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Decided To Join A Cult

Dear blogger family,
Because of time & family I must depart from this website. I have in short, decided to return to study with the JWs & I prayed about it & did see it matching my KJV. thank you.

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 ---Candice on 9/1/05
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This is a very old question and I think the latest answer is a very old one redated. I haven't seen Candice's name on here recently but if she is still with us it would be nice to have an update.
---RitaH on 7/17/08

I hate to hear that you have decided to return to the JW`s,over the last few years you have been to and fro,back and forth,trying to find a religion that makes sense to you....the trouble is GODS wisdom is not man`s wisdom and what is wise to man is foolishness to GOD.........I pray the Holy Spirit will change your mind.
---co_ach on 7/16/08

The Bible says to they that know to do right and do it not it is sin.I thought you decided JW were not truely what they should be, they don't line up with God's Word, a lot of what they teach isn't even in God's Word.Please don't go back into darkness.They don't match KJV or any other of the Bible.Is it easier follow them than what God says?Be careful,the road to Hell is paved with those who took the easy way out.You may have prayed ,I'm not sure you listened to God,just your will.Praying for you.
---Darlene_1 on 10/29/07

Everyone has the freedom to choose in life. I remember the words of my grandfather. He was one of the founders. He was on the executive counsel that made up the doctrines and NWT used. He told me he was deceived for over sixty years and it was man's church. Not God's. Many truths were ignored or corrupted to attract new members and material gains. he did not hesitate to allow his children to have operations, tranfusions etc. He knew he was living a lie and told us the truth before he died.
---ashley on 4/13/07

Candice; Before you take the step,contact me @ cliff4637 I have some sound advice,and no, I will not "preach"to you!
---1st_cliff on 4/13/07

Sister Candice, I am so happy to hear that you could see the difference. It is God guiding you through your walk with Him. I know not all of us agree in every detail or interpretation but God has a reason for that too. Keep God's word close to you and you will be fine. All for the glory of God.
---Lupe2618 on 10/10/05

Some matches with the KJV ,but after praying& comming to my senses with Jesus' help the NWT is nothing but a false book taknig away& adding words, some of it matches the kjv when it goes "along", but then to meet with the WT it "changes"& that is not right.
---candice on 10/6/05

If what the JWs believe matches the KJV of the Bible, then why did they have to create the New World Translation? It is simply that the KJV does not support their christology and other beliefs, that they had to create the NWT.
---harry on 9/18/05

Candice:No one can take away the free choice that God gives us,I hope & pray that in time with your endeavour to seek the truth & the love of JESUS, you will find the true love of Almighty God, & when you do you will have the courage to retrace your steps.Seek & you will Find; not empty promises but the TRUTH.MAY THE PEACE OF THE RISEN CHRIST BE WITH YOU ALWAYS.
---Emcee on 9/17/05

Candice: Please do not depart from our Savior Jesus Christ of Biblical Scriptures. Even if you have only a "mustard seed" of faith left in "the way, the truth and the life" you can come back to the Lord in repentence and peace. We bloggers love you with the love of Jesus; we plead with you to change your mind.....I am praying now that our precious Lord Jesus will put His hand literally on you and prevent you from making a big mistake.
---Elsie on 9/17/05

I hope that you do not try to earn your salvation by knocking on my door. I simply do not want to hear that Jesus was the archangel Michael and that He returned invisibly in 1914 to give Charles Taze Russell some kind of special annointing.
---lee on 9/16/05

I once thought I would give the Jehovah Witness a chance to explain what they believe. In thier little red book. (living in paradise on earth) the very thing that sent chills down my spine was finding the scripture where the Lord was on the cross and he told the thief Today, thou shalt be... the red book it moves the comma and changes the whole meaning!!! ,Today means we go to heaven today, means we don't Luke 23:43
---becky on 9/13/05

Every person is different. Why judge others when it is Jehovah whom judges in the end?It is one thing to try to "help" others it is another to tear them down.
---candice on 9/13/05

Please, please think about what you are doing, Candice! My brother joined a cult when he truly believed they were following the Bible and even though he is now out of it, he's never been the same! It will destroy you!
---Francis on 9/13/05

...But if thine heart turn away, so that thou wilt not hear, but shalt be drawn away, and worship other gods, and serve them; I denounce unto you this day, that ye shall surely perish.... I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life...That thou mayest love the LORD thy God, and that thou mayest obey his voice, and that thou mayest cleave unto him: for he is thy life, and the length of thy days
---concerned on 9/12/05

Dear Candice
To answer this I would say to really study what and who is a false prophet according the word of GOD. If you don't do this you will fall and follow any wind of doctrine that comes along. I pray for you. Janet
---janet on 9/10/05

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What is their belief about Jesus, Candice? If they do not believe that He is the physical incarnation of God, crucified for man's sins, rose 3 days later and ascended to the Father in heaven, where He reigns now,waiting to return to take us home with Him, then they are not believing the things of God, and getting yourself involved in that will NOT be pleasing to God.Think about you want to be part of a cult that believes Jesus is a created being when He comes? How would He perceive you then?
---Ann5758 on 9/10/05

