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Can Women Lay Hands On Sick

Are women prohibited to lay hand and pray to the needies in church during the church services?

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 ---Jasmine on 8/27/05
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Bryan, you say,
"You have made a religion out of faith."
It is you who has made a religion out of faith. A new religion that your faith is a force of power. God is the force of power.
Here I will prove it to you, "If that force of faith you say you have, has power as you so bodly declare, to do what you want, why don't you make everyone here believe you? You cannot, you know why? Because it has no power to change anyone, only God can change anyone the way He wants to change them.
---Mark_V. on 9/17/13

God promises, God promises, God promises, you a life here and in the life to come. You have made a religion out of faith. It is just the tool God has given to all. He is not afraid of us with it. Cause he knows His word has life or death in it. If you use faith for yourself Good luck, If you put your faith in the Word of God "JESUS" it will produce Gods' will in your Life. And There is no EVIL in his Will as some teach. I do see what ever a person sow they will reap. I see a lot of that. If you sow you don't know Gods' will then you will never know Gods' will. Even though his will is in his word.
---Bryan on 9/16/13

Bryan, faith was given to us by God so that we could believe and trust in Him, not in ourselves. We do not have faith in our faith, we have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. And as a believer your faith should be on the will of God not the will of man. Word of Faith teachers preach that faith is a force that can be use by those who have it to be rich, to heal others, to make limps appear where there is none, to bring life to people who are dead. But it is God wills that is done on earth as it is in heaven. Many Christians have died and many have not, when people pray for them and put hands on them. It does not depend on man but on God who gives and takes life. People will continue to die because all of us in the flesh will die when our time is up.
---Mark_V. on 9/16/13

Faith was given to us, the word is given to us, salvation was given to us, healing is given to , the Love of God is given to us, "But not to You? Die and rough in hell you sinner". That really sound like a Loving God doesn't it. I don't believe that is my father's word. Maybe for your religion but not from the word.
---Bryan on 9/15/13

Bryan, you must be a Word of Faith follower. You can have all the faith you want and if it is God's will not to heal you or save you, you will not be healed or save. When Jesus said, "Your faith has healed you" He was not talking about the persons faith having the power to heal. The faith they had to have was faith in God's will. And if it was God's will to heal them they would be healed by the will of God. It it trust in what God can do not trust in your faith and what you can do. In fact that faith you talk about in the Bible is unbelief. In Scripture, faith is all about the object of the faith, about the One in whom we believe. Trusting God is always contrasted with trusting in man. One is faith, the other is unbelief.
---Mark_V. on 9/15/13

It's not Gods' will RELIGION RELIGION more RELIGION. Do you know who God heals and Don't Heal? No were in the bible Does God say Don't lay your hands on people to receive healing. It's Not my will to heal them. Again what you sow is what you will reap. That is why it takes a act of faith to receive healing from the word of God. There is a couple of places in the bible were Jesus could not do many miracles because of their unbelief. Again what you sow is what you will reap. If you sow God does not heal guest what you will reap? It your field you will grow what you sow. Sow doubt and unbelief "Theresss you sign". Your harvest of doubt and unbelief.
---Bryan on 9/14/13

Bryan, you say,
"If you have hands and you lay them on people to be healed it is a act of faith. The word reacts to faith." That's word of faith teaching, that faith is a power force you can manipulate because you have faith.
You can have all the faith you want, but if it is not the will of God to heal someone, he will not be healed. Thousands have layed hands on dying people who had great faith, and still died. We die when our time is up, nothing can change that. If you are healed it is because your time was not up. You will live until God says you will not.
you say,
" Jesus only healed people when they used there faith." That is half true. He also healed many who did not have faith.
---Mark_V. on 9/12/13

If you have hands and you lay them on people to be healed it is a act of faith. The word reacts to faith. Jesus only healed people when they used there faith. That is why it is called healed by faith. Many time he said your faith has made you hole.
---Bryan on 9/11/13

Hello,Bro.Mark all respect to you ,yes, I have seen in church the pastor will designate two or more sisters pray for a sister after the sermon over, especially, when his wife not present or she a new person.A serious pastor always uphold his testimony.
Other churches,

I have seen they have told
a person( quietly) " You have a bad testimony, and we will advise NO lay hands on anyone "
They go by the verse 1Tim.5:22
Hope this maybe shed some light??
---Lidia4796 on 9/10/13

