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Metal Music Good As A Christian

I am a christian, have been saved and has been baptized. I need to know if God hates me whenever I listen to hardcore metal music, I mean I still can't get over it. I need to know if He's happy about that. I just can't find the answer.

Moderator - Try listening to praise music.

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 ---Danevan on 8/27/05
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\\any music that stimulates a sensual side of you is unholy and certainly not of God. Try Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now I'm found: was blind but now I see.
---shira3877 on 10/12/10\\

To which melody?

There are several for that.

It can even be sung in the 8th Troparion Tone in Bakhmetiev Obikhod court chant.

In any case, shira, since hearing is one of our senses, even Amazing Grace sung to the usual tune New Britain impinges on our sensual side, as much as any music would.
---Cluny on 10/12/10

Christians today fill up every minute of every day with computers, ipods, TV, radio, work, school, church, bible study, family, friends, entertainment, social networking, eating, sleeping, and a whole list of other things-to-do that they forget the most important period of time - being alone with God. This is why the Sabbath is more important in today's highly busy world than any time in the past. This is a time when a christian really gets to know God on a personal level instead of just knowing him through books.
---Steveng on 10/12/10

worship isn't about what kind of feeling we can get out of it. Worship is about what we can give God. If all we get out of worship is a good feeling then we're missing something, because worship is living in God and doing everything we can for the glory of His name, and I know when I listen to metal bands like Holding Onto Hope, Confide, The Devil Wears Prada, or Before Their Eyes, I don't become angry or mad, I realize that these bands are called by God to minister to people who aren't, or don't want to be reached. Why is this topic even that big of deal? All it does is create division which the church doesn't need right now
---Adam on 10/12/10


It is true that we should fill our minds with good things and avoid bad things (Philippians 4:8). However, music itself does not "fill us with the Spirit". If it did, all we would need to save millions would be an iPod and a sufficiently large set of speakers.

If we get a certain "feeling" when we listen to certain music, what we are feeling is merely a mood (and mood is just one of the manifestations of the flesh that we live in). Churches usually have worship music at the start of their services. This music gets us "in the mood" for worship. This creates moods that may be more conducive to the movement of the Spirit, but they are not the Spirit themselves.
---StrongAxe on 10/12/10

Are you staying in prayer? Are you listening to God? I am not going to tell you what to do, not my job. You must get together with the living God, have a little talk with Jesus. He might allow you. I am sure that if God considers music to be devil's music, then, He will correct you. PRAY, LISTEN, to your Savior. Oh, I will mention, that when I first got saved, Christian music I cared not much for. That soon changed. God's power came flowing the anointing, awesome. I like it, I enjoyed it. Hallelujah....Have a wonderful day, as unto the Lord, my friend+
---catherine on 10/12/10

any music that stimulates a sensual side of you is unholy and certainly not of God. Try Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now I'm found: was blind but now I see.
---shira3877 on 10/12/10

Best way to tell is turn on some praise music and until you get filled with the Spirit, then turn it off and turn on some metal.

If you lose that wonderful loving feeling and you find yourself beginning to get angry and anxious its a sign God doesnt like it too much.
---JackB on 10/11/10

What about groups like I Am Terrified or I Am Alpha and Omega or For Today? They all proclaim the love and grace of Jesus Christ through their metal music. I Am Terrified uses lyrics like "And we will worship like it's the last time we will!" and "Wash your feet wash your hands and make yourself new for the glory" and "My God is sovereign and strong and His will is ours to live." For Today's vocalist has tracks where he just talks about God and calls Him by name. I Am Alpha and Omega has songs about the second coming and how, no matter what, God is still chasing after them enough though we all as humans born into sin struggle with following Him completely 100% of the time. These people are doing true ministry
---Kenny on 10/11/10

Find a beat you like with Godly lyrics.
And remember not to offend your brothers in Christ.
Philistines came from Ham through Mizraim, who also was Canaaan's father.
Philistines were not Canaanites, as Cluny, I believe, stated.
I guess it depends on what he believes constitutes 'semite',ie who was the patriarch?
---micha9344 on 10/11/10

God does care what kind of music we listen to as long as it honors Him.

Today's christian music does not honor Jesus or God the father. Read the lyrics without the music and you'll find that the songs glorify not God, but themselves having many "I" and "me" words.