To Annon& anyone;
Thankyou for your concern,but after visiting my mothers house whom her family is native american, believing very much in Jesus& God & the bible she clearly stated this;
"It is God whom you should turn to for approvel,not man- do not worry what they think of you,because you are not here to please them; you are here to follow God."
---candice on 9/9/05

Dear Candice, I don't know you at
all, but you are treading on very
dangerous ground. You try to justify it all you want, but to depart from the TRUTH, especially
once you know it, is shear lunacy!
Do you have children and loved ones you are leadinding to a LIE?
Repent Dear one! God's not winking
---Anon on 9/7/05

pt 2:Also I am not Jehovahs Witness belonging to the Orginization as people think unless I got baptized by them,which I am not going to do because as previously statted I am already baptized.I just want ot get alnog with members on here when I can post.
---candice on 9/6/05

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I have returned to studying. I still attend the church of christ on Sundays along with my husband. to answer another persons post from below, the reason I returned is because I moved to a different location, where we past lived a witness & i did not get along,personally, nothing to do with Jehovah Witnesses. If I did not forgive ALL churches doing me wrong, well I'd be out of a church.My DH allows the studies because it is at home.
---Candice on 9/6/05

Pharisee, I am sorry your mother went through this, but she could have gone through this no matter what church she was associated with.
ELDER: I already found salvation through Jesus Christ.
---Candice on 9/6/05

My Mom was J.W. 30years: never had the Spirit of God.

She went through divorce from a 20 year marriage, an attempted suicide, and almost the demise of a second marriage.

On meds for depression, incurable diseases (Diabetes) alone in a trailer.

I stayed with her for a while, and in that time we argued constantly over the doctrine of the trinity. I could feel the presance of evil spirits and see their influence on her face when she defdended their doctrines; it was scary.
---Pharisee on 9/4/05

I walked out one day in disgust (walked 15 miles praying for her all the way) and in that time she looked through my Bible dictionary and came across the word "trinity."
She started looking up ALL the references, and when I returned to her she was a believer in Christ for the first time.

Her diabetes left her and best of all she threw out those anti-depression meds once and for all, never returning to the shrink
---Pharisee on 9/4/05

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All this for believing that Jesus IS who he said he was, and not who some cult made him out to be.

She's back at home with her husband now, he a convert as well.
I PROMISE YOU CANDICE there is NO SALVATION in the doctrine of demons but in Christ alone is REAL HOPE. Everyone please pray for my Momma, her Mom just died and shes very upset.
---Pharisee on 9/4/05

Candice we do not use the dictionary to establish what truth is.
A few weeks ago I published what a Cult is. If you request it I will do it again.
Your statement about Paul is somewhat true. After he got Saved he left his Cult forever and even stood against their teachings.
Is Salvation the issue with you? If it is you will never find the answer with the JWs.
---Elder on 9/3/05

Praying is not the answer to wether to switch religions or not, and make no mistake that's what you're doing.

How could you leave Jesus and the Holy Spirit behind-Deny them and still be a follower of Christ?
What you're following is a twisted interpretation of scripture, and a society of false prophets.
1 John 2:19: were you ever really forgiven?

If you were where are you going?
---Pharisee on 9/3/05

Candice, I pray that the Holy Spirit will bring about a change of heart on this matter.My sister in law and my niece were JWs for years. They are out of it now but still do not know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour. Being JWs. did them no good whatsoever and some harm. Please stay on Christianet. We are all far from perfect but will do our best to help you.
---Xanthi on 9/3/05

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remember that the if you really study Gods word. KJV and the JW green bible you can see the change in scripture.
I love you I have never met you but remember that you are Loved by this family why be cause you are we are children of the Living GOD bought by the HOLY blood of Christ Jesus
---willow on 9/3/05

Candice, you have made a decision, and now will walk that path. I pray that God show you any teachings that do not align with his true word, that anything you are taught that is not from the Holy Spirit sits so wrong in your heart that you know to walk away from this deceptive place. I pray angels around you to keep your eyes wide open and your heart open to God's word.
---Maxine on 9/3/05

Candice: I agree with you that it is un-Christian to stoop to religious bigotry by name-calling. I believe that just about all denominations have some false beliefs. The Bible (KJV preferably) should be the only rule of faith for all Christians. When you study with the JW, show them that Jesus IS the Creator God (John 1:3, Heb 1:2), as well as Jehovah, the Lawgiver on Mt. Sinai (John 8:58).
---Jerry on 9/2/05

Why return?
The reason you left is still there.
---barbara67 on 9/2/05

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Candice I dealt with you about this subject appox two years ago. I saw Christian growth in you after you left the JWs.
Now you return to them.
The Bible speaks of dogs returning to vomit.
That is what you will be fed on with the JWs. They do not believe Jesus is God. They are off in many other areas.
You will not be able to redeem the time you lose this time.
Someone who knows the truth and refuses it is worse than an infidel.
So sad and sorry for you and our loss.
---Elder on 9/2/05

