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How To Find A Godly Man

Hello, I am 26, single and waiting for a mate, I just want to know why worldy men only ask me out and not Christian men?

Moderator - Do you act in Godly ways or worldly ways? Christian men only want Godly women.

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 ---diana8758 on 8/26/05
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craigA, I wouldn't be too concerned for Jesus Christ taking care of His Father's business. Everything works together matter what our perceptions are.

mrs. p, if you separate me from others and you quote what i actually say, you will not be able to show that i lied or called you anything. i am just using the words that you speak...e.g.

//You two obviously don't have a life and are losers since it is Saturday night and you are harassing me on this blog//

can't you see the irony of that? is spending time on this site and getting 'harassed' on Saturday night the sign of having a life and being a winner?
---aka on 5/28/11


For someone is so happily married, you certainly have built up a tremendous amount of hatred towards men!

A frustration and hatred that you had for many years now. So you express it on this blog.

When I said SICK, I did not mean it derogatorially, but LITERALLY.
---John on 5/29/11

Moderator-- Are you going to let these godless tirades continue?
---Donna66 on 5/29/11

James L, my answer was not directed at anyone else but to Haz. I love him as I love everyone here on line whom I pray for each day. But my answer could not possibly be for anyone else because no one else has claimed to be sinless. My intention was to show that even when we speak many times we sin. So the theory that anyone has already been perfected is a false believe. I know you, Aka, and other have never claimed to be sinless so everyone's remarks are valid, maybe not correct all the time, because we are human beings who fail many times, even Poosey. I believe enough answers have been given to her, and anymore will only leave more hurt in her. All she meant from the beginning was that wives should be treated right. nothing wrong with that.
---Mark_V. on 5/29/11

I sure hope someone isnt reading this and leaving thinking this is what Jesus Christ is all about...
---CraigA on 5/28/11

John: You are a loser. You don't know what I look like so stop your lies. I am not obese and definitely not ugly.

You are scum and wouldn't you be mad if someone lied about you, your husband and your marriage?

No wonder you are by yourself. Keep on losing loser!
---poopsey on 5/28/11

John and aka: You two obviously don't have a life and are losers since it is Saturday night and you are harassing me on this blog.

John you are a loser. You don't know what I look like and you are a liar about many things. I have no problem with the way I look and neither does my husband. So you did not hit a nerve but you are getting on my nerves since you are such a jerk.

You must be really miserable within yourself to lie about and insult people that you don't know like this.

Keep on losing you loser!
---poopsey on 5/28/11

1Jo 3:14 We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren. He that loveth not his brother abideth in death.
---Donna66 on 5/28/11

//The so called sinless ones like John, Haz, aka, James_L //

None in that company claimed sinlessness.

//and company are nothing but the devil's mouthpieces...Have a good day and keep on losing!//

Please explain how your statements show that you are a mouthpiece for God?
---aka on 5/28/11

Hmmmm? Sure sounds like we hit a nerve!


When someones points that out, the afflicted person immediately attacks!
---John on 5/28/11

---John on 5/28/11
---John on 5/28/11

Haz27: You are a jerk and a hypocrite. You wouldn't know love if you fell over it.

I don't care to hear your self-righteous holier than thou speech. Maybe you need to take your own advice.

I am none of those things that you accused me of so take your phony verbage and stuff it. I'm done with you and your loser friends.

I'll let God take care of you and company. Enough is enough and no I am not playing the victim either. I just don't want to waste my time on losers like you.

Grow up and get a life and stop spending all your time on the internet on blogs.
---poopsey on 5/28/11

Haz27: Oh, one more thing. You are deceived and think you are sinless which means that you are blind to your own sins just like the Pharisees were.

Don't even dare to try to blame me for this because of that other blog regarding gifts. I was trying to help that woman who was hurt and I get attacked by jerks like you. Maybe you should correct and give your love speech to John. I think he needs it more than I do.

So basically buzz of Haz27 and the same goes for John, James_L and company.
---poopsey on 5/28/11

James_L: You are far from a godly man which is what this blog was about.

Just to correct you on your false assumptions.

No reason to feel sorry for me I have a non-shallow husband.

I don't ask him puppet questions since he is not my puppet nor am I his.

My husband doesn't think I am fat and if a little plumper he still grabs at me all the same.

My husband is not a girl watcher and calls me lovely and his beauty queen and he does so voluntarily.

My husband loves my food and it is far from bland. I always try to make him something different and he looks forward to dinner after a hard days work.