Most of the music is not even joyous to listen to. Music has progressively been getting worse and worse since the early 1900s. Christians don't have any idea of this progress, they only know what it is today. As prophesized, these are t he end times where evil exists everywhere.
---Steveng on 10/11/10

All I'm really saying though is that God doesn't care what kind of music we listen to as long as it honors Him. I think God can use anything, including metal music, to bring others to His grace. Paul became all things to all men. He adapted his teaching to other cultures in order to reach them. Isn't that basically what Christian metal is? A way to reach the lost kids who live in a metal music culture? Why would that make it wrong?
---Kenny on 10/11/10

God does not hate you, even because of your present preferences of music.

But ask God to find you more elevating things to listen to.

**and to circumcise themselves to set them apart from the nearby pagan tribes.**

Not quite true. The pagan Semites and even Egyptians practiced circumcision, too.

The Philistines, however, were not Semites, but, oddly-enough, Indo-Europeans!
---Cluny on 10/9/10

I think listening to hardcore music is the same dispute of tattoos or circumcision. God told the Israelites to not get tattoos and to circumcise themselves to set them apart from the nearby pagan tribes. But after the grace of God was open to everyone circumcision was no longer necessary because we are to welcome everyone as Christ came to save everyone. So if that's the case, then why can't metal and hardcore music be used to honor God. The metal band Haste the Day has a song with the chorus "You cover the darkest part of me with a look that's sure to set the captives free. With love that the blindest eye will see, You cover the darkest part of me." That's about God and nothing else
---Kenny on 10/9/10

Narrow is the path to God. Think about it, if it feels wrong, it is wrong. You can feel the darkness. At least 3/4 of the people who posted on this website are going to hell.

The only truth which exists is within the Holy Bible. For every question you have, an answer awaits you in the Bible. Music was created by Lucifer, originally... So, think about that! Another thing, there is no such thing as "Christian Metal." It cannot be.
---Jacob on 9/21/10

Heavy Metal Music has many images of satan, on cd covers, posters, in the lyrics, tee-shirts ... Images of violence, darkness the occult, witches/warlocks and backwardness to rightousness.

How can God be pleased with this?


[14] Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?
---toni on 8/3/10

It is your choice you are making.God is not up there keeping score of what you listen to or where you go to church, but you need to start making postive choices & not go with the flesh. Positive music whether chrisitan or secular is better then noisey music or clatter as like metal,heavy rock,rap( christian or secular). YOU have to override your fleshly desicion & remember God is there .
---candice on 7/31/10

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Bible says,"by your words you will be justified and by your words condemed". God created the world with the words let there be light. Words are a life giving/taking force. Think about it-if I say, I love you, how does that make you feel? Opposed to, you idiot,good for nothing? I am a poet, I do not write "christian" poetry. I write what is on my heart at the time. Some is uplifting, some dark and depressing. The feelings are mine but can influence those around me. Music, beat, instrumentation of any kind is God created. Me may prefer one over the other. Do you want your head filled with words that make you depressed or sexual or violent? Or do you want your head to be filled with beauty and peace? It's your choice.
---d on 7/31/10

Sorry my mistake, you said : The jumping fast Praise is exactly like the African Pagan Drum dance. They jump due to the drum beat nothing more!
but that still proves you know nothing about African music. Listen my friend your church is against dancing in church ? no problem, but it is easyer to find scriptures that command dancing then scriptures that forbid them. so Bibilcally spoken you are in the wrong read psalm 149, 150 only two examples.
---Andy3996 on 6/22/10

METAL IS LIKE AFRICAN PAGAN DRUMBEATS? wow you never was in Africa before that is obvious
---Andy3996 on 6/22/10


All rock music converted to image Christian song. (This includes Praise Music, which is NEITHER) is a Satanic deception. Which is why the Holy Spirit is talking to you and why you have these feelings.

Most Christian Rock Bands are just secular bands that did not make it in other Genres.

The lust is the same! The words have be edited, Thats all!

Praise Music is when you see those Phonies dancing in the pews so everyone else can see how holy they are. They are only dancing to the music (i.e.Paul Mccartney Concert ) nothing more. NOTE they never do this with Hymms DO THEY???

