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Clothes For Christian Women

I would like to know what kinds of clothing christian men like to see on a woman. Also, I would like to know how they romance them on a date?

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 ---diana on 8/30/05
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when we come to God, we dress how God wants us to...why would you want to know how they romance us on a date?
---jana on 8/17/06

When we truly dress for the Lord, then we will truly be attractive to other Christians. Dress tends to reveal what is inside. I like to see clothing worn which makes me happy to introduce them to my Mother. It means dressing appropriately for the occasion, the event, work, etc.
---Wayne87 on 10/8/05

Dress for the Lord not for man
---keith on 10/8/05

As for "attitude" in dress, my wife wears clothes I like seeing her in. She says I'm the one that matters, not others. As for my "taste" in dress, I seek the Word as in 1Tim.2:9-10. Also to take the next step in men looking upon a woman... I believe that if a woman dresses "sexy", she is causing the man to lust. SO... modesty in all things, men & women alike. As for romance, teen vs mature is very different. Romance now is when she brings me a glass of iced tea & a kiss.
---mike_fl on 9/7/05

, i think i speak for most men when i say that what a woman wears is of little importance. what she says and does is what gets my attention.
---steve on 8/30/05

I do believe the question was asked of the CHRISTIAN MEN.........not the ladies. Come on Men give us your honest opinion.
---Lea on 8/30/05

I like to see a woman dressed in anything that is well fitted and age appropriate. You might be surprised at how rarely I see that. The best way you dating fellows can romance a woman is to plan ahead, open doors, pull out chairs, be a good listener and be yourself.
---ralph7477 on 8/30/05

Dress as though you were standing before Christ.What would you want Him to see you in?You also can remember God made coats for Adam and Eve in the Garden Of Eden when they realized they were naked.Coats, as we know them, usually come right below the knee.Modesty is always important.Not flashy or exposing too much.Look holy,pure,and clean.
---Darlene_1 on 8/30/05

Rule of thumb for dressing: "Be attractive but not an attraction." A person can underdress, or overdress and in either case be an attraction. Dress in moderation and for that occassion. (You don't wear a formal gown to a ball game.) In most cases, it's the attitude that's important, not the manner of dress - which often reflects the attitude. (1 Peter 3:3-4)
---WIVV on 8/30/05

to dress provocatively is adultery to dress what pertains unto man is abomination unto GOd
---jim on 8/30/05

Clothes should not be too revealing, exposing areas like the navel in public does not augur well for me.But it all depends with the person's taste, but good Christian women will know what is expected of them.
For myself i believe romance is serious stuff so i would not want to be romantic with someone and tell them that i do not love them at the end of the day. Romance can only do in a love relationship.
---runya9977 on 8/30/05

For me it is modest clothing. Ankle length skirts, Nice blouses, nothing to revealing. Not loaded with a lot of makeup, just a little should do. I prefer inner beauty to shine over the outer beauty. I could never understand women wearing white clothing that reveal their undergarmets. Also clothing drawing attention to the person's private areas, whether they be adults or children. That only invites problems and troubles.
---geraa7578 on 8/30/05

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