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Name Some Good Worship Music

Hi all, can anyone recommend some really good worship music, the type that really gets you close to God? Spirit filled and powerful in moving the heart to worship? Thanks.

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 ---Maxine on 8/27/05
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It may be because I'm old-fashioned, but I prefer the English 1600-1800 type (the Amazing Grace, The Wondrous Cross and that type)
---Peter on 5/4/12

there are a few songs I really get blessed & I too,give All the praise to God.. I wrote a song myself bk Nov.2009 "this is the Time" (concentrates giving Thanks ALways!) I have not recorded yet but the lord knows... Had written for a christian couple who were to be married...It is a praise song.. another song Out now "Let the Church Say Amen" by Gospel artist Marvin Sapp, Glory to Glory to God" Fred HamptonThere IS A Name gospel artist LeShan Pace Rhodes old song I love & remember still play myself at church( tea & coffee)hour only... I am a gospel singer .Songs likeIt took A Miracle by the late gospel artist MahaliaJackson thankyou! christiaNet
---ELENA on 5/2/12

Here are some anointed songs that will bless:
"Clear the Stage", by Ross King
"The Blood", by Shane & Shane
"Spontaneous Song" and "Effortless", both by Rita Springer
"Create In Me A Clean Heart" and "Oh Lord, You're Beautiful", both by Keith Green
"You Were There", by Avalon
"The Altar" and "Watch the Lamb", both by Ray Boltz
"Psalm 5" and "As The Deer", both by Chris Girard
"Refiner's Fire", by Brian Doerksen
"Arms of Love", by Loren Hartman
---Eloy on 4/30/12

Anything from the Byzantine or Slavic Orthodox repertoire.

Christ is risen!
---Cluny on 4/30/12

Worship music is one ofthe greates things we've been blessed with! My favorite music is SovereignGraceMusic, a great ministry that provides awesome music. They have great sound,lyrically rich theology which is great to sing about. I can recommend almost every song they do, but a few favorites are Glorious Christ, Our Song From Age to Age, Show Us Christ, Behold Our God, All I have is Christ, Father's Love, Prodigal, and So many more! Sojourn music is very good as well, I don't know as much of their stuff as I'd like to, but one of their songs, Absent From Flesh, is really nice! They have a bluesy-country sound. Chris Tomlin has many great songs out: Our Great God, How Great is Our God, Amazing Grace(Chains are Gone), Your Grace's Enough
---Sydney on 4/30/12

Jesus calture, Your love never fails album with Chris quilala, Kim walker, and Melissa how... Best music like ever! Oh and deffanetly, Ascend the hill!
---Tyler on 12/29/09

I am like the goo roe of Christian music. So hang on to your lap top here comes a list. Chris Rice, Casting Crowns, Leeland, CeCe Winans, Petra, Newsboys, Skillet, Michael W. Smith, Hillsong, Jars of Clay, Matisyahu, Barlow Girls, Steven Curtis Chapman, Ray Boltz, Nicole Mullen, Steve Green, Stone Temple Pilot,Twila Paris and much much more. Go to your Christian book store and look under Worship. You'll have plenty to pick from.
---Jeanette_Nimick on 7/23/09

Try to hear the song Joy of My Desire by Heritage Singers. God bless!
---Michael on 7/20/09

I really enjoy Gospel music with a fast beat. I also go for the beautiful inspiration Gospel music. And songs about the cross and the Blood. I suppose my favorite right now would have to be "The Gaither" singers. Also, The Old Rugged Cross Cd, Amazing grace CD, And one here called WOW worship. I have others. Have a great Sunday, as unto the wonderful Lord, Jesus Christ++. Who volunteered a long time ago to put up with ME!
---catherine on 2/21/09

My favorite is Casting Crowns :)
---Lisa5554 on 2/20/09

Journey's "Trial by Fire" cd is very prophetic in nature and inspiring and one of my favorite cd's. I know they are not considered a Christian band, but Steve Perry when he sings reminds me of the soul of King David.
---Anne on 11/13/08

