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Why Are Some Pastors Lazy

As Christians, we are called to be volunteers. Why do some pastors only work 40 hours? My pastor even said he was overloaded and requested 3 more months paid vacation. The whole congregation approved. Why are some pastors and church paid staff not required to contribute some volunteer work?

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 ---Mary on 8/30/05
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Our rector is never in the office... not because he's out visiting parishioners, but because he's taking care of his 3 kids or hanging out in the rectory. When we call the rectory, we always get the answering machine because he never answers the phone. He almost never visits anyone--at home or in the hospital. His wife is a 1/2 time minister in the next town, but she spends more time at her church than he does at ours. Many of us wish they would switch positions, or that his assistant who is always around would be able to take over. Please pray for us and him.
---Everyman on 6/10/09

You need to find a new church! My 1st concern is "he requested 3 more months paid vacation" and the 2nd is the congregation approved! I don't know of any pastor who recieves more than a few weeks/year. Ours gets 3 and he's been here 10 years. A true pastor does not place himself above the congregation and should be willing to serve/work in every capacity alongside every member of the congregation - no matter the task. I am blessed to witness a man such as this in our pastor. He may be in the pulpit on Sunday, but he'll be digging a trench or plunging a toilet the next day. A true pastor is willing to serve and not expect to be served. I hope you'll be able to find a church with a pastor with a true servant's heart.
---Carol on 3/27/09

When you see a lazy pastor standing with his hands in his pockets while other men of the church do makes you wonder. Then when you ask other pastors about the get the political bogus excuse, one that they have rehearsed time and time again. Another sad example, when you have a pastor that oversees a ministry like evangelism but is too afraid to participate.
Pilippians 1:27-28

27 Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ. Then, whether I come and see you or only hear about you in my absence, I will know that you stand firm in one spirit, contending as one man for the faith of the gospel 28 without being frightened in any way by those who oppose you.
---Ed on 12/12/08

I'm not sure any of us are volunteers really. We cannot assist the Almighty Creator in His work. It is only by His grace that any of us are able to serve HIm. Even on our best days our efforts are nothing without His strength. Also the bible tells us that we should pay our pastors 1Timothy 5:17-18. My husband has a full time secular job and is a senior pastor - he works hard but is exhausted. There's a lot more to pastoring than doing services and visitation. Support your pastor and pray for him - the Lord will encourge your heart as you do this. God bless
---Fiona on 10/31/08

It's true that the majority of pastors have very little accountability in their work week, so this makes personal discipline and work ethic a must.
But for those complaining, so much more goes on behind the scenes than people realize.
In addition to keeping office hours, 4-5/7 weeknights are taken up with church work/visitation etc. The pastor is on call 24 hours a day, and is the one to 'work out' any and all problems.
I just shake my head at the armchair quarterbacks who think they can do a better job. Surrender then and do it! We are at a shortage as it is!
By the way, I get 2 Sundays off a year, and preach 4 times a week the other 50. I'm not complaining, I love what I do, I just wish other people would get a clue.
---Ryan on 9/30/08

I think it really has to depend on the church or ministry.

It would be easy in most environments for a pastor to just put in 'office hours' which might be spent on the Internet doing 'research' or sitting in the office study reading theology books.

One pastor in San Diego spent most of his office hours writing books (on 'church' time).

His 'royalty' payments probably exceeded his church salary. Was it right or fair? That church had a huge soup kitchen outreach to hundreds of homeless people. I would rather have seen him establish relationships with the down and outers and focused his writing on that.
---obewan on 8/8/08

My wonderful Rabbi has a fulltime job and spends the rest of his time caring for the congregation which is 250 strong. He receives no money for this services, neither do any of the other leaders - we have not paid staff - everything is voluntary. Rabbi spends lots of hours preparing messages and teaching and do the rest of us that are in any type of leadership rolls. We do this because we love our Messiah and are called according to his purpose. I work a full time job and spend many hours working and preparing for my part in the ministry. I have my own Messianic Dance minsitry on the the side. Rabbi is always available when needed as are the other elders and leaders in the congregation. I have nothing against a pastor being paid.
---Gophylann on 8/6/08

This western style business Chrisianity is the poblem. Pastors overseas are being killed for the Gospel and imprisoned if they don't renounce Christ.

