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Explain The 7 Year Tribulation

People talk about the rapture and the tribulation, but what is the 7 year period and the 1000 year reign that others speak of? Where do these fit in with the other things?

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 ---Paulette on 8/24/05
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"Seventy weeks (of years) are determined upon thy people (Israel)and upon thy holy city, to
-finish the transgression,
-make an end of sins,
-make reconciliation for iniquity
-bring in everlasting righteousness, and to
-seal up the vision and prophecy, and to
-anoint the most Holy."

Daniel 9:27 "... and in the midst (3 1/2 yrs) of the (last) week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease..." The "tribulation" starts exactly in the middle of this last 7 years. A specific number of months are given, as well as specific days emphasizing that it isn't symbolic.
---Lindaz on 4/15/09


Even a Bhuddist would argue against that interpretation: and they're stuck with karma, and their only salvation from it is to work through it with the help of... reincarnation.

I am curious, though: what exactly might have happened in either 538AD or 1798AD to make them so special that God thought it necessary to "pin" the entirety of His word regarding the end time on those particular years, besides some speculative multiple-choice mumbo-jumbo... since, as you so cautiously state, 'it could actually be a different "1260-year" period'?
---BruceB on 4/8/09

jofuss: "During this time, all the saints have been resurrected.., while all the wicked are dead and awaiting the second resurrection. Satan is on earth with no one to tempt and is therefore bound."

Gosh, another false interpretation.

Jesus will reign on earth for a thousand years. At the end of the thousand years, Satan will be let loose to temp the living and then the judgement when everyone will be judged from the Book of Life according to their works.
---Steveng on 4/8/09

Rapture theory is bogus. Don't believe it. Tribulation refers to either the 1260 years between 538 AD and 1798 AD or last great time of trouble leading up to and including time of Jacob's trouble right before Christ returns.

7 year period theory is a perverse twist of the 70th week from Daniel 9.

1000 years is the 1000 years right after the second coming. During this time, all the saints have been resurrected or translated and are with Jesus in heaven reviewing the judgment, while all the wicked are dead and awaiting the second resurrection. Satan is on earth with no one to tempt and is therefore bound.
---jofuss on 4/8/09

There's no such thing as a pre-trib rapture or literal millennium.
---katavasia on 4/8/09

Individually speaking hypothetically the church age does not end as long as there is a saved person on the face of the earth.
However speaking of the church as a body of believers THEchurch is never spoken of again in Scripture after revelation 4:1.
Many people refer to revelation 4:1 as the mid-tribulation rapture date.
While I cannot be dogmatic I am fully convinced that the rapture(speaking of the church the body of believers) does not take place later than revelation 4:1
---mima on 4/8/09

Trying to decipher the end times is useless and vain for those who try. Christians today will not recognize the end because they are living within the end times. This is why we have prophets to tell christians we are living in the end times. It's unfortunate that christians are not listening to today's prophets. Today's prophets do not belong to any denominational "church." They are brushed off as being fanatics, not adhering to anyone's denominational doctrine. This is why christians will mock the two prophets God sent down as told in Revelation.
---Steveng on 4/7/09


So, let me get this straight: the "church age" ends in Re 4:1? Do I have that about right?

That must mean any "Christians" who show up after the "rapture" ain't part of the "church". Is that right, or am I missing the part where the "church age ends" and the new "Christians" become something besides the "church"?

According to your take on Da vs Re, I suppose there are two classes for those written into the Book of Life, despite God not being a respecter of persons?. If that's the case, then "Christians" ain't grafted in, after all. I guess they're special, and God really is a respecter of persons: the worthy and not quite so worthy?
---BruceB on 4/7/09

Watch Turkey folk's, they are instrument in the E.U's rise to Global Power, the E.U's rise to Global Power IS instrumental in the Coming of the AC's rise to Power.

I've been saying this for so many years and to see it happening now is such a Blessing to me, Thank You Father, who is likened unto you(?), I say none, Praise, Glory & Honor be unto you & your Son our Lord & Saviour/Master/Brother.

Come Lord Come, This is for the Bride, I say ready yourselves for the calling of your Groom, for your calling IS coming.

Give Praise, Glory & Honor unto God & his Son, you are called Sons/Daughters & Brothers/Sisters by them.

Trim your wicks & fill your lamps & WATCH & PRAY.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin_Jr. on 4/7/09

Seven-year tribulation will be divided as follows.
The rapture= catching up of Christians to the Lord who remains in the clouds and does not touch earth at this time.

The Antichrist for three one half years accomplishes many things.