In this day and age we need music with a message that cuts deep into our hearts, and awakens our minds to God's mighty truths. Please look up 'Effect Radio' on your computer to learn about some bands who are passionate to proclaim the full message of God's word. I think these bands may be God's modern day apostles, since they proclaim God's truth boldly without fear, and alert people to God's approaching wrath for our complacent ideas about God. One band that speaks very boldly is called 'Seventh Star' Read the lyrics to some of their songs including: 'My 96th Thesis', 'Brood of Vipers', and 'Be Wary.' We need people who will proclaim with such urgency in our day.
---Anne on 11/13/08

I find the best artist is terry macalmon,he is very anointed in his music.
---alex on 11/13/08

I recomend Kirk Franklin's music, Yolanda Adam's, CeCe Winans and much more. These people music will not only get to your heart but will also bring you more and more unto Jesus.
---antoa7855 on 7/8/08

oh man I'm all into praise and worship. I've got a bunch. my favorite artists are
All spellings of names may be slightly off. Spelling wasn't one of the gifts the Lord gave me. hahaha
Jaci valeasquez
Martha Munuzzi
Bryon Cage
Eddie James
Amy Grant
Nicole Cemolen
Casting crowns
These are a few to get you started. Bryon Cage's music got me through a lot.
Like his songs "Presence of the Lord is here" & "I still say yes".
---Crystal on 7/8/08

Jeremy Camp and Third Day are good at getting you close to God (through music) The lyrics are so sincere and Jeremy Camp's attitude can be heard throughout his songs.

"Stay" "This Man" and MANY more (walk by faith, i still believe) are good songs that really hit home for me.
---Paris on 7/7/08

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Well, I am about to go outside the question again. Holy music>>> nothing will bring God into a room quicker than Holy music. Fast music, slow music, Awsome. The Devil OUT.
---catherine on 5/23/07

Anything that is Southern Gospel. Such as Karen Peck and New River, The Freemans, Gaither Vocal Band. At my church, we don't sing with hymn books. I think we own 2 or 3 hymn books. Me and three other woman sing every service. John, God can use anyone and anything to win the lost. He can do it through a song being sang, a testimony, and through the preaching. I sing with the anointing of God in my voice. The songs speaks to their heart, while God is convicting them.
---Rebecca_D on 5/23/07

No music will get you close to God. Only the Holy Spirit will do that. A sinner that is not chosen of God and doomed to hell will never be drawn closer to God through any anointed music. With that said, there is some very good music that can edify Christians and glorify God. Keith Green and Terry McAlmond are good choices.
---John on 5/23/07

Dear Worshiper Oh Worship the King and Praise be to Godand Come thou Almighty KIng are all good hyms for this occasion. Christian Pen Pal
---HARRY on 5/22/07

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Oh, I forgot to mention that I also like Pop music and Rock 'n Roll too.
---Caring on 5/22/07

BMG Music service has a large choice of all types music. Also Soul and Spirit Music Co. Twinkie Clark "Live in Cincinnati CD, "The Best of the Mighty Clouds of Joy" CD, Mary,Mary, "Incredible" CD is great. Hezekiah Walker, Michael W Smith's music is great. CeCe Winans in the "Throne Room" CD is wonderful. William Bectin and Friends CD is great. Contemporary gospel is different.There are praise and worship songs in that genre, which are great.
---Robyn on 5/22/07

I like to listen to praise songs but would not want to listen to them all day. I don't mind Schubert's Unfinished Symphony or Beethoven's No 6 Pastorale or Tchaikowsky's Panorama and other classical music.

