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Where Are All Our Allies

Where are all our allies? We are so quick to respond to others in need, but can't send help to our own in need. It is time we start thinking of our own country.

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 ---evangelist on 9/2/05
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We can send our troops to help others in less than 48 hours, but can't get them within our own country!!I served in the armed forces was glad to fight for our freedom in Lebenon. Our own Goverments are not there for the people when needed.Over half the people in Mississippi and New Orleans are poor,reckon that could be the reason they are not moving fast enough? I bet jessie Duplantis got on his Citation X and got out.
---evangelist on 4/17/08

There have been many offers of help. At the moment the United States appears to "studying" the offers to see which ones we truly need. I had the same complaint, but we are not the only people who have a heart in the time of need, and many other countries are reaching out to us. Pray, pray, pray for these people and for our leaders.
---Erin on 8/14/07

French Foreign Legion? Where is France when we need them in Iraq? I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for France to help!
---Kathay on 9/3/05

I read that 25 countries have offered help of some kind to Katrina survivors and for clean up. THANK you to our close neighbor Canada for your efforts.
---NVBarbara on 9/3/05

Twenty five countries have offered help as of 5:00 PM CST 9-2-05. This includes most of the civilized countries of the world including some we restored post WWII, and the ones who contributed in our recent and present wars. We should be thankful and pray for the over 100 who have not made a committment yet. Many have little to offer except a vote in th United Nations.
---chuck on 9/3/05

The government has said it wants as much in country aid as possible. It is also trying to act in a protective way - all medicine & food must be healthy not just someone else's castoffs.
In such a time of tragedy, much looting occurred by local people not the allies. However, some LOCAL grocery stores have food that will rot before they will charitably give it away. This evaluation comes from a TV overview of life after a disaster.
---barbara67 on 9/2/05

I agree with Erin.
"Help" is plentiful but until security is/was reestablished help could not reach the needy. I am happy to see order reestablished by the National Guard but that help came THREE DAYS TOO LATE for those who were murdered, raped and robbed! That should never have happened. Should have called the French Foreign Legion and I assure you, looting would have been minimal!
---Pierr7958 on 9/2/05

Many Canadians are grieving with you about the terrible tragedy in New Orleans. I just heard the Canadian Red Cross has gotten over 1/2 million dollars donations in two days for the diasaster relief.
---alan on 9/2/05

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