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Live With Aids Unwed Boyfriend

Do I continue living with my husband who is HIV positive and we are not officially married and I'm three months pregnant.

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 ---salome on 9/1/05
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Hello,you know this happens,more often then we want to know. I have experience taking care aids/cancer patients(volunteer). I go by your,not judge you my 1st Position. You mention your "common-law" husband had HIV/aids ok.Don't panic..Get tested!Go to a public health (usually) they test free and or health clinic/not clear chances hiv for baby. Take it to God! He loves you no matter what! May the Lord be with you ' keep you encouraged. Jesus truly wonderfull! He is the family I never had..2Thess.3:5May the lord direct your hearts into God's love and Christ'sperseverance.
---ELENA on 4/27/12

well i'm confused by what you are saying because you are saying he is your husband and you are not officially married how come i'm sorry he is not your husband ! the other thing here is the punishment of pre-martial sex you will have a baby bron with aids and you will get infected also and what else could be worse than that ! i'm sorry but i don't what to say
---joseph on 8/30/08

you don't say if you are HIV positive or if that's his baby.That would be the first order of the day, get tested. If you are committed to the man and love him you most surely should marry him. If you are HIV negative, the two of you would need to discuss how to deal with it. See your public health officials.
---ruth on 5/11/07

I suggest that you get informed about HIV/AIDS - how it is transmitted to another person. The virus is carried in human blood, semen and vaginal fluids. Are you HIV positive? You need to get tested for this. If you are, then your baby has a good chance of being born HIV positive. With the proper medical treatment (prescribed drugs) your baby has a 11 to 1 chance of being born HIV negative. Without the proper treatment, there is a 1 in 4 chance the baby will be born HIV positive.
---Homer on 11/27/05

Well, first of all, we don't know if he knew and witheld the truth from her. What's the point of getting married if everything is based on lies. If he knew and didn't tell her then he doesn't only have no respect for her feelings but endangered her life. She definitely has to seek God first and medical advice for her and her baby before the thought of marriage.
---Josephine on 10/3/05

what would you want him to do if you were the one that was HIV and he wasn't? If you love each other then get married. Are you holding off on marriage b/c of insurance for his medical needs? My prayers are with you,and God knows your hearts...God Bless
---missy on 9/2/05

if the man is committed to you then seek professional help.But first get tested and he is your husband until you and him say "I DO" so technically he is your love interest or mate.
---nicky on 9/1/05

First, see your doctor about getting tested for HIV. Second, speak with your BOYFRIEND about marriage. Either marry, or move out. Living with someone who is not your husband and being in a sexual relationship with him is called SIN.

Choose you this day whom you will serve. I choose to serve God.
---Madison on 9/1/05

He is not your husband if you are not married. Living together does not make you partially married. Why don't you do right thinig and get married? Pray and ask God to forgive your living together and pre-marital sex and start doing things properly for yourselves and for this child you are brining into the world.
---Marla on 9/1/05

sex before marriage is frowned on in the bible. since you both disobeyed his word and did it YOUR way, then you pay the penalty. our nature is to sin, we have to fight it daily to keep it from doing that, seek the Lord, ask forgiveness and turn from that sins. that is what he told the woman who had all those husbands and not one was hers. seek him and live by HIS rules.(Bible <- its our guide) May God guide you from this day forward.
---jan4876 on 9/1/05

for those who are saying that the baby is gonna be born with aids that is not true the chances of the baby having aids when born is slim ask someone who specializes in that field as far as living with him it is a sin if you are not married get married or get out you want to be godly then do it right.
---dreab on 9/1/05

The first thing, you need to do, is for the both of you to give your hearts to The Lord. Then if, you both, really love each other, then you need to get Married. So, that, your child will be born into a Christian home. I will be Praying for the both of you!
God Bless You,
---Ruby on 9/1/05

The relationship came first,then you found out that he was HIV positive, then that you were pregnant... You apparantly are husband and wife and soon to be family...if he is not well.. U should nurture him and deal with whatever comes.. How does he feel about all this? Both of you should seek the will of the Father..He will everything will turn our fine..If you follow His will
---kathy on 9/1/05

Sounds like there are lots of issues to tackle here and I would encourage you to seek Jesus with all your heart. If you are not married, this man is not your husband. You say you are in a sexual relationship. I would suggest you go to a local church and get some wise and Godly counsel. God will not disappoint you if you seek Him with your whole heart.
---chria8537 on 9/1/05

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