Remember, man does not live by bread alone.
---Caring on 5/22/07

Maxine, I happened upon a 2 cd set that is called "Top 25 Praise Songs" it has a variety of artists on it and I sure do appreciate what God has allowed them to compile. The first cd of the set is the best but that is a relative thought. "You are my all in all" is my fav... it's lyrics are "Jesus Lamb of God worthy if your name...." just writing the lyrics is touching my heart. :~}
---MARK_N on 5/21/07

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These are some of the songs we play at our church. Totally annointed to bring you into the presence of God!
1.Jason Upton - Freedom Reigns
2.Jeremy Riddle - Precious Jesus
3.Jeremy Riddle - More than a Friend
4.Matt Redman - anything on the "Facedown" cd.
Enjoy and God bless!
---Rodney_Newman on 5/21/07

These are some of the songs we play at our church. Totally annointed to bring you into the presence of God!
1.Jason Upton - Freedom Reigns
2.Jeremy Riddle - Precious Jesus
3.Jeremy Riddle - More than a Friend
4.Matt Redman - anything on the "Facedown" cd.
Enjoy and God bless!
---Rodney_Newman on 5/21/07

Darlene Zschech is a wonderful Christian artist. I love her "Shout to the Lord".My all-time favorite is from Amy Grant. "El Shaddai" is a moving hymn that places you in the sweet Presence of God. Another tune I love, is from Rita Baloche. It is so comforting to hear her "But For Your Grace".
---rosem4839 on 4/22/07

How about "Amazing Grace", "Brethren, we have met to worship", "just as I am" are a few. Just look in a hymn book that is about 50 years old and you will find hundreds.
---shira_5965 on 4/20/07

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(5.)"Hark! The Herald Angels Sing","Angels We Have Heard on High", "God rest you merry Gentlemen", "What Child is this?","O Little town of Bethleham", "Joy to the World","The First Noel", "Silent Night", "O Come all ye faithful", and much much more! --Mrs. Morgan
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/10/06

(4.)"Soon and very Soon (we are going to see the King)", "The Whole Heart"(The Rock Trio, at my church, Grace Cathedral), "Sin can't Enter Heaven" (Also by the Rock Trio, at my church, Grace Cathedral), "Alleluia(Jerry Sinclair, 1943)","Rock of ages" .....
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/10/06

(3.)"Dear Lord and Father of Mankind","Jesus Lord to Me", "Amazing Grace", "Just as I am", "He touched me", "I can only Imagine", "Learning to Lean","For you I am praying", "Thanks for giving to the Lord","Cup of cold water", "I'm going up yonder"...
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/10/06

(2.)"Handel's - MESSIAH", "Love lifted me", "Jesus Paid it all", "O How I Love Jesus", "What a Friend we have in Jesus","There's power in the Blood","The Old Rugged Cross"..."Sweet By-and-By", "How Great thou art", "God of Wonders", "Jesus loves me", "His eye is on the sparrow", "Holy, Holy Holy Lord God Almighty(One of my late Grannie's favorites)"...
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/10/06

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(1.)The good oldies and some recent one's too like: "Nothing but the Blood ","I Need Thee Every Hour", "Trust and Obey", "Victory in Jesus", "I Must tell Jesus"," I surrender all", "At the Cross", "Blessed Assurance", "What a Friend we have in Jesus", "Yield not to temptation", "At the Cross", "Fairest Lord Jesus"....
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/10/06

This is in reply to Caren's post about Joann McFadder's album entitled Magnificent Obsession. Can you help me? I'm trying to figure out if the title track of that album is the same as a song we used to sing at my old church. The song was called Magnificent Obsession, and it was a BEAUTIFUL song. Can you help me? If I could find out the lyrics, I'd know...
---Renee on 9/9/06

Joann Mc Fadder is out of Kansas City from mike bickle's church. i think you could find her through the IHOP...International house of Prayer in Kansas City. The name of the cd is 'MAGNIFICENT OBSESSION'.
---CAREN on 8/25/06