Some of these so called Pastors are just hirelings that are not in it as a Biblical Shepard.

Otherwise pray for them that they repent and live up to their calling like Christ did...This is a serious duty, not a western busiess career field.
---yochanon on 8/6/08

I don't know about your pastor, but I know my pastor is on call 24/7. He makes hospital visits in the middle of the night, takes phone calls from upset congregants, picks up stranded people at the bus station, and then gets ready to preach on Sunday. My pastor is awesome. Have you looked at all the things your pastor does when people aren't around?
---robin on 8/6/08

serving God requires no time limit. we should make ourselves available always for the ministry being entrusted to us because the God we serve made Himself available to us 24/7. its very ironic, here in the philippines most Pastors could hardly send their children to school, could hardly eat 3 times a day, yet they are giving their heart and soul to the work of God inspite poverty. i am one of the volunteer in our church (sunday school teacher for young people) but all of us dont receive a single cents from our church. we do it with all our heart to glorify God. Our church Pastor never had that vacation, if Our Lord God will give me more than what i have now it will not hurt me to grant a grand vacation to him because i know he deserves it
---selfa5593 on 8/6/08

Debbie, how do you know how many hours he works?
---Donna66 on 8/5/08

If our Pastor worked 40 hours a week I would be in hog heaven. We are lucky if he works 20 at most!!!
---Debbie on 8/5/08

I agree with you and so does the bible. Lets face it there are so many who feed themselves not caring for the flock. These are classsed as wolves in sheeps clothing (matt.7.15-23). These people come in at the wide gate of carnal profession not via the narrow gate of true conversion, and it says they preached in the Lord's name (ver.22). Such make christianity to stink as the false leaders in the old testament made the sacrifices to stink because of their pernicious ways. There are far more carnal professors within meeting houses than there are true christians.
---Alan on 8/5/08

God does not want us working all the time. Neither does He want us to have a lazy spirit. In the first place I am very prone to temptations, God actually said that to me. Having this condition, if I do not get enough rest, if I am too tired, well, Satan can come in and me in trouble. Also, I could very easily do nothing but work. [God no likes that]. Another thing is, if you feel overloaded, or burned up, you won't be able to do a very good job for God. So I suppose we should stay in balance. Work a little, and play a little, spend time with God a lot. While you are spending time with God you are also resting. Although that too appears to be work to me. When I get up I am renewed and So amazing that is. I suppose that we are never really off.
---catherine on 8/4/08

Pastors are human beings. As such, they are just as prone to being lazy unless they discipline themselves just like anyone else when it comes to Bible study, spending time with the Lord, intercessory prayer, exercising, eating right, applying patience, showing Godly Love, not judging others and having an ongoing burden for the lost. Being obedient to God's Word in all matters cures laziness. Its rather simple to understand. It takes obedience to God's Word and following the leading of the Holy Spirit which brings about setting a better example.
---Robert on 8/4/08

Being the religious narcissist I have been, I have welcomed opportunities to look down on ones who are doing things the wrong way. My attention needs to be to the LORD, first, instead (o: And I can be led to who He has for me, and be busy with doing what is you don't have time to criticize the wrong ones(?).

If a pastor can burn out, I'd think you'd have an understanding for the pastor to stop for a pit stop break, whenever there is burnout risk. Kind of like sick time, and *encouraged* to do this. And have regular vacation time. And perhaps have accountability for checking on the pastor and others to make sure they stay with doing things with "rest for your souls." (in Matthew 11:29)
---Bill_bila5659 on 7/31/08

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Could it be so that members of the body will learn how to minister to each other?

The pastor's job is more than preaching and counseling. What some think is laziness might actually be an effort to get members more involved in the life of the church.

1Pe 4:10 As every man hath received the gift, [even so] minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.

