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Singles Men Are Athletes

Why do most the men on the singles profiles feel as though all us ladies are looking for athletes? Many say they work out every day if not 3 times a week or they do all these extra active sports. Wow I don't want Arnold (smiles) I want a man that has the love of God.

Moderator - A man that loves God will take care of the temple.

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 ---Lea on 8/30/05
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How long will a man that loves God take care of his temple? Just until he is married and needs all of his time to earn the money and take care of the house and spend time with the kids. But that's OK, because there is always the garage or the basement if one really wanted to lift weights. Most men would rather sit with their families. Different seasons.
---harold on 6/28/07

Some of us are looking for athletes (hee, hee). I run/work out at the gym 5 times a week and lead a very active lifestyle. I need someone with a similar lifestyle or I'd go crazy (or he would!) - and, yes, he also has to have the love of God. Unfortunately, my experience with some of these on-line jocks, is that they're wanna be's or has beens. Then again, maybe an active man will encourage you towards a more healthy lifestyle!
---marya4586 on 6/28/07

Good answer Peter!

First off... Why are you acting like you are looking through a catalogue of "men" like we are just interchangable males? Do you want to be treated like an interchangable female?

Secondly... Do you want men to judge you on the basis of the way your shell (flesh) looks? Do you work out regularly yourself?
---David7647 on 10/30/05

If you are looking for a spouse, then obviously you want to have things in common with them. I really do enjoy being active and going to the gym, if my wife didn't, then that would be a lot of time we would have to spend apart. I thought the point of marriage was to spend your life 'together'.

If I enjoy being active and being healthy, that does not mean I am stupid, and wanting someone who is active and healthy does not mean I am shallow.
---Peter3773 on 10/3/05

The fact is that looks... they really matter! But don't get me wrong, I strongly believe that the inside beauty is more important, but we all are human beings and have physical, spiritual, sexual and emotional needs. So IMHO I think that it's good to take good care of your body.. just don't take it to the extreme.
---Alex on 9/30/05

It is good to keep our bodies in shape and healthy by watching what we eat, but the real challenge is to RUN THE RACE FOR THE PRIZE which is in Christ Jesus. Everything in balance; that is called "temperance".
---Elsie on 9/30/05

i would accept it at face value that they truly are working out 3 times a week, to keep in shape, and that they're not posting this just to appeal to the women.
---Eloy on 9/30/05

After thought: " & women being lovers of selves..".

Some things are so obvious scripturely, we need to stop thinking a lot, & simply start believing/accepting that we like Paul [Rom.7:1 >], have to recognize what this flesh can do to most anyone!

"Physical exercise profits little, spiritual exercise is profitable to all things" [body, mind, & spirit].
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 9/29/05

"Taking care of the temple" does NOT always mean working out and looking like a professional body builder. I am convinced that most men who have this goal are doing what they're doing for themselves and NOT for women! There are far too many men who are worshipping at the altar of Bally's and admiring themselves in the mirrors. Uugh!
---Crystal on 9/29/05

Read what the single ladies are looking for.

ex. single female 55 years young ..........
ideal match: male/man 30 to 42 years of age

Get It!

Then there's the visual media & shows.

For men & women, conditioning & looks count within reason. It says a lot about what to expect later on, after the catch!
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 9/29/05

Its not so much what a man has on the outside that will get him into the kingdom of heaven but is he a praying man? This was my main reason for this Question ...Looks are only skin deep but ugly goes to the bone as in not haveing a Close walk with Jesus.
---lea on 8/31/05

I can speak for myself and say i'm an average guy with no six pack.Most men are like that because that's what most women look for.Same with men who look for skinny[thin] women.I like a woman with a heart of gold.Most of those guys are shallow.a real man is the one with a big heart.

Moderator - Christians should strive for excellence in Body, Soul & Spirit not one at the expense of the other.
---Felix on 8/31/05

Thank you for letting me know I am not the only one who noticed this and also am not the only one who wants a simple down to earth guy who cares about more than his bicepts. I do not write to guys who brag about thier workouts or muscles as I am interested in the inward not the outward and I want someone who feels the same
---Marla on 8/30/05

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