The jumping fast Praise is exactly like the African Pagan Drum dance. They jump due to the drum beat nothing more!
---JOHN on 5/17/10

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Hey bud, look i listen to more Christian hardcore music than than anything. My ipod is packed full of it, i listen to radio U, and watch TV U like its my job, and i'm even in a Christian hardcore band of my own. and i am more faithful to christ than ever. why would it matter how the message of God got to you, or in what sound it took, as long as it got to you. A lot of people do not understand the passion that is put into the genre and it is dissapointing that they will just lable what they dont understand as evil and digrade it. Don't sweat it man. Keep jammin :)
---Tyler on 5/14/10

I find and sing to the lord in all ways ,i enjoy looking for him everywhere,and i continually praise him in all things , even when i was young i always sang the songs to him as a love song to him and from him to me ,heard them as such!
---Lisa on 7/21/09

The biggest conflict you see here is that the Christian word is to be taken seriously yet with the "flashy", loud sound of rock/metal...some Christians see the message being twisted into more entertainment rather than serious, spiritual reflection.

Some Christian pastors refer to the "giving pearls to the pigs" Bible passage in which they thought they those bands were making a serious message into a entertainment show and not valuing it.

Other Christians, say its no different than other genres of Christian music.

Thus, its about how you are recieving the music. Are you really thinking about spirituality as you are "rocking out"? This is where the answers vary within the Christian community...
---Jack on 7/17/09

i grew up as a pastor kid,and my dad brought me up that he can trust what kind of music or other things i do. I have become to belive that as long as the band is christian it dosn't matter what type they are. I listen to christian hardcore, my brother listens to christian rap, and my parents listen to anything christian. Besides don't get me wrong every body has an opinion, and some times of that opinion that makes us judge. Some one correct me if i am wrong, but does Christ say something don't judge others.
---adam on 10/13/08

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What is it with us Christians that we always try to copy the world? have we really forgotten Gods words that we ardee living in this world yet we are not of this world?
Christian hardcore, Christian House,christian boysbands and keep on mentioning. We have definately lost our position 500 years ago it was the Christians that where the trendsetters in all arts, from theather, to music and even paintinfg ansd sculpting. and now, we can only copy.
---andy on 8/1/08

My friend, let me recommend some music for you. For a more old school sound, Stryper, Tourniquet, and Vengeance to name a few.

Sleeping Giant, The Devil Wears Prada, As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red, Impending Doom, The Red Baron, and My Children My Bride are examples of Christian hardcore and metal. It's not about the sound, but the message. A lions roar may be frightening, but sometimes God speaks with not just a whisper, but with a shout.
---Eric on 7/27/08

There is also "Christian hardcore" & other genres, many people listen to that music that are not willing to give up their heavy metal taste in music, but ask yourself when listening to that music, "who am I worshipping, God or the band?" Many people just listen to that music for the show, not for the worship part of it.
---Thomas on 3/20/08

hardcore metal music isn't the best thing for a christian (or anybody for that matter) to listen to. Because of the music's ungodly message and darkness, it can cause a christian to stumble or drift away. remember were told "deny ungodliness..." Titus 2:12. i think if you relieve yourself of the "weight" of hardcore metal music, (see Hebrews 12:1)and listen to Christian music instead, that it'll help and bless you in your walk with our Lord Jesus Christ. i hope that helped! God bless
---Danny on 3/14/08

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to 'rock 'n roll" was a term coined by an alabama dj in the '50s meaning to fornicate. Christian 'rock' is wrong. case closed
---r.w. on 1/19/08

depends on the song and the band. I myself have been guilty of listening to some less than christian bands, but bare in mind theirs are some REALLY HEAVY christian metal bands out their. Check out the band impending doom. They make slayer sounds like Nsync, and they are 100% Christian and 100% metal. A little As I Lay Dying never hurt either (not as heavy but just as Christian). Also check out With Faith or Flames, Sacrificium, With Blood Comes Cleansing, and Still Breathing. Mad heavy worship music
---dan on 6/28/07

I don't have conviction to not play video game music. I have a conviction to not play video games which I am fine with. I also can't practice for too long because I know an attachment to playing piano can develop.
I bought a praise book before, but unfortunately the songs are too difficult for me as of right now. Everyone else has different lines they must draw. It is up to each individual to trust in the Holy Spirit to guide him/her to what the Holy Spirit says is ok for them and not ok for them.
---Matthew on 12/9/06