My husband loves waking up to me in the morning and I don't have to say a thing!
---poopsey on 5/28/11

John: You are the one who is SICK and you need help. You have a mental problem which is obvious by your post which is full of lies.

I don't have low self-esteem and my husband loves me and tells me what he thinks of me. I am not obese and if I was he would tell me in a nice way to lose weight for health reasons.

And calling me a Hereford? Calling women cows? You are a total loser and an abuser.

And I don't need my husband's constant reassurance to function since I could function even if I was without him, heaven forbid. So you are full of lies and are a miserable old kraut who needs to get a life.
---poopsey on 5/28/11

The so called sinless ones like John, Haz, aka, James_L and company are nothing but the devil's mouthpieces.

I would suggest that the above mentioned get professional help for their mental problems and if you want to waste your life on the internet insulting people then so be it.

Comments that you guys make are more of a reflection on who you are than on who the person is that you are trying to insult.

This place is obviously not in the least Christian and even though some seem decent it is not worth being here to be lied about and insulted.

You losers probably don't have anyone that loves you so you attack and try to destroy what someone else has because you are a have not.

Have a good day and keep on losing!
---poopsey on 5/28/11

Women respond to loving and respectful men.
---poopsey on 5/28/11

It works both ways, poopsey.
God even commands love one another 1John3:23

And love includes forgiveness, patience, it's not easily provoked, and doesn't demand "treat me the way I expect or else your out", like we see on some of these blogs.
There's no room for "It's all about ME".

Remember, your fight started on that blog "My husband doesn't buy me gifts, should I divorce him?"
---Haz27 on 5/28/11

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"My husband still calls me lovely after 18 years"

You have a SICK relationship. A false/facade to cover-up your low-self-esteem/being-in-Denial.

Needing constant assurance(be it false)in order for you to function(Wife)

Your "husband" is "An Enabler."

A term for those who support bad phychological behavior(Obesity/Addictions)

Reinforcing the illusion of oneself that is dishonest/destructive.

(i.e If you're obese/he calls you "CuteyPie". It will enable you to contnue in your Obesity/Denial. If he told you like it really is(Hereford) it will force you to address the issue.

When someones points that out, the afflicted person immediately attacks!

---John on 5/28/11

//Women respond to loving and respectful men.// ---poopsey on 5/28/11

and here you are again responding to us. what does that say about you?
---aka on 5/28/11

"My husband still calls me lovely after 18 years of marriage and he's not complaining."

He's probably afraid to.
---pooper-scooper on 5/28/11


your comment is somewhat valid. Women do want to be treated right, and deserve to be.

But, what you seem to miss is who Haz said that to.

Just like in my first comment on this thread, I wrote "based on my experience"

That comment was met with the assertion that I'm shallow just because I put two and two together. In my experiences, those who were more attractive were less likely to act like Poopsey.

I also wrote that I've dated women who range from a 2 to a 9.5, showing clearly that I do not look only at the outside. If I'm shallow, why would I ever date someone unattractive?

We must look at the context of all the comments, and also weigh them against the comments in other threads
---James_L on 5/28/11

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A common point I've noticed bloggers here make to you is how you misrepresent them so often. I'll leave it to you to dwell on why you do this. I hope it's not deliberate, but I cant help but wonder.

Read my post again if you really misunderstood it.
But the frequency that you misrepresent bloggers here only damages your credability.

---Haz27 on 5/28/11

Haz, for a sinless guy you sure make very bad comments to someone you really don't know, because what she say's is that she wants to be treated right. Which is something man should be doing already from the heart but don't put the effort and when the women objects and says she just wants to be treated right, you say that men say,

"This is the type of comment men hear usually from the selfish, shallow, high maintenance women whose life motto is "IT'S ALL ABOUT ME"

I do not believe this is fair for you to say, instead of edifying a sister, you have characterized her as one of those persons already in your heart, which is why you answer her.
What is so wrong for a women wanting to be treated right?
---Mark_V. on 5/28/11

I'm beginning to feel sorry for you.

You sound like someone that needs so much verbal affirmation that your husband needs a break. Do you ask him "puppet" questions?

You know the ones. Like

"Do you think I'm fat?"
"Do you think my best friend is pretty?"
Do you think I'm the best cook?"

What if your husband gives the wrong answer? Yep, you're getting fat. Yep, your friend is hot. Well, your food is a little bland.

