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Promises From God On Remarriage

I got promises from the Lord about my remarriage and about His Will for me I am waiting on the Lord for the fulfilment of all His promises. How much time I need to wait?

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 ---francis on 8/30/05
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While this is an old blog (and the person may already have remarried), it's still worth pointing out to anyone that replies to keep in mind that the original poster never said she or he was divorced. It's very likely that this person's spouse passed away and the poster is looking forward to someday marrying again.
---AlwaysOn on 3/7/11

I will answer the part of your question about how long you should wait to see a promise from God fulfilled. It looks like everyone else has the remarry part covered. God promised David kingship when he was 12-15 years old. David was 30 and had led a life of much drama before he became king. It appeared many times he wouldn't be king but God was using all his trials and time to prepare him for the task. Look how long it was before Jesus came after promised. We are waiting on His promised return, now. You can't know God's timetable even when you know for sure He has promised something.
---Tammy_Rhoden on 3/7/11

If I go off the back of what you posted then here is your answer.....

You may have prayed about this but you do not know God or his word oR you would know the answer.(demons work as angels of the light)

Math 19:9

Except it be for fornication if you be married to another, that means if you are a man( your wife did not have a sexual relationship with another man) You are not permitted to marry again.

If you are a women( You as a woman are to...1 Cor 7 (REMAIN single)or work things out with your husband and (Reconsile) go back to him.
YOU as woman until death should not (re-marry
Now that would be the answer from God( becasue it is his WORD)
---Carla on 1/21/11

IF God spoke to you on this issue, then continue to live your life in HIM untill HE fulfills what HE told you. Do not worry yourself over the time. God's time is best.
---Adetunji on 1/21/11

God has made promises to me for me to be remarried to someone. He keeps putting it in front of my face in his own way. Let me say this it is not time frame. In his eyes you are setting your own time frame by constantly waiting to see something. He offered comfort to wht you asked and now you live moving forward. He puts blessings in front of you to see not on top of you for you to look and wait and have no understanding. Let me also say this while you sit and wait and ponder on when you are givin Satan a foot hold in the faith area. With doubt, by even asking how much time. Stand in faith. By questioning your doubting your own faith in God.
---Nicole_Hawkins on 1/17/11

What concerns me is why do you need to wait on God when it is already written????

Thou Shalt not commit Adultry.

Math 9:9, Matt 5,

Roman 7.

You are to remain single as unto the lord, Corinthians 7 will explain in detail.

The voice you will here is from the deceiver.
God has already spoken in his word. Nothing new to come he cannot lie and go against what is written.

Peace X
---Carla on 12/30/10

what concerns me the most is the fact that you are remarrying. God is very clear on that subject. You are to remain unmarried or else be reconciled to your husband/wife. (1 Corin. 7:10-11) and God will do that if you wait and pray. a new spouse is not from God because He doesn't do anything that contradicts His Word.
---T on 12/28/10

A lot of time has passed, and I wondered how it's going. God is also asking me to wait on someone. It feels like a long wait because I am a fleshly human. What keeps me believing is that when (if, for some) we hear from God, we should do exactly what He says. His Truth is greater than any man's and tells you otherwise.

---kathy on 4/26/09

Francis if I were you I'd be waiting for the marriage of the church to Jesus.
We are the bride of Christ, and Jesus promised that if we kept our eyes on this, and looked after the things that make up his righteousness in our life that the needs of this life will be added. (Matthew 6:33)

While you may feel this is a need, the greater need is there, that being the choice for purity. John promised (1John 3:3)that if we look for his coming we'll be kept pure.
Be faithful, be blessed.
---Pharisee on 4/9/07

what scriptural basis do we have to conclude that God has spoken personaly to us regarding our future partner? how do we know it is not wishful thinking?
If this is the case why does God not talk t all of us about our future mate? I KNOW that God is inpartial, and i do not believe he comes all the way down from the sky just to tell somebody who they are going to marry!
---susanna on 9/16/05

One day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years is as one day...

Hey! If you got a promise for remarriage, more power to ya, but when I asked about my very first marriage, I got Luke 20:34-35 (KJV). Look it up.

Now lest you say that I'm "forbidding to marry," let me say that my aunt gave me a prophesy about the kind of man that the Lord had for me, and I believe her. I'm just not in any hurry to find him.
---Samantha on 9/15/05

I believe we should not concentrate on whether we remarry or not.Yes,man was not meant to live alone,but make the relationship with God,top priority.God knows the desires of your heart,and if they are the right desires,and you are living a Godly life, then he will decide the time and who.pray tell him what you need,and he will provide.We are never alone,He is always with us.Debra
---debra on 9/15/05

I believe it is human responsibility to look for a spouse. Take a step of faith and allow God to lead.
---seble on 9/15/05

God's timing is not our timing. If you KNOW that God has told you to wait, then wait and wait well. Keep praying for your situation. He is likely at work behind the scenes, His timing is always perfect but our patience wears a little thin. I encourage you to focus on your own walk, prayer life and fellowship with friends and keep trusting the God who loves you.
---Paula on 9/1/05

on my left hand I wear a silver ring, because as I wait for my GOD to send me a natural husband. I am enjoying my loving relationship with Jesus. HE is making my heart whole with his wonderful unconditonal Love. He is my Supernatural husband.
---PAMELA on 8/30/05

If wanting will of God in life you must wait as long as it takes. God's tining is always the right time even though we may not see it.
I have been waiting for 6 yrs and will wait another 6 if it means doing the right thing in God's time.
---Marla on 8/30/05

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I've been praying the same thing for myself fourteen years now. I believe the Lord will answer my prayer, or Jesus is a liar because He told us in John 14:12-13 He would do whatever we asked in His name. Your sister in Christ, Shari
---Shari on 8/30/05

The Bible says they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strenght.they shall mount up wings as eagle they shall run and not be weary ,they shall walk and not faint. God makes everything beautiful in His own time.
---Pamela_Nina_alvez on 8/30/05

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