II) Many people and Christians use poetry and painting as forms of expression. Is this wrong to do. If playing a sad song to release my sad feelings in the form of music is wrong then so is doing it in poetry and painting. This is a very touchy subject and we need to be careful what we tell others. In using music as a form of enjoyment the answer is simple. Don't listen to music that keeps your eyes of God.
---Matthew on 12/9/06

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III) Eccliastes 3 says there is a time for everything: laughter,dancing,fun,crying etc. As long as the song you are listening to keeps your eyes of your heart on the Lord then something is right. Lets say I didn't know any praise music. If I whistled the Green Acres theme in an attempt to release my joy of God in song do you think he would have a problem with that? My heart is on God before and during the song. Because the song was not inspired God I am doing wrong?
---Matthew on 12/9/06

IV) We need to be careful and trust in our own convictions on this subject. However, if a song has anything against God in the lyrics or in the the way the music sounds you shouldn't listen to it for enjoyment. That is a given. Do me a favor and look at the song "Everything I do I do it for you" by Bryan Adams and tell me you can't take those lyrics and the song and play it to God.
---Matthew on 12/9/06

God doesn't hate you, but music goes straight to the soul. You need to figure out if this music is inspired by the Spirit of God, the spirit of this world. I used to listen to hardcore music myself, but the convicting power of the Holy Spirit began to deal with me on it. Apparently he's dealing with you too, or you wouldn't be asking this question. seperate yourself and come out from among them
---craige on 12/9/06

Matthew: No matter how hard you try to convince yourself that playing the game music and thinking about God at the same time, it just won't work. Because in your heart and your mind (both conscious and subconscious), you have replace God with the thought of the game.

Besides, if you know that God doesn't want you to play, why are you playing? That's definately being disobedient.
---Steveng on 12/8/06

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I'm learning classical music and some old nintendo theme songs that I remember as a kid. Like the super mario bros theme song and the legend of zelda. I know the Lord doesn't want me to play these types of video games anymore since they are very addictive for me. However I am not convicted when I play this music or wish to learn how to. The only conviction I get is if I am playing and my eyes get off the Lord and more onto the talent God gave me or the love of the music.
---Matthew on 12/8/06

II) As long as I appreciate the gift of music and "play for the Lord" he doesn't have a problem with it. However I have to limit myself it seems he doesn't wish me to practice anymore than 2 hours a day. Playing too long can lead me into an attachment which I know he is having me avoid.
---Matthew on 12/8/06

Does the music glorify God? All music, even most of today's Christian music, does NOT glorify God. They glorify the person singing it. Most people today have replaced God with another idol - entertainment. We need to spend more of our free time helping the poor and needy - feeding them, quenching their thirst, clothing them and setting an example. I doubt you will see Jesus listening to an ipod. The harvest is many, but the workers are few.
---Steveng on 12/7/06

AMEN to helen. i used to listen to rock (ac/dc, kiss, ozzy, etc.) and barroom country. these are straight out of the gates of hell. to 'rock 'n roll' means to fornicate. you think the Lord is content w/ Christian fornicating music? the church has become like the world. in true Christianity, the world hates and despises the Christian for the truths the Bible sets forth. Be separated from the world and DESTROY this wicked music-----if you care for your soul
---r.w. on 12/7/06

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2/.... Also that music will make you want to do funny things. The very first time I heard head-banging music was after I got saved!! --- it made me feel like I wanted to bang my head on the wall ... I rang the Christian radio station and they said "we don't play it all the time; listen to the lyrics". Thank the Lord that there will be none of satan's music in heaven.
---Helen_5378 on 5/27/06

/2.... Any music and singing it either draws you straight away to Jesus, or it draws you to the music itself. Searching one's self will bring the answer with the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Do you love the music or do you love Jesus?
---Helen_5378 on 5/27/06

"Come out from among them and be separate" says the Lord; but look at what's happened -- the world has completely infiltrated the church. I do believe that music is a main tool the devil uses to draw Christians off into the Apostasy. To try and justify listening to anything that is of the devil by saying "listen to the lyrics" is a lie from the pits of hell. No God is not happy about so-called Christians listening to hard-core metal -- that is of satan himself.
---Helen_5378 on 5/27/06

i am a born again christian(6 years)and i believe that God loves you no matter what music you listen to.i personally listen to about 85% christian metal(bands who confess Christ as Lord)and 15% secular music.lyrics determine which songs i listen to.Jesus came to give abundant life not rules to bind you.God Bless you.
---rndzl on 5/27/06