Of all the horrendous places I could find myself, or terrible situations to be in, I could think of no worse fate for me than to wake up in the morning and hear you say "Good morning, dear"

Give my condolances to your husband
---James_L on 5/28/11

It takes 4 men to gang up on 1 woman? What a bunch of cowards you all are.

Listen here losers. If you don't know how to treat a woman properly then I suggest you go solo until you do.

A smart man knows how to treat his woman and make her feel beautiful. A smart man would treat his woman in such a way that she couldn't keep her hands off of him. If you are not getting this then maybe look in the mirror instead of pointing fingers at the woman and her self-esteem issues.

No smart woman would want a shallow man since he is not capable of true love, intimacy or commitment. I would suggest you live in your pretend fantasy worlds if reality is too hard for you to face.

Women respond to loving and respectful men.
---poopsey on 5/28/11

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poopsey said:
"If you knew how to treat a woman right..."
This is the type of comment men hear usually from the selfish, shallow, high maintenance women whose life motto is "IT'S ALL ABOUT ME"

Everybody struggles with treating each other right all the time. Even women struggle treating other women right. This blog debate is another example. We are all so different.

Better to love one another and forgive 7x70 as God said. Far more beauty in such a person than those who demand "It's all about me".

---Haz27 on 5/28/11

I wouldn't want your "package deal" even if it came with a muzzle ---James_L on 5/27/11

even if it came with a muzzle, it would hold it outside then leave a p**psey on your carpet.
---aka on 5/27/11

John? John who? Oh, you mean the one that lies? He is a loser too.
--poopsey on 5/27/11

Perhaps its best you shorten your name to better indentify yourself!
---John on 5/27/11


I apologize, here is the truth.

So what if I'm shallow? I'm happy being shallow and immature. That way, I can sit high on a hill and look down at all the pitiful people who aren't near as attractive as I am. Beauty is on the outside, and character counts for nothing. As I see it, even pretty women aren't really worthy of being seen with such eye candy as me. And as for me being seen with eye broccoli? no way. I'm too good for that.

There. Are you satisfied that one of us shallow loser hypocrites finally admitted to being what you knew about us all along? Revel in it, dear. That was a once in a lifetime opportuntiy to get one of us out in the light.

To anyone else, context, please.
---James_L on 5/27/11

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We commonly say, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

My philosophy teacher wisely said: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder that is befit to see."
---aka on 5/27/11

You abusively criticize others yet fail to see the hypocrisy of your own position. Your sure to get bites every time being so abusive, etc.

Your firey temper no doubt gets you into disputes everywhere. Continue if you must but don't cry victim when others confront you.
---Haz27 on 5/27/11

James_L: John? John who? Oh, you mean the one that lies? He is a loser too.

If you knew how to treat a woman right then you wouldn't be saying the types of things you are saying.

The problem is really within yourself and not the fault of some woman with poor self esteem.

And you say package deal, with a muzzle? Tsk, tsk. How immature of you. Perhaps you are the one with the poor self esteem problem since you feel you have to rate and degrade women.

A shallow man deserves a shallow woman. And it is a package deal so if you can't accept the person on the outside and inside then for their sake don't date or heaven forbid marry them.

But please, grow up and be a real man and learn how to treat a woman right.
---poopsey on 5/27/11

I use to wonder about that myself. Even though I am married. I am fairly attractive and they don't even look,sideways at me,anymore. Even on the street. For one thing I don't dress and act they way I use to. The alcohol and cigs are gone. The party girl has retired. Thanks to Jesus. I always had men around me when I was in the world. All the little things women do to attract strange men(flirting and so on) are usually given up. So your social life almost comes to a standstill. Living for Jesus is not easy.Almost like being on a diet,get my point. You have to give up all the goodies and delectables in order to reap the benefits.But worth it, if you are successful. Tough.
---Robyn on 5/27/11

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"Nana: No I am not a 2 are you a 0??? "
No I am not a 0, are you a 0?
"My husband still calls me lovely after 18 years of marriage and he's not complaining about how I look."
That's just wonderful for the two of you!
---Nana on 5/27/11

It wasn't two weeks ago that you were crying and singing the blues because john criticised you.

Now you push your filthy mouth in here and berade me? Who's the hypocrite?

Do you even know what one is? It's someone who says one way is right, but acts contrary themselves.

Where is my hypocrisy? If you can't show that, then why don't you you forever HA ! punishment enough

Loser? Why? Because I won't be abused by someone who has low self esteem?

I heard one woman say "if you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best."

I told her I'm not looking to "handle" anyone.

