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What Did I Do Wrong

I met someone I thought was special now I have returned home and haven't heard from him since. What did I do wrong? Should I give him the benefit of doubt?

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 ---IRENE on 8/25/05
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It appears this was a one way relationship. It's not that you did anything wrong, but that he didn't do anything right. (If nothing else, he should be man enough to say, "It's finished.") Unless he has a very adequite excuse, (like being sick - not having time is NOT an adequite excuse, ) I don't think you should give him another chance. It reads like what you had was a "summer romance" - and once summer was over, so was the romance. Move on!
---WIVV on 2/25/08

You thought he was special because he was to you.
Don't be confused or defeated by circumstances, and most of all don't let them effect what's in your heart.

You're precious to God, let that be the larger portion of your thinking.
Walk by faith, and don't let the evils of the world shake your confidence of God's providential hand on your life.
---Pharisee on 3/18/07

Did you hear from him.....or are you just so determined to have him that you will do almost anything to be with him? If this is WILL regret this move.
---kate on 9/5/05

Cathy-I am moving there we will not be living together until marriage.
---irene on 8/26/05

Were you planning on moving there to get married or to live with him? If it was the latter, don't. Keep yourself pure for marriage. God may be allowing you some time away from him to pray, listen to advice, and make some wise life decisions for yourself.
---Cathy_Y on 8/26/05

The one thing we as females have to remember, is this to keep ourselves,pure for marriage.
That is the biggest mistake we lonely females make before marriage, and especially with a man we care a lot for. Pray and ask God for His Devine guidance in this matter ,I am sure He will direct you in the right way.
---Angelia on 8/26/05

Dear Irene,
People don't do what they do because of you, they do what they do because themselves. I'm not talking about mere reactions, but rather a person's behavior style. Prov. 23:7 As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. You see his actions as rejection because of what is in your heart. Go to God and ask Him; He will show you and you can replace any lie that He show you with His truth. Believe me, this works. Bless you.
---sam7944 on 8/26/05

Did YOU try to call him? Maybe he is waiting for you to contact him yo prove to him that you are still interested since you are one who went away.
---Shaz on 8/25/05

He did say he felt the same way Cathy. That is why I am so confused. When I left it was understood I was moving back there. Now I am home and I haven't even got a call.
---IRENE on 8/25/05

You said you thought he was special, but did he express how he felt about you. Perhaps he didn't feel the same, but doesn't want to hurt you. He may just be shy or undecided about his feelings. Just pray that God would lay on his heart what to do. Why do girls/women always assume they did something wrong?
---Cathy_Y on 8/25/05

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