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No Sympathy For Katrina Victims

I have no sympathy now for the big ABLE BODIED people who stayed in the heart of New Orleans and now cry for HELP at the extreme risk to rescue personal. It's a choice they made to ignore the REPEATED warnings. You can get a long way in a day if you get up and put one foot in front of the other.

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 ---Horricane_watcher on 8/31/05
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I have loved ones who live near New Orleans (Gretna)many times they rode out the hurricanes.They have a lot of them in that area.Just as we have many tornados in the midwest.If I stayed home every time we had one? Anyway,this time they felt GOD said go and they did.A tree flew through the house.I had a rough week until I heard they were OK.They repaired and moved back.I sent money and supplies to help New Orleans and would do it again.
---shirley on 12/31/07

I heard that the authorities stopped the buses from taking the poor out of the city, which is why the bsuses were lined up in rows to be destroyed by the floods so close to the people they could ahve rescued.
Is this true, or just a fable that we were told?
---alan_of_UK on 12/30/07

I am saddened (but not surprised) by the tone of the question.

Yes, there were warnings before Katrina. But the government did nothing to aid evacuation. It's fine for the people who could afford plane tickets (assuming they could beat everyone else to it), and those who had cars and gas to get out in time, but poorer people couldn't leave even if they had wanted to.

You might as well blame the Jews who died in the Holocaust, and say it's their own fault for not leaving Europe beforehand.
---StrongAxe on 12/29/07

All I can say is that I am one of the fortunate ones that have not had my home, family, and life torn apart. I consider myself blessed. That i even have the ability to do this, the electricity, the anything. I will add you to my list of people to pray for. you and all those less fortunate than we are. God Bless you and praise God that most people have the compassion that is displayed on this blog.
---Karyn on 12/26/07

I am from Louisiana. If I weren't a Christian a worldly response would accompany this. However, being a Christian young lady here is my thought:

1) Would you want someone to help you if you lost everything? Remember the Golden rule!

2) God has given you more than you could ever ask for why not give back and bless others?

3) Why are you so angry. Walk in their shoes for one day

Because Jesus Saves,
---Alicia on 10/23/05

Consider, for only a moment if you will, the catastrophic events of the past decade. They are becoming more and more frequent as time passes. These are the signs of the end of the age. Mark my words, there will be another catastrophe in a matter of weeks/months. My prayer is that God will continue in His mercy and His grace to protect those who call on His Name while, at the same time, He is doing all He can to call a world (who has forgotten Him) to repentance.
---Crystal on 9/20/05

We can have sympathy without approving of the actions of others. God made a way of escape and the able-bodied chose to ignore it, relying on their own wisdom, which as it turned out was pure foolishness. The Scriptures tell us to exercise wisdom---we are to be as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves, which seems the best way to handle this situation.
---Deborah on 9/20/05

Where is the compassion for others that Christ has for you? Never been foolish and made unwise decisions? " all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God". "The wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God". How much we love God is how much we love people. Even foolish people. I fully understand your point and without the grace of God i would feel the same. They are foolish and have gone astray. Please pray for them. They are in need of God's love to change them.
---Tsuanne on 9/20/05

HW, CA is in an earhquake prone area. It is highly probable that earthquakes would hit them just like the rest of the places situated in the "ring of fire" namely Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, the West Coast of the US, and places of South America that is facing the Pacific Ocean. Please, let us be compassionate. Yes,they are suffering because they have not decided the way you wanted them to decide. But if you were in their VERY SITUATION, I doubt if you would fare better than most of them!
---bebet3754 on 9/19/05

Educate yourself before passing judgement. Many watch the news but don't know that the news will never give you the whole story- government has a hand in what is said. The information that cant go on-air is out there. If you have the ability to blog this sight then you are ABLE to go out there and find it. I urge everyone reading this to watch the video that I sent. It is emotional and gives you the other side of the story. Then get off your computers and help!
---Natasha on 9/11/05

Everybody's so busy playing the blame game here-has anyone stopped and thought about the fact that this was a judgement for sin (I'm speaking generally)? Instead of blaming everyone else maybe we (and I'm including myself in this) should look in the mirror and ask ourselves "what part did my sin play in this?"
---Heather on 9/11/05

