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Do You Know Jesus

Do you know JESUS and are you ready? The wrath is coming soon. amen

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 ---Alan on 8/27/05
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Yes I do. About 2 yrs ago I had an argument w/God& told him to show me the bible was true& he did in his own way (too personal to explain) that enough& reading the bible daily helps me grow more in him.
---candice on 7/13/08

Yes I know Jesus and I am ready to be with him, he always been there for me exspecially when I was having a real hard time dealing with depression, but it was my Jesus that got me out.
---ANN on 10/3/07

Yes I do, and one day I will meet Him and be able to thank Him face-to-face for all He has done for me.
---Paulette on 10/3/07

Yes, and his sacrifice was enough to wipe away my sins and the sins of all who accept him as Lord and Savior. Praise Him!
---Annie on 4/8/07

nvB No he is not me!!!
I always call myself Alan8869 of UK.
I did have a burglary & my computer was stolen which is why I did not contribute for a few weeks.
I'm sorry to hear about Elder, if he lost everything
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/27/05

Just wondering, are you UK Alan, or another Alan?

Lupe, it was Elder who had all his belongings stolen. He and his wife are truly in a bind! Please pray for them.
---NVBarbara on 9/16/05

I am ready EVERY day,and my lamp is filled wise as the 5 wise virgins and keep your oil lamp fully filled, none of us know when the bridegroom cometh, soon could be tomorrow...encourage others to fill their lamps too ,so they dont deplete your supply
---karin on 8/30/05

Brother Alan, glad that you are back. I am sorry what happened to your belongings. Praise God you can write again. God saved me 14 years ago brother, and its been an awesome relationship, I thank Him for all, everyday. I got my ticket for the flight. It will be an awesome flight. Glad you are with us. Thank you for your email, blessings to you and family
---lupe2618 on 8/29/05

Oh yes, dear brother Alan, I KNOW Jesus with every inch of my body, mind and soul, Even tho' I sin and make mistakes, He is more than just and loving to forgive me. Without Him I could not imagine living this earthly life! I only pray that all who read this CN blog and indeed throughout the world will come to His saving grace and know for themselves how wonderful it is to surrender our lives and hearts to Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God and His power through the Holy Spirit. Thanks for asking!
---Elsie on 8/29/05

I know my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we talk a lot! Even if HE is displeased with me, HE corrects me in a loving way.
I'm ready! All I ask is for more time for others to be reached with the salvation message.
---NVBarbara on 8/29/05

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