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My Teenagers Are Not Christian

I have a 2 teenagers that are not interested in church, my daughter says she is agnostic. Help me with scripture to lead them to Jesus. Give me Ideas to show them the way, It is my fault they are not into church because I have just recently accepted the way of the Lord.

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 ---Eric on 8/30/05
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Never underestimate the power of a praying mother, I lay hands on my boy, and say Holy Spirit follow him every where he goes, convict him STRONG of sin draw him to Jesus, keep him holy, saved, and bring him to heaven one day. The Holy Spirit is your teacher He will guide you, as you yield to Him.
---Whisper on 9/27/07

Here is how my mom did it, I didn't come to Christ until later on, but here is what started the way. At night when ever it is real quiet and ur teenagers aren't blaring their music or ready to sleep start reading the Bible out loud to yourself and where they can hear it. Your not forcing it on them to hear it so they might close the door or turn the music on, each night do it and must of all pray for them.
---ANN on 9/26/07

2. You have to believe the word of God for yourself, That God will save them, and act on that. God moves when there is faith. Share basic scrip with them...When you can. Do not forse it. Let them see the change in you. Be honest with God about your walk with Him.
---Linda3939 on 9/26/07

Do not panic. Pray and trust that the Lord will save all your household, it is a promise. I have been believing for my sons for a long time. I was just recently shown by God in prayer that he and his wife will come to know Him and serve Him. My other son, I know He has asked Jesus into his heart. He just does not believe himself that Jesus came in. Loving them is the best way. But whatever you do, do not panic. Trust in God. There is still time and God can move at the right time. keep praying.
---Linda3939 on 4/1/07

Don't force them...ever! I am telling you this because I know first hand. My mother tried to convert me into her newly found religion when I was in high school and it made me run as far away as I could from both. The best thing you can do is lead by example...not by lecturing, forcing youth group or church on them, and not be bring in people to talk to them about it. Just let them be and have them come to you... it might take years, but you'll ruin it any other way.
---Mary on 10/17/05

The key word is teenagers. You cannot force them to serve God. However, keep a standard in your home. Let them know what will and will not be tolerated in YOUR christian home. They'll see the change and I promise they will respect you and Christ
---nia on 9/28/05

Praise the Lord for your salvation. Now, pray that God would make you salt and light for your children to see. Let them see the Holy Spirit at work in your changed attitudes and behavior. Pray for your children and love them to Jesus. If your new church has a youth group that they might be willing to attend, allow them to go there.
---Madison on 8/30/05

i am in a similar situation. i also regret not having raised my son in church. and so i am making up for lost time and can do nothing else aside from pray. since i cannot dictate all his actions or his acceptance of Christ, i have to trust God to draw him by His Spirit and open his eyes. i have been praying and waiting on this and recently saw it come to fruition when my son came to me and asked me to pray with him for salvation. waiting on the Lord and being a good example indeed works.
---naomi on 8/30/05

You are how old and just trusted in Our Lord and Saviour? Be patient like God was patient with you. Pray and lead by example. Let them see the good work in you, that through you, you may bring them to the Lord.
---geraa7578 on 8/30/05

First off, welcome to the family! Prayer changes things! Lift your children up in prayer. Ask God for an opportunity to share your faith with them, and the strength to be a good example by the way you live now. Once they see the change in you, and the joy, peace and love that flow out of you, maybe they will decide they want it too. Even if it takes twenty years, never give up hope on their salvation and pray for them unceasingly. May the Lord answer your prayers. Amen!
---Katie on 8/30/05

Eric, the obvious is to pray about it and your actions and reactions from now on will show them the light. This has been mentioned so often before," I would rather live my life believing that God is real only to find out at the end that He isnt, than to live my life believing that there is no God, only to find out at the end that He is real".
Tell this to them and watch the reaction.
---Stephen_Gladwin on 8/30/05

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