HW, to be precise, neither New Orleans nor Las Vegas is even listed in the top 10 crime cities. While on the other hand, Camden NJ, Atlanta, St. Louis, Gary In. are in the top 10.
The local Gov't dragged their feet after being told by Wash. to start a voluntary evacuation 4 days before the storm. Katrita hit with a vengence. THAT is why there were MANY buses just parked in a low lying area that could have taken people to safety if local Gov't had responded.
---NV_Barbara on 9/11/05

...The lives that were lost are now on their heads and we should be praying and giving thanks that there are survivors to tell the story. You never know tomorrow it may be me or you!
---Natasha on 9/11/05

...If you want to point the finger at someone, point it at Bush cause for more than 6 years now Louisiana has been begging for money to fix the levies and he answered them with even MORE tax cuts to support the war and a slow response to boot!!! The lives that were lost could have been prevented had the Bush Administration listened to the scientist and engineers who begged for the money.

Moderator - Show the offical report on that statement.
---Natasha on 9/11/05

...Now consider the fact that buses did NOT come and consider what you are going to do to get your three grandkids out of harms way. We are all supposed to be Christians and be uplifting. These people have lost everything, their homes, their loved ones, and many their lives. They didn't ask for this to happen and many had no way out and dont deserve to have the blame pointed at them on top of all their troubles!!!...
---Natasha on 9/11/05

...... you have lived somewhere for years and practically every one of those years there has been a hurricane, sometimes two a year! Add to that the fact that you are poor and you dont have a car and hardly enough money to feed your children. Then couple with that the fact that the residents were told by local government that buses were coming to get them if ever something that drastic hits...
---Natasha on 9/11/05

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First of all, I am a resident of Houston and I am seeing first-hand how truly devastating this whole experience has been to thousands of people. I met a lady the other day that made me cry cause she was looking for and praying that her grandchildren were still alive. Nearly everyone, regardless of when they left is looking for their loved ones. But consider this...
---Natasha on 9/11/05

I have had two friends visit N.O. about 30 years ago. One friend told me that if the levies break that they would be sitting in 19 feet of water. he told me he overheard this in a restaurant. both friends will not go back there because it made them nervous seeing that water being held up by those not so good levies. If they knew about it 30 years ago, why didn't they do something during those years to prevent this. it was a tragedy waiting to happen!
---Jeannine on 9/10/05

I believe we will soon see another great catastrophe in the U.S. For one's a fact, seismologist are certain a major earthquake could strike CA anytime. Will we be in a position to dig out of that one? I fear we will be exhausted physically, emotionally and financially with this one.
---HW on 9/10/05

Have you noticed on the reports from N.O today, the large number of newer model cars emerging from the flood waters? Wonder why they didn't use them (and the thousands of buses) to GET OUT OF TOWN..and save themselves AND their cars?? Better to be a live coward than a dead hero. Suppose they've learned ANYTHING at all from this?
Some homeowners stayed thinking they could keep the thieves out...N.O is full of thugs, drug lords, gangs and crime mobs. Proven FACT.
---HW on 9/10/05

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i can not even begin to believe that on a Christin site someone would feel like this. In Miami, when a large storm is comming, school buses are taken into the poverty areas to assist people in comming out. Do you realsize that the ones who stayed had no way out. Someone driving a car could leave.....someone with no means had no choice. Put yourself in their place and ask God to redirect your thinking. Patty
---Patty on 9/8/05

I thank God that HE does not remind me of the mistakes I made when I come to Him for help with the messes in my life. He lovingly holds me, and loves me and gives me the grace to get through it, regardless of whose fault it is.
---Madison on 9/7/05

I think we need compassion and love.
Nursing homes are not able bodied people and as of tonight's report as the draining of New Orleans continues - at least 30 people in a nursing home have disappeared by drowning. Some of these people really hoped that the storm would not be as bad as it was and based on age and other previous experiences, they hoped to live through Katrina too.
At least PRAY.
Yelling at the child who spilled the milk only serves to make the child more frightened.
---barbara67 on 9/7/05

Some of the parents who stayed in N.O. and kept their little children there should be charged with endangerment to a minor. This was the ultimate of child abuse. It's not like they weren't warned loud and clear. IF the house is on you keep your children in there?? I take my children to safety before why were they not gone from there before the killer storm struck. It's not like a tornado...sudden and with only minutes warning ..if that much.
---HW on 9/7/05

