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I Don' t Have Any Penpals

What am I doing wrong everytime I get a penpal then I answer back then it happens Inever get an answer back am I that bad nobody wants me? I pray everynite to find some nice friends but when I check nobody is there I feel bad. God Bless

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 ---Sue7858 on 8/25/05
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You do not have to be lonly. Not trying to be too simple here, but believe me, God is all you need. Myself, I do not need any distractions [right now]. Sometimes God wants you all to Himself. Have you ever thought about that?
---catherine on 7/21/08


you are not bad only that everything has its time the way God intends it to be. So am glad to tell you that am interested to be you penpal.
---blesa8473 on 7/19/08

Im here. How are you? Whats your name?
---randy on 6/9/08

Friends can be found in many places, and not in one place only like the penpal spot. You can find freinds in your neighborhood, at your employment, at the stores shopping, etc. One whom wants friends, must show themself friendly.
---Eloy on 6/9/08

Writing letters is a lost art form today. When I was younger I remember us getting mail from far-away relatives regularly.
Nowadays, nobody takes the time to write a letter since they forward 10 emails a day to their entire family.
It's pretty sad, letters can be so much more revealing, in regard to someone's character, who they are deep down. People can get to know each other on a much deeper level through letters than in conversation, I think.
---Todd1 on 6/9/08

Show yourself friendly, be friendly.
One thing that keeps friends at bay is to be two faced. Being one person one minute and someone else the next minute. It's doesn't take long to figure that out. It all comes down to trust, without trust there is no friendship.
---S.Patterson on 6/9/08

I am not much for being a penpal but I did look up your profile and noticed that you live in WI.
I too lived in WI many years ago when I got my 1st job in school administrtion at Wisconsin Academy in Columbus, WI. where I taught and was in charge of the guys dorm. I of course loved the Dells but was not too crazy about icy highways.
Be of good cheers! Pierre
---Pierr7958 on 6/9/08

Hi Sue and everyone. I am also looking for penpals as well, but I always sign my blog answers Cynthia. Sue and anyone else, I would like to be penpals, so let me type my assigned number from CN. It is cynth9664. Anyone who would like to talk, write me anytime. God Bless!
---Cynthia on 9/8/07

Hello friend,
Dont worry about that I am here for you please email me and I'm sure you will be happy. For God is love

---Joy on 5/31/07

I am always looking for pen pals,feel free to write.
---wendy8497 on 9/26/05

I understand where you are coming from.I want to find a penpal also but everybody that i start writing wants more than just being friends and penpals.I do not think anything is wrong with you, there are too many bad people in this world.I would be your penpal if i knew your information.
---BONNIE_GABRIEL on 9/25/05

the bible says one that would have friends must show himself friendly, i agree with what the other person answered cause it's something i'm learning, that is, "if you only want to be friends to have someone listen and be there for you then they will spiritually decern in and not be drawn to you, we gotta be willing to give of ourselves to others,not want others to give to us, is what i'm constantly being told
---Carla on 8/28/05

There's a saying that "You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you". We can be friends..heres my id teka5847
---tess on 8/28/05

Sweet and lovely thoughts Breez!
Indeed we should cherish each day, and each person who crosses into our lives!
God bless you!
---NVBarbara on 8/26/05

My penpal address is 'barba7434.' I have several penpals, but always room for more!
I try to write as often as I can, but I do get behind! But I love meeting new friends and share together. God bless! My home E-address is on my profile.
---NVBarbara on 8/26/05

Life is a series of brief moments. Today I decided to catch a lonely heart through the making of a PenPal ! Not to be a friend to one but to many. Making a chain of several brief moments by linking several hearts together. We can ALL be a PenPal to eachother. We write , we read , we respond together to one another. No one gets left out. Anyone feel free to write , someone will respond. We are all one !
---breez9859 on 8/26/05

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dont feel bad i have written many and ver got a response or anything the only mail i get is from the presidentbut it doesnt bother me i know i people get busy it would be nice to have new friend though if you would like you can wrote me at andre9789
---andre9789 on 8/26/05

Hello, Sue: Don't be sad! With the busy life that we have, not at all times that we can be in the Net. But I understand you. Follow the suggestion the other Bloggers gave here. Honestly, I offer friendship but I missed to send emails to those I promised... Hmmm sorry folks! I got too busy lately. But I wish everyone a good day always!
---bebet3754 on 8/25/05

People probably get busy, but feel free to drop me a line. I always need a new friend. :-) annie4863
---Annie on 8/25/05

I just joined the site to meet new people so i joined the penpals. I would love to chat with you or be a penpal to you. God bless. debba6884
---Debbie23453 on 8/25/05

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Sue don't take it personal.I have written to people a while and then they just quit,thats ok by me.Perhaps they find we don't have as much in common as they first thought.Maybe their motives aren't exactly as presented or they changed their minds.There are plenty more where those came from so just hang in there and you'll find a faithful friend and prayer partner,I have.It's not you,it just could be that not everybody wants a regular penpal but likes to hear from many.
---Darlene_1 on 8/25/05

True friends are hard to come by. I have been on for a couple of months and only found 2. Keep trying, and you can write me if you like. Jerry
---geraa7578 on 8/25/05

Hi sue, you can write to me. I love making new friends. delor8498. waiting to hear from you God Bless
---delores on 8/25/05

I've found that it is in the numbers. I send out a lot of cards and often do it to the last 25 users because I know they're online frequently. I do not get a lot of replies back either but I can tell you one thing that it is not you or that you're that bad....sometimes it's hard to get a conversation going. Find somethings specific in the person's profile that you like or admire, etc. and talk about that...just an idea
---Sharon on 8/25/05

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That happens to me also. For myself, it might benefit me to use a better picture of myself. This might help encourage others to correspond with me.
---Eldon on 8/25/05

Hi Sue-You must have gotten a response this time. hang in there, it's definately not you. Have you read the directions to the first e-mail uses? It says new members should send out 10 e-mails to anyone in order the use the service, that might be what happened to you if you happened to be online when those were sent out. It is unfriendly for people not to respond but it happens. Have a great day.
---Judi on 8/25/05

sue....check out pam4474
I will not promise to write daily but I will respond.
God bless you.
---Pam on 8/25/05

Hi, Don't give up. I don't always get replies either but I keep trying and when I least expect it that message is there.
Marla6102 if you want a Canadian penpal.
---Marla on 8/25/05

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