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Can Others Help Katrina Victims

Is there anything that we as individuals in the U.K. can do, other than praying, for those affected by the hurricane in U.S?

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 ---Xanthi on 9/2/05
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the only way is GOD'S WAY..get back to God and you will be restored to full health and order again...I GUARANTEE THAT...thru God Almighty...claim His promises if you turn back to him New were found tramping on God's laws...get back inline...or perish..
---jana on 8/20/06

Hang on America. There will soon be more catastrophies that will desperately need your aid. They will increase more and more in the last days..the Bible say. The next one could be your house. Lay away for that day and don't expect anything. I gave to our denomination to go to a churh in Miss.....FEMA is taking my tax dollars and throwing it willy-nelly. The nation will be bankrupt SOON. Remember this statement.
---HW on 9/12/05

Please Pray for "America" to turn back to God. Only God can heal the spiritual problems and such charities as the American Red Cross and Salvation Army has always given where there are physical needs. World Vision and Samaritian's Purse are two more good charities to donate to also.
---EJ on 9/8/05

I may be wrong, if so tell me. I heard a few years ago N.O. was giving a huge federal grant to re-enforce or rebuild the levees, but instead used the money for new casinos and some other matter of no value to public safety. The fault lies in their officials who turned a blind eye to the inevitable consequences of that choice. NOw those same officials are pointing fingers at everyone but themselves!!
---HW on 9/7/05

Yes, there was something that could have been done to at least limit the destruction, but it wasn't. Now, all that is required is everybody be prepared for disease, especially in the New Orleans area. What you can do is send some knowledge over here on how to naturally combat disease. Like everything else, we do have that knowledge, but we do not use it.
---gregg8944 on 9/6/05

Thanks everyone. I've contacted the Salvation Army and my donation is now earmarked to help the victims of Katrina. We feel so helpless over here as individuals because there is nothing physical that we can do to help. It's such a long way and, even if people could go over to help I think they feel that they would hinder rather than help, by being in the way. Even the relatives of British missing people feel like that and feel that they just have to wait, hope and pray.
---Xanthi on 9/6/05

God bless you! Pray and make a donation to the American Red Cross. They are doing amazing work!
---Annie on 9/5/05

CBN's Operation Blessing were the first ones to arrive with help. Truckloads of food and a hospital plane with nurses and doctors. The plane even has a surgical team and beds for about 30 people.
---Greg on 9/4/05

Pray for a GREAT REVIVAL in America and in the UK, Read 2 Chron. 7:14 and ask God for mercy and help us seek Him with repentant hearts. This crisis may bring about a great spritual awakening. PRAY FOR REVIVAL as never before. With GOD, all things are possible. People will be taken care of physically. It's their soul that desperately needs fed now.
---Hurricane_Watcher on 9/3/05

Efforts are being made to coordinate housing here in the US for victims on a grassroots level. They may need donations to help provide transportation from the refugee sites to the various homes throughout the country.
---Madison on 9/2/05

Send money to the Red Cross and/or the Salvation Army.
---Elder on 9/2/05

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