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Should I Take My Husband Back

My husband and I were married and he left me for someone else and married her because she got they're splittling up and he wants me back. Should I take him back since we were unrightfully split up?

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 ---Bethany on 8/31/05
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By human point of view: from your letter i think you are already considering taken him back. Obviously, he cheated on you and he is not a strong christian. keep you mind out of it, pray and fast, let God give you gudiance on what to do.
---judith on 8/24/07

In Hosea Chapters 2 & 3 you can read where Gomer was restored to Hosea out of a non-covenant marriage. Although Hosea and Gomer were divorced, she was married to another person. Hosea stood for their covenant and she was restored to him.

Ask the Lord what He wants you to do for your marriage.
---wifeyforever on 8/24/07

That's a big decision. Have you sought counseling from your pastor or a professional? There are soooo many possible scenarios that could develop, especially since there is a baby involved. Are you willing to be reunited with a man who was unfaithful to you and who married his mistress? Is he repentant and looking to live in a Godly way? Pray and seek God completely.
---Shelly on 8/16/07

First things first. He is "not" your husband anymore, he forfeited that position when he left you and had relations w/another woman.
Why would you even want to put yourself in that position again. HISTORY, HISTORY, HISTORY. CHARACTER, INTEGRITY, TRUST. Grow as a individual, find your value in Christ and you will not ask this question ever again.
---irhnow on 1/12/06

Scripture makes it clear that a man should not take his wife back if she has married someone else since divorce, so I would think the same would apply if the man has married someone else after divorce. If there are other verses besides Deut. 24: 1 - 4 perhaps someone could tell us.
---Xanthi on 10/1/05

NO! NO! NO! Consider his track record!!
---Crystal on 9/30/05

no!! if he couldn't understand what a good person for you before, what will make it change are better then that,go to councelling with a pastor who can advise you on what to do. don't go backwards now.
---inez on 9/14/05

The Bible does make it plain what you should do here, Deut 24:4, see also Jeremiah 3:1. My question to you is, Why would you even consider it when he has just been unfaithful again? Two wrongs aren't going to end up a right. If he has truly changed since leaving you, then he would be true to his second vow and accept the responsibility of his child through her. Red flags everywhere.
---Wayne87 on 9/3/05

You should not stay in a situation like that. If he has not repented and gave God his life, then why would you want to be with a man that left you, got another woman pregnant, then trying to run back to you? I think before you get with ANYONE else you should seek the Lord and HE will bless you with the desires of your heart(A GOOD, GOD-FEARING MAN!)
---bess on 9/1/05

You should not go back to your husband. The bible makes it clear that if a couple divorce and one marries again, that person should not return to the original spouse.
---Xanthi on 9/1/05

Biblically you have a right to divorce because of adultery. I would not take him back as he has left you, now he is leaving her (with a child) and he will probably do it again. He needs to be accountable to God and himself for his actions and grow up a little bit. He is not a safe person. If you consider reconciliation - take your time and get lots and lots of strong counselling.
---Maxine on 9/1/05

I would like to add this==> don't fall for the pity act either, my guess is you have a kind heart. satan loves to pull the "pity me" trick on the kind hearted.
---jan4876 on 8/31/05

what makes you think you are not setting yourself up for another hurt heart, are you ready to get your heart ripped out again? I forgave and forgave to have it happen over and over. its a sickness with some men. makes me question their walk with the Lord. Pray and Let the Lord guide your heart and not flesh or the whispers of satan. God bless you
---jan4876 on 8/31/05

Your struggle with this question is a valid one! As I went thru a divorce, this issued was discussed in Divorce Recovery. There is actually a very concise answer to this issue in the Bible. Deuteronomy 24:1-4. The answer to your question is no!
---Lisa on 8/31/05

No, you should not take back. I am sorry to have to say it but once a cheater always a cheater....know from experience. Him splitting up with this other women especially when she is pregnant should show you what kind of a guy (will not call him man) that he is. Wake up! HE split you up. HE left you and now HE is leaving her. I would not want to have that back.
---Marla on 8/31/05

I have no idea what "unrightfully split up" means but the answer is NO! If you want to keep any shred of self respect and become whole and healed, send him packing for good. Spend your life looking for ways to serve God without worrying about him using and abusing you again because he most likely will.
---ralph7477 on 8/31/05

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No don't take him back. He wants you back because he is alone. And if he left you the first time he will do it again.
---becky on 8/31/05

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