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Nothing can seperate you from Gods love Romans 8 : 38-39 Secondly Trust Jesus to show you what is right & what is wrong. The Holy Spirit will show you if you allow Him. I've been in to Thrash metal & the metal scene since i was 16 i'm now 35 had the same questions about what music should we listen to as Christians. Put Jesus first.
---karl on 2/21/06

Paul you say that "metal" is satanic and pagan. Now I hate the sound of it ... but still do not understand why you say it is so evil. Anyone know Mozart's music? It is sublime ... did you know he was a drunken gambling wastrel?
---alan8869_of_UK on 12/30/05

Metal is satan's music. Do you want to follow the path of satan? NO! Do not listen to metal or you will go to hell and sufer in pain for eternaty
---paul on 12/30/05

I really think you are being too harsh moderator. Heavy Metal may have a bad background, but hey when Johann Sebastian Bach started writing symphonies, he wrote for the church. they didn't like the way he wrote it because it sounded dark. But he wrote it to glorify. Music is simply musical notes. How can musical notes with christian lyrics be in ANY way, blasphemous or evil?

Moderator - What statement was harsh?
---Matt on 12/8/05

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Why listen to something that you can't understand what they are saying? For someone to scream and yell, roll around in the floor, in self, how does God get any glory out of it?
---Rebecca_D on 12/2/05

try listening to CHRISTIAN..metal and hardcore Norma Jean and alot of others!
---angie on 12/2/05

God doesn't hate people. He hates sin. And he always forgives sin when you repent. I listen to Heavy Christain Metal bands like Project 86, and Demon Hunter, but I don't believe God hates me for it. I don't repent for doing it either, because I believe its not evil. The Bible never says anything about the type of music you can or can't listen to.
---Kyle on 12/1/05

Moderator, thank you. I did not know that.
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/9/05

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To both agree with and expound on John's answer, there's also the elment of how we receive the music we listen to. I can name several songs I love that weren't written to be praise and worship songs (or Christian songs in any way), but I can still see and hear the praise in them.
---Heather on 10/8/05

Moderator ... If you know nothing about classical music, nor about C&W, nor about musicals, you have a huge gap in your musical knowledge. Are yuo sure you are able to judge Metal? There is no scriptural approval of my beloved classical music, why does metal need such approval?

Moderator - The metal lyrics and origin are pagan ie anti-christ.
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/8/05

I assure you that scripture does not specifically approve any of the other types I mentioned, or, opera, or symphonies, or jazz, or because they are in a style and use instruments not thought of during biblical times.

That being the case, will you condemn that music?

Moderator - As stated, I am not researched in those music types ie are they pagan in orgin. Paganism would be the concern if that is even an issue with those types of music.
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/8/05

No music is wrong and no intruments are wrong if they are used for the right glorify God.I don't see any Scripture that tells us that certain kinds of instruments and styles are sinful. But everything is to be used for His glory. The piano was considered a barroom instrument and condemned too.But praise God we had the sense to take it out of the devils hands and use it for God.Bro. John
---john on 10/8/05

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OK Moderator ... what about any serious "classical" music?

What about musicals such as Oklahoma? Or country & Western?

Are any of them approved by scripture? I suggest not.

Moderator - I can't comment either way because I don't listen to that type of music.
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/8/05

Julio, if you know it's not good at all why do you also think that God won't be upset? Of course He will be upset if you are KNOWLINGLY doing something that you know is not good (in other words it's bad). The fact that it is for entertainment is beside the point, what else could it be for anyway? You say you can't help it. Destroy it and then it won't be there to listen to. You'll get over it and could try listening to something better.
---F.F. on 10/8/05

Moderator, you say "Please show the sciptures that state it is godly for Christians to dress gothic and listen to heavy metal. Thanks"

But please can you show me the scriptures where it says is godly for me to listen to Beethoven? Thanks.