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I have noticed one thing about those who "chose" to stay behind: they seem to be 90-95% black and poor. How, when you don't drive, or have a car, could they have left NO?
---mike6553 on 9/7/05

I have really struggled with my feelings over this. I have compassion for the children, the sick & elderly, and even those who just didn't realize what a monster this storm was. I can even understand the frustration due to their suffering. What I can't understand is biting the hand that feeds you. It seems that some are not going to be satisfied until the government gives them a brand new brick home, a cadillac, and a fat bank account to lay up and live off of the rest of their lives.
---Molly on 9/7/05

I think rather than everyone pointing the finger at everyone else and asking Who is going to do something for the hurricane should be telling us what YOU ARE DOING for them. Don't judge what you think someone else should do.....YOU DO IT! Since you see the need so clearly....get off the computer and GO DO what needs to be done!
---Joy on 9/5/05

Part two-I cannot even fathom being down there in that deathpit trying to survive, and hear of rapes, murders and suicides, precious newborn babies, human beings of all ages dying senseless deaths in the natural, spiritual, and in their emotions. Who will stand in the gap for these people when this is all over?
---anon on 9/4/05

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Part One-The way some of the people (not all) were acting reminds me of the incident: Rev. 9 :22And the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues yet repented not of the works of their hands: 21neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.
---anon on 9/4/05

In times like this we need leaders who lead, yet if they fail and responsibility falls back on us, we should rise to the occasion and do what is right ourselves. Instead of realizing that it is not a "right" to be rescued, provided for, etc., we hear of many who curse their rescuers, even curse God for "allowing this to happen" when instead, each of us should be thankful for every bit of help we get. The world owes us nothing. We owe it the gospel both in word and in life.
---Wayne87 on 9/4/05

If My people will humble themselves and pray...We all deserve much worse than we have. Our culture has come to where we blame everyone and everything when we are inconvenienced. How many have been in an emergency room and as the wait extends into hours, have we not heard people cursing the hospital, the staff, the doctors?
---Wayne87 on 9/4/05

As I read some of these replies, It both shocked, and saddedned me to see the lack of compassion in some who say they are christians. I believe it would bring our Savior to tears! Remember that He came not to condemn, but to seek and save those that are lost. And to those of you lacking in compassion I say check out your own heart, then cast the first stone,I hope you are never in a situation where you are the ones in need of compassion. Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they speak!
---Jean on 9/4/05

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God can always take something bad and use it for good. Only God knows how many souls have been saved for His Kingdom from this disaster this past week. Keep praying for the souls that still need the gospel, that their hearts will be softened by God and they will accept His salvation.
---EJ on 9/4/05

How many times has a doctor said eating poorly isn't good for your health? Some yes may have not moved some may have had reasosn not to or where just hoping that it wouldn't be THAT bad. Ever think someone was bed ridden or didn't have electricity at the time to get browdcast. Maybe on the way out they fell where hurt too much to move. Many things could have stoped some from leaving so to think badly about them all is judging and that isn't up to us to do but Christ.
---judit4846 on 9/3/05

I'm sure God just gave me an inspiration.

This may be the start of something GREAT in America. That's my prayer. An OLD FASHIONED REVIVAL is what America desperately needs right now. YES....BRING IT ON LORD. I think this storm has a spiritual purpose. I pray for people of all races and classes to turn to GOD as never before. Sometimes it takes a terrible crisis for people to cry out to him. RIGHT?
---Hurricane_Watcher on 9/3/05

My concern here is why are So-called Christians so harsh..
Life is about choices.. we as humanes, do rebel, are disobedient... are fornicators, adulterers and we sin in all kinds of fashion and we feel we are rigth.
however God in his infinite wisdom do pardon and forgive us and once we repent he will restore us.
lets look at the bible .. let the Bible be our guideline and the word our standard bearer as we speak and express our views.
---guyiyae on 9/3/05

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I've sent $$ to our denominations headquarters. Probably most victims are already on welfare, which will continue. I'm giving& pray earnestly for their life & soul. As in days of Noah, America needs to WAKE UP and REPENT!! It's a known fact N.O. was a pit of blatant iniquity.
Many will come out much better than before.