Wise old saying, not Scripture.
"you get out of something only what you are willing to put into it"
---Donna66 on 7/31/08

What of the online ministers??? It seems they really have it made....What part of their home constitutes an office for I.R.S. purposes and what financial perks are they realizing as "churches" in name only?
---ccane on 7/31/08

Just wondering---could it be easier for a sinner to go thru 'an eye of a needle' then it would be for most pastors? Here is the thing: If pastors are teaching lies (and they ALL are), then will not this be held against them? Would it not be better for them to keep their mouths shut and ask for the Holy Spirit to help them KNOW the real truth?
---james on 6/22/08

Because they can be. For some it's a life of luxury, no real hard work. Lucrative, lucre, must be where "luck" comes from.
---Donna on 6/21/08

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I am one of those pastors that many of you are judging. Most Pastors never see a 40 hour week b/c ministry is not an occupation it is a lifestyle. Most never realize the amount of work involved in ministry. Just a fact not a complaint. You also want to criticise these rich Mega pastors so I guess David, Solomon, and Job should be in hell according to your standards. Look at the fruit they are bearing and rejoice and be glad for them! stop being jealous of those God has blessed. Just because some pastors make a greater salary then others is no reason to be critical. Afterall, the Lord GIVES!
---Chad on 6/19/08

I have been a pastor for 30+ years and money/vacation time has never been an issue with me. Our trustees meet under the leadership of our Administrative Pastor once a month and I have not attended a monthly meeting in 6-7 years. God has called me to be the shepherd of the flock and not the CFO of the church.
By the way, I have no vacation limits - as far as our church is concerned, I could take three months off. I find it hard to even take two weeks off. I miss the people and ministry too much while I am away. Why would I want three months off - unless I had burned myself out doing all that administrative stuff.
While I was on vacation, the A/C went out in the Education Building and no one called me - they simply had it replaced.
---Mitch on 6/19/08

THREE MONTHS vacation (paid or not)???!! I never heard of such laziness, corruption and abuse. And the Board of WHIMPS goes along with it (and in this financial crisis). Consider that he's not coming back (THREE MONTHS!!, he skipped town). Many pastors are "hirelings" (John 10:13, the rest are grossly irresponsible and never cared for us to "enter by the door).

FIRE the pastor/bum. This economic crisis is going to show many people the TRUTH about money and God.
---greg on 4/29/08

If I was a Preacher(Shepard)of a Flock,
I would be their Everyday for Gods Sheep & for the Lost who are seeking The Way.
I would take NO money, Just some food a pillow/blanket and a cot.

Unfortunantly Preaching Isn't My Calling.
W/a wife & 3 Kids that would have been impossible for me to do.

There's this preacher in Tx. who's a Doctor & making Bank(Mega-Money), He still wants 10%. for doing Gods work.
Right or Wrong, Do You think that is right?
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 4/28/08

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Oh I wish you all could meet my pastor, I can't say enough good things about him and his family. Today, especially, my poor minister is totally exhausted from taking a group of teens to an event and still trying to deal with everything he has to deal with on a daily basis. If I had his job, I'd be in a psychiatric hospital by now--seriously!
---Mary on 4/28/08

marrianne ... Some pastors work full time paid at their pastor job, and jt usually means much more than 40 hours.
At the other end of the scale, some pastors have a full time non-church job, and then in their "spare" time work unpaid as the pastor.
---alan_of_UK on 4/28/08

I was not aware that pastors put in a 40 hours week. Mine hangs out at the church at times, but does not prepare a sermon until Saturday night. I assumed most work was part time - 1 day per week - and the rest of the time, he was just around in case you needed him. You usually find him at the local buffet restaurant most nights.
---marianne on 4/28/08

jhonny- you're right- laziness does morph into cowardice aweful quick. But we aren't without recourse. We can always contact the district offices of a denomination and explain to them why you are pulling away from the local church, and mention the pastor's name. If they are Pharisees, they won't respond, but if they do respond then you have something to work with. It's one way of testing the waters.
---Aggie on 10/31/07

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Pastors rarely can possibly stick to 40 hours a week. It is high burn out profession due to all the demands and most of us are not good at saying no.
---James on 10/31/07

