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Remarry If You Have Lust

Several Questions on Divorce and Marriage. If you know you have a lusting problem and burn for love in your heart, is it better to get re-married or not to re-marry.

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 ---Paul on 9/1/05
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Jesus prohibited divorce except for adultery, that included lying about ones virginity. The non adulterer could remarry. The adulterer, and anyone marrying one, is entering a prohibited marriage. A divorce without cause, was no divorce, and so, another marriage was a type of bigamy. The exception is in 1Corinthians 7:15. If the unbeliever departs, the Christian can remarry because the marriage was not 'in the Lord'. Matthew 19:9, 1Corinthians 7:27-28 allow remarriage. 1Corinthians 7:9, yet Galatians 5:22-25, Titus 2:12, 1Peter 1:13-16.
Deuteronomy 22:17-19, 28-29, 24:1-4, Proverbs 2:17 (forsaketh husband), Isaiah 54:4-8, Jeremiah 3:1, Malachi 2:14-16, Matthew 5:31-32, 19:3-12, Mark 10:2-12, Luke 16:18, 1Corinthians 6:15-16, 7:10-17, 27.
---Glenn on 8/17/09

The Bible says it is better to marry than to burn, but if you are going to be lusting after every other woman you best not marry! There is deliverance for such things also. Jesus said if you even look at a woman and lust after her (not being married to her) you have committed adultry already in your heart. American men dont seem to get that, even if they are married.
---PAT on 3/30/08

Adulterer's do not enter Heaven. Before you consider remarriage, be sure that your first marriage was invalid and not binding on you. A valid marriage is permanently binding and cannot be dissolved. You can separate and obtain a civil (legal) divorce, but you remain tied to your spouse for life.
---lorra8574 on 6/4/07

There are many marriages today that would qualify for annulment as they were not entered into with proper intent. However, for example, I entered into a proper and valid covenental marriage with my husband and if either of us were to start cheating, we could separate, but we would never be permitted to remarry unless the other died.

Of course, if cheating did occur I would be very surprised. There are few shocks in marriage, most people know what they are getting but hope that they can fix it.
---lorra8574 on 6/4/07

If your divorce was not due to infedlity or death of a spouse. Or if it wasn't that she wasn't a Christian and left, the Bible teaches that you may not remarry anyway. LUST can be a problem both in and outside of marriage. Marriage is not always a cure. Pray about the situation as it stands and about your lust. If to remarry is additional sin, consider it deeply. It wouldn't be the answer. If your eye offends you pluck it out. If your hand causes you to sin,cut it off.
---jody on 6/4/07

It is always better to marry than to burn with passion. Then you have your mate to lust with...hopefully. No outside lusting. If you intend to keep doing this you may as well stay single. Lust is a sin.
---Robyn on 6/4/07

Do not remarry until you have permitted Jesus to change your heart. Problems taken into marriage tend to become worse. Jesus wants to change your heart, to give you true love which desires what is best for others, not for yourself. Thinking of the "big three--Me, Myself, and I" means that selfishness still reigns in your heart. Jesus died that He might change your heart and give you peace, joy, and true love. Then you will be prepared to think of marriage.
---Wayne87 on 6/3/07

haveing the 'need to breed' and lust are 2 different things... you need to deal with the lust or you will do nothing but create problems when you remarry. but you are better off staying single (as Paul says) but if you cannot 'contain' the need, then remarry.. but eitherway, the lust is always evil. Pray hard.
---ron on 9/1/05

I disagree because your lust can grow if not dealt with through marriage. I had no real lust problem while married but do as a divorced man. Seems marriage is a good answer to this problm to me.
---robert on 9/1/05

Don't remarry until you know what true love REALLY is. I've suffered through many relationships that were base on anything BUT love & was done all in the name of love when, in truth, I did not have a REAL concept of love. I don't think mankind will truly know what love is until we have given our hearts & souls over to God and develope a God induced true love relationship with our saviour Jesus Christ. The Bible says that God IS love.
---Wanda9667 on 9/1/05

1 Corinthians 7:1-3;8-9 "It is good for a man not to touch a woman. Nevertheless, because of sexual immorality, let each man have his own wife, and let each woman have her own husband. Let the husband render to his wife the affection due her, and likewise also the wife to her husband...But I say to the unmarried and to the widows: It is good for them if they remain even as I am; but if they cannot exercise self-control, let them marry. For it is better to marry than to burn with passion."
---Darryl on 9/1/05

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