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Certain Families Rule The Church

What do you do when you have certain families in the church who seem to have all the final say-so's in church decisions and look oddly at any other suggestions? I know you all have those in your church who think they own it. How do we handle it?

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 ---Cathy_Y on 8/30/05
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if they are giving you odd looks because they cant relate to jesus ideas, then its time to find a different church... or maybe start your own...or do on a mission to be renewed... im not preaching, but the lord must have put the idea in my heart to tell you that... you can brag on jesus you know.. bye now, a sister in the body, shawn
---shawn on 5/22/08

This is a very common thing in churches these days and has probably been around for quite a while. It is very discouraging and very damaging to others in the church. But...God is still in control. And always will be. If these families , including the pastor is not right, God will intervene. Pray much over this situation. God answers prayer and does change things. Just pray and remain faithful, for a while longer.
---Robyn on 6/22/07

More: This is why so many members of churches refuse to pay tithes and give more money in the churches. We are treated so poorly and mostly ignored, most of the time. Then when they need our money, to continue their proud and evil lifestyles, we suppose to fork it over. I don't think so.This is not very godly but what they do is even worse. Dividing God's people and wreaking havoc among the brethren, is a very sinful and evil thing to do.
---Robyn on 6/22/07

Don't allow bitterness to take root, instead pray for their eyes to be opened to sin, and be humbled. Pray that you will have the attitude of Christ and consider others' needs better than your own (Philippians 2). Do as God instructs, and obey his commands. If the circumstances hinder you from following the Lord, perhaps you need to remove yourself from the situation.
---Katie on 6/22/07

Our time on this earth is too short to please man. We are to follow Christ. If a group is following their own selfish ambitions, don't join in, there is no shame in abandoning ship. If you are being hindered by others in following YOUR selfish ambitions, thank God you have friends like that in your life.
---Katie on 6/22/07

You'll find eventually the people will vote with their feet!

---Carla5754 on 6/21/07

wow Kathy, you must go to my church!! I have been feeling the same way for years, but my husband has am umbilical cord to this church, complains but wont leave...

there is NOTHING you can do to change it, just pray and praps seek another church
---casey5399 on 6/21/07

Rose is there a good reason why you stay in that church? Jake I used to go to a church EXACTLY like the one you describe. More than 60 people left in the space of about 2 months.
---M.P. on 10/13/05

Pray,confess your sins,then do matthew, where you go and speak the truth in love, if there are no changes, take a witness, no change, tell it in front of the church. First take the log or sin out of your eye before you do any of this.If it continues leave the church.
---Joyce9456 on 10/12/05

Scripture says to show partiality is sin. Does this pastor not know the word of God?
What kind of example is he setting?
Control is witchcraft and God hates it!Where is this pastors backbone?
---ann_G on 10/7/05

I went to a church a few years ago who's leadership were all friends from their youth including the Pastor. We called them the boys club.
---Jake on 9/12/05

Cathy your situation is better than mine. Our Pastor owns the church and he & his wife treat some members like his servants.

He has some "supporters" who sing along with him and they are given all the final says behind while he covers up for them when their plans leaked.

This particular group thinks they own the church and own you too.

Their attitude is take it or leave it.
---Rose on 9/9/05

Your options are limited: 1. Either find out what is going on! (No one can force the church into anything IF the leadership is as it should be.) Talk the the board, (if they have one) or the pastor.
2. You only other option, (in my opinion) is to change churches. You attend church for spiritual food, if you can't get it at this church than change - but make sure the pastor and the leadership knows why you are leaving.

If enough families leave, soon someone will want to know why.
---WIVV on 9/6/05

You have one of 2 options: 1. Leave and find a better church or 2. Try to make an impact on others.

(2) Is a harder route. It could take years to make a difference. Or is there something God is working with you on? Just try to be the best example for Christ that you can. Stay involved in the process, don't "check out".
---Tom145 on 9/1/05

the devil will use any means possible to seperate/divide church families.Pray for wisdom and knowledge on this matter,and don't let the devil win this one. God Bless
---missy on 9/1/05

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