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My Boss Will Not Pay Employees

Expert Christian Advise please. My MD has disregard for his employees. Hardest hit are ex-patriots like myself, pays salaries when he feels like it. What recourse do I have in a country like Nigeria, police and politicians are bribed to do the will of the wealthy. The MD is also an ex-pat (Lebanese)

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 ---Stephen_-steph6483 on 9/2/05
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Stephen, I will pray that God restores your pay to you somehow. He is very good and I also believe He will bring you to the right job, just for you. God bless you.
---John on 4/6/08

I have quit (Sept is my notice month) but fear he is not going to pay me what is due.As it is i have not yet received my August salary and he avoids my emails and phone calls.
---Stephen_Gladwin on 3/24/07

Same thing here in South Korea - contracts are routinely ignored and Western English teachers denied pay and benefits because of the mercurial nature of Korean males and their attitudes toward money. Just quit and leave Nigeria, if you need to.
---drew2902 on 10/6/05

Wait 'til you read the story of the servants in the Bible - that faithfulness was on the part of the servant who worked even when he was not paid.
And then the story about the men who worked 7 hours and the men who worked 1 hour all being paid the same thing.
No work - no pay of any kind.
No work - no harvest.
When the servant works - he becomes indispensable.
---barbara67 on 9/7/05

If he pays when he feels like it, work when you feel like it.
---Annie on 9/5/05

Hi, thank you for your words of encouragement.To reply to "what is his view".He says that this is the way things work in Nigeria,but he did not make this known during my interview. I have been with the company for 13 Months now and have never recieved my salary on time.One young ex-pat had not been paid for 21 months besides his "living allowance".When he confronted the issue he was fired.
---Stephen_Gladwin on 9/3/05

You need an international lawyer, a chartered governmen accountant and a lot of prayer. What you have described does not sound fair. What is your employer's side of the story?
---Barbara67 on 9/2/05

I don't think there is an easy answer for you since you are forced by circumstances to take whatever that evil man hands you.There is no honor in theives and thief he is ,if he doesn't pay you.There is however one thing stronger than all you see,the power of God, He is moved by prayers of His children.I will pray for God to intervene for you.God Bless.
---Darlene_1 on 9/2/05

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