Our pastor (and others also) would not know what to do with himself if he were given 3 months off - paid or unpaid. He is supposed to have 4 Sundays off a year and never takes any. The reason - so many churches have no-one to preach on Sundays so ministers give their days off to these churches and are, therefore, preaching every Sunday.
---RitaH on 9/26/07

I don't think it is laziness on the pastor's part (maybe in some situations yes) but the people of the church don't often see what goes on behind the scenes, especially during the week. The church staff are constantly busy, planning services, visiting people. I agree, that the 3 months paid vacation is a bit excessive, but a pastor needs vacation time just like everyone else. A chance to rejuvenate. Being a pastor or youth director is stressful. You have to answer to EVERYONE in the church.
---Katie on 9/25/07

Robyn, do forgive me but I have this to say. That is a huge problem with worldly churches today. God never bless the disobedient..sorry to say this but its true. ..SDA pastors all get the same pay no matter if you been in long or new. we know exactly where our money goes and results of things done are always made known 2us every Sabbath and on sabbath school lesson books etc.God blesses our church abundantly cos we are honest stewards of His money.Do come join us.You will b blessed.
---jana on 9/23/07

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Robyn. Thanks for your testimony.
"..members are afraid to speak up and will put up with any of their behavior. one questioned you on anything. They...become corrupt in a short period of time.They dont fear anyone. Not even God. This is my belief."
And how people love to dread a man in authority who serves the idolatrous system and not God. This is corruption that people love to follow this system of tyranny and these mutually ordained men. Lazy quickly morphs to a coward.
---jhonny on 9/18/07

Mainline churches=free utilities/home/cars/ its insurance.Shocking:paying 4 deaths!July $100 family funeral eulogy & $200 pastor funeral car!/$175 ride 2 miles 4 us!/hearse 4 flowers!IM 4 cremation/chapel 4 "home coming." IT'S WRONG 2 PAY 4 DEATH!Others/my pastor don't!Pastor doesn't have office/ secretary/don't pay musicians/teachers/ youth leaders/Bible school/cut grass/paint/ clean church/cook meals/altar flowers.Drama team hold fund raisers/nor charge churches nor ask 4 money!
---Beth on 9/17/07

Did Jesus charge?Did he tell his disciples 2 ask?No!He said NOT 2,they'll be taken care of.Did any charge 4 burials/raising dead/baptisms/camel-donkey-boat rides/ preach at another church or outside/ healings/blessings?People KNEW 2 provide 4 them.I write on envelope where/4 what/how much."I can't give"is wrong,we CAN cut out 1 food item/something we want.$1 goes far when others add $1.Kids=50 cents.We never gave allowances.Kids work 2 buy bling-bling but don't pay God 1st,he owns all!
---Beth on 9/17/07

I've been in the Mega Churches and the very small poor country churches where ever I grew up or lived many years with my husband going to where the jobs were. The pastors on tv are my supplemental but not who I give money to. The ones on tv never helped us when dad was out of a job from serious illness nor us as seniors in poverty 3 1/2 years. If they offer something on tv I want that just asks for a donation, I give something very small. My tithe belongs to my church & the poor.
---Beth on 9/17/07

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I prefer the small pastor of my old Baptist church as a teen. He and his wife gave to help so many including us. He used his own money to see my dad 40 miles away in a hospital. The deacons and he handed me an envelope with money when I walked home from school. Women brought food in baskets to the public housing we had to move to as we lost everything. When dad recovered, we got a nice house, & gave back tithes and free will offereings to help others. Our pastor/wife always gave time/money.
---Beth on 9/17/07

There was a meeting unanounced on a Sunday night where the pastor/family/council sat on stage justifying themselves as some of us cried and others told them off. My child was 14 & saw this as well as other young people. Many of us left to go elsewhere & are happier. We couldn't unseat the pastor having no vote! We who left get together from our churches to minister as a group to the homeless & go to the streets with our youth with their talents.
---Beth on 9/17/07