The Antichrist in the next 3 1/2 years introduces the mark of the beast and has a time of unlimited killing of the Jews.

7 year tribulation ends with Armageddon and return of Jesus Christ to rule from his throne in Jerusalem.

In heaven during the seven-year period of time. Wedding supper of the lamb takes place at which time Christians will receive their rewards. Christians will return with the Lord at the end of Armageddon battle.
---mima on 4/7/09

As for answering the blog question, there are two resurrections: the first resurrections are those christians who are truly in Christ and favored by Christ to enter heaven. This is the first resurrection. The second resurrection of all the other dead, who are judged from the Book of Life according to their works, is at the end of the thousand year period. Blessed are those who rise in the first resurection for they shall not see the second death.

Praying you and yours peace of mind, joy of spirit, good health, and many great friends to share them with in Jesus' name.
---Steveng on 4/6/09

You need not worry about the tribulation whether its three and a half years or seven years if you DL the two commandments Jesus spoke of. And, of course, take one day at a time. So HOW do you DO it? Do an online KJV bibles search for "one another," "each other," and "encourag," for living a christian life is a 24/7 lifestyle - not a once a week pep talk that denominational "churches" dish out.
---Steveng on 4/6/09

bruce, the church age ends in revelation 4-1, the 70th week in for thy people Israel is what daniel was told. 69 weeks have transpired and one remains. this week is fir Israel only. not the church. daniel ch 12 1-3 sees graves opened and a throne set.
---barjona on 4/6/09


as for those who die in tribulation MANY who have the truth will die too ...because they did not PRAY to be counted WORTHY to ESCAPE

why the antichrist doctrine of a "rapture" given by men creates so much chaos among self professing christians THEY DISMISS Word of God to serve their religious systems lies they will be "taken away" to never never land while the earth perishes by God

small part of tribulation is Gods wrath on mankind who refuse to OBEY and many who have truth refuse to obey ...tribulation is a cleansing of earth with fire

remaining tribulation is Satans wrath on Gods people those who had truth and were luke warm and those who HEAR truth from the two witnesses
---Rhonda on 4/6/09

great subject, my favorite, 2 thes. 2 1-12 discusses the end (when Christ returns) and Paul said not to be deceived. many will fall away or rebellion against God.the lawless one who speaks against any god.and set himself up in the temple of God as God.(sounds like evolution to me)when we get to vs 11 and 12 God will send a delusion to who refuse to believe the truth which is the power of salvation. this delusion comes from God.they will not come to there senses and then be beheaded. and all of this that's mentioned is restrained until the restrainer is removed. then it will take place. and Daniels 70Th week for Israel
---barjona on 4/6/09

great discussion my favorite, 2 thes 2 1-12 said God would send a delusion to all who denied the truth, which is the power of salvation. and they would believe the lie and be damned
---barjonah on 4/6/09

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I'll tell ya... most of you need to get out of those "churches" you frequent and start readin' that Bible.

The Great Tibulation that Jesus specifically relates (in the Gospels, in Daniel and in Revelation and other scripture) is 3-1/2 years. The 70th week of Daniel is NOT the Tribulation. Only the 2nd half is. And the Tribulation is NOT God's wrath, except for the 7 vials.

As to the "rapture": that first resurrection (the catching up) will happen at the end of the that 70th week, right when Jesus comes back.

People say "not time enough, what with the wedding and all." Which time ain't enough? Ours... or God's? A thousand years is as a day, with the Lord, and a day as a thousand years.
---BruceB on 4/4/09

jesus said no man has ever ascended to heaven but him and no one will, you are going to see it all
---john on 3/21/09

NO true man of God will be deceived by the AC or the ways of the FP, only the lost will continue to deny the Lord, thats why theres Millions that will die/beheaded(BECAUSE they did know & see the truth of whats been said) for the Gospel of the Lord and his name and refuse to worship or receive the Mark(666) of the beast who will claim to be God on earth.

Thats why Jesus said he has told us beforehand, SO that we wouldn't be deceived,
are you deceived enough to where you wouldn't recognize him(AC) if he was here doing what he's going to be doing?