Lamb of God, by Cee Cee
---nicole on 3/27/06

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there is a group by the name of jordans promise that write original sole touching music, all insiperd by the words of God and the personal experiances of Christians trying to walk more steps forward than the world drags them back
---scott on 3/22/06

Hi. I'm a total Rita Springer worship fan. Also, JoAnne McFadder is a spiritual experience I've never before or since heard on CD. Both of these ladies capture a level beyond the mainstream radio artists. Question for everyone though, I got this JoAnne McFadder CD from a friend and don't know where to find it to buy. Anyone know how to get their hands on it? Would much appreciate it. God bless.
---Melody on 3/19/06

Michael W. Smith singing "Above All" ... my absolutely favorite; News Boys; Third Day; Amy Grant; hometown girl, Jennie Owen; I liked Worldwide Message Tribe too. Smitty was wonderful in concert, see him if you can.
---Nellah on 10/15/05

Anything by Hillsong, Brownsville Revival worship, Winds of Worship series, Travis Cotrell, 3rd Day, Rita Springer, Jason Upton, Paul Wilbur, Martha Munizzi, Clint Brown, Christ for the Nations, and yes, Terry McAlmon
---Sissy on 9/13/05

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I would suggest John Michael Talbot, anything by him.
---mike6553 on 9/1/05

Lots of great suggestions, another one that I really am blessed by is the Vineyard CDs (the Vineyard is the name of a church, much like Foursquare, Assembly of God, etc. God has annointed their music and blessed me and others greatly).
---Katie on 8/30/05

there is a huge abundance of fantastic music,depends on my mood but terry macalmon is certainly tops, sometimes it can be equally uplifting to listen to just the music only of worship songs/hymns as vanuatu, where i went recently the church used NO instruments, just their God given voices.. that was unbelievably annointing to the spirit as well...dont forget, God gave you a voice as well to use
---karin on 8/30/05

there is a huge abundance of fantastic music,depends on my mood but terry macalmon is certainly tops, sometimes it can be equally uplifting to listen to just the music only of worship songs/hymns as vanuatu, where i went recently the church used NO instuments, just their God given voices.. that was unbelievably annointing to the spirit as well...dont forget, God gave you a voice as well to use
---karin on 8/30/05

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I think it depends on your style. I love the older, traditional hymns, but I feel just as close to God when I'm listening to or singing some of the contemporary music. Michael W Smith is great, Steven Curtis Chapman, Point of Grace, Chris Rice just to name a few.
---Heather on 8/29/05

Carman has a great worship cd, also Chris Tomlin and David Crowder Band have amazing cd's. I believe the song Grace like Rain, is done by Todd Agnew, and it is a fantastic song.
---bethie on 8/29/05

Greetings in Christ!
For my 2 cents, ALL of Terry MacAlmon, just like John said...I have entered into the LORD's Presence more on this Anointed CD
than on anyother one! I would also recommend JoAnne McFadder (All of hers too).God Bless you!!
---Mary_D on 8/29/05

Throne Room by Cee Cee Winans very Anointed great to worship the Lord while you pray, and recommended by Juanita Bynum a Prophetess...and Wow is great
also,,,GOD BLESSand Enjoy
---lea on 8/28/05

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"Breathe". 15 modern worship favorites by Vinyard Music, is really good.
---Julie3763 on 8/28/05

Yes get a HYMNAL music book& sing to the Lord praising him from your own voice, however at home music to lsiten to I listen to RandyTravis, any of his worship CD'S, or hymnal music on Cd's.My pastor taught about why instruments shouldnot be used in service, did you know for the first 600yrs after jesus died they didnot use music in the worship itself in the NT?!Only in the year 1,000 400yrs after this,so 1,000yrs after Jesus died was there music instruments introduced into church services.
---candice on 8/28/05

Most inspirational I have heard is one I cannot find--don't know title or composer. But words include: "Yet I'll rise beyond the tempest, to the place where angry billows cease. Through it all I'll trust in Jesus; surrender to His everlasting Peace." Maybe someone knows this one?
---Geraldine on 8/28/05

