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What's Wrong With These Looters

What is wrong with people who shoot at those who are trying to help them? I just don't get it.

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 ---shira_5965 on 9/1/05
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The police chief of New Orleans said the people are now saying their's is the safest city in the world now that the "looters" are in custody & volunteers, law and military personel from around the world present, along with open testimonies of faith.

Hopefully, the sweet will continue coming out of the bitter camoflouged under the cloak of "political correctness".

Some things need saying!
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 9/17/05

Gangs and crime exists in all America's major cities [including some politicians].

You have to discern between "looters", & those not wanting to starve or die of thirst, etc.

Perishable goods perish, so as is written "why sit here and die"?

A white policeman said they had no problem with people trying to survive, just the criminals!

We saw what many have done when all hope appears gone, survive! Watch/listen to Christian broadcasts!
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 9/17/05

Dee, I have read this, and also saw a program on the History channel.
This only applies to LA because it is below sea level and the levees actually made it worse.
---Heidi on 9/15/05

The true christians need to take a stand against these antichrist people, that is taking things that has to do with God out of america. God is mad at these people who just don't care. America is falling like Babylon, Sodom and Gomorrah. Us true christians need to take a stand on what is right, we let one woman take the prayers out of schools, now her group is taking movies about God off of the T.V, radio's. America has turned it's back on God, and he is angry. How else would a person explain such storms?
---Rebecca_D on 9/8/05

Heidi. If that 2 feet a day thing were true, the entire USA would have been gone years ago- where'd you get THAT info? Also, God IS nature. He created the weather and everything else, he can do just about anything he gets good and ready to I think
---Dee on 9/8/05

I personnaly didn't hear that about the police shooting shooting these 3 men. It seems a little far fetched that engineers would be out there at this early stage of plans to repair anything.
Remember there are a lot of rumors flying around. Just keep praying.
---Heidi on 9/7/05

Did you hear that the POLICE SHOT 3 MEN who were walking across a bridge. These 3 men turn out to be from the Army Corps of Engineers sent to REPAIR the broken down wall. MY GOD!
---gregg8944 on 9/6/05

I hate to say it, but Katrina just sped up nature. Are you aware that our coastline 'eats' approx. 2 feet of our shore EVERYDAY? It won't take so many years before there is no N.O. anyway! We are leaning towards not rebuilding in La.
I don't believe its God or the devil who 'caused' this destruction. God could stop such things if it was His will, but I don't believe He interferes with natural weather conditions, all part of nature.
---Heidi on 9/6/05

HW, most of my info is in my other blogs. We are safe in Georgia with family. Some of us will return to 'Nawlins' when we think its safe to venture out where our house was. We will have the debris cleared, and we're deciding to rebuild, or not.Please pray for our safety and that we will make the right decision regarding rebuilding in the city of my ancestors, there are many reasons not to rebuild.
---Heidi on 9/5/05

Heidi, Are you with family in another state now? Can you stay there until the situation in N.O. or wherever your home is, is back to some form of normalcy? How can we specificly pray for you? Tell us more about yourself. WE CARE and want to lift your name to OUR Father.
---HW on 9/5/05

Yes PM, Mobile is leveled as are other towns.N.O. is the only one still under water in many places and will be for some time. The school where I teach is closed until Jan. It will take months for utilities to be working safely.The town smells like a sewer and is unsafe in the waters because of broken sewer lines mixed with the water and oil. Its heartbreaking knowing I don't have a home to return to,luckily I am one of the 1/3 who has insurance. Please pray for us and don't dwell on the few bad apples.
---Heidi on 9/5/05

My heart goes out to all those people. I dont point my finger at any certain people for the looting. There's bad people in any place. I feel that MANY areas are doing a LOT!! for those people. But not only New Orleans suffered loss. How about Miss, Al,?
You know something....We ALL are going to be affected by this storm, in some way we will. Heidi, I pray that God will comfort and help you thru this time of need.
---PM on 9/4/05

Lets not judge here. From personal experience natural disaters do bring out the worst in many persons..
persons react to trauma in various ways. Not making excuses here. just stating a fact of life.
Lets pray for persons instead of judging and condemming.
---guyiyae on 9/4/05

'sigh' you can go longer without food, but generally speaking you can die from dehydration in just a couple of days,in 90 degree weather&100% humidity, especially babies and old people. Some of you speak as if ALL were looters.
How 'bout you Pierr, you seem to be the most vocal to complain. Why aren't you helping with clean up? Walk through the 8 feet of water,& 20 in some areas with the snakes and sea creatures and see how much YOU can get done!My home is gone, not many who care here!
---Heidi on 9/4/05

