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What Should A Singles Person Do

HI everyone, I would like to know what single christians should on Valentine's Day do if they're not dating anybody and the church that they go to, doesn't have anything for singles for Valentine's Day?

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 ---diana8758 on 8/27/05
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Why don't the singles get together and do something together as a group. If you want to volunteer to watch other's children so they may go out is up to you.
---geraa7578 on 8/29/05

Our church has a Valentine dinner every year that is couples only, it leaves alot of us out. One year the Pastor actually asked us singles to serve them at the dinner, one of my friends cried when they asked. We said no, and had a night out ourselves. It has become quite the tradition with us, even when one ofour group is dating we still make valentines day a girls nite out.
---bethie on 8/29/05

Lots of good answers! Another suggestion might be to volunteer to babysit for a couple at church who could use a "date night"!
---Karyn5733 on 8/28/05

Laundry is a good choice. Usually, working is a good idea. Wash your hair... You can clean house. Do the dishes.. Why worry about the dreaded V day? It is just another day. Take yourself out for some ice cream.
---julie3763 on 8/27/05

We singles should remember Satan uses our weaknesses against us to keep us centered on ourselves. Best thing we can do is LOVE and serve others as Jesus did. The more we focus on loving God and others the less we feel loneliness and singleness. And what a blessing we all get: especially those who may need it more than we think we do :) Matt 22:37,38 Be cautious of thinking too much of self:2 Tim 3:2 Praise God we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!!! Phil 4:13 Blessings, Pamela
---Pamela on 8/27/05

Valentine was a priest of the Roman emperor Claudius around the year 269AD. War broke out, and the emperor decreed that no men may be married during this time. Married men would not want to leave their brides for battle. Many couples came to Valentine, & he married them in secret, but was found out and put in prison, where he was martyred on Feb 14, 269. There is a brief history.
---Ann5758 on 8/27/05

Who was Saint Valentine? What did he do that means we would want to celebrate a day in his memory? Most Christians I know have nothing to do with St. Valentine's day and Christian book shops do not sell cards for that day. I don't know one way or the other but you have now got my curiosity aroused so I'm going to do a bit of searching on the subject.
---F.F. on 8/27/05

Diana : On valentine's day give Jesus Christ the love of your life a valentine .For He along is the lover of your soul. A brother in the friendship of the love and compassion of Jesus Christ .Pastor Danny
---Pastor_Danny on 8/27/05

Embrace Jesus, He is the best Valentine you could ever ask for.


---Kathy_Smith on 8/27/05

Hi Diana,, I run in the same issue hate to call it a problem.This year i went looking around my area here in Indiana.I found some other church around me that had get together for singles, esspecially on valtines.You check then out get idea about starting a singles group at your church.I hope this has help you, I wish you the best.Please let me know what you found out ,we can help each other out..... G.B.U. Mike7365
---mike7365 on 8/27/05

Valentines Day is NOT just for couples. It is for ANYONE you love or care for. Parents, elderly person in your community, a child. I do something nice for these people. Last yr my son and I baked heart cookies and took to seniors home, They loved the attention and my son was so excited to make them feel good.
I do not follow the Worldly way for holidays I follow God's way to love your neighbors not JUST to love if have b/f.
---Marla on 8/27/05

Just do what you do any other day and dont concentrate on it being a day for Lovers! If that is hard to do, spend the day praying more.
---PAT on 8/27/05

when i was single our singles group would throw a valentine's party for ourselves to show each other how much we appreciated each other. we ate, played games had a great time!
---stephanie on 8/27/05

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