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Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Anyone ever recieved the Baptism of the Holy Ghost? I'm not talking about speaking in tongues or falling out in the spirit. That isn't the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. I was just curious if anyone has.

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 ---Rebecca_D on 9/3/05
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When we accept Jesus, we are one in the same Spirit, there are no steps, no works of our own. there is no formula as the false teachers would have us to believe.
---wayne on 2/16/08

Concur:"Have you rcvd Holy Ghost since you believed". Indicates BHS follows salvation. Caution: "Prophecy subject to Prophet" Edification limited by human biases, prophecies are diluted. So I rely on "let everything be confirmed mouth of 2or3 witnesses". For me primary use, personal edification "of men and of angels","building up most holy faith". Also recommend "war on the saints" Jessie Pen Lewis for materials helping maturity on subject.
---Duane on 4/25/07

When you were baptized in water,did you receive the water or did the water engulf you and come upon you?
Acts 1:5 For John truly baptized with water; but ye shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost not many days hence.
Ac 1:8 But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you:
The Baptism is for power to come upon you. You receive God's Spirit when you get saved and it is in you. God's Spirit can be in you
on you and with you. you are mixing these all up with your doctrines.
---Exzucuh on 4/24/07

Kasia: Some people whom gets saved does not receive the baptism of the holy ghost. Because in the bible we read that a man I think Paul asked some people if they received the baptism of the holy ghost since they believed? They said they haven't heard of what he speaks. Everyone whom becmoes born again the holy spirit comes in yes, but not all are baptized by the holy ghost, when first saved.
---Rebecca_D on 4/24/07

I just recieved the holy spirit today. I fell out, slain in the spirit. It was great.
---pete on 4/23/07

Dear Rebecca: I do believe that everyone who was baptized in Christ by the immersion for the remission of sins WILL receive the gift of Holy Spirit as it is written in the Book of Acts 2:38. God Bless, Kasia 2882
---Kasia2882 on 4/5/07

I was in a bar at noon(1976)& at 7pm I was saved(praise God)when I walked in a home Bible Study.I had no denominational bias.All was NEW,so if I didn't understand I looked in the HOly Bible.Read Acts.The deciples were with Jesus,but had no POWER to be witnesses until the H.S.with tongues.I rec'd & spoke in tongues in my car as I left the same Bible Study 6 mo.later.linda3957
---lovable_linda on 10/5/05

I am glad that someone knew what I was talking about, thanks Bruce. I would like to add to Bruce statement that Jesus didn't recieve the baptism of the Holy Ghost until after he was baptised the spirit of God descending like a dove. God pured his spirit out onto Jesus. Luke 4:1 states that Jesus was full of the Holy Ghost, and was tempted by Satan. Why don't people seek this baptism anymore? Maybe they don't understand it.
---Rebecca_D on 9/7/05

Recieving the Holy Spirit at conversion is not the same as Baptism in the Holy Spirit.
EVERY Christian recieves the Holy Spirt in them at conversion.
There are clear examples of CHRISTIANS who had not recieved the baptism of the Holy Spirit until AFTER CONVERSION.
Acts 2 - those gathered in the upper room
Acts 8 - Samaritan revival,
Acts 9:17 - Paul,
Acts 19 - Ephesians
---Bruce5656 on 9/6/05

The baptism of the Holy Spirit is an experience at the time of salvation. There may not be any manifestation of any spiritual gift - some things that I experienced much later in my Christian walk.
---lee on 9/6/05

I went to an altar and repented of my sins at 11 years old.I and another girl the same age,both at that altar for salvation,and seeking the Baptism of the Holy Ghost with tongues.She received the Baptism/spoke in tongues that night but I didn't until I was 22 years old,11 years later.The difference in the infilling of the HG and being saved, like having run off batteries until the eletricity was installed. Empowerment with the Baptism /tongues was mighty.The Gift of Prophecy followed in a few months.
---Darlene_1 on 9/4/05

Yes..I received the baptism of the Holy Ghost about 2 years after i began my relationship with Christ..and a person who hasn`t received the baptism couldn`t understand the difference in my life...i, a much better and bolder witness for Christ since that indwelling occured,And i thank HIM for that each and every day,....,praise His Holy Name..
---co_ach on 9/4/05

In the Bible, when the people were baptized with the Holy Spirit, they spoke in tongues.
---DoryLory on 9/4/05

