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American Churches Ears Tickled

I'm grieved. If we all serve the same God, and read the same bible, how can we be so blind to the truth? Is being a Christian really that hard for us to comprehend? We all want our ears tickled. American churches are seriously in need of prayer before our lights are snuffed out.

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 ---Katie on 8/25/05
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Christians overseas lose their lives for Christ and these here can't even tithe! Preachers here won't come back the old paths wherein lies the Good way! They'l lose their tithes if they quit ordaining women and say that salvation is the freedom of the eternal atoning sacrifice. They'l have sissy men following their women out the door if they show the guts to stand on the word like those overseas instead of watering down the word or using their own understanding.
---Frank on 12/14/07

Finally, yes, the churches in America tickle the ears of those who love this world and that true remnant of Israel that brings forth a rightly divided word of truth glorifying Christ Jesus in the midst of trials, tribulations, in sickness and poverty is no longer preached for eternal everlasting hope! Ravenous wolves in sheep's clothing have denied the faith and allowed the babes in Christ to grow thinking that the Lord shed his precious Blood for pomp, worldly wealth and to make men rich!
---Frank on 12/14/07

God bless you for that post.
Ever since the constitution of the US was amended repeatedly the churches forgot that the Kingdom of Christ is no democracy.
Since then all that was considered hersesy is becoming accepted by reprobate minds. That which was preached for 2000 years is cast off for a new age heretical gospel.
---Frank on 12/14/07

Jack, I'm sooo sorry, that does not make any sense to me.
---lovable_linda on 12/13/07

The time has come that the WOLF can no longer hide among the SHEEP.
Its time for the Turning Point of TIME-SPANS.Listen well to your answer.
You no longer have to grieve.
Its ROLL CALL.A time of God's intervention.
Whereas it matters not what you nor i or
anyone else can say or do it cannot be prevented nor hindered.Its like,a falling star.
---Jack_8773 on 12/13/07

These are the last hours of the Church. We are going to see the ushering in of the Lord Jesus. Many will be left behind, many will go. If you love the people around you. Tell them the truth. Tell them what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. We are ambassadors of Christ, brethren we must show our faith by the love we share one with another.
---irish7768 on 12/13/07

You ask a question, than give your own answer, and while I agree in part, this in not the only cause of a person's rejection of Christ. Even in churches where the 'ears aren't tickled', see people ignore the truth. Why? Here's two reasons, one, usually until an "out of the normal event" happens in the person's life, they don't think on spiritual matters, two, people are experiencing an academic view of Christ, but not a "heart" view of Christ. This is not the fault of the church.
---WIVV on 5/13/07

Exzucuh: "I think they are stumbling over the Rock of offence."
Scripture agrees with you.
1Pe 2:8 "And a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offence, even to them which stumble at the word, being disobedient: whereunto also they were appointed."
This is the directive
Isa 57:14 "And shall say, Cast ye up, cast ye up, prepare the way, take up the stumblingblock out of the way of my people."
---jhonny on 9/5/06

"I'm grieved. If we all serve the same God, and read the same bible,.." Is there more than one God to serve? How many God's are there? What makes a God anyway? Who qualifies to be a God?
Answer: Anything you can think of.
Now that the law is magnified under the fulfillment of Christ, anything that gets in the way is idolatry. Your family, your job, your status, your priest, your church. Men have worshipped rock and stones, and now they worship them in their head. Created to serve.
---jhonny on 9/4/06

Once I was falling from a high place ,I lost my balance but another person grabbed me and saved me. I was saved from falling. To be saved is to change the circumstances and outcome of an individual's life. I see a lot of people claiming salvation but their still falling I think they are stumbling over the Rock of offence.
---Exzucuh on 9/4/06

No one wants to have any works. So the more, less mannered and ill behaved you are, that must show how much faith you have. The more faith you have the less works you need, so act like an idiot. Christ offended the religous guys. He "worked" a miracle. Faith demonstrates, and announces the manisfestation of it's existence. So you see to announce, and manifest, and demonstrate is works, so they accused Christ of working(WORKS) on the wrong day.
---jhonny on 9/4/06