If so(?), you havn't heard the voice of your sheperd and you have followed another...
---Duane_Dudley_Martin_Jr. on 3/20/09

First of all i want to say that the beast of revelation has a relationship with the fourth beast in daniel ch.2 and 7. The beast(Political Kindom) has to be rome because all of the charachterisitcs of the previous 3 beasts are mentioned in revelation 13 except rome. there is no doubt that papal rome is the little horn with eyes like a man speaking pompous words(Little Kingdom) mentioned in daniel. I believe there is a rapture, but it happens when Jesus Christ returns. Remeber only God is truth and if we live for him the future is in his hands and we can be confident no mmatter what we go through. KEEP THE FAITH!! God bless!!
---t on 3/18/09

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so many are led away by false ministers in "christian" churches ...duped by the beast system and whore in Rome (Rev 17) unable to see they worship and serve her....

day of the Lord is Gods wrath on mankind it is not tribulation

tribulation is SATAN's wrath on Gods people ...just like in Noe's day during 100 years of building ark people ignored his warnings and continued on with their lives

"christians" like those in the day of Noe will be mocking Gods end time 2 witnesses ...many of them expecting an antichrist secret rapture won't HEAR their message FROM God ...because they are already worship and serving beast system now
---Rhonda on 2/4/09

Christians will readily accept the mark of the beast. The pre-trib rapture is a successful ploy by Satan.

Christians will readily accept the mark of the beast not knowing it's THE mark of the beast because they think they would be raptured before the handing out of THE mark. So how would a Christian know? God will warn them through today's prophets - prophets who don't receive any compensation for God's work and who don't belong to denominational (and even so-called non-denominational) "churches." Unfortunately, Christians will not heed the warnings of today's prophets just as they will not heed the warnings of the last two prophets. Today's Christians mock anyone not belonging to a denominational "church."
---Steveng on 2/3/09

The Rapture in Thessolonians is the Second Coming not some secret event supposed to happen before then.

The seven year period comes from taking the 70 weeks of Daniel and saying the last week is yet future. This is part of futurism doctrine first proposed by the Jesuits in answer to the Protestant reformation.
---Samuel on 2/3/09

the tribulation is yet to come the word but the word tribute is the perjorative which gives the understanding of rendering honour-and in this case it to this ruler who is antichrist but you cannot give honour to the antichrist without taking his mark and then knowing that this mistake will cost you your soul you will go to the lake of fire for all eternity... so this time crying people heart attacks satan worship drug use food shortages rivers turn to blood war beheadings and deception and world peace
---timothy_gill on 2/2/09

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The word rapture has its roots in the Catholic faith. The Old Testament describes the rapture of two of G_DS servants. The first was Enoch and then Elijah. Jesus ascended into the clouds as described in Acts 1:9. The word Rapture is not used in the bible but it is clear the act of rapture is. In Titus 2:13, Paul calls the Rapture our "blessed hope.
---aprilwhine on 4/26/08

Cindy Rogers-The Rapture is definitely going to happen-It was not a made up story. You have to study 1 Thessalonians 4:13- THIS IS NOT made up, nor has it already happened. Rapture is the Latin Word for Harpazio, to be caught up~No one can really predict when it will happen.
---Daniel on 4/23/08

The Rapture is The Time of Jacob's (Israel) trouble. The Church is not here at this time. It is the Final Week of Daniel's 70 weeks. The 1000 years is when Christ comes back and sets up his Kingdom which shall never be destroyed
---Tommy on 10/23/07

For the rapture ready, please read the Mod's commments.
---Cindy_Rogers on 8/3/07

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"Moderator - .. Most of what we are taught today in regard to the Tribulation and Rapture were made up by a Jesuit Priest because millions of Catholics were leaving the RCC because Christians had taught the False Prophet and Anti-Christ were the RCC and the Pope. By coming up with the Rapture as a future event it caused Catholics to stay in the RCC. This fictional teaching was picked up by Darby in 1827 and pushed to the Protestants which bought the goods."
---Cindy_Rogers on 8/3/07

We will not be here when the Day of the Lord is. The "Day of the Lord" is the Wrath of God. There is also the Day of Jesus Christ, mentioned a few times in the NT.
When we became Christians, Jesus took our wrath upon Him.
2 Thess says that the Wrath of God will come on all who obey not the Gospel, and also to those who received not the LOVE of the Gospel.
---kathr4453 on 9/2/06

the Church is awfully dirty. He's gonna separate the wheat from the chaff by persecutions and temptations, death, threats, beheadings etc.
---r.w. on 9/1/06

The "Rapture" does not occur so that Christian can excape Tribulation. We will always go through tribulations while on this earth.
Christians will miss the GREAT TRIBULATION because it has nothing to do with trials but Judgement.
As Noah excaped all of the rain drops so shall Christians excape all of the Great Tribulation Judgement.
---Elder on 9/12/05

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My studies bring me to believe that the saved will endure three and a half years of the tribulation, then be raptured leaving the rest of God's judgement to fall only on those who did not confess that Jesus was their Savior. I come to this conclusion greatly through Daniel 9:27 "In the middle of the 'seven' he will put an end to sacrifice and offering." We can no longer make sacrifice and offering if we are taken up in the rapture.

