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Do Men Want Romance

Am curious. Do men really like being romanticed? They are pegged as being insensitive so much. Romance is considered "a woman's" thing or something just she enjoys.

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 ---Shelly on 8/31/05
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Yes men do. But not the stuff you see on TV, and read about in books.

They want quiet time alone with you
A hug and a kiss in passing
A smal meat infront of the TV where you two share a good laugh
A country drive in his newly polished car

None of that cliche stuff, for men, that is just going through the motion, a means to an end if you know what i mean.

For a man real romance is companionship, frienship and time together to laugh.

Flowers and candy and soft music are cliche, that is movie romance, but frienship, closeness, companionship: that is romance to a man!
---francis on 6/20/10

I think love needs to be concentrated on first in a relationship.. THen romance will follow almost, automatically. Love makes you do things you would not ordinarily do. Like singing,dancing,longing for your love. Just silly little things. Writing love letters etc...That's what romance is all about. Sometimes people try to force romance, It won't work if someone does not truly love you. Love is the key thing. The motivator. This is why love is the backbone and the "jewel" of Christianity.
---Robyn on 6/18/10

Though man is the machismo one who may not always admit their feelings, at times we also enjoy the pampering and doting commonly afforded to delicate women. Sometimes I just melt inside when a woman calls me that endearing term "hun".
---Eloy on 5/31/10

OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!
---jkjkl on 5/30/10

I'll let you in on some news. Men are much more romantic and emotional than you think, even more than many women. Men throughout history have written most of the best poetry and love songs.(Solomon for one) Have you ever heard of a woman standing outside in the dark serenading the man she wants?
---ralph7477 on 4/28/08

"Romance" may be a different feeling for men than for women. Most of we women don't want to rushed and need an understanding husband who takes our feelings into consideration.
Men have feelings too, maybe a bit different. Wearing something lacy and alluring lets our husbands know that we are trying to please them, men are very visual.Joint showers are nice! Candles, a soft fragrance and whispered love thoughts are ways to be romantic with a man.
Ask your husband what he likes!
---NVBarbara on 7/3/07

Men like to be persued as much as women. In Song of Solomon, the bride went after her beloved to find him.

In past relationships the romance died because things were just one way... Me giving and giving ang giving to her with not so much even as a "thank you." It seemd expected and unappreciated. Things like getting her car door or buying a rose or calling from work were dissapointments. Being a man, this all hurt.
---David7647 on 10/28/05

Being "romantic" is a term that needs defined by the people involved. If we listen carefully to the needs of both women AND men, we can soon pick up on what makes them feel loved. Even trying new things is a turn on....Just giving makes us all feel loved - the giver and the recipient alike! Have fun!!
---Elsie on 9/30/05

Do men want romance? NO! But the smart ones romance!!
---Crystal on 9/30/05

Why does it have to be one or the other? Understandably, not everyone is "made" to be a romantic, but why do most people expect "him" to do it or "her" to do it? Isn't part of the point of love for each to show the other not just in words but in actions as well?
---Heather on 9/29/05

I am a guy and I truly like being romanticed. I will love a girl to give me flowers or a rose... however, the fact is that most women expect men to be extremely romantic as well, and that is not good. But to answer your question: yes, but it dependes on the guy... Now, if he is in love, he will truly appreciate all your romantic details.
---Mark on 9/29/05

My late husband was HUGELY romantic. He loved scented oils, candles, dancing in the dark, making out in the car in secret places...
oh, and as far as men serenading women. some of you are sceptics. I grew up hearing my dad sing to my mom all the time. My daughter had a boyfriend who wrote songs for her and recorded them. Yes, it happens!
---ruth on 9/1/05

My husband is much more romanctic than me, and much more sensitive. He cries when he hears "Annie's Song" and dedicates songs to me when he is singing in public. He thanked me this morning for marrying him. He's teaching me about romance...I like it!!
---Tammy on 9/1/05

No offense, but the only time I've seen a man serenading a woman, he was on TV.
---Marti on 9/1/05

Thank you for sharing that Ralph, that was sweet.
I tried serenading my husband from under the window once, but he couldn't hear me for all the neighborhood dogs howling!
---NVBarbara on 8/31/05

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