I wouldn't want your "package deal" even if it came with a muzzle
---James_L on 5/27/11

Nana: No I am not a 2 are you a 0??? You talk like a total loser. My husband still calls me lovely after 18 years of marriage and he's not complaining about how I look.

The truth is that you have to accept the package deal which is inside and outside. And real Christian men are not shallow like James_L and company.

This place is full of losers and phony hypocrites. Are you a troll? I would suggest you get a life and stop rating other people since you probably don't rate that high yourself.

Have a nice day!
---poopsey on 5/27/11

Whosoever judges Beauty, of neccessity creates a rating system,ie, more, less, exactly.

Judge not we are told, but you judge the judge (James_L)! Why? Are you a 2? He has eyes to see the gladness of his heart and a sense of Beauty he has as he is a beholder.

"You take a person as a whole package which includes inside and outside..."
Sorry but some women are so large that there is no more outside, only dunes!
Given the chance to choose between a Pomeranian and a Whale, I chose the Pom. Yes, prissy indeed, bit me once-basically dumps on me once in a while. Now imagine would I had chosen the Whale!
---Nana on 5/27/11

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James_L: You are incredibly shallow. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and who are you to judge anyone on a rating system? What do you rate as?

If you think beautiful people do not get jealous then think again. What if you are beautiful and your husband cheated on you? You might become jealous and it has nothing to do with how you look.

You take a person as a whole package which includes inside and outside and rating people is stupid and only for guys that are losers.
---poopsey on 5/27/11

Mark Eaton,
In my experiences, "unattractive" women have self esteem issues, are more jealous, and have a victim mentality, etc, too.

I have a profile on a dating site, and I look periodically. I narrow the criteria to "Christian, slim, attractive, no drugs, no excessive drinking, etc.

Do I care what a woman looks like? YES. But not only for the sake of it alone. I don't need the drama brought on by someone who doesn't like herself. I've been run through the ringer, and dragged through a knot hole backward.

I've dated women ranging from a 2 to a 9.75 and I NEVER had the kind of drama with a beautiful woman that I did with the others. I'll take the pretty ones, thanks.
---James_L on 5/26/11

Mark Eaton.. That's why I deliberately did not speak of "all men". It sounds like you are one of the "rare" ones I spoke about.
Didn't mean to offend.

You know, now, how women feel when John bemoans, YELLING, about ALL THE SQUAWKING HENS complaining...etc.
---Donna66 on 5/26/11

If these requirements are met, then it's..oh. and she should be a Christian.
---Donna66 on 5/23/11

Woah there Philly.

I get really angry when "christian" women gossip about "christian" men. And I get really angry when I get grouped into "all men".

I have never, nor will I ever, date a younger woman. I have never, nor will I ever, date a woman SOLELY based on her looks. I have never, nor will I ever, date a woman SOLELY based on her figure.

As a matter of fact, I find "attractive" people generally to be shallow, self-centered, and out of touch with reality.
---Mark_Eaton on 5/25/11

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Your observation is accurate, I believe. Few Christian men look for a "godly" woman. They look for a young woman (not matter how old THEY are), one with the figure of a goddess and a winning personality. If these requirements are met, then it's..oh. and she should be a Christian.

There are men who look specifically for spiritual qualities in a woman, but I believe they are rare.
---Donna66 on 5/23/11

I act Godly and am considered cute for a 55 yr old woman but still , i find that Christian men ask out the wild women ! What gives
---Gina on 5/23/11

I am very new at christianity.I'm trying to change my life by our Lord's power and grace.I know that satan has a backpack full of tricks that appeal to my fleshly desires.I am single 30 years old and want to enjoy life with someone i can love trust,and serve our lord with.
My question is where and how do I meet this woman.When do i share the wreakage of my past.What boundries do I draw? What boundries don't I cross.What does a Godly woman want from me . What can I do for her?And how do I get God to smile at us.
---stewart_allen on 10/30/09

In order to attract a Godly man, you must be a Godly woman. I am not saying you aren't, but at 26 years old, being that young, how old are you in the Lord?

Do you display holiness and proclaim the Glory of the Lord? Do you worship Father God in Spirit and Truth? Do you honor Him by doing what His word says to do, abstain from every form of fleshly lusts.

Why are we seeking after an earthly thing? When Jesus said, For thine maker is your husband, the Lord of Hosts is His name. Take Jesus as your husband FIRST and then He will send you an eartly one who is Christian.
---anon on 8/4/09

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If that is the case with most of society today it just reflects the idea that the great falling away is more imminent today than that of many years ago.

