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Guy Or Girl Should Lead In Dating

There seems to be confusion on who starts a relationship. Can a guy approach a girl, or can a girl approach a guy. If God brought two people together and the man leads, does it matter? I have seen too much emphasis placed on who asks who.

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 ---Tom145 on 8/22/05
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Well from my opinion if a guy is too uptight or too shy to ask a girl out or whatever then he isn't going to man enough to take the stand in the relationship if you are married.
---Krystal on 2/28/08

Well if old fashioned which is good the guy would ask but as it is 2005 and now adays etiquette is a past thing either or can ask
---Marla on 6/25/07

Guy seeks Girl [if she's a pearl]
Girl seeks Guy [if he's too shy]

---Reiter on 11/14/06

, a decent man waits for a girl to show that she would be interested. any man who "makes the first move" is probably a mr.wrong. better to wait for God to bring the right girl to you.
---steve on 8/24/05

My feeling is that if people would slow down and spend time getting to know each other as friends first, then the transition into the dating stage would be more natural and not something to fear or be nervous about. You would already know if you were compatable, enjoyed each other's company, etc. etc. The lack of self confidence, fear of rejection, stuff wouldn't be an issue if you were already friends.
---DoryLory on 8/24/05

Krystal, your answer is the one I can't understand and why I wrote the question. How can you judge what a man is going to do in a relationship by one action?

Barbara, I ask about 2-3 times then I back off. Too many people today lack the character to say "not interested".
---Tom145 on 8/23/05

For a Sadie Hawkins the girl asks. For a visit to the girl's family - the girl asks.
For a visit to the boy's family - the boy asks. For general dating the male should politely ask.
For date plus escort invitations the girl asks.
For date plus guest invitations the boy asks.
Anyone think of anything else?
The key seems to be in being rejected. People seldom ask people if they sense rejection ahead.
The real question is what constitutes harassment?
---barbara67 on 8/23/05

I think it's ok for either the man or woman approach and ask the other out. Myself, I would rather a man ask me out. What may hinder a person from wanting to be the first to ask: the lack of selfconfidence, fear of rejection, shyness around opposite sex, or possibly the person is not interested in dating for any number of reasons.
---Ulrika on 8/22/05

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