Moderator - I am not familiar enough with his music and its orgin to make a comment either way.
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/8/05

If you're true to God you wouldn't like it? You guys are getting way off base. If it's not gosple don't listen? Enjoy it if it's not against him! You can listen to secular music too. I wouldn't be called to create music for us if it where not appropriate. Don't listen to anyone who says keep your creativity God gave you in the closet, let the light shine for others!!!
---Clint on 10/8/05

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everyone is always judging me cause i dress gothic and stuff,and whenever i tell someone that they say then change..but i dont feel i need to.i only listen to christain metal i get good grades and i work really hard and i work at a parents kno me but everyone else judges me,my point is its not how u dress or if your music shakes the walls.its a positive message to a certain group,its if u trust in the lord God,and follow his words that counts.and dont judge people cause thats not your job.

Moderator - Please show the sciptures that state it is godly for Christians to dress gothic and listen to heavy metal. Thanks.
---corey on 10/7/05

I am a christian but I still listen to heavy metal. I know that it is not good at all, but I can't help it. Now, IMHO I really think that God will not be upset if I listen to this kind of music just for entertaiment.
---Julio on 9/27/05

God could never hate you, no matter what you do. Personally, I don't care for the heavy metal Christian music (I still can't understand the words, LOL), nor do I care for some of the contemporary music, although it is used in many churches. However, my chilren and grandchildren like it....I prefer Southern Gospel myself. It's what in your heart that counts.
---Nan on 9/22/05

Had the similar problem with my teenage Stepson. What I did was go to a really good Christian book store, and either ask, and see if they have a conversion chart. IF you like Metallica, try these groups. My son was listening to rap at the time, so we found KJ52 as an alternative. It is not so much the type of music, but the words of the music.
---geraa7578 on 9/22/05

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Use your liberty to glorify God. Worldly-sounding music that copies the world has no place in a christian's life. Music should edify the spirit, glorify God, and inspire you to worship Jesus. He inhabits the praises of his people. "All things are lawful for me, but all things are not helpful: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not." I Corinthians 10:23.
---Eloy on 9/22/05

I do not understand why heavy metal music should be condemned. I don't like it but I do like other music which is not specifically Christian ... such as Beethoven symphonies and much "classical" music.
Would you condemn me for that? If not, why condemn the person who likes heavy metal?
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/22/05

my son listens too and is starting a Christian metal band. I will give you the names of the bands,in my next post.
---willow on 9/21/05

I was where you are at. Yes..I was a metalhead. When I got saved I was afraid to even listen to the radio. Thank God there are christian metal musicians out there for us! If you are near a Berean Book store, they have plenty of music to bang your head and praise Jesus to. Also check out "song fest" if it comes to your town,should be one coming in the fall...Great Christian groups play for 3 days..God bless& rock on!
---missy on 8/28/05

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Another one my son's enjoyed is POD. You might try checking the Internet for Christian music in a variety of genres God's praise can be sung in hip hop, heavy metal and pop/rock, just as much as it can be sung with a hymnal and a pipe organ. Just my opinion.
---Annie on 8/27/05

God loves you enough to let his Son die for you.
Now about that music ... try listening to Christian bands. There are some great ones out there. Switchfoot has a rock sound, and Thousand Foot Krutch and Sanctus Real have a harder rock sound. You don't have to give up the rock sound but the lyrics I have heard praise God as much as a hymn would.
---Annie on 8/27/05

St. Paul said "All things work for good for those who trust the Lord." Having said that there are some truly great Christian metal bands and these are having an amazing response amongst the unsaved following of metal. God can use anything to His glory.
---Robert on 8/27/05

God does not HATE anyone he just hates some of the things we do. I do not think God would be happy about your music and he would probably like you to change it. Pray about it and ask God to take away your need for this music and give you peace and a new song in your heart, one that he would love to hear
---Marla on 8/27/05

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You can listen to Metal music but if you truly love the commands of God and are born again why would you want to?

God won't disown you, but the more you put folly into your heart the more you'll reap in life.
---Pharisee on 8/27/05

I wouldnt think God would approve of that type of music. It's not of him, so he sure wouldnt approve of it. If your a christian, you wouldnt want to listen to it. Maybe satan tells you you cant get over it, and he's a liar. You do all things thru Christ who strengens you! God doesnt hate you, he loves you very much!! Pray for God to help you get that out of your life. Listen to gospel music. Remember, whatever you listen to, it feeds your soul.
---P on 8/27/05

Just ask yourself, "Is God getting any glory out me listening to this music"? The answer is no, he isn't getting any glory at all. But if you feel this way every time you listen to this, I would say it is God's way of condemning you of this music. Pray about it, then go from there.
---Rebecca_D on 8/27/05

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