This is such an old blog question. I believe Jasmine has been gone for a long time now but I will answer. During church services no one should interupt the pastor. Unless the pastor gives a time for prayer. Anyone can lay hands on anyone and pray. I know of no restrictions concerning the laying of hands on individuals. Maybe someone knows of a passage that I have not read concerning the laying of hands by a women. I hope the share with with me.
---Mark_V. on 9/9/13

Jesus said "WHO SO EVER" if your doing my fathers will you are my brother, sister and mother. As for the word of God lay your hands on the sick believing the Kingdom of Heaven follow out of you just as Jesus said. God bless.
---Bryan on 9/5/13

Robyn: This discussion is not about women liberation in the church. In the church God is in control and all of us MUST be contented with the role HE assigns to us.
---Adetunji on 9/4/13

After reading Robyn's blog, I have to disagree. Even though men may or may not possess these qualities that you mention does not mean that the woman is qualified to do something God called a man to do. That's an insult to God. That's like saying, God, you made a mistake from the beginning. Now God being the all knowing God knew what man was going to do with his life, but yet he still called him and blessed him to preach and lay hands on the people. So just because a great number of men have fallen to sin and have backslidden, doesn't mean we all have backslidden!!!
---Pastor_101 on 4/1/13

Mary the mother of Jesus was a female. Most certainly women are capable of doing other things. Sometimes woman are more capable than men in many areas of the church. And outside of the church. I would prefer female doctors,dentists, obstetricians and so forth. Sensitivity,listening,creativity, gentleness. Men just don't possess these qualities, where needed,sometimes. In the church ,these qualities, are very much needed.
---Robyn on 4/28/10

just to spice things up, so everyone agrees that women can lay hands on the sick.
do you all agree as well that it is not deemed in the bible (the elders mentioned was plurial and in the masculin form)
and what about leading the church? can a woman be elder? (now i want anwers of those who allready responded favorable upon first question)
I myself am NOT AGAINST women ministers.
---Andy3996 on 4/26/10

We have hands, don't we? Why not. If we have been born again and are practicing christians. We should have the power to lay hands on and pray within the church.We have the authority and power to do so,in the name of Jesus. Don't let anyone tell you different or take that power away from you. God bless you
---Robyn on 4/7/10

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Did he not have deaconesses or prophetesses to help him? Did not God have women minister to others throughout the centuries? If God chooses a woman to do a specific duty whether she is a minister to others, or just lays hands on the sick, then she should do what he allows! The only way I'd say no is if she is not chosen by God, which you can tell by the fruits they produce.
---candice on 4/7/10

Lee1538: We know because God had blessed us spiritually through women. Others are limited because of lack of such experiences. It is good that they realize that God can choose to use men or women in anyway HE pleases, and none of us can counsel God on this issue. God is unlimited.
---Adetunji on 4/7/10

Adetunji - some would refuse to admit it but women also can be filled with God's Holy Spirit and minister to those in need.

It was a saintly elderly woman and her daughter that did much to led me to Christ.
---Lee1538 on 4/4/10

In June 1996, i went to Church-service on a Sunday with a heavy heart. This was because of a problem with my ex-wife. In church i didn't discuss the problem with anybody. During Pastoral prayer, one of the officiating Ministers asked all who came to Church with a heavy heart that day to rise. I stood up with others. The Minister then ask those who were close to those standing to put a hand on them and pray. A woman behind me put her hand on me and prayed and the heaviness/trouble in my heart lifted during the prayer. I hope this answers your question.
---Adetunji on 3/31/10

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JimRome the laying on hands was not just limited to the apostles as you assume, (hebrews 6:2)laying of hands is considered as a foundation of faith. Gen 48:14, a father blesses by laying on hands.
1 Tim 4:14,the joint presbyters (Timothy never mett the Twelve apostles, so we miht assume that this talks about "simple churchelders.
2 Tim 1:6 Paul was not one of the twelve apostles,
talking about whatis perfect, did divine love allready appear in the church that does nothing but backbiting? we still try to grasp it.
---Andy3996 on 3/31/10

Only the Apostles had the power of laying of hands, and all the Apostles are dead now if there is one alive he must be 2000 yrs old I think not, Pual said in I Cor. 13: 8-10 when that which is perfect come those things will be done away, that which is perfect is LOVE, if anyone claims to have those power why are their some many people in the hospital we wouldn't need doctors in that case, those powers only belong to God, and the only power we have is prayer, not the laying of hands
---JimRome on 3/29/10

I lay hands on the women of the church, the men, I just hold my hand out and pray and not touch them. I don't want the jealous spirit to arise in the church. I see nothing wrong with this, if the woman laying on hands is of God.
---Rebecca_D on 3/14/07

