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Should Christians Watch R Movies

Should christians go out and see the new movie called, "THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE?" I hear its based on a true story about a 19 yr old college student who was demon possessed and a catholic priest tries to save her.

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 ---diana8758 on 8/28/05
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America was founded on enlightenment ideas, which was rabidly anti-RCC, and critical of all Christianity. John Locke had a great influence on the Founders. Locke said catholics were, "agants of a forign power in England." He called protestant clergy "a useless indolent class of less value than bedpan cleaners."
---MikeM on 6/11/06
---Tim on 9/1/07

Okebaram...i'm reading your thing and it seems like your saying that you think catholics cast out demons from the power of i right??? I dotn want to mis-interpret you...
Didnt the pharasee's say that exact same thing about jesus...and he gave a perfect explaination which you can probably find pretty easily
---mark_B. on 5/28/07

People are judgmental all the time. as a published author, my books tell about good overcoming evil, but sometimes evil is not beautiful flowers and birds singing. for example my new book talks about the puritans who in 1672 Salem burned innocent women at the stake because they had down syndrome, MS. Add etc. they were God fearing people, but still murdered others in the name of Christianity. sometimes book covers are deceiving. the text shows faith in Jesus Christ overcomes satan.
---ashley on 5/28/07

The Excorcism of Emily Rose is based on a story of demonic exorcism (which is a complete fraud, as the victim isn't trully delievered) not the casting out of demons by God's power. Yes certain catholic priests condcuted pagan excorcism in the name of Christianity. Some of them used demonic powers for this. Others indulged in it partially ignorant of its source and were less "effective".

By the way, who saw the Passion of the Christ? It was rater R, but that's a good exception.
---Okebaram on 5/27/07

I think the money spent for the ticket could be better used to help some needy person. Isn't it funny how we don't mind paying outrageous money for a movie ticket but we balk about giving a $10 offering at church. My,my. It makes you wonder where our priorities are.
---Robyn on 5/27/07

Christians like violance just likesecular people. If Christians are suppose to seek that which is good, why do Christians produce horror movies, write horror books and develop violent video games? And why are Christians attracted to such material? It's in our innate nature to be attracted to such filth. Such movies bring violence to our minds, nightmares to to our dreams. Do these movies bring peace to your minds? Do they truly gorify God?
---Steveng on 5/27/07

Some of you in your hearts will say that the Bible is full of killings, rape, incest, wars, disease, etc. So what's the harm in watching it? The old testament is history. A history of man and his relationship with God. God rewards them who are good and punishes them when they are bad.

Besides, how do you react to a violent scene in a movie? With fear. Is that Godly? God wants us to stay away from such nonsense and create a heart having only good, a heart of peace.
---Steveng on 5/27/07

I was going to say no, until I read the whole question. But in this subject matter, I don't know. I suppose you had better ask God. You know God is such a good God, how come more people are not seeking His advice? Am I the only Person who is so weak in this world whom needs God so much?
---catherine on 5/27/07

That is just another remake of The Exorcist with Linda Blair. all they do is rehash old movies putting new spins on them. I watched the Da Vinci Code and found it very interesting. After it ended, I asked myself what was everyone so upset about. there was nothing in it offensive to anyone. it is always interesting that movies like the sixth day, the da vinci code, the exorcist all try to glorify catholics as saviors over evil. satan often uses truth mixed with error to deceive many.
---ashley on 5/27/07

Stay away from such trash! 'True' or not, something of this sort does not glorify God.
In addition, the whole premise is rediculous, as if a RC priest could cast out demons 'better' than a born again Christian.
Jesus told US that casting out demons is one of the signs and wonders that would come upon us when we receive the Lord and the Holy Spirit.
I have cast out demons, its not a horse and pony show.
---NVBarbara on 5/26/07

Why? A friend of mine use to watch "R" rated movies to experience "realism". Told her I could get that from the newspaper and watching things around me. I go to the movies to get entertained. This movie you mentioned doesn't sound very entertaining or educational so why waste good money?
---WIVV on 2/27/06

nah, sounds boring. It's just another Hollywood movie which could make people think that catholics are righteous, when they are actually lost. Let's see a Hollywood movie that would show a demon-possessed catholic being cleansed by a born-again, Holy Ghost filled, Christian preacher. Myself would be available for the preacher casting.
---Eloy on 1/27/06

Since when do we let a secular orginization dedcided what movies is ok or not ok? The Passion of the Christ is R-Rated should I skip it?
---Jeff on 1/27/06

When one walks close to the Lord they don't desire to watch these films. What does Hollywood know of the Biblical way to exercise a demon? It is simply a way to draw people into the occult. You need to pray for discernment.
---Tsuanne on 9/28/05