Katie - I honestly think that the lights have already gone out in a lot of churches. If Christians really truly want the truth God will give it to them. Sadly, I wonder just how many Christians want the truth any more. The Church must go back to the Cross.
---Helen_5378 on 9/4/06

sectarianism is a disease,christian leaders work towards conformity not not all churches have an established 'way of operating'and the way God they know is operating.when the disharmony is among the many sects they reflect that confusion and it is wide spread.that same disharmony is proof that there is a higher truth unrevealed for in 'truth' there is no disharmony.people are searching for higher truth but leaders are saying 'do not go,evil is waiting there'
---earl on 9/3/06

the answer is in the question. we DO NOT use the same Bibles today.
---r.w. on 9/3/06

We are "blind" because we have not been discipled properly. Many pastors are trained in "ivy league" type seminaries which teach a historical Jesus or concentrate on how to make a "mega" church. Being a Christian is not "hard for us to comprehend" if we are saved, baptized in the Holy Spirit, study the Bible, pray and fellowship with believers. Living a Spirit-filled life is a joy; it is far removed from having our ears "tickled".
---Elsie on 8/30/05

I agree but also disagree. I agree that many, not all, desire the tickle ear doctrine but then again it was prophesied and we know the word will not return void. As far as to say it's American churches, I don't believe that. I live in Canada and it's the same here, I've been to Jamaica on mission trips cuz I'm from there and it's the same. talk to people all over the world and it's the same everywhere, it's just more prominent in America. check Ro 9:28, 1 Tim 4:1.
---Mark585 on 8/28/05

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Hallelujah Jesus
I Praise God for saving me! Folks i meet so many on yahoo in the christian chats that are taking away from the word of God. Walking in the flesh not Filled with the Holy Ghost and saying the gift of tongues is not for all, we must be filled w/ his power if we are to be the salt of the earth walking by faith not by sight, reading the word to study to show our self approved rightly dividing the Word of God.
---Lea on 8/27/05

The light in many churches has already been removed, for many are just "playing" church. If we are truly his disciples, then we better get in line with God, because if we're messing around with sin at all and thinking that it is ok because God will love me always no matter what, then we are tragically deceived and we will be lost for ever, cut off from God and thrown into the lake of fire right along with Satan for unspeakable torments for all eternity. Please read II Chronicles 7:14.
---Eloy on 8/26/05

Well here is a plain& simple answer & when I say this, I too fall short doing this...people are more leaning to other people in their opinions& values then what our father ,Jehovah,God , THE ALMIGHTY (pls insert other uplifting titles of our father here)says point blank. If the bible says one thing& nothing else, some people feel that doesn't "fit" their style so they'll go to a church that does.We should follow the bible all the way if we even "claim" to be Christians.
---candice on 8/25/05

As a pastor of a church I do not preach sermons that tickle the ears, but I do not shove them around either. There is a fine line and knowing that fine line makes a difference. America has had eveything and maybe to much freedom. Churches have not been doing the great commission, but have slumped in the back pew so to speak. We need to revive ourselves before any true revival will break out. And if only our ears are tickled only. Are we truly listening to what God has to say?
---Brian on 8/25/05

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I cannot believe some of the questions people ask on this site - like is it OK to commit adultery! I mean, come on - it's right there in the Bible! It isn't judgmental to say this because it isn't opinion - it's fact - in the Scriptures! The American church needs to repent of its love for money, luxury and materialism.
---drew2902 on 8/25/05

I can honestly say I attend a church where my pastor tells it like it is! He doesnt tickle our ears, or uses a powder puff. He doesnt preach the "cotton candy" sermons. In this day and time we need that kind of preaching. Sometimes it falls on the preachers, they want a crowd, and wont preach it like they should in fear of offending the congregation. And your so right, American churches are in need of prayer....along with the people. We have to have a made up mind that we're going to serve God.
---P on 8/25/05

I'm talking about having such a deep relationship with the Lord that we long to please him, and are no longer guided by our fleshly desires, but by the Holy Spirit. We all want to be comfortable and happy, why wouldn't we? But when it destroys lives, you have to look at the fruit of the action and say where's my responsibility in this? We have to contemplate the aftermath of our actions, and the lives it will affect and in what way.
---Katie on 8/25/05

Well, but it is the churches, because we ARE the church. This wasn't zeroed in on church leadership, but rather all of us. I was reading some of the blog questions and was dismayed that we Christians are no different from the world in the way we live. It breaks my heart to see so many Christians today living the way we do. I guess I wasn't asking a question really, but just wanting to get people thinking about what they're doing. I yearn to see Christ reign in us all.
---Katie on 8/25/05

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