According to your opinions this is a cult, but according to the dictionary on what a "cult" is , it isn't, it isa type of culture itself,way of Living. Infact if we REALLY want to go there, the Pharasees though Apostle Paul was the "ringleader" of the cult when christianity itself came aboutafter Jesus died. Jehovah knows my heart,& btw I am already baptized as one of Gods children from another church,& they have unbaptized "publishers"among the witnesses.
---candice on 9/2/05

Candice, please look at all the people on here who care about you.We may all have different beliefs and come from many denominations,there are lots of things we don't agree about in thelogy, but be aware of the fact we all agree on this,JW Churches are not a Christian Denomination,they do fall under the definition of a cult.You need the true Word of God in your life,you have worked hard to grow in the Lord,now you throw it all away.My heart aches for you.
---Darlene_1 on 9/2/05

Have you seen the commercials the jw have on tv? They promote the KJV and when they sucker you in, they give you their bible and it contradicts the kjv. They are a cult and I beg you not to have anything to do with them.
---shira_5965 on 9/2/05

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Candice, you know in your heart they are not right. You will be willingly leaving the Spirit-filled way and going down the devil-led path. I really pray that you will give this a lot of thought and prayer. Don't let family/ friends influence you. Jesus is NOT God to them...He is not the way to salvation. Pray, pray, pray!!!!
---Ann5758 on 9/2/05

People leave Jesus everyday. It's the loss of your salvation.
---Eloy on 9/2/05

Not Jehovah God, He was 1st son that Jehovah God brought forth. The 1st creation by God.
Michael the archangel is no other than the only-begotten son of God, now Jesus Christ.

God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the nations.(1 Timothy 3:16)
Born of the virgin Mary....Matthew 1:18.
John 1:11, Isaiah 7:14, John 1:18.
---Marla on 9/2/05

Jesus Christ is NOT ONE God with the father.
Holy Spirit is God's active force, not a person. There was a time when Jehovah was alone in universal space. All life, energy, thought where contained in him.
Conclusion is that satan is the originator of the trinity doctrine.
God is a spirit and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. (JOHN 4:24)
There is ONE GOD, and one mediator between God and Man, Christ Jesus. (1 Timothy 2:5)
---Marla on 9/2/05

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The Holy Spirit is the invisible acting force of the Almighty God which moves his SERVANTS to do his will.
The Holy Spirit is the COMFORTER.
John 14:26 , John 15:26, John 16:8, John 16:13, Romans 8:1, Ephesians 5:18, Corinthians 3:16, Romans 8:19......
---Marla on 9/2/05

Sis, God Loves You, and you know that.. Jesus gave His all to free you. He first loved us, He is your first love.. As you study (with your JW brethren), i urge you dear sister to pray to God, through Jesus, that He will give you the wisdom. You are the apple of God's eye...He knows whom He owns and those He own knows His voice. Follow His voice. God Bless You.
---cms on 9/2/05

Sister Candice, I too would like to say that you should give it more time. I know so much about the Jehovah Witness, my sister died because of it. I can help you in some way if you would just take a little more of your time finding out. I know it seems they are more in control then our Christians brothers and sisters sometimes, but they are not teaching truth sister. It cost my sister her life and also my uncle. Please tell God you really need Him, and He will show you the way.
---lupe2618 on 9/2/05

It is easy to feel that JW's are working for GOD it makes sence at times, I studyed with them for a while too.I'm glad that I was lead to a church that tought me about salvasion!This world is getting so out of hand and it is getting harder just to lead people to the savior.If you want the truth and know it is the truth!Ask with your heart for God to be your savior and cunfess your sin's!Then it will be clear to you! May God bless you and help you see and know.The truth! It is the graetest!garry3764
---garry on 9/1/05

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Candice I do not know you but I feel so sad for you in my heart. My niece is thinking of becoming a JW because of her b/f and it so upsetting to our family. Please pray some more before leaving this site where people care for you and PLEASE look at the bible harder. JW beliefs DO NOT match the Bible as God interpreted it. They have taken and twisted what God has taught us.
Please look again.
---Marla on 9/1/05

I was checking back online tonight to see if the modierator did post me leaving or not.I find this wording "cult" not Christ like. I am sorry you feel this way& the owner of the website will here about it. I noticed also some 7th day advintist & catholcis also post& you donot bash them,which you shouldn't do.

Moderator - Candice, please research the subject yourself. It is a statement of fact the JWs are a cult according to Christianity.
---candice on 9/1/05

As this heading says, the JWs ARE a cult!
PLEASE reconsider your decision.
Go to a REAL bible believing, teaching church and see the difference!
Don't let family or ANYONE take your chance of salvation away! barba7434
---NVBarbara on 9/1/05

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