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Focus On The Bible Not Traditions

I was relocated in another country which has rich cultural feasts of Saints. So, I wrote articles about the cultural events and praising the unity of its people who made these feasts a great success that brought joy to many. I was condemened by my Pastor for praising the feasts.

Moderator - Praise God for your Pastor. Focus on the Bible not traditions of men.

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 ---jasmine on 8/27/05
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What do you mean by "condemned?" What did he do? Did he tell you that you were wrong for praising the wrong things?
After all he knows you better than we do
---Elder on 6/4/07


My article was of tourism nature. So,
less people come to the church means less income for Pastor. It is located on the tourist area.He owns the church. So, all offerings go direct to him and his wife.

The regular attendants are less than 50 people which incl. the expatriates.

No one can force anyone to come to church and so it has nothing to do with my articles.

However, it is him feels insecured about the whole issue. So, he pounds on me.
---Jasmine on 8/29/05

ruben, you meant II Thessalonians 2:15. This verse is mistranslated. The Greek word "paradoseis" should be translated "same teachings", and not traditions. "Therefore brothers, stand fast and hold the SAME TEACHINGS which you all have been taught, whether by word, or our letter." It's the same word in chapter 3 verse 6, "SAME TEACHING".
---Eloy on 8/28/05

Hi In 2 Thessaloians 3:15 says " Therefore,BROTHERS(Jesus Bothers) just kidding, stand firm and HOLD FAST TO THR TRADITIONS that were TAUGHT, either by an ORAL statement or a LETTER of ours."
---ruben on 8/28/05

Christians do not have feasts to honor the particular saints, but Catholics do, so it could be that your pastor took these feasts as a kind of idolatry. We are to raise high Jesus Christ only, for he alone is Salvation and there is no other name under heaven whereby we must be saved, and not any other saint. God sent Jesus, only his blood saves us, and not the saints.
---Eloy on 8/28/05

Jean: Thank you for your most encouraging words. God bless you.
---jasmine on 8/27/05

This man or anyone can't live like hell, act like hell, smell like hell, and say he is a child of God. He puts a shame on the "true christians", no wonder people are afraid of going to church, there are too many wolves in sheeps clothing. and yet some wonder why the churches aren't full. I would pray for his soul, and leave that church and never return.
---Rebecca_D on 8/27/05

Elder : reply (2)
We confronted him several times in brotherly manner. Sometimes,he'ld ask for forgiveness & prayers but has no conviction.

We didn't attend his church for sometime but he asked us to return. So, we did twice this month as trial.

1st Sunday was preached by a guest and 2nd sunday was by him. When he started to repeat the same hateful attitudes, we got up and left the church immediately.

This all happened before today's incident of condemning the feast articles.
---jasmine on 8/27/05

Each culture celebrates God in different ways. You have great love and compassion for these people who may serve the Lord differently from you.. The Bible is Traditional in that it has been passed down since it was inspired by God centuries ag.. go with your heart and continue to Love God and others as God loves you. Thanks for sharing.
---jean5203 on 8/27/05

I arrived this country few months ago. We didn't know the truth about our Pastor until we experienced it plus the US Missionery couple told us.

We wanted to leave him but was advised to be patience while praying for the right church to attend.

We confronted him about his hateful attitude as he still lives in his pass. At times he would ask for forgiveness.

The last we attended the church was when we heard his condemnations against the catholics again, 2 weeks ago.
---jasmine on 8/27/05

Moderator: He left the bars & dance pubs when he became a protestant but returned to the same later. He said that he enjoyed making money from drunkards. Over spent in luxurious lifestyle and failed in political career, he sold almost everything he owned. He misses the bars and pubs so he and his wife have asked us to join them in a hotel bar lounge for "fellowhip" but we never went. When we wanted pizza for supper, he would choose it at a Bar or Pub that sells pizza.

Moderator - As you mentioned early, sounds like time to find a different church.
---jasmine on 8/27/05

He didn't condemn the article but me, for visiting the feast and to write about the feasts.

The articles I wrote was of tourism nature to promote my town to the foreign tourists.

We decided to stop attending this church now because we can't tolerate the exploitations.

If we take his warning not to mix with the catholics, then how can the outreach be? We are currently sharing gospels with these catholics whom we made friends with including a nun who came from Rome.
---Jasmine on 8/27/05

Pharisee :
Stay cool!! This is not only about the matter of a feast as other info came in to clarify the matter further with Moderator.

We are in a state of shock cos' me and my husband have been exploited by the Pastor and were threatened to be expelled if we mix with the Catholics. Visiting their feasts means associating with them.

This place is 98% Catholics and all my in-laws & relatives are catholics. They never disowned us when we were converted to evangelists.
---jasmine on 8/27/05

You know the attitude he has towards wrong things, but you have been satisfied up until he has said you were wrong in something. If your question is valid you are as much to blame for being there as he is for the way he handles things. You were OK until he rocked your boat. I have a hard time accepting that your comments are real. What do you want? Even a Roach tries to get out of the Roach Motel.

Moderator - I agree the comments don't make sense.
---Elder on 8/27/05

Amen Moderator. Traditions of men brought us the dark ages and the inquisition. The Bible brought us the Reformation. "Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ." - Col 2:8
---Jerry on 8/27/05

Moderator: Info 2
U.S. Christian missioneries came to this church. After seeing the way our Pastor preached, they gave him 24-hr notice leave.

He also humiliated a new team (husband & wife) U.S. missionery and told them he hates Americans.

Pastor never has any pastorial training. He does not believe in counselling. Any couple has marriage problem, he advice them to pray and leave them off with their critical problems.
---jasmine on 8/27/05

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Moderator: Let me clarify. It was a tourism write-up which has nothing to do with religion nor faith.

My Pastor became a protestant and hateful against the catholics when the catholic church against the bar & pubs that he opened. He also brought in his political matters to the church.

However, in the church services and bible studies, he preached hatred against the catholics. Christ preaches love.

Moderator - Your pastor has a bar?
---Jasmine on 8/27/05

Problem is obvious.

"I was condemened by my Pastor"

So what?
He's a man, is it his approval that you seek or God's?
First let me tell you to stop doing things for the reaction you get from others and it won't bother you when the reaction is negative.
You do them for God alone and be approved of him, then it won't matter what anyone says to or about you.

Second he condemned the articles, not you; stop taking things personally.
Be handled and not ruffled by it.
---Pharisee on 8/27/05

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