I KNOW I received Holy Spirit when I received Jesus as Lord. I also know what happened when someone laid hands on me, praying that I might receive the other baptism. I didn't speak in tongues, and I didn't fall out in the Spirit, tho those ARE valid evidences. I came down with HOLY LAUGHTER - something that I had not even HEARD of at the time. (Tongues and the other gifts happened later)God is Sovereign, and tho He NEVER acts contrary to His Word, He often acts contrary to our UNDERSTANDING of it.
---Cheryl on 9/4/05

If a person is born-again,they're filled with the Holy Spirit or they could never live a life for Christ.I would suggest to read Acts 1 vs.8.."Ye shall receive power which is that of the HOLY GHOST, and you shall be witnesses UNTO ME.If a person is not bold and witnessing following Christ."I will make you fishers of men"then there is simply no baptism...Speaking in other tongues in Acts was so that the whole"World"could hear the gospel which can save all in their own language!
---Dwain_Prosser on 9/4/05

i have, and my cup runs over. i am born-again, been visited, touched and healed. i am given the gift of tongues and the interpretation of tongues, and healing, and song, and of prophesying and discernment of spirits and revelations and visions and dreams, and preaching and teaching and parables and doctrines, and translating the Bible rightly. i have also fallen to the ground from the overwhelming shekinah glory of the Lord. Christ God Jesus i love you. Thank you Jesus. Please read Acts 14:2; 26:13-15.
---Eloy on 9/4/05

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Many dont talk in tongues because they wont submitt to God's Authoriety. And havent been taught truth, it is time to get in the word and seek it out for your self start in Acts then go to 1 Corinthians ...and yes i am filled with the Holy Ghost and i do Speak in tongues as the Spirit gives utterance.
---lea on 9/3/05

Mark 16:16-17
He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; in other words when filled with the Power of God he is in us not just around us .
---lea on 9/3/05

Baptism of the Holy Ghost isn't water baptism. It says in the bible that John shall baptize you with water, but there is one to come (Jesus) who shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire. Mt 3:11 Mk 1:8. Jesus wasn't baptised by the Holy Ghost until after he was water baptised by John, because it says the heavens were opened and the spirit of God descending like a dove, lightening on him. God's spirit fell upon him. I just think this is awesome.
---Rebecca_D on 9/3/05

It happened around eight years ago. I was all alone praying intensely in my bedroom one night before going to bed. All of a sudden I sensed an undeniable presence in the room but I was scared because I didn't know if it was good or evil. And then all of a sudden a voice came out of me proclaiming the phrase, "Fear not!" Right after this happened, a warm and saturating feeling fell over the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. I knew without a doubt it was the Lord Jesus.
---Steve on 9/3/05

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Sure I have recieved the baptism of the Holy Spirit, that takes place when you make a sincere and True commitement to follow the Lord Jesus Christ, giving up your old life dieing to self John 3:3 and allowing Him to give you a new life. II Corinthians 5:17
---Mike on 9/3/05

Well i have recieved the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, but i would argue that it is with the evidence of speaking in tounges. I know that's not what you wanted to hear, but if you want more ifo on it, just email me.
---Lisa on 9/3/05

ALL Christians, when truly born-again, receive the "within" baptism of the Holy Spirit when He comes to indwell the Believer. In order to have power for Christian service, ALL Christians must routinely receive the "upon" baptism of the Holy Spirit.
---Doug on 9/3/05

That IS the baptism of the Holy Ghost. The evidence is the speaking in other tongues, as the Spirit wills, not what some man tells you to say. We are all indwelt with the Holy Ghost, but not all have the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. At least, that's what MY Bible says!
---shara7349 on 9/3/05

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I was once. At the time I didn't know what was suppose to occur, I just did it. What did happen to me though, was this: I was filled with so much love for God, that I had to tell others about it. It was the love I needed for God that helped me to be holy and blameless, just as we are called to be. It was a very, very, profound experience for me.
---chria9967 on 9/3/05

So, you don't believe the word of the Bible where it says that those in the upper room received the Holy Ghost and spoke in unknown tongues? And, what about those who are mentioned througout the New Testament talking about those who spoke in unknown tongues "after" they received the Holy Spirit?
---Sally on 9/3/05

The apostle writes about being baptized by the Holy Spirit, once one has put their trust in the finished work of the cross. When one excepts Christ and what was done at the cross. Ephesians 2:8-9. It has always been by faith. Now eternal life is a free gift, you just have to except it, where most have rejected it.
---geraa7578 on 9/3/05

If you are truely born again, then you have reveived the baptism of the Holy Ghost. You can't be born again with out it. It only happens only one time. Being filled can happen more than once.
---Rev_Herb on 9/3/05

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