Many of the old brethren say they remember when they were approached by their husbands to be their reasons for approaching them was based on their spiritual growth where they admired their zeal for Christ form a far and wanted a woman of God(proverbs woman).

Obviously there was the physical attraction too but perhaps not exactly like the physical attractions that fool youth into thinking that popularity, physical attraction without the spiritual growth comes first.
---Carla3939 on 8/4/09

Do not be only hearers of the Word, but doers.

You can pray all you want, but if you stay home no one is going to knock on a stranger's door. Or maybe you are asking God the wrong questions or requests. Or maybe you are not specific in your requests. Don't just say, "I want a mate." That's too general.

Do an online KJV bible search for "one another," "each other," and "encourag" because living a christian life is a 24/7 lifestyle - not a once a week pep talk dished out by denominational "churches." Go out into the world and do.
---Steveng on 8/3/09

Carla ... I think what you say goes for males in most sections of society!

And for women too
---alan8566_of_uk on 8/3/09

Not necessarily so Moderator!

I see where your coming from but you are generalising here. In the church the popular men/youth don't ask their fellow sisters to marry them because they feel they have grown up with them like a sister and they are not attracted to the women especially those who are spiritually serving silently, who do not come up to the worlds standards concerning figure and appearance therefore most males of their peers look else where for their wives obviously looking for women who resemble Pop stars... hence many are divorced today!

In the Black community that is in England(I cannot speak for else where)

My answer was based on group discussions over 20 years and not that of my own opinion.
---Carla3939 on 8/3/09

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Bless you sister...the best advice is to stop looking. You can't find a Godly man, God must do it for you.
You job is not to find but wait.

If your faith is weak and you can't wait you can move ahead yourself (Saul, Jonah, Moses) and take your chances, millions do every year.
Most often the burning urges and hormones of the young find a person and THEN ask God to bless the relationship. Its easier than waiting on God.
---larry on 8/2/09

Hi Ruth, I see your point but I believe there was a Ruth in the Bible who was definitely the seeker and Boaz was the responder in that case. :) Also, if I had never invited the man who's now the love of my life over for a pizza, I don't know where we'd be now! :D God bless :)
---Mary on 8/1/09

I agree - be a Godly woman! Be filled with the Holy Spirit and radiant the warm glow that only He can provide. Don't be afraid to talk about the Lord to any man who shows interest in you - that's sure to drive him away fast if he's not a true Christian. God willing, you will be blessed with a man who desires to fellowship with you, who draws strength from a close relationship with the Lord. May the Lord bless you in your journey!
---timothy on 8/1/09

I as a Godly man look for a woman who is mature not only naturally mature but Spiritually Mature and posess the fruit of the Spirit... Gal 5:22 & Eph 5:9. Some times worldly people are attracted to the God in you, but some are not ready to make those changes themselves or they could be a distraction to get you off course... SEEK YE FIRST the kingdom of God and His RIGHTEOUSNESS..... AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS and your gift will be ADDED UNTO YOU....
If your life is the ONLY BIBLE worldly people read what verse's do you interpret.
---Pareese on 8/1/09

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im single
---jamea5375 on 11/21/07

You need to seek a wife with God's guidance and wisdom. God has made man the initiator and woman the responder, so if you see a woman you think would be a godly marriage partner and are attracted to her because you've already spent time around her and have gotten to know her then pray first and next ask her to consider courting(not dating) with the intention of marriage. If it works out, then that's the woman God would have for you, if not then move on until God shows you someone else.
---Ruth on 11/12/07

I have found the same and I was a pastor's daughter. Non-christian men think that if they have a christian girl she will be loyal and honest more so than non christian girl. This is something they want. This is what they tell me when I ask why they want me as a Christian when they are not.
---Marla on 4/14/07

Are you active in any church and Sunday School or any Christian organization? The best place to meet Godly men are in Godly places. Another point is, are you projecting a Godly image? ("Acid test": Are you someone a man would want to introduce to his mother?)
---WIVV on 10/2/05

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When you go to church, try to be good friends with the Christian men there whom you are interested in. Good, solid friendships can sometimes lead to love. Some Christian men are shy and are reluctant to ask a Christian woman to go out with them if they're not all that sure that she's interested in him. Pray about this matter and see to whom God leads you to. Good luck !
---Nock on 9/23/05

worldly men only want your body, but godly men want a helpermate.
---Eloy on 9/20/05

how to find a Godly man? BE a Godly woman!
Concentrate on being all you can be in the Lord. Of course worldly men will ask you out. They like to desecrate what is holy. They want someone who will be true to them but not judge them when they cheat and will forgive them. ( they will try to use your Christianity against you) Don't waste time with them. Love God enough to be his set apart people and wait for the right one. Never be in a hurry. That will only lead to compromise.
---Tsuanne on 9/20/05