Our taxes are astronomical already..and Gasoline...SOMEBODY HELP US! We've canceled a planned trip to see family to give to the rescue relief. What are you sacrificing?
---HW on 9/3/05

Did you see them seeking out the camera to tell the world that "WE NEED HELP" BEFORE Katrina hit? Oh no!! They were no where to be seen! THEY CHOOSE TO STAY!! They thought they could weather the storm and not have to move a muscle. JUST like they are doing now. They want someone else to HELP them....while (MOST) of them do NOTHING for themselves or anyone else. They have the "YOU OWE ME" attitude!! Most are NOT "godly" people. DISCERN!!
---citizen on 9/3/05

The writer of this question might be absolutely correct in his/her observations of some of the victims, however, when someone needs help THEY NEED HELP. Are we supposed to first ask "what got you into this mess?" before offering help? No we are not. Regardless of the ingratitude that some might show after it's all over we should still be helping. It's the Christian thing and the humane thing to do.
---Xanthi on 9/3/05

I understand your point and have many of the same feelings as I know there is much wickedness, many almost defied God, are really criminals, yet it is important that even toward these people we act from principle. While on the cross Jesus prayed for His murderers, Father, forgive them for they KNOW NOT what they do. His heart of love was broken for them. If this is truly your prayer, then may He bless you. Not sure that it is "the big, able-bodied people" who are now crying for help.
---Wayne87 on 9/3/05

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I placed romans 2:1-8 to put the word of GOD on all of us..this country and for all of us who either don't care or who do care but get angry with those who don't
love you neighbor as yourself
---willow on 9/3/05

4Or despisest thou the riches of his goodness and forbearance and longsuffering; not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance? < 5But after thy hardness and impenitent heart treasurest up unto thyself wrath against the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God;

6Who will render to every man according to his deeds:

7To them who by patient continuance in well doing seek for glory and honour and immortality, eternal life:
---willow on 9/2/05

Romans 2
1Therefore thou art inexcusable, O man, whosoever thou art that judgest: for wherein thou judgest another, thou condemnest thyself; for thou that judgest doest the same things.

2But we are sure that the judgment of God is according to truth against them which commit such things.

3And thinkest thou this, O man, that judgest them which do such things, and doest the same, that thou shalt escape the judgment of God?
---willow on 9/2/05

Check the tapes from the TV - cars lined up 4 miles.
& where will I stay?
& I don't really drive & have no car?
Where get away buses there?
& we did find shelter in the dome - only 2 watch it fall apart with the roof getting ripped off anyway.
I can walk but how far would I get?
& how much money do I have saved to stay at an out of town motel? - 3 nights maybe & now my house is gone anyway.
& maybe it won't really be that bad - hope.
God, please help in our time of need.
---barbara67 on 9/2/05

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I do understand some of what you are saying-Huricane_Watcher. We are to have compassion to everyone as Jesus did even though some are cursing God now in his name. Is there still not a fear of God in some? It's time for everyone to get right with God before he does pour his wrath down in ways far more worse that what has happened.
---EJ on 9/2/05

MOST...of of these "victims" are there because they REFUSED to leave for selfish reasons.... NOT that they "couldn't". NOW they are taking up the time and resourses from those who are TRUE Victims! THAT is a most heinous sin!!.......victimization of the (TRUE) victims!!
---cassy on 9/2/05

I agree with you! And I'm shocked at the self-righteouss hypocrites (here) that are setting in their big easy chairs, watching TV and DOING NOTHING. There are a few TRUE victims....but very few! I heard them interviewed BEFORE The storm hit! And it is plain to see that most of them are "able bodied"...and very UNGRATEFUL! Do not be decieved! God gives the Spirit of Discernment to those who are able to SEE.
---Joy on 9/2/05

MAN......there are a lot of bleeding heart here. Wake up.....these criminals are cut throats. Take them in if you dare and they'll murder you in your bed and take all you have. They are NOT deserate. There is help available...but they aren't wanting help..they'll killer those who try to rescue the innocent. GET REAL HERE>
---HW on 9/2/05

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You're right..Rebecca, Even Jesus has compassion for murdrers, ones who steal, etc. when they repented and turned from the evil ways. I have compassion for their sinful soul too..but they will kill you if you challenge their conduct. Have some compassion for the rescuers and those there to keep law and order!! So what are you doing for all those criminals? Put some $$$ behind all your prayers.
---HW on 9/2/05

Even Jesus has compassion for murdrers, ones who steal, etc. You have none and yet you say you have christ like compassion for these people. You can't pick and chose who to have compassion for. Jesus doesn't.
---Rebecca_D on 9/2/05