Sure they can, Jesus did not discriminate as to just men being able to lay hands and pray.
---Min._Terri_Thompson on 3/27/06

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Sure they can! God permits it - only our misinterrpretation of the Bible gets in the way. They are NOT prevented by God only man.
---WIVV on 10/1/05

God can use anyone in anyway He pleases. When people start questioning like that I think that He used a donkey to get His point across, so what's wrong with Him using me or anyone else for that matter for whatever He desires. We only need to be open to His direction and not do things on our own that will get us into trouble everytime. Anyhow if it's laying on of hands everyone should be worried about the state of their soul and not what's on their birth certificate.
---auror3743 on 9/28/05

Who were the first to preach the gospel. Women. When Mary went in the Tomb as saw Jesus wasn't there she went back to the disples and she said to them HE IS RISEN! just as he said he will.

So women can be preachers lay hands cast out demons even raise the dead. So anyone can do it.
---becky on 9/23/05

You are right about the jealous spirit. I faced many hinderances caused by more than 1 jealous spirit.

All the good deeds me & my husband did for the church either volunteerily or requested, were appreciated by Pastor but not too long after the praises we received, cunning attacks followed planned by the jealous members. Pastor is then blinded by these people and when evidents were proven and confronted, he always covers for these trouble makers because of closeness.
---jasmine on 9/3/05

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We are to be led by the Holy Spirit When praying for anyone and there is no Rules weather you be female or male...Although in some Churches the Pastor and Wife and the Elders will do most of this that is why our Churches have become Ran by Mankind not God ...i wont let some people touch me for if they arent filled with Gods Holy Spirit they have no 1 Timothy 5:22 you may leave with more demons than you came in with....Be wise
---lea on 8/30/05

James 5:14 - Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord: who is elders just men?, I don't touch men either, I just pray next to them, that is my I read once,here in the blogs a jealous spirit of someone watching you might resent it causing a hindrance.
---jan4876 on 8/30/05

Women lay their hands on people for healing all the time. Women are mothers after all. Do not mothers pray over their husbands and children when they are ill? What percent of our nurses are women...probably some 90%. Should we not allow women to be nurses, or physicians or whatever....? If that seems a ridiculous question then how silly is it to say a woman cannot pray over someone in church. The church is the body of christ--not the building you go to on Sunday. The church is everyday and everywhere.
---Ruth on 8/29/05

Ya know, when the kids were small I laid hands on them all the time when they were sick. Why is it always going in the same cycle, women can't be used by God? Male nor female I thought. We are all one in Christ, and God wants to use us all.
---anon on 8/29/05

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Some of the replies here have really gotten to me. Then I had to take a breath and be thankful that I am not being taught that a women cannot lay hand to pray to the needies. It is so sad in this day to read a question like this. God Bless..I type with my feet
---missy on 8/28/05

Jesus had no problem with a woman ministering to Him.Matthew 26:7 There came unto Him a woman having an alabaster box of very precious ointment,and poured it on His head ,as He sat at meat.Luke 7:38 And stood at his feet behind Him weeping,and began to wash His feet with tears, and did wipe them with the hairs of her head,and kissed His feet,and anointed them with the ointment.Jesus not only accepted a woman ministering to Him but rebuked those who spoke against her.
---Darlene_1 on 8/28/05

Jeremiah 31:22
---Carla on 8/28/05

Indeed, a couple of months ago, Jesus told me in my dream :"Go lay hands on the needies."

I shared this dream with Pastor and his wife but they didn't want to acknowledge my dream nor encourage me to do it.

I was then informed by my US missionery friends that in our church, Pastor only allows himself and his wife to lay hands and pray on these needies.

No exception for any one, including a guest speaker wife who is blessed with the gift of healing.
---jasmine on 8/28/05

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If God's Spirit is leading you to do that, then it is ok to do. Yes, God can use women this way. It is faith that moves God, love and compassion. We should not be to egar to lay hands on just anyone, as the scripture tells us. But, obey the leading of God, our Father. There is a purpose for the actual touching of the laying on of hands. And that is by God's Spirit and fatih.
---Linda3939 on 8/27/05

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding women in the Bible. Women were, and are, a powerful force for the kingdom. God uses whoever He wishes, irregardless of sex. Yes, women can lay on hands. If you're in a church that prohibits it, find another church.
---Ann5758 on 8/27/05

All Christians can lay hands on others to pray..even children.. God has never made women to be second class Christians.. He wants to and does use us all..
---jean5203 on 8/27/05

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