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Who Is Really To Blame For Katrina

Isn't it unfair to blame president Bush for the ordeal of the victims of hurricane Katrina? If anyone is to blame, shouldn't it be the Local & State governments of New Orleans? I'm surprised that nobody is holding the State or Local governments accountable for anything.

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 ---Jeff on 9/3/05
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You are correct We put to much confidence in the flesh. What blew me away was the mayor cussing God and getting relected. I believe he was the mayor of New Orleans. Has people gone nutts or what? Look up not out for help.
---catherine on 1/29/08

What about the thousands of citizens that despite repeated warnings to evacuate, decided to stay? Are they not to blame themselves. To me it's a pitty party, the only ones to blame are the ones who didn't take personal responsibility. Half of that city couldn't find its way out if they had a color coded evac map.
---Tim on 1/27/08

Most of Texas was hit by Katrina ...not by the storm, but by a flood of victims that came our way. Local folks offered jobs, houses, clothes, food.
The kids were in school within days of arrival. State Medicaid picked up bills that used to belong to Florida.

Many who fled New Orleans found themselves better off than they had ever been.( A few took the opportunity to better themselves...too many did not). It may have been God providing, not JUDGEMENT, but a WAY OUT of the "hood".
---Donna2277 on 10/12/06

Great point, Heather. More, and even fiercer, of such devastating incidents will occur as we approach the return of Jesus, especially in the great tribulation, because the love of many will continue to grow cold and bring God's wrath and judgement. But the righteous will still find escape as they did with Kathrina.
---Okebaram on 10/12/06

well im from houston so i feel more than qualified to comment on it. as far as is no ones fault that the storm happened. it is also not the residents of the towns hit of the problems now is that a high crime population had been dispersed around the country. houstons crime has skyrocketed.
---bill on 10/12/06

Everybody's so busy trying to decide who to blame that none of us are looking at ourselves or biblical history. Has anyone stopped and thought about the fact that this was a judgement for sin (I'm speaking generally)? Instead of blaming everyone else maybe we (and I'm including myself in this) should look in the mirror and ask ourselves "what part did my sin play in this?"
---Heather on 9/14/05

NOW Gov.Blanco is complaining that the bodies are not being removed fast enough! She ignored Wash. when told 4 days in advance to start evacuation. The Pres. had flown over the sight the day after the levees broke, and visited Baton Rouge 2 days later, on the 3rd day he was in NO.
How come no one complained that it took Clinton 4 days to show up after the OK. bombings,his administration's biggest disaster?
---NVBarbara on 9/14/05

Like Jeff said....the local and state are responsible FIRST OF ALL. Remember economics class? It's totally ignorant to blame the president for NON action. When the local officals got their head upright....GWB acted immediately and what a showing...huh? Of course everyone heard the "GET OUT OF TOWN" warning days actually each individual is responsible for their perdicument. Only children and elderly are innocent. What about all the buses, ALL ruined? DUH! Whose fault is that?
---HW on 9/12/05

Andre, he without sin cast the first stone?
---runya9977 on 9/10/05

Bush told local officials to start a voluntary evacuation 3 or 4 days before Katrina hit, they refused.
The local government should have been prepared, that's why there are MANY school buses parked and flooded in NO that could have been used for transport.
Too late, and no need for finger pointing.
---NVBarbara on 9/10/05

RebeccaD: anther sodom and gommorrah is exactly what i believe it is there is so much sin there that God says it is enough i am wiping it out though they did have the chance to flee i dont think it was to kill all the people i think it was to wipe out the sin gambling stealing gangs casinos strip joints watch out people God may decide to clean your town up next as well as mine God i believe is sick of sin
---andre9789 on 9/9/05

Jeff-I will pose this question to you. You are a father and your house is razed to the ground in a storm and you cannot salvage anything. Would anyone say you are not a responsible father by calling for help. New Orleans is the victim of an accident and we can't expect victims help themselves especially when incapacitated. The local government is run by the very people who are still searching for their loved ones and belongings making outside help very necessary.
---runya9977 on 9/9/05

The Federal Government has far greater resources than local and state governments. However, when a President decides to invade and occupy a nation not in the control of Al Qaeda, provide layers of tax cuts, reduce budgets allocated for infrastructure, appoints political hacks to run the largest security and disaster relief organizations in the world, he must accept responsiblity for the catastrophic results.
---Bruce on 9/9/05