Our car's falling apart,pastor/wife drove off"we'll pray you get another car!"We gave tithe/free will/preacher visitors(some never got paid!)/missions/etc. Their homes: mansions/with elites/inner circle golfing trips.We love our new small church but 30% give.Pastor's up in yrs. always worked 40 hr.job outside church to support family. Relatives gave them a house.He preaches 2 times a wk.Some left as hymns no longer played.Some fought over type/new building for church growth from wkly salvations.
---Beth on 9/17/07

Robyn, it makes a lot of difference. Tithes and offerings are money going INTO the church. The pastor's salary is going OUT OF the church as is money for electricity etc. He should be handling NONE of this. There should be a financial secretary or a treasurer or possibly a whole committee doing all this. The pastor's job is to preach and do pastoral work, not handle money.If you are 100% certain that he handles the money you should speak out and get this changed. It's wrong.
---RitaH on 9/17/07

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Robyn, why do you stay in this church if so much hypocrisy and wrong doings are going on. You sound as though there is nothing right there. There are so many churches to choose from so why not go elsewhere and take your offerings with you. Do a little homework first so that you choose wisely where to go.
---RitaH on 9/17/07

The churches are not churches anymore. Pastors dont want deacons, treasurers of old. They want full reign and control of the churches now, especially the money. I don't want to blow their covers. But I will say this: TD jakes and all of the millionaire preachers handle all of the money themselves! How do you think they drive their luxury cars and take these expensive vacations and all the other trappings of wealth? No church, no where in the USA is going to pay these kind of salaries to preachers.
---Robyn on 9/17/07

Jana: Call me what you may. That's the problem. People are afraid to speak out on all of the hypocrisy and woundedness going on in these churches today. Our kids are being molested, women raped, others robbed and fleeced. What does it take before we wake up and say no more! I have brother in laws relatives and friends who are preachers. They make money from the churches(2-3) times a week. Great paydays. I would say.
---Robyn on 9/17/07

RitaH:One difference does it make? Tithes,offerings, dues,special offerings, anniversaries,birthdays. Whenever money is given in the church, the pastor handles it all. In the churches I am familiar rules. I don't see many people getting saved, don't see many people being fed, witnessed to and so on but money rules!I sought the Lord on this a long time ago. I give an offering but the bulk of my money stays with me where I use it to help the poor and needy. Of which class I belong, as well.
---Robyn on 9/17/07

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Jana: I am a PK. That's the only proof I need. But I can say truthfully, my father was not like the preachers of today. He truly loved the poor and needy and did what he could to help. I have worked in every area of the church also. Honey I have been around. I am not blind. One church I left(the pastor) did not even want deacons around because they handled the money and kept the pastor away from it. Now you figure that out. He put the money directly into his pocket.
---Robyn on 9/17/07

Robyn "hundreds and thousand of dollars 2-3 times per week" are we talking salary here or offerings and tithes? They are not the same thing you know.
---RitaH on 9/17/07

Robyn, where is your proof that the pastors are getting so much once to twice a week? It is not pastors fault that he has so many in his flock..Do you realise that pastors dont handle money at all and they dont make up their own salary etc???Dont be like the pharisees who complains much..Get real and get in behind your pastor and help him..Thats what Jesus wants us to do, not nag nag ...your holding up His coming..
---jana on 9/17/07

Pastors are lazy because their members are afraid to speak up and will put up with any of their behavior. You would be lazy too.. if you had thousnds of members, you were the dictator and no one questioned you on anything. Yet you were making hundreds and thousand of dollars 2-3 times per week. Sometimes more. One man/woman with that kind of power is dangerous. They will also become corrupt in a short period of time.They dont fear anyone. Not even God. This is my belief.
---Robyn on 9/16/07

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"Yes I agree. Most pastors are lazy in the U.S." I would be careful how you judge "most pastors". Matthew 7:2 "For in the way you judge, you will be judged, and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you.
---denna7667 on 9/16/07

Therefore judge nothing before the appointed time, wait till the Lord comes. He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of men's hearts. At that time each will receive his praise from God (1 Cor. 4:5).

If you can not do something constructive do not be a party to divisiveness by complaining. Exhort, encourage, lift up in prayer or go where you can grow.