Remember that 200,000 people were left in N.O. after Katrina, which is STILL under many feet of water in many areas. Some of the 200,000 were looters, or just desperate. You CAN'T judge ALL these people as bad. The levees didn't break until AFTER Katrina had passed through, many thought they could ride out the storm, until the breaks.You that are so judgemental should be thankful YOU are not 1 of the stranded,or dead, and pray for those who are!
---Heidi on 9/4/05

Heidi, Know that not everyone who calls themselves "christian" are, just as not everyone in the devastated areas is a druggie or thief. Many people have been affected by this disaster who are believers in Jesus Christ, but, through God's grace and mercy, they will benefit from this according to God's ultimate will.
---tommy3007 on 9/4/05

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The truth is, these people are "worshipping" their gods. Those who are stealing all that they can find, whether food or not, are not thinking clearly. I mean, who could they "sell" the stuff to? None of the people have access to any money at this time. Those who are shooting at rescuers should be treated as combatants, and fired on as in an actual war zone. This is just another example of anarchy.
---tommy3007 on 9/4/05

We are now at a relative's home in Ga. THANK GOD!Some of you "Christians" make me sick.We had a home in N.O.,we had warnings.No one could imagine how severe the results.Cars lined up for MANY MILES before the rains came,it took HOURS just to get out of town.By the time we could leave our home,we had to leave in a boat of my father's and rent a car.SHAME on you who have said everybody in LA is a druggie or thief!We work & go to school and LIVE like anyone else.God forgive you for your judgement!
---Heidi on 9/4/05

Read what "sigh" said, that pretty well sums it up! There are NO exuses!!
---PP on 9/3/05

It is unexplainable, yet the reason is revealed throughout the Bible. Men do what they do because of what they are. Just as a fig tree bears figs, not oranges. It is in the times of trial and stress that men reveal what is in their hearts--hidden it may be, but there all the same. Peter denied that Christ knew what was in his heart. He ended up doing what he insisted he would never do. What is wrong? They have sin hidden in their heart. God reveals it so we will come to the Fountain.
---Wayne87 on 9/3/05

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Horrible events make people do horrible things or do courageous heroic acts. When a tragedy occurs with such magnitude as Hurricane Katrina, we don't always think clearly...instead we just react to protect ourselves and those we love. When we have Jesus in our hearts, we're motivated by a higher understanding and therefore it controls our human instinct for survival. Most often we react for good instead of evil although it is no guarantee.
---Elsie on 9/2/05

OH...P-L-E-A-S-E. All those thieves are just that...CRIMINALS. NO one is near starving in 2 or 3 days. What good will all those shoes, clothes and jewerly do them?? True, the AK-47s will more likely serve their purpose better. Get off the pity party wagon for these thugs! They are criminals...clear and simple and the ONLY thing they are considering is what they can sell for their next drug fix! Stop the pity party for all the murdering thugs. Pity the rescuers...That's a dangerous, thankless job!!
---~~~sigh~~~ on 9/2/05

With a situation just as NVBarbara has described, why are they considered lotting? Canned goods do store as long as there is a can opener!!!
TV's & radios become the only means of group communication but with no electricity - why would anyone steal?
With no house left why worry about furniture?
Thousands of $$$ in aid will come in & yet a local store owner cannot find the heart to give away food/water/tents/emergency cots.
I wonder what I would do?
---barbara67 on 9/2/05

They are scared, hungry, have no place to go. Homes gone, work gone, they have nothing. No food for them or their families.
Snakes and alligators and sewage in the water. Dead bodies just lying around. Rotten food in stores causing more sickening smells.
That's enough to make someone a little nuts.
Please be in prayer that things calm down.
---NVBarbara on 9/2/05

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2. there is people who need the food for their families and I suppose I would do the same to take food, but the one's that I mention are the ones that are killing stealing clothes and just violence towards others that are defenseless. Older people. God help us in these times. Many things happening all over the world and there is more to come. In these cases many good people work hard to help others, and those are the one's that deserve a lot a phraise for their love for others.
---lupe2618 on 9/2/05

Sister Shira, what you are seeing should not surprise you. It happened during the riots in L.A. We should understand that it is people without Christ. People with Christ, in these trouble times show their true colors. Evil controls the world so every time something like this happens, I am not surprise or shock. It will continue to happen. When there is law and order, they are in check, but when they are turn loose, the real them comes out.
---lupe2618 on 9/2/05

They are "devils incarnate" and it makes me sick that the authorities were totally unprepared to maintain law and order. They should have arrested the looters and put leg irons on them with enough mobility so they could pick up garbage around the Super Dome!
---Pierr7958 on 9/1/05

They are stressed out, tired, frustrated and scared! All of this will cause a person who is normally moral, to do immoral things, and not think correctly.
---WIVV on 9/1/05

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That's a good question. I and my family were in a tornado in 1992 (granted it was absolutely nothing compared to Katrina) and a lot of looting took place then. I don't know that I agree with the use of the word "stupid", but selfishness is definitely a big component.
---Heather on 9/1/05

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