Moderator - Jesus's ministry lasted 3.5 years and it put and end to sacrifice and offering. We live in the church age now.
---Peter on 9/6/05

Even though the word rapture is in not in the Bible, the saved are going to be taked up to meet Jesus in the air. 1Thessalonians 4:15,16,17 Matthew 24:30,31 Mark 13:26-33 1Corinthians 15:51,52
Webster's dictionary:
rapture -in some Christian theologies, the bodily ascent into heaven just before Armageddon of those who are saved.
Ribera may be the one to see it in the Bible, that doesn't make it his theory. It is in the Bible so it is matter of faith.

Moderator - I agree. I just question the idea of a rapture to avoid a tribulation. It's a Jesuit made up concept to bring people back to the Catholic church. Most Christians and Catholics are totally ignorant of the history.
---Ulrika on 9/6/05

How could that prophecy already been fulfilled, if Jesus hadn't come back yet? If that were the case, then the whole bible is a lie.
---Rebecca_D on 8/29/05

Rebecca: It is not Daniel's prophecy which is fiction. That prophecy was completely fulfilled two thousand years ago. It is Francisco Ribera's futurist interpretation to which you adhere that is fiction.

Moderator - Ribera, a Catholic Jesuit Priest, made up the Rapture theory to stem the loss of Catholics because Christians taught the Pope was the anti-christ and Catholics were becoming Protestants. The Rapture theory stopped the loss of Catholics by pushing off events to the end of time versus saying Revelation was the church age.
---Jerry on 8/29/05

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Thank you Pierr. This was no reflection on you or your goodness.
I thank you for the effort which God will reward.
I thought there were things that you didn't know about them. They had good titles but were off on doctrine.
Thanks anyway and God Bless.
---Elder on 8/28/05

Elder: Glad you told me about what happened to the books. Following your losses I was about to send you replacements but now I won't.
---Pierr7958 on 8/28/05

Rebecca D
First let me answer your question. Yes I believe that the elect will suffer serious tribulations BEFORE THE END.
My offer still stands but I respect your decision to pass.
---Pierr7958 on 8/27/05

Jerry, if Daniel had prophecied of this, then how is it fiction, when it hasn't came to pass yet? Are you going to be left here to find out if Daniel was right? Or John for that matter. Gabriel and angel from God told Daniel about this 70 weeks, he told him that he give him and understanding of the vision he (Daniel) had about the ram and the goat.

Moderator - If Jerry is wrong, then he will be raptured anyway. However, if you are wrong you may be looking for signs versus serving God in fulness right now. In other words, we need to live everyday for Christ as though He is coming back that very day.
---Rebecca_D on 8/27/05

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Rebecca_D you are right in tune.
Pierre I went through every book you sent me which was about 20+ of them and I did toss each one. Too much Gospel Truth was perverted. They appeared to have been written from a SDA perspective.
There was much written that would confuse the young new Christian.
---Elder on 8/27/05

Part 1 - Rebecca: The seven-year time prophecy of Daniel 9:27 which you ascribe to the Antichrist is in fact a part of the time prophecy of the coming of the Messiah. He is clearly the subject as is evidenced in verses 25 & 26. His ministry begins 69 weeks (483 years) after the 457 BC commandment of Artaxerxes (AD 27 - His baptism by John) and ends 3 1/2 years later on the cross when the sacrificial system is ended.
---Jerry on 8/27/05

Part 2 - 3 1/2 years after Calvary, the Jews are cut off as the chosen people - 70 weeks total (v. 24). There is no scriptural justification for moving this prophetic gospel week far into the future and making the Antichrist its subject rather than our Saviour. I say again, it is fiction.
---Jerry on 8/27/05

I didn't join in the penpal thing. I have no desire for it. You get proof from articles, yet I get proof from the bible. Daniel and the book of Revelation go hand in hand. To you there is no 7 year tribulation, what is it then? Do you even believe there will be a great tribulation?
---Rebecca_D on 8/27/05

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This sounds a lot like those people in Noah's day who didn't believe in rain.

"Hey Joe, did you hear that crazy Noah preaching about some judgement from God coming in the form of Rain?"
"Yea Sam I did. That rain ain't nothing but dew that is coming later in the day that is all."

