tarp in the truck and it was full of water. A Tennesse swimming pool.

Then he was at a gas station and a riding mower pulled up and the owner filled it at the pump.
---Madison on 9/7/05

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Thanks, NVBarbara. I just had an hour long massage, and I had the massage therapist spend quality time on my feet.

I have to get my license before I can hang out my shingle. I hope to take that exam this Fall. I need to study to review the stuff I have learned the past 12 months. Could use all prayers to memorize all those theories, and ethics and diagnoses.
---Madison on 9/7/05

Yes Barbara, I have been living in the south now for 10 years. I am not speaking southernese though. My son won't even speak it, and when he does he appologizes. Don't you have NASCAR in Las Vegas now, also?
If you hold a business lunch at a vending machine, you might be a redneck! Uh oh, I have been in the south too long.
We missed you this weekend. I hope it was safe and enjoyable.
---John on 9/7/05

Soak those feet girl! I don't envy you being back in school with loud kids!
When will you be able to 'hang out your shingle?
We did have a great time. Being in Las Vegas, there are so many things to see and places to visit that are close by.
Your students might find interest in "Mesquite." It is claimed to be the oldest Indian reservation in the US. There are caves you can go in with drawings on the walls, its very interesting up there.
---NVBarbara on 9/7/05

Welcome home, NVBarbara. You sound like you had a nice trip. While you were away, I went back to work. Today was the first day for my students. UGH. My feet are so sore and swollen.

Glad you are back.
---Madison on 9/6/05

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Hello all, Professor Chaos and General Disarray are back home! It was nice to get away for a few days, and it was sure cooler in Ariz.! If Steve wanted to drop me in the Grand Canyon, he missed his chance (this time!). We're both safe and sound.
I pray all of you had a nice holiday week-end.(who is Kyle Bush? You've been in the south too long already John! NASCAR?)
---NVBarbara on 9/6/05

Kyle Bush just won his first NASCAR cup race (He's 20-still a pup) ever. He is donating his winnings for the gulf victims.
---John on 9/4/05

This is good, Madison. we all can do something.
---John on 9/4/05

Every month my church takes a Deacon's fund offering. That money is earmarked for the needs of people who are struggling. This month's offering, taken today, is going toward the Katrina victims. They aren't sure which charity is going to be the one.
---Madison on 9/4/05

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What's up fellow believers in Jesus? You all have a nice and safe holiday weekend. Witness to someone this weekend.
---Ralph on 9/2/05

I know each and every one of us can help the victims in the gulf region. I don't trust the red cross for some reason but there are a lot of good Christian organizations that are helping.
---John on 9/2/05

We're going to Arizona for a few days kids.
Will you miss me? I'll miss all of you, see you after Labor Day. Be careful and God bless.

'Git er done' John!

(If I see 50 Madison, I would have to start over and go around again! Talk about CRS!)
---NVBarbara on 9/2/05

John, write if you need an interpreter!
To get you started:"going over yonder" can mean going ANYWHERE. "That dog won't hunt" means 'it just ain't gonna happen.' Watch out for directions you get! ex: 'go down this road a piece, go left where old man Jones' barn USED to be, ride about 5 minutes and turn left right before the dirt road, where there are sometimes cows are in the pasture." Happy to help!
---NVBarbara on 9/2/05

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I heard that were getting gas! Let's pray that when and if this settles down the prices won't be too crazy. Pray for the coming year ahead. I sense somrthing in my spirit that there will be a change.
---Mary on 9/1/05

Thanks, NV Barb. I think old age is catching up with me. I am forgetting things left and right now, and I am not 50 years old. hehe.

107 degree!!!!! I would hate to pay the electric bill for the air conditioning for that.

Good to be back. Now, I am getting ready to go back to work. School starts Thursday for me. Summer vacation is over.
---Madison on 8/30/05

Happy to see you back Madison! Way cool, I love to see older couples still having fun!
It sounds like you were in a great place, surely beats our 107 degree temp here today!
But praise God we don't live in the path of Katrina! Glad you has a restful time Sis, and YES you did tell us about earning your Masters before you left! Give yourself a pat on the back for me! God bless!
---NVBarbara on 8/29/05

Hi everyone. I am back from Gettysburg, PA. I took my mom and her boyfriend to a cabin outside Gettysburg for a week. We had glorious weather, and I had the joy of watching these two crazy, old lovebirds climbing the rocks in Devil's Den.

I read a good fiction book by Francine Rivers, and started Gracia Burnham's newest book.