Jesus's salvation is for any and all who will open their hearts. His ministry included those who we would not necessarily feel were worthy. We need to be praying for any lost souls in N.O. especially for those who would do others harm.
---wenda7494 on 9/2/05

I have all the compassion in the world for the innocent and helpless etc. I am giving to their needs & rebuilding their church. My tax dollars are going to their feeding and exit. But to sluggards and criminals..NO Compassion. That is reserved for the innocent and rescuers. DO you have anyone in that capacity???
I've seen the least of these and do it as unto Jesus.
---Hurrican_Watcher on 9/2/05

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There were days of #5 warnings BEFORE the storm. I heard loud and clear. Everyone in N.O were warned the levees would only hold to a #3 catigore, but seemed to wait for somebody else to HELP them move. If I'm warned of an impending strom, I dont' wait for anyone to HELP me...I MOVE at once. MANY able people acted as those in Noah's day.
THOUSANDS were ABLE BODIED, but CHOSE not believe the professional who warned them repeatedly. And yes..I've been to N.O. MUCH like Sodom and Gomorah lifestyle.
---hurrican_watcher on 9/2/05

watcher 4 dear friends of mine who were hospitalized had no choice but to ride out the storm 2 are missing and presumed dead the other and her husband are in baton rougue hospital. I have harsh for you but I pray that you have compassion because you may one day be facing just what you have no sympathy for.
---willow on 9/2/05

I can not understand how a "Christian" can say they have No Sympathy for these people, That they are "ABLE BODIED"? God has blessed me,I have a roof over my head,Food in my cupboards,fresh clean water,I know where my family is and I can use the phone,and I have my bible.I live on the water in Florida, and I am greatful to God that I have the means to evacuate if needed.Transportation,Money,Somewhere to go, not Everybody has that, Thank you God we're blessed, and your in my prayers
---Ashley on 9/1/05

Hurrican, You don't know what compassion is. I understand having a church is important, but so isn't food. Instead of paying their pastor, take that money your church is giving him, and buy food that will help alot more people. You say that you don't have compassion toward criminals but yet, you say you have christ like compassion.??? I am thankful God didn't make you to judge, no one would make it.
---Rebecca_D on 9/1/05

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Sure, there were most likely some drug users among the large group that stayed behind during the storm. But by and large it was poor people with no transportation or money and nowhere to go.
We can't judge the many by the few.
Have you ever been to N.O.? There are people who live so far out that they most likely didn't even know what was brewing in the ocean, no power, no radio or tv.
---NV_Barbara on 9/1/05

Horricane watcher,I did some research, and it has nothing to do with drugs. Rescuers are not being shot. Just where do you get your info? It was plain and simple. There were those who were incapable of leaving due to poor health, and being invalids, and there were those who didn't believe it would be that bad, so they stayed thinking they would be okay.
---Melissa on 9/1/05

We are giving through our church to rebuild a church and help the members personally in the ravished area. They'll need EVERYTHING, even money to pay a pastor. They're asking for Bibles. Doesn't that break your heart? "GOD BLESS YOUR PEOPLE!!" There will be some awesome stories of deliverance come out of this disastrous storm, despite all those who are shooting at the rescuers. (biting the hand that feeds them)
---Hurricane_watcher on 9/1/05

There, but for the grace of God go we! All of us are in this world together. We all have the opportunity to choose. Some choose wisely, others do not. Some have more experience, knowlege, resources, intelligence than others. This is the way of the world, but Christ said to love all. We are not to withold our love because people make bad choices, use drugs, choose violence etc. They need our love and prayers more than others.
---Ruth on 9/1/05

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This "critic" has sent an offering to the Red Cross, in addition to the offerings our church is taking up to send for relief.
Several of our church members work for companies that are sending them to help the survivors, and look for the dead. And you?
---NVBarbara on 9/1/05

In no way is there "hate"..but I do see facts and have Christ-like compassion for the innocent and helpless. I clearly understand the situation and the hazards to those trying to help. The criminals are defending their turf, regardless of rescue attempts for everyone else. The rescuers are now in danger by satan's army, the god of drugs. Lets not forget we must put feet to our own prayers...What's all my critics doing to help the victims with urgent needs?
---hurrican_watcher on 9/1/05