My Pastor prophiesd about this storm two weeks before it hit. I believe that it was an act of God. I also believe that God is mad, (yes he gets mad) at the sin that is in people's lives. Why it hit N.O.? A warning. I believe that America is turning it's back on God and he don't like it one bit. Another Sodom and Gomorrah perhaps?
---Rebecca_D on 9/8/05

Jeff- you are exactly right, especially in your last sentence. The chain of command broke in the FIRST LINK in this disaster- the local city government. The reason why Mayor Nagin was hurling angry accusations at the President, is because he is scared and trying to cover his rear end because he DIDN'T DO HIS JOB! And the big show he put on with Oprah was just to make it look better for the cameras. This mandatory evacuation they are doing TODAY, should have been done on Sunday, Aug 28th
---Molly on 9/8/05

satan! satan is the real cause of this catastrophe. he comes to steal, kill and destroy...which is what he did. Only good and perfect gifts come down from the Father above. Katrina was not good or perfect. But this is an awesome opportunity!!! The opportunity to start over...completely depending on God to meet your every need. It is an AWESOME opportunity for the church to rise up and be the Church that God called us to be!!! Glory to God!!
---Anna on 9/8/05

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Before federal help is allowed to be on the groung in a state, the governor of that state must request help from the federal government.
Ok, help was requested on Wednesday.
Hmmmmm, wonder what the governor was doing on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday?
---bill on 9/8/05

The actual storm was allowed by God. A poem sent to me just before the hurrican. It was called Everything. I wonder if God allowed my house to surrounded by water, hammered at by the wind etc if I would take more notice of God?
In the Bible Jesus walked on water, calmed a storm, and feed people. Jesus was even willing to die for everyone. Everything for many is gone but God is Someone still there. God wants everything because we are everything to God.
---barbara67 on 9/7/05

The Pres. told the Gov. 3 days before Katrina hit to evacuate, the Gov. and local officials ignored the warnings.
That fact was in my newspaper, and on the online news. We need to pray and stop pointing fingers.
---Kathay on 9/7/05

Amen, Lea and Anon! 911, The Tsunami, and now Katrina...what will be next? These are definately the last days, and for the most part, the church still sits lazily in the comfort zone, playing religious games as they have for years. Wake up Church!!!
---Molly on 9/7/05

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Madison, good question. I don't have a good answer, and neither does the government. I think there is agreement on both sides that more should have been done faster. Also, local governments were without power, cell phones, land lines, so I don't see how they could have reached the feds unless they used smoke signals. If the media and trucks from Wal-Mart hauling water could get there, why the delay for federal help?
---Annie on 9/6/05

Anything that the bible warns against, we can stop. With Katrina, the city knew that their draining system didn't work and it would cost money to have that done. They gave a mandatory evacuation notice, but nobody but the highest knew why. Money is the root of all evil.
---gregg8944 on 9/6/05

Jeffrey, you are partially right, the true God doesn't necessarily cause pain and suffering. That is usually the result of living in this fallen, sinful world. God does "allow" things to happen though, and is ultimately in control of ALL things, whether you like that idea or not. If God isn't in control, then who is? Anthony, God controlling things doesn't eliminate man's responsibility, there are many thing s that could have been done to reduce the suffering somewhat.
---tommy3007 on 9/6/05

Buses were provided for those who didnt have a ride. People were given notice of a pick up time, and the buses were there. Obviously, and sadly, not very many people took advantage of the provided evacuation.
---William on 9/6/05

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New Orleans and boluxia and the places hit by katrina did not have a good emergency response team the federal gov. was waiting for the state to respond first and vice versa when FL. was hit with all those last year the emergency response began immediatly but the people should have evacuated like told and there wouldnt be all these deaths just as public transportation should have been there for the ones with no vehicles
---andre9789 on 9/6/05

Again people, the federal government CANNOT act until the local government ask for help. The mayor decided to curse God and the President instead of asking for help. This is why one state cannot take military action against another. The Mayor has to notify the Governor, then the Governor has to notify the President. FEMA tried to help earlier but was turned away by the Governor. The President was ready to help, but couldnt until asked. The local government is responsible for the delay.
---william on 9/5/05

Annie, I am curious to know why Bush took 4 solid days before he arrived to offer comfort and survey the damage first hand. What was so important that he could not fly down there and walk around the different areas like he did on Friday? He is the Commander in Chief of the military. He orders the troops to go all over the world. It took till Friday to deploy the majority of the troops. Why so long? The levee broke on Tuesday.
---Madison on 9/5/05

Anthony, by that same logic, if someone walks up to you and smashes you in the face, that's God's plan and you should thank him for it, right? And also, by that same logic, when you sin - when you really hurt someone - you're really not to blame because that was God's plan and you were just carrying it out, right?