Haven't you read reviews in secular newspapers about this movie?! We are careful to not be seen anywhere as a family where our Christian testimony could be compromised if a non-Christian saw us there that we knew. These movies are like pornography on the internet that Christian men, even pastors and deacons, have been drawn into. Be careful what your eyes look at. Such things could enter your subconscious mind and eventually taken over. Support good, healthy, wholesome movies that are being created.
---Darlene on 9/27/05

, mike, i'm sure they didn't mean it that way. most of us here are christians, but it is the message of a movie that counts in my view not it's content. i won't watch movies with profanity, but some R rated stuff is okay if it's not gratuitous.
---steve on 9/24/05

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We need to learn about this b/c it is so prevalant in our society. Missionaries overseas deal with it on a constant basis. Mark9:38-40 Through him we have the power to do this. We should learn the enemies ways and not be ignorant to them in order to defeat him in the spirit realm. Why would the bible educate us on this if not to use it? Must read: Spiritual Warfare for Every Christian "How to Live in Victory and Retake the Land" by: Dean Sherman
---DLF on 9/17/05

I seen a preview on the tv, and that movie gave me chills. I don't think God would approve of you watching that film. I believe if you get too involved in watching demonic films such as this one, it can lead you to have a demonic spirit within you. PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WATCH, Don't let others influence you, they can't speak for you when judgement comes.
---bebe05 on 9/8/05

How dare anyone compare a film made for money, exploiting the ignorant and promoting Satan, to the Bible. Who do you think you are?
Using this deffence, we can now go and watch pornography, because if they filmed the Song of Soloman it would be X rated.
Before you thinks so highly of yourself, ask what God thinks about X rated films, and repent!
---mike6553 on 9/1/05

I have not seen this film, but No priest will claim that only a Catholic Priest would have the priority of casting out of demons, The Church chose to accept the position of the Priest as he would have been taught, I have seen a case where a person tried to cast out demons and caused harm, I and a priest(High Anglican) had to deal with the case. I believe we ought to let a minister/priest to do that rather than some one who has no knowledge regardless of their faith.
---Keith on 8/31/05

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Ask yourself this question: would you take Jesus to see the film?
---mike6553 on 8/31/05

, what if the Bible were put in movie form? would it not be R rated? it starts with nudity, then a murder, etc. remember, the message of a movie is more important than its rating.
---steve on 8/30/05

I watched the Exorcism, Linda Blair. I laughed. I know demons can possess a person, but it doesn't make you look like that. You can't turn your head all the was around, spit up green stuff. I watched that movie Constantine, Keneva Reeves, I laughed so hard my stomach was hurting. Sometimes I watch them to get a good laugh.
---Rebecca_D on 8/29/05

Not that this movie is perfect, but isn't The Passion of the Christ a "R" movie because of the violence? Jesus' crucifixtion was probably thousands of times more violent and horrible than what was depicted, however many people came to the Lord because of it.
---sam7944 on 8/28/05

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I saw the Exorcist with my mom on one of her dates when I was 8. That stuff stays in your head forever, so be careful what you put in there. The fact that you have a question should let you know that maybe God says no. Don't let other people's opinions sway you to do something you think He doesn't approve.
---Julie3763 on 8/28/05

Read the bible, you will get the "real thing". Demons being casted out into swine, blind made to see, the flood that destroyed everyone but 8 people, the bible is packed full of good, real good stories that one can learn alot from instead of movies. And they get the truth.
---Rebecca_D on 8/28/05

Even PG movies can show full frontal nudity!Remember the movie "The Exorcist?"I heard it was dreadful and sacreligious. In addition to the trash in the movie, every few frames thay has inserted one subliminal frame of some demonic picture that registered only in people's subconcious. In retrospect, some said the movie wasn't 'all that bad' but yet it grossed them out.Its a mind game that is often used in movies to plant ideas in your mind, and people wonder why they have freaky dreams sometimes?
---NVBarbara on 8/28/05

Once a young lady I knew said she liked "R" rated movies to see realism. I told her if I wanted realism, all that was required was to turn to the news channel on TV or read a newspaper. Even if it's a true story, the film version is never accurate. While I attend movies on occassion, R rated movies are "out". (Most of them have too much sex and foul language for me.)
---WIVV on 8/28/05

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People have always said we are the food we eat,meaning health wise,that goes for the food we feed into our souls too.Feed good clean food and have a healthy soul,feed bad food and it makes one sick.Christians are to walk in the light of the Lord and there is no place for Satan's darkness even by watching movies or TV.Your mind retains everything put into it.Be careful what you put there ,lest you plant evil which takes root in your soul.
---Darlene_1 on 8/28/05

I stick to "G" movies and even some of those have sinful overtones that have to be explained to children.
It's staggering to see the assault that Hollywood continually makes on the morality of American culture.
I agree with Barbara, true or not it'll have a cheesy spin put on it to sell movie tickets.
The true story will be the power of God in this, but I doubt that's what'll gain the audience's remembrance of the movie.
---Pharisee on 8/28/05

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