Part 2. Maxine, This CD by Terry Macalmon called "Live Worship" will help bring you closer to God. This is not a commercialized CD like most of the Christian CD's out there. This is what you have been looking for. You will not be disappointed. The Lord bless you abundantly!
---John on 8/28/05

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Maxine, here it is. I have been saved for 23 years and this is absolutely the best worship CD that I ever came across. It is truly ANOINTED, I promise! It's by :
Terry Macalmon Title: Live Worship
He has other albums also which are very good but the Live worship CD is the best. It was recorded from the "The World Prayer Center" in Colorado Springs, CO.
You can just listen to it or it can be used as background music for altar calls or some quiet prayer etc. You will be blessed!
---John on 8/28/05

I love to listen to the group, "Selah". Also, Rita Springer, & Michael W. Smith.
---Cathy_Y on 8/28/05

I would suggest Hillsongs. Worship is really deep. Miche
---michellebrandreth on 8/28/05

I can recommend GLORY CARRIERS by Tony Sutherland... My favorite This my cry and Lord I give you me
---tess on 8/28/05

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Carmen "I feel Jesus in this place".
Ray Bolts "I pledge allegence to the Lamb".
---Pamelia on 8/28/05

"The Broadman Hymnal", edited by B.B. McKinney, has great standard Hymns and choice Gospel song for use in Religious services. It was used for many, many years as THE Baptist Hymnal. Grandma knew the tune and if you sing it you may find yourself humming them. They have rhythem and meaning and you did not need a drum or electronics to drown the words out.
If your family does not have one, Amazon or E-Bay can help you.
---chuck on 8/27/05

i get blessed alot by Keith Green's music, although he went on to glory, his music still ministers mightily: His "Rushing Wind" and "Create In Me A Clean Heart" are both excellent.
---Eloy on 8/27/05

I can't think of who sings it, but there is a wonderful song "Grace Like Rain," that has as the bulk of its lyrics "Amazing Grace." I also love the oldies Amazing Grace, Joyful We Adore Thee, A Mighty Fortress Is Our God,Blessed Assurance, and Shall We Gather At The River.
---Annie on 8/27/05

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One of my favorites is "Hope to Carry On," by Caedmon's Call. Also great: Third Day, Jars of Clay's "Like A Child" and "Love Song For A Savior," Casting Crowns.
---Annie on 8/27/05

My addition is Belfast CD
---babara67 on 8/27/05

The WOW cds are great! David Crowder Band is awesome, he's been my favorite for a long time. I also really enjoy, Chris Tomlin, Newsboys, and Rebecca St. James.
---Kyla on 8/27/05

Hosanna music has some really good praise and worship material. my favorites have recently become the messianic praise songs. music, including praise and worship is so subjective according to personal taste, I hope this helped with another perspective.
---KEVIN on 8/27/05

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My favorites are Jeremy Camp, Jeff Deyo, the News Boys and Third Day. God can really use any song, fast, slow, hiphop, rap,or rock to get His point across as long as we stay still before Him and listen with a heart of praise. It's amazing how a rock worship song can get right to my heart just as much as a mellow worship song. God Bless you!
---Mary_Ann on 8/27/05

WOW Worship has some good songs. Shout to the Lord, Days of Elijah, I Can Only Imagine. There is a site creativeworship, it has alot of songs and alot are free to download unless posted. I think you will like some of those songs. Some of the songs are really off the wall :)
---Rebecca_D on 8/27/05

The songs on Michael W. Smith's "Worship" and "Worship Again" CDs are great for worshipping.
---Madison on 8/27/05

yes, there are songs that are annointed. my favorite is "Daystar" ( day star shine down on me) I think its by mike purety or something like that. then there is a new one out called, It was Love ( that nailed him to the tree.) there is one that says...."he didnt come down.
---Jan4876 on 8/27/05

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