I don't think so!!!!!

Maybe your god causes suffering in the world, but the one, true God does not!
---Jeffrey on 9/5/05

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HW: I have contributed what I am capable of in the relief efforts. My home is not large enough to open to the refugees. As I am a teacher, I must report for work this week, as my school district starts classes this week.

If you do not like my questions or opinions, feel free to ignore my posts, but please refrain from attacking me. I have not attacked you, and would appreciate the same Christian love from you that Christ commands in the 2nd great commandment.
---Madison on 9/5/05

No one is to blame,though the government should have acted more quickly. The people were given advanced warning& those who were able to flee , some did, some were not able to flee for one reason or another. I think those who stayed ,but could have left need to re-think the ending. Now if someone chooses to live by water,ocean or lake, or by a volcano, or any natural diaster area then they should know something will happen& prepare for it.
---candice on 9/5/05

YOu are exactly right in your question Jeff. People are exposing their ignorance to start at the top to place the blame. The request for help must start from the local goverment. Where were those people when the warnings were proclaimed repeatedly LOUD AND CLEAR? N.O KNEW their own situation with the levee..yet they sat there with their fingers in their ears..evidently. NOw they have the audicity to blame somebody elseand most especially the President!! That's ignorance personified.
---HW. on 9/5/05

It's fair to blame them because their response was nowhere near fast enough. State and local governments were overwhelmed a catastrophy of this magnitude should have had a swift response from FEMA.
---Annie on 9/5/05

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It's QUITE evident the "poor people" are being helped abundantly. What more could be done?
Madison...have you done more than find fault? Have you offered your home, contribuated to feed the masses or nurse the sick? Research, you will find it is NOT the Voodoo pagans who have stepped up to the rescue. God hates witchcraft and satan worship. NOthing good comes from satan. Are you aware of that? (Sodom and Gomorrah are at the bottom of the Dead Sea..and N.O is at the bottom of a cesspool.)
---HW on 9/5/05

What ever happens is supposed to happen or it wouldn't happen. God wanted the events of Katrina to happen. If God didn't want it to happen he would intervened or prevented it. Nothing is outside of the control of God. God knows what will happen before it happens. You can't blame anyone. it's God's plan!!
---Anthony on 9/5/05

What does New Orleans' sin have to do with the needs of the poor people who have died and are trapped there? Are they less worthy of help because of the voodoo in the city? This does not make any sense.
---Madison on 9/4/05

I think ALL the military and government agencies did a phenomenal job of getting to N.O. and rescuing people ASAP. There should be loud expressions of praise and gratitude from everyone. The nation has rallied to this crisis with astounding speed and efficency. We need to hear much more gratitude....and far less complaints.
It's a fact that N.O. is the Voodoo and witchcraft headquarters in this country. Maybe the city's name should be Sodom or Gomorrah??? It's steeped in pagan religion.
---Hurricane_Watcher on 9/4/05

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If you read Ezekiel chapter 7 you will see why this hurricane happened in New Orleans and there is a lot more that is going to happen in the earth, Get Ready my brothers and sisters For Jesus is Coming for his Bride. Have an ear to hear a mind to understand and a heart to love what the Spirit of the Lord is saying.
---Lea on 9/4/05

From a distance it looks like the judgment of God falling on America. Its not that God is sitting there taking pleasure in it, its just the laws of His creation in force, you reap what you sow. And Im the last to say it but I really think this Hurricane is the judgment of God on a wicked and sinful place. All places that continue on in sin are eventually judged but this is only the beginning. Repent ye all and be saved and forsake your phony christianity and humble yourselves under God's mighty hand.
---anon on 9/4/05

School buses were used to pick up people that didnt have a ride. Many now needing rescued chose not to go. Now they regret that decision, move on and accept that fact and do not curse God and the President, as the Mayor did. The Mayor and the Governor didnt want federal help for fear of losing control of the situation. Thank goodness President Bush announced that the blame starts at the local level. I will still donate to the Red Cross and other Christian charities, as well as pray for everyone involved.
---william on 9/4/05

Why not hold accountable those businesses and people that live there, and in other areas that are usually getting hit with burps of nature.
---Steve on 9/4/05

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Food and water etc could have been sent by helicopters no matter what?They should have been prepared..But Pride comes before the they were caught unawares as we are warned by GOD not to ever be in this world.
Blessings and keep watch..more is to come.
---Michelle on 9/4/05