I think I forgot to share a praise. I finished my Masters degree the week before I left. God gets all the glory.
---Madison on 8/29/05

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Amen John, "The Big Easy" may be wiped off the map! They are normally below sea level anyway. They don't have a pumping system that could get enough water pumped back to sea during a hurricane!
Lets all please be in diligent prayer.
---NVBarbara on 8/28/05

Please pray! Hurricane Katrina is now a catergory 5 and is heading for New Orleans. This is very serious!
---John on 8/28/05

Feeling better,thank God. I don't know about the vacation, my daughter's wedding is coming up Oct 15. Plus I need a truck bad, the old one died. Thanks for your concern.
---John on 8/28/05

Thank you John, you are a true brother!
You and yours are in our prayers.
BTW, how are you feeling, anymore chest pain?
Ready for a vacation yet?
---NVBarbara on 8/28/05

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Always praying for you and Bob and your whole family, Barbara.
---John on 8/27/05

I hope you guys are not sick of hearing of my son, but I have yet another prayer request!
He lives between Ft.Myers and Sanibel Island on the Gulf of Florida. Please keep him, and all the others in the path of yet another hurricane in your prayers. Thanks all, love ya' lots!
---NVBarbara on 8/26/05

I was just outside and I just had to share how joyous I feel, I felt God all around me saying "Here you go daughter, with love."

All my roses are in bloom and I brought in an armload! I found myself 'talking' to the buds and half open flowers,telling them how God had blessed them by making them so fragrant and beautiful. And then thanking Him for giving me the honor to hold His creations in my hands that He made just for me!
Don't neglect the 'little' things!
---NVBarbara on 8/25/05

Alan, come back, brother! We need you!
---John on 8/25/05

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My My Ms. Dory, you make this Southern gal blush! I think I'll go sit on the veranda and ponder my sanguiness!

Much easier to smile than to frown!I've had to be serious(as much as possible!) in my professional life.I know sorrow, but don't dwell on it.I can find humor almost anywhere."Normal" people would run from our family reunions!8 bros and sisters, and we're ALL looney,what fun we have!!

3 year old Bobby,"Our Father,Who does art in heaven, Harold is His name, Amen."
---NVBarbara on 8/25/05

You are not a "goofball," Barbara! Are you familiar with the temperaments (Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy, & Phelgmatic)? You are soooo Sanguine it oozes into your CN posts. My husband is Sanguine too. This world would be pretty darn boring without you fun-loving Sanguines! I think of you as the "Princess of the CN Blogs!" You're so loving, accepting and welcoming of everyone and we ALL appreciate you for that! It's a job no one can do like a Sanguine, and you do it very well indeed!
---DoryLory on 8/25/05

Did somebody kidnap Alan? I haven't seen him post in ages! I wanted to hear about his daughter's wedding.

I also pray that Madison is having a good holiday. Please bless her with travel mercies Lord.
---NVBarbara on 8/25/05

Thanks John Boy! I covet your prayers. I've no doubt that Bob will be fine. If need be I can fly it to Fla in about 6 hours from Las Vegas. And yes, always close in spirit, and phone!
You guys ready to go to Helen/Hiawassee yet?
---NVBarbara on 8/25/05

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Thank you Darlene! I raised my son alone since he was 5 years old, he's now 32! I saw him through college and Law school and yes, we're close.
He's a goofball like his mother, so we get on well! Moving from the South to Las Vegas was a bit difficult, but we chat fairly often and I'll see him in Oct.
God bless you sis!
---NVBarbara on 8/24/05

Thank you Steve, I sure will not see that movie.
Barb, Still praying for Bob. The distance is rough but there is a closeness in the spirit.
---John on 8/24/05

, if anyone is thinking about seeing "the forty year old virgin", don't see it. it is disgusting and has a gross ending.
---steve on 8/24/05

NVBarbara,I am an only child and I know the close bond between mother and child when there's an only child.My prayers are with your son that there is no serious problem and with you for your comfort and peace.God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 8/24/05

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You're a true brother John, thank you and bless you and yours mightily!
Its difficult being about 2500 miles from my only 'child', I may decide to go for a few days if they find anything abnormal. I'm praying it was just low blood sugar or something simple.
---NVBarbara on 8/24/05

Praying for Bob. It's good to get those tests now. I will continue to pray for him, please keep us posted. God bless you and your family Barbara.
---John on 8/23/05

Hi all! You will be in my prayers Peter for your work situation.I pray everybody is having a blessed week.
Pls keep my son Bob in your prayers.He was on his way to work yesterday and suddenly felt dizzy,his lips went numb,it scared him! Praise God, right then he was passing a firehouse and pulled in and asked for help.They took his B/P etc and then took him to the hospital where they did an EKG & EEG. He feels ok today, but is scheduled for a Cat scan Fri. TY!

Elder 'on a chain', good idea John!
---NVBarbara on 8/23/05

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