ALL are suffering and in danger, will you pray for any? The high waters are bringing in snakes, alligators and sewage from broken pipes, broken gas and oil lines. I'm happy I don't have you to depend on when I need prayer!
Amen Elder!
---NVBarbara on 9/1/05

As in the days of Noah, today we're also warned. In Noah's day, did they heed warning? America is being warned, REPENT OR PERISH. I have compassion for the innocent & helpless but hate satan and evil. This is a war against the devil and his cohorts who hinder all attempt to warn and help. Put all your prayers to work. Stop defending the criminals and put your money where your mouth is. Many didn't leave the area lest they lose their drug connections or be caught red-handed with their god of drugs.
---Hurricane_observer on 9/1/05

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Check Proverbs 24:17-18
Do not gloat when your enemy falls; when he stumbles, do not let your heart rejoice, or the LORD will see and disapprove and turn his wrath away from him.
I catch myself in this trap. It is very hard not to say "told you so!" Only God is allowed to do that.
---tom145 on 9/1/05

MANY who refused to leave N.O. when told, knew full well they'd lose their drug supply...or be caught with it on them. They risk their childrens' lives for their next "fix". I KNOW this to be a fact. I have compassion ONLY for the innocent..Not the criminals which is a large majority of those in desperation now and they will shoot to kill anyone in their way or who jeopardizes their criminal activities. Wise up all you naive, self righteous Christians . You're dealing with the devil here.
---Hurrican_watcher on 9/1/05

We are warned that we will give an account for every word and action, I would not like to have to explain the level of hate expressed in this question, to the Lord who calls us to mercy and protect the needy, without question.
---mike6553 on 9/1/05

Compassion for rescuers. National Guard, the police etc, all TRYING TO HELP the innocent. It's a war zone with vicious, ARMED gangs and criminals. MANY have NO desire to be rescued and are hampering the rescue of the innocent. Their actions will cause thousands more to suffer. My compassion is for helpless..but NOT those who CHOSE to stay to terrorize, steal or "sluggards". Seen the looters?? All Criminals with no other purpose in mind!!
---Eloia_N_KS on 9/1/05

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To even say what was said as a Christian shows that your heart is not with God. As others have stated I agree with all of them. As a Christian you should be praying for the people that cannot get away. Not condemning them. When we hate what someone is doing, we are called to pray for them. Not redicule them.
---lupe2618 on 9/1/05

Horricane: As a disabled person living alone in Florida, I have no one to take me out of here should we be hit with a hurricane (we were spared with Katrina). I am not unusual - 40% or more of our population here are over age 65. If you notice, most of the people who were left behind were the elderly, poor, the disabled, those with no car....Now we must commit to helping anyone whom we can to survive. Texas has just accepted 23,000 refugees in a massive 475 bus evacuation moving over 300 miles.
---Elsie on 9/1/05

I agree with all that everyone is saying here and, able bodied or not, there would seem little point in moving from a home on foot to an unknown destination with nowhere to stay. I'm sure that everyone gave much thought to whether they should go or stay. Anyone who now appears to have been reckless probably had no choice of action other than the one they took. I pray for absolutely everyone caught up in this horrendous happening.
---Xanthi on 9/1/05

They made the wrong choice. But apply grace and mercy. They are in a time of need and with 80% of New Orleans under water, they need your help and support, along with your prayers.
---Paul on 9/1/05

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I am absolutely appalled that you would suggest such a callous attitude towards those in such dire circumstances. You should educate yourself and realize that there are many, many people there who were unable to leave due to lack of funds, transportation or other such situations. God tells us that we must love ALL our brothers and sisters, and that we must ALWAYS reach out to those in need, not by what WE judge as humans to be their intelligence, or lack thereof, but due to their desperate need for help.
---Walter_Alderete on 9/1/05

Be careful what you say, for you just might reap what you sow. Where is your bounds of compassion? Far from your heart it seems.
---Rebecca_D on 8/31/05

I notice the writer said the "able bodied" who had ample warning are now putting the rescue people in grave danger. He has no sympathy for those people. They are probably the very ones who are now stealing and armed with AK 47s. They are putting the law enforcment in terrific danger.. I fully understand the bloggers point. I'm sure we all care for the innocent,but many were able to leave and didn't. They were certainly told repeatedly to "GET OUT NOW!"
---Eloia_N_KS on 8/31/05

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