It is sad that when you ask a sister out for anything , the interpretation is that it is a plan to commit immorality. So, in order to stay clear of what she might think or what people around will say or perceive, guys just do not ask anything from the sister. It is only when it becomes a crash mommet for marriage sake, too bad. There should me more youth meetings for singles as way of bringing these alienating ones together.
---ernest on 9/20/05

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i think in general from experience with alot of christian guy friends.....unfortunately they are not willing to just ask?? whether its fear on their part of rejection or insecurities?some dont want to "ruin" a friendship. I think christian guys need to be more assertive and confident in who they are and just go for it....its not necessarily all YOU....believe me....some over spiritualize everything...and sad to say they miss out on possibly entering into a great relationship...
---laura on 9/19/05

Its because you are still wordly in Spirit.
We are Spiritual beings, so we attract persons with the same Spirit/similiar spirits.
---guyiyae on 9/5/05

, Godly men do not ask women out, they wait until she has shown that it is okay for him to do so. this is why worldly men ask you out, they don't care what God wants them to do.
---steve on 8/30/05

My pastor preached on delighting ourselves in the Lord when it comes to seeking a mate. If we delight in the Lord, then the lack of a mate will not matter.
---Madison on 8/28/05

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My advice to you is to look for strong christian character over TIME, look for the fruit in his life. Is he submitted totally to God. I married too quickly a man I believed to be a christian and I have been struggling ever since because he does not put God first and treats me poorly. Just wait on God's timing and take your time.
---Anon on 8/28/05

What about the most important issue-God's perfect timing? God doesn't intend for everyone to marry. God has the perfect person and time for that person to enter our lives chosen for those who are meant to marry. First of all, though, we all need to be comfortable in our own Christian "skin" before we can truly be ready for lifetime commitments to anyone besides God.
---Heather on 8/27/05

dear diana i have had the same thing i'm a christian guy and i have always wanted to hang out with christian girl so what i believe is we need to look for those gems among the worldy trach things because they are there i'm one of them but i'm not the only one by the way if you want to check my profile you can do so my user id is josep7937
god bless
---joseph on 8/27/05

Billy, thanks for telling me that. Now, I know that I'm not the only one who is going to school, work and church and not finding anybody.
---diana8758 on 8/26/05

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Wila, if you see a woman that you're attracted to at church, you have to pray about it first, then pursue her or ask her out. If you pray about it and God says that she's not for you, then it was just your flesh.
---diana8758 on 8/26/05

Actually moderator, there are no christian men at my school or job place. But alot of non christian men that I meet off the street or stores ask me out. I guess it's because I'm not involved in anything at church.

Moderator - I think you have now answered your own question as to why it's non-christian men contacting you. Try getting involved in church. That is where most of the Christian men are looking for a wife.
---diana8758 on 8/26/05

To meet a Godly man means to carry yourself in Godly ways, and only socialy associate in Godly places ;Church,Christian bookstore, Bible study, any Church function. Create a Singles Bible study,etc... God will bless you when the time is right- His will,not YOURS!
---Ashley on 8/26/05

Men are clueless when they meet a good woman so they fall into Adam's original rut. They stand by and let her get away. Women are supposed to be the pursued, but men are so passive and "waiting on God" that they won't make the first move. Everyone has been so hurt that they are living in their shell of self protection. Just live for Jesus and serve God. If some dummy wises up to the fact that you are a priceless gem, good for both of you, if not, good for you, his loss and God bless.
---Julie3763 on 8/26/05

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Well, there's no shortage of good, young Christian men who just spend time at home, go to work, and go to church, without much of a social life. I know dozens of them, and the town where I live is not a big place. I'm one of them myself. Just look around a little- we're not so hard to find.
---Billy on 8/26/05

What part do I have in this process, when I meet a woman that I am attracted to at church do I pursue that person? If I do am I just being lead by my flesh or is it the Lords leading. I know this does not answer your question but just seems to add to it.
---willa8633 on 8/26/05

Jesus said to seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added to you. This is what men in the church are being taught, to me this means that the Lord will provide. For me this subject is a little confusing does this mean I have to go and seek a wife or is the Lord going to provide.
---willa8633 on 8/26/05

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