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Tithing Basket Or Donation Box

God said to give with a cheerful heart, for tithing, & if Jesus threw out the money changers & everyone selling & trading in his fathers house,what does that say about the baskets being passed around? Why not have a donation box so we can give when we wanted to instead of when it is passed?

Moderator - The Jews were required to bring in their sacrifice such as a dove, or lamb. If they didn't have the animal they bought them from the money changers, which was proper. The money changers got into trouble because they were selling the Jews defective sacrifices ie blemished animals so they could make a larger profit. That is what mad Christ mad.

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 ---candice on 8/26/05
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I like the box idea!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 2/25/08

I used to go to a church where they had a box mounted on the wall near the exit. People put in to it whatever and whenever they wished. I liked that way. Where I am now they pass round a box and those who wish to watch what others give can do so (and some do!!). I don't like this way. Another way that I do like is a bag on a handle into which you can put your whole hand before releasing what you are giving. That gives privacy and is, I think, how it should be. Our giving should be in secret.
---Xanthi on 2/25/08

Giving is pleasing to God. It shows the condition of our hearts as well. What we give is between ourselves and God. I detest money lines and holding up $l00 bills, so we can feel special. I have seen preachers treat members differently who they felt was giving huge amounts of money. When the member was no longer able to give big money, they were back on the Ignore List. I would rather be ignored and know I was pleasing God. I give because I know it is right to do so.
---Robyn on 6/17/07

High five, catherine.
I love it when people come here and tell us about all of their extra special goodness, then in the next breath spill out a trail of curses.
---Bernedette on 6/16/07

#1 It is a good thing to leave the money matters between the giver and God. We have a box on the back wall of the church with a little sign saying "Tithes and Offerings." We also pass the plate once a week. If we had our way, we would never pass the plate and there would be no mention of money during a service. We attended a meeting where that was the way it was done and all the bills were paid with plenty left over for everything else.
---Debbie_Jo on 6/16/07

#2 Someday, we too, will only have a box for the tithes and offerings. The church is God's and He is well able to take care of it.
---Debbie_Jo on 6/16/07

You love to give in secret. Why are you telling everybody?
---catherine on 6/16/07

I like to give in secret as well. According to what God has blessed me with that day ,week or month. If a plate or basket is passed, we do not have to put anything in. This is your choice. I do not like to be coerced or made to feel guilty about my giving. I like to give cheerfully. With the misuse of funds, these days. I don't feel so happy about giving, sometimes.I feel I am being robbed and taken advantage of.
---Robyn on 6/15/07

I believe strongly in the importance of giving, but I am dynamically opposed to the traditional "habit" of passing the plate. I believe a free will offering box is what Jesus described in Scripture when He observed that many wealthy gave much, but one poor woman gave all that she had, two (2) mites. He commented regarding her as giving more than all the others. This, to me is right, since it is supposed to be the Lord who notices our offering, not the next person in the pew.
---Jettie_Hess on 6/15/07

This is the only way tax can be claimed.
We cannot ourselves say to the taxman "I have given so much to charity, please give me a tax allowance" The receiving charity has to make the claim for the tax reclaim.
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/27/05

Here, most regular givers give direct by standing order from their bank. It is not anonymous, of course because someone at the church knows who gave it, but it does mean that the Church can claim back income tax and so increase the value of the gift.
If we give in the basket, we can also fill up a form to say we are taxpayers, and the church can claim the tax back (it adds at least 28% to the gift
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/27/05

My church teaches that giving reflects ones love for the Lord. We do not teach tithing because that was of the old covenant given to the jews for support of their temple worship. We bring in more than enough as our church as a budget of over $400k.
---lee on 9/23/05

I agree with Candice, so read her's again. Also there are many "givings" made as a Christian. A tithe is to the ministry (not just the preacher). Offerings are to be made for things like upkeep, utility bills, etc. Love offerings are for specific needs of others. The box at the door idea allows all to give when & how they can. Separate boxes as tithes/offerings/needs work well. Passing the plate is like looking to see what Mr./Ms. Jones is wearing today. Seek scripture for answers.
---mike_fl on 9/8/05

the biblical knowledge is greater then just giving money to the church, for instants did you knwo the bible talks about pastors or teachers should teach because God commands& shouldnot expect money for it? do a searchengine on this& see what you find about tithing.
---candice on 8/27/05

After listening to a 2tape series over tithing & reading other scriptures it is more then just the 10percent tithing.I would encourage people to do a biblical search on tithing other then just what is taught.
---candice on 8/27/05

Why not just mail your contributions to the church (Anonymously of course Matt 6:4) and chuck change in the plate for encouragement to others to give their mites?
---Pharisee on 8/27/05

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Have been familar with both types of offering techniques. Based on what I know, both have there advantages. To me, the greatest advantage is where you pass the basket. Why? Two reasons: it seems to prevent anyone from having to remark from the pulpit the need for money and two, it reminds me to give money. (Just to see a "box" would not serve this purpose since I may be occupied doing other things, and if you are a member of a large church, you may not even see the box.)
---WIVV on 8/27/05

More to the issue was the inflated prices that was being used for the purchase. And they did have a box to put in money...Remember the wodow wotht he two mites?
---Steve on 8/27/05

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