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Stop Confessing A Christian

I told my mother to stop confessing she is a Christian, and start being commited as one. She rebuked me -- was I wrong to hold her accountable and correct her like I did?

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 ---Joshua on 8/28/05
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Is she "talking the talk"& not "walknig the walk"? if so then you had a right to say something; but again we donot know what she did or say to be rebuked,so I am up in the air on this.
---candice on 5/11/08

It is difficult to comment since I do not know what it was about. First you need to respect your mother for trying to be a Christian, that's what we all do, none of us are perfect. Then, why don't you try to be an example to others and be Jesus with skin on.
---Junia on 4/25/07

I guess it all depends on what she was doing for you to say that. Need more information.
---Rebecca_D on 4/25/07

as a child, ones option concerning a parent or one older than you, is to be an example and pray for them. one must never speak in anger, frustration or other negative frame of mind. to do otherwise is to step outside the divine rank of authority.. and anointing. and you become no more right than your parents.
---jianra on 9/26/05

Q. Did you rebuke her in the right spirit?
A. Remember, the Bible teaches that a soft answer turns away wrath. You have every right to hold anyone accountable who claims the name of Christ. Just follow the format... approach first in private, second with a witness, and third with the entire body.
It might be wise to fast and pray for someone's burden before you approach them regarding it. and always remember... a wise man takes counsel. (preferably before making a decision)
---Jason on 8/30/05

Q. Who is your Father, who is your mother?
A. You have one Father, your father in heaven. Your mother is the body of Christ... the same is your brother and your sister.
For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against his mother, and daughter in law against her mother in law.
And a man's foes shall be of his own household. Mt 10:35,36
---Jason on 8/30/05

3 part answer...
1)Q..Do you have the authority to correct your parents?
A..At age 13, the age of accountability, you become accountable in the eyes of YVHV to honor him first.
Jonathan was honored for holding to what was right and helping David in spite of his father. He also was honored in 1Samual Chapter 14 for being a light to Israel.
---Jason on 8/30/05

From what Joshua had said, she doesn't walk the walk, but only when she wants to. He had the right to say something to her, but in love and in a righteous judgement. I did my dad, he was confessing to be a christian, but doing things with women he shouldn't have been doing. (Mom died 4 yrs ago). He got mad, and later on got married. Joshua, don't hold her accountable for that only God can do that. The bible says that we need to lift each other up, and if one should fall, be there to help.
---Rebecca_D on 8/30/05

How are/do you "hold her accountable?" You have no power or position to hold her to anything.
We who are spiritual are to restore those who are in error not hold them accountable.
Now it is your turn to act like a Christian and go to your Mother and ask forgiveness. Explain your concern for her and help encourage her and be an example to her.
---Elder on 8/30/05

Scripture tells us to honour our parents. At the same time, with love we can teach them. Paul, when Christ came unto him with a special mission, knew something his parents did not. I am sure he instructed them out of love. Next time your mom does something that does not bring glory and praise to God, you might say, how does that bring glory to our God? People learn more by our actions than words out of our mouths. God bless
---geraa7578 on 8/29/05

Exo 20:12 "Honor thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee." As a Christian, you are not allowed to "tell" your mother anything. You must gently entreat her, and that with utmost respect.
---Jerry on 8/29/05

Not sure if I can answer you without more information. Are you an adult, or a minor child? Were you speaking in a way that communicated honor and respect to her? Or, were you accusatory and disrespectful?

It also depends on what she was doing that would motivate you to say that to her.
---Madison on 8/29/05

Tis too bad you and your Mother do not see eye-to-eye. I am sure there was much more to the converstion than a child telling his mother off and wanting us to agree with him. That mother loves you more than anyone else on earth ever will. Mark that down. If she does not live up to your standards-that is your problem. She needs encouragement not rebuke from her immature child.
The fourth commandment still stands. "Honor thy Father and they Mother."
---chuck on 8/29/05

Basicly, she talks the talk, but doesn't walk the walk! She is a lazy Christian, and only walks the walk when she WANTS too.
---Joshua on 8/28/05

It is a very good thing to confess or profess what we have in Christ or as Christians. This is part of the renewal of the mind and how we aline our thoughts up with what the Word says we have in Christ. Thoughts of our old natural mind have us confess who we used to be and deny our new creation in Him. Is that what you mean?
---sam7944 on 8/28/05

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