There is no less than 3 different "raptures" in Scripture. What will we do with those?
---Elder on 8/27/05

If you would send me your penpal adress I would send you some photo copies of articles that show what and whom Daniel is really talking about and if you don't like it, toss it. Your friend, pierre
---Pierr7958 on 8/27/05

Even Daniel prophecied about this. So you need to study more about this. The antichrist will make a peace covenant with Israel. Israel will be allowed to rebuild their temple in Jerusalem. After 3 and 1/2 years the antichrist will break this peace covenant with Israel and invade Jerusalem, "Abomination of desolation". Jesus returns at the end of the 7 years to destroy the antichrist, "armageddon" then Jesus will set up his kingdom and regin for 1000 years.
---Rebecca_D on 8/26/05

Ooopss! I guess my praise was misguided for now. Moderator you give both Ann and Rebecca the info/ref of what you read and I hope to congratulate both of them yet for accepting what history reports as the truth. Thanks.
---Pierr7958 on 8/26/05

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Ann5758 Congratulations for telling it the way it is! May be you could help Rebecca D. by giving her and others the ref. for what you read. Thank you again for letting your light shine!
---Pierr7958 on 8/26/05

Moderator, do YOU not believe in the Rapture? You called it the "Rapture theory started by a Jesuit Priest..." Just wondered.

Moderator - I just studied the history of the Rapture on my own and was shocked. Most of what we are taught today in regard to the Tribulation and Rapture were made up by a Jesuit Priest because millions of Catholics were leaving the RCC because Christians had taught the False Prophet and Anti-Christ were the RCC and the Pope. By coming up with the Rapture as a future event it caused Catholics to stay in the RCC. This fictional teaching was picked up by Darby in 1827 and pushed to the Protestants which bought the goods.
---Ann5758 on 8/26/05

For a clear understanding STUDY EACH FOR YOURSELF but for now trust me:
The SECRET RAPTURE and 7YR TRUBULATION are lies fabricated by Jesuits.
The "MILLENIUM" = 1ooo yrs between 1st + 2nd
NB: Saints are in heaven,
Wicked are all dead.
Devil + angels "bound to earth".
---Pierr7958 on 8/26/05

Rebecca D,
I entreat to look in the history of the christian church to find out for yourself that what you wrote in your blog is exactly the
Jesuit lie I wrote about. Did you read what I wrote? I hope so! There is no biblical bases to divide the 70th week into 2 parta, one of which is supposed to be future!
It is time for the Evanelgelicans to recognize that they were fooled by some dishonest men of the cloth.
---Pierr7958 on 8/26/05

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No it isn't fiction. The Antichrist will reign for 7 years, and when the antichrist signs a treaty, (peace to Isreal) this will begin the 7 year tribulation Daniel 9:27. In the middle of this 7 year tribulation the antichrist will break this treaty, and the beast will gain control claiming to be God. So it isn't fiction Jerry, I don't know where you got that but if you would notice that everything (almost) begins with the number seven.

Moderator - Jerry, probably makes his comment because the Rapture theory was started by a Jesuit Priest several hundred years ago because millions of Catholics were leaving the Catholic Church. The Christians had taught that the Pope was the Anti-Christ and the RCC the harlot. The Jesuit's goal was to get people to become Catholic again.
---Rebecca_D on 8/26/05

Could someone please put these in order with bible verses for me to refer to? The rapture, the tribulation, the 7 years and the 1000 years. Just what is the link betweeen them all?
---Paulette on 8/26/05

There is no 7-year tribulation in scripture. It is fiction.
---Jerry on 8/26/05

---Pierr7958 on 8/25/05

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It explains what will happen in the end times. Look at this site it helps explain much. from the white horse(false christs) red horse(war) black horse (famine)pale horse (sickness)you can also read the matt 24 as well.
---Judith on 8/24/05

The 1000 year reign is going to happen once God's chosen are no longer here and the ones that will be left here will be sinners. Rev 20 1-7. It talks about people who don't believe in the antichrist, and doesn't have the mark of the beast and believe in Jesus, will be beheaded because of that. the 7 year is the great tribulation, that sinners will see and be tormented just like in the Old Testament. (seven year plagues)
---Rebecca_D on 8/24/05

The seven year period, concerns the book of revelation.#1the whitehorse#2Fierycoloured horse#3Blackhorse#4palehorse#5Godjudmentonmankind#6Earthquqke#7describesthebirth ofGodkingdom, 1000reign of christ
---paua6485 on 8/24/05

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