In all remember that we are all on a path - none of us has arrived.
---Andrea on 9/13/07

you nag becos u dont like this or that of a pastor..Why not takeup the position and experience what every pastor does?Have you considered asking if he need help Or have you gone over to see how his family is? this is Gods servant and you help him..not nag. talk about rich pastors..thats jealousy..Where they get their finance? none of our business..Have you given much in tithes as these rich pastors do????Leave God's servants alone..
---jana on 9/13/07

Churches have become businesses with employees. Those types of pastors are church employees not shepards. The design of churches today is nothing like what Jesus wanted. If the apostle Paul came today, he would be disgusted. In fact, most churches would not let him inside to speak.
---jody_martin on 9/12/07

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The life of a pastor here in U.K. is far from perfect, in fact there are far too few coming out of our theological colleges to cope but, the more I read on this blog the more pleased I become that I do not live in the U.S. An awful lot of you seem very dissatisfied with your pastors and from what I see on Christian T.V. (which I watch only rarely now) the more I can understand that dissatisfaction.
---RitaH on 9/12/07

2. Christian T.V., which is mainly American, shows Christianity either as 'easy-believism', 'entertainment' or 'money making rackets'. There is very little that looks like true Christianity to me. I really hope I'm wrong on this.
---RitaH on 9/12/07

Some churches are run like slaughterhouses. Man is in charge and God is not. These are the type of churches that have caused Christians to become bitter,wounded and very angry toward preachers, deacons and whomever contributes to this tyranny and destruction. It is not that the Christians resent our leaders or authority but the leadership and preachers are oftentimes,very corrupt. Who wants to be under that type leadership? We have to be under absolute obedience to these type butchers and fleecers.
---Robyn on 9/12/07

Yes I agree. Most pastors are lazy in the U.S. They want a large salary but yet they do a halfwit job of leading the people. Most are arrogant,prideful and very ungodly , yet they want your money. They feel no shame in asking for your money and then pass you on the street barely speaking. Driving his luxury car and living in fine homes, on the church money. If they do the job thay say God called them too, perhaps members would not be so resentful.
---Robyn on 9/12/07

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Why are so many christians lazy?
---dan on 9/12/07

Just like any job there are bad employees or workers if you will. My suggestion is try following a pastor for say a two week period and do everything he does including middle of the night calls, sermon preparation and all other facets. Most people only see the pastor on the pulpit.
---denna7667 on 9/11/07

I'm floored at what I see. The advantage to being a Protestant is you can go to any church and worship - if you don't like it be part of a solution or start your own home church.
If I want to stuff my pastors pockets with goodies and or money that is up to me.
You make it sound sinfull.....terrible

it's a nice thing to want to bless your pastor.

where is your Christian faith in all this ugliness?
---Andrea on 9/11/07

I think a pastor's job in U.K. must be vastly different from that of a pastor's job in U.S. Many pastors here have at least 3 churches to oversee, some have many more. Some are also hospital chaplains. With 3 churches the pastor has to be shared on Sundays. One has him morning, another afternoon and another evening and they rotate each week. He then has 3 bible studies, 3 women's fellowships or Young Wives groups, 3 prayer meetings.
---RitaH on 9/11/07

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2. Far more sick visiting and counselling than if he only had one church and, in addition, more letters to write and 'phone calls to take. O yes, and let us not forget the youth groups and Sunday school. Little wonder many leave the ministry and some of those who don't go voluntarily (to a nice 40 hour week in industry or a shop) go because of ill health, physical and mental
---RitaH on 9/11/07

Pastors spend a lot of their time riding around in their nice cars and trucks. Drinking coffee and eating at the sisters homes in the churches. Especially the sisters who can cook and bake. Their pockets are usually full of their congregants money come Monday morning. They can spend money like water because come Wednesday they get another paycheck. No one is allowed to share or tell them anything. He is! Ohh..but one day there is going to be Hell to pay!
---Robyn on 9/11/07

Paid staff use to be unheard. Everyone gave service to the church freely. Now everyone wants to be paid. Their hearts are far away from God they only want to be paid. Pastors received a salary but now they are breaking away, starting their own churches, so they can handle all of the money without anyone telling them what to do. I have heard of pastors not wanting asst pastors or deacons in the church. He has no one telling him anything. He runs the whole show and burns out quickly.
---Robyn on 6/3/07