Julie: Many of the people in New Orleans are living in poverty, don't have cars, don't have money to go elsewhere, may not have known about the evacuation orders, etc. For whatever reason, they stayed. Call it ignorance. Have you ever done something you later regretted? I have, sometimes I regretted it very much, and felt really stupid because of the result. I have empathy for these poor people. I wish more Christians did too.
---Madison on 9/4/05

While I sympathize with the victims, we were warned in a book that the party will kill you, which is undoubtebly starting with gambling. It is all going to come to an unexpected glorious end. Blame who you will. It starts with 'y' and ends with 'u.'
---gregg8944 on 9/4/05

I think its pretty said when Sir lanka (a major tsunami victim) wants to send US rescue workers and relief aide, Columbia (South America) wants to send us troops to control the looting.

There has been talk for years that there was the potential for problems along the gulf coast. NO one was doing any planning to fix it. There is a lot of blame to spread around.

America just got humbled a bit.
---Nurse_Robert on 9/4/05

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I'm surprized that you think they should be accountable for the sins of a few bad ones.

They ordered a manditory evacuation and sent buses around to pick people up for free, I see that they tried to get people out, but many remained of their own free will; how then is the city to blame for that?
---Pharisee on 9/4/05

I didn't hear the mayor curse God, but I do know that is a wicked city with voo doo everywhere. Maybe God's judgement is upon that place and maybe other places in the future. Maybe where we live also.
---shira_5965 on 9/4/05

Didn't the people have any kind of warning to get out? Why would they stay if a level 5 hurricane was coming and the levies would only hold for a level 3? Why do we Americans make our problems everyone else's fault? The government should have cleared out the hospitals, there is their responsibility, to help the helpless.
---Julie3763 on 9/4/05

There Is enough blame to go around from the Presidency on down. However, I think the time now is for saving lives, and taking care of those in need. Establishing who is to blame will not accomplish anything. We need to be together at this time, not devided.
---Jean on 9/4/05

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If you read Leviticus 18, the entire chapter pretty much explains why something like Katrina could happen. But pay special attention to verses 25 & 28. And then go to Leviticus 20:22, 23. Considering what New Orleans stands for, such as Mardi Gras, Voodoo it any wonder?
---rose4649 on 9/3/05

President George W. Bush gets blamed if someones cat gets ran over by a car......Who always gets the blame for anything on his watch ? This man has put up with more hatred and lies and dealt with more disasters of any President ive ever known and im 55 yrs old...its really sad that a nation is so full of hate. God help us all .
---lea on 9/3/05

I was surprized on September 11 2001 to observe first hand that NYC could pull together, showing us the best of humanity. That's not what we saw in New Orleans. We saw the very worst of our society, with looting, blaming, and anarchy. While heros were making historic efforts to bring relief to the storm victoms we heard only bashing of the efforts of those trying to help. As I spend my holiday repairing the storm damage to my home in Alabama, I feel shame, expecting better of my Southern brethern.
---Leigh on 9/3/05

I saw clips and read short quotes on AP of that little tantrum. I can understand his being frustrated and angry, but doesn't excuse his words/behavior on national television (or otherwise). As for President Bush, the only thing we can really do is, while we''re praying for the victims of Katrina, pray for the tolerance and wisdom President Bush will need to handle all the criticism he's taking in a Christian way (I think he's done a wonderful job).
---Heather on 9/3/05

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Yes, it is fair to blame the federal government for dragging its heels. There was a cry for help from the state and local governments early on, and the feds took their time. The states don't have the financial, or technical resources that the feds do. Plus, FEMA is a federal agency specifically for these situations.
---Madison on 9/3/05

The one who is really to blame for the hurricane is the devil.

Eph 6:12
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high {places}.
---Jeffrey on 9/3/05

Yes William I heard him and thought he didn't show much stength of character.Certainly not what a leader should have done.If any blame should be given it goes way back to the time the levees were built only to hold up to a catogory 3 Storm.New Orleans leaders for years knew the weakness and did nothing to correct it.Organizing rescue missions takes time-planning and by outsiders is harder than for ones who live there,why didn't New Orleans goverment have one already in place given their location?
---Darlene_1 on 9/3/05

Yes, it is unfair to blame any federal politition. The state and city government has to start the action. Also, you cant send rescue personel into an area until that area is stable. They were not allowed to start until the water showed signs of leveling off. It would do no good to send in the rescuers and then have to rescue the rescuers.

Did anyone else see and hear the mayor of New Orleans curse God and the USA government on television?
---William on 9/3/05

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