Hmm. I don't see a one-man show in the scripture anywhere. Where in the Bible is this mythical one man who does all the pastoring in "his" church? I thought Jesus was the only high-priest we needed anymore? Your Church should be a body of believers that takes care of each other and is lead by a group of qualified elders. The reason your "pastor" is so overloaded is because one man was never intended to do it all.
---John on 6/3/07

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There are pastors,and Pastors.Some will be smitten, causing their sheep to scatter Mat26
:31. Some are hierlings(just in it for the money)and will flee the sheep when things get tough Jn10:12.Some are of their father the devil Jn8:44. Some will search for their sheep Lke15:4.Some will get righteous anger when they see wrong and correct it Jn2:15. Some know what their flock needs Jn10:3 Some will be told Mat25:21,23 Some will be told Mat25:30. V33 work to the right? Our part in this is Lke6:37
---Toby on 11/6/06

Because pastors work alot more than you think. what you see your pastor doing is just the tip of the iceberg. Pastors usually never work only 40 hours a week. I am a pastor and I work all the time I'm up early and I'm in bed late. I get calls at 3 am, when spouses fight. To call a pastor lazy is wrong, it's like saying that they work only 1 day a week.
---Jared on 11/4/06

It's true. There are lazy pastors, and lazy workers in any job. There are some pastors that live for the buffet table, as well as others. But there are pastors who dedicate their lives to the sheep. They pray night and day. They think nothing of going into a bar, pulling a lost sheep off of a barstool, and taking him home. They minister to biker groups, gangs, and run soup kitchens. The good outnumber the 'lazy'.
---anonymous on 11/4/06

How unfortunate that we all sit here and examine the divine call of pastors by judging them as lazy and not doing enough. Perhaps the better way would be to pray for your pastor and indeed yourself, that you would not be so quick to judge. There are many different ways to be edified, luckily God gave us prayer instead of blame.
---John on 11/3/06

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You are lucky. Our pastor is lucky if he works an hour a day! He seems to feel that he only needs to give a serman, and not prepare for the children's serman, but say something off the look at the birds out there, it looks like spring, well, the birds were there a couple hours ago
---susan on 4/6/06

I must say that I chuckled at the question. I am a pastor's wife and if my husband could work only 40 hours - what a life it would be! A pastor's work is never done. I could spend 40 hours listing the responsibilities of a pastor, but I think it is enough to say that he is on call 24/7 on top of preparing sermons and managing the church. Yes, if only he could just work 40 hours a week!
---Heather on 11/3/05

A good pastor is unappreciated kicked or whatever by his congregation but he/she gets by on Gods love.They arent usually lazy they know how to delegate leaders that ignite each and everyone of their passions Debba
---Debbie on 10/29/05

If the pastor is true to his calling, then he most likely does the job to which he is called. Howbeit, many pastors are indeed lazy and do just the minimum required. My former pastor was discharged in part because he worked less than 40 hours per week.
---lee1538 on 10/28/05

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A pastor is accountable for every soul in his congregation before the throne of the living God. A pastor is ALWAYS overloaded; I've never seen one who wasn't. Looking after the dying as well as the living, being an administrator, a thrilling sermon giver, a super financial officer as well as soul keeper, and if they sing-a bonus!. Let's get serious. However a 3mo vacation might better incorporate added training and retreat time plus a month to be with the family. Good investment!
---Elsie on 10/28/05

Thank you George! Either you ARE a Pastor, or you are a great blessing to the Pastor who is fortunate enough to have you in his flock.
---Pastors_wife on 10/28/05

Obviously, he wouldn't have entered ministry without faith. What kinds of things would you be thinking about, being given the responsibility of gaurding the souls of the congregation from eternal death and doom, and knowing that your whole life will be laid bare before the Eternal God and judged on how well you performed your ministry. Three months seems excessive, though. This pastor may be even rethinking his ability to lead.
---George on 10/24/05

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