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Witnessing to a Jehovah Witness

How do I whitness to a Jehovah Whitness, or is there some book that I can study to be able to answer their questions?

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 ---Barbara on 9/4/05
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Isaiah 55:9 For [as] the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.
---micha9344 on 9/8/10

Scott, are not husband and wife one in the flesh? Is not the wife subordinate to the husband? I'm not the first to struggle to explain the Trinity - but that is what the bible teaches. Psalm 47: 2 How awesome is the Lord Most High, the great King over all the earth! 7 For God is the King of all the earth. Is not the Great King Jesus Christ? So no, you do not see the term 'God-the-Son' in the bible, but, as Samuel has previously stated: only the Holy Spirit can reveal this. Looking from the reverse angle, why not ask yourself why you JWs go far and wide actively denying Christ's deity, and realise whom you are working for, because if it is the first created being, then he's not called Jesus in Scripture, he's called Satan.
---John_II on 9/8/10

"God-the-Father, and God-the-Son..."John II

No scripture refers to Jesus Christ as "God the Son".

if equal, why does the resurrected, glorified Son refer to the Father as his God? Rev 3:12 (See also 2 Cor 1:3, 1 Pet 1:3)

Why (in heaven) is the resurrected Son in a subordinate role?

'"When all things are subjected to him, then the Son himself will also be subjected to him who put all things in subjection under him, that God may be all in all." 1 Cor 15:27, 28

"Subjection" Gk hupotasso=


"Arrange under, Subordinate
To subject, put in subjection
To subject one's self, obey
To submit to one's control
---scott on 9/8/10

David8318, Scripture it is: God is One, we both agree there. God is 3 Persons of which 2 are: God-the-Father, and God-the-Son - which you reject because you insist that Jesus is a created being, created by God as a god (NB. no capital g). Now, we both agree that Jesus came in the flesh. Now, 1-Cor.1:29 says: that no flesh should glory in His [God Most High] presence. That said, how do you correlate this verse snippet with 1-Cor.2:8 which says: ...they would not have crucified the Lord of glory? And if the Scriptures say: Worship God and serve Him only, why do you worship this god-Jesus? Are you going to praise and exalt this god as king in glory before Almighty God?
---John_II on 9/8/10

John II- you promote polytheism, as you've shown in your comment on the other thread and in your comment here 9/7/10. The false trinity doctrine forces you to conclude there are at least 2 God's- 'God-the-Father raised God-the-Son from the dead'. I'm happy to follow the scriptures and worship only ONE God- the true God Jehovah. (Ps.83:18 & Isaiah 12:2 older editions KJV)

Thankfully, your judgment of me is based on your own words and opinions and not that of scripture. Christ is my saviour, redeemer, ransomer and repurchaser and I thank my God Jehovah profusely for His undeserved kindness in sending His Son so that I (and everyone else) can have real hope of everlasting life, whether it be in heaven or on earth. (Mt.6:10, Jo.3:16)
---David8318 on 9/7/10

David8318, my mistake, I thought you were becoming a Christian. I thought that I could convince you of Jesus being God's begotten Son from the reverse angle, which is all too obvious now. But deception works best when it is as close to the truth as it can be without being sussed. So I tell you: God-the-Father raised God-the-Son from the dead with mighty power, this power was borne by the death Jesus suffered: the complete separation from God-the-Father - which is the death of all those who reject Christ's deity. Think on! As the Scripture says, 'But God raised Him up again, putting an end to the agony of death, since it was impossible for Him to be held in its power. Why impossible? Because He is the great 'I am'.
---John_II on 9/7/10

John II- the parable you use from Luke 20:9-16, again uses the Father and Son relationship. Interesting you switch from referring to Jesus as 'the vineyard owners son', to God's 'best servant'. Why? Is it because you want to suggest the blood of God's Son is no more valuable than the 'other servants'? Am I right?

God's Son, Jesus ('the vineyard owners son') is more than a 'servant', and much more than any imperfect human. Jesus Christ was a perfect man- sinless. (Heb.4:15, 1 Pe.2:22) His blood atone's perfectly- He.9:12.

Because you reject 'the cornerstone', Jesus' application of the parable is relevant to you. Luke 20:18- 'Everyone falling upon that stone will be shattered. As for anyone upon whom it falls, it will pulverize him.'
---David8318 on 9/7/10

John II- If you think I'm working with you, you're very much mistaken. Scriptures are clear that God sent His SON to die on our behalf. The trinity is unscriptural, and a false teaching cultured from Babylons triadic worship.

You are unable to explain how 'God raised him (Jesus- your God) up from the dead', Ro.10:9. It appears you explain this by denying the death of Jesus ('Dead' does not mean out of exista(e)nce as you JWs believe. JohnII-8/31/10). If Jesus didn't die, then what was the point of Jesus coming in the flesh? But trinitarians don't believe Jesus was in the flesh, but 'God' who is 'a spirit' (Jo.4:24). Thus, trinitarianism by definition is antichrist, because it denies Christ as having come in the flesh. 1 Jo.4:2,3.
---David8318 on 9/7/10

Samuel asks- can someone see the 'Kingdom of God' when they are not 'born again'.

As previously mentioned, the 'Great Crowd' of Re.7:9 who survive the 'great tribulation' (Re.7:14) will live in the 'New Earth' during the millennium under Christ's heavenly rule along with his 'joint heirs' numbering 144,000 who have been 'bought from among mankind.' (Ro.8:17, Re.5:9)

Unlike the 144,000, the 'Great Crowd' are not said to be 'born again' from HolySpirit. However, their salvation is because 'they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.' Re.7:14.

So the 'Great Crowd' which could number millions, will experience Kingdom blessings here in the 'New Earth', under Christ's rulership.
---David8318 on 9/7/10

David8318, the parables reads: Then the owner of the vineyard said, 'What shall I do? I will send my son, whom I love - perhaps they will respect him.' Now this presupposes that the vineyard owner's son brings much more weight to the situation than that of the servants sent before him (which, incidently, is what you have made Jesus by insisting he was created by God), because of the family connection. So if God did indeed 'sacrifice' His best servant, what is so special about that servant's blood? What would make it any different from the other servants' blood? Because God wouldn't be disposed much in creating another first-rate servant. For God said, "Is anything too hard for Me"? But He only has one Son.
---John_II on 9/7/10

"You brought the pattern to the table." John_II

Yes and rather than employing God's word in this discussion you summoned the delightful story of Pinocchio, inspired by Mr Disney. (Written by Carlo Collodi).

Neither Isaac nor Christ would exist without their Fathers. It's no accident that Jehovah chose the language of Father/Son to describe this relationship through his inspired word.

What example can you cite where a Father (any father) didn't pre-date his Son? If the relationship didn't follow this fundamental filial pattern why did the Almighty use this language? This would be tantamount to deception on the part of the Creator...unthinkable.

Christ had an origin (Heb 'Motsaah") Micah 5:2
---scott on 9/6/10

John II- God did make a sacrifice I agree. But God sent his Son to make that sacrifice.

John 3:17, 'For God sent forth his Son into the world, not for him to judge the world, but for the world to be saved through him.'

How have we been 'saved through him'? Romans 5:8,9, '...while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Much more, therefore, since we have been declared righteous now by his blood, shall we be saved through him from wrath.'

So I disagree with you that Jesus' blood is 'no better than a bull or a lamb'. Paul said Jesus 'entered (heaven), no, not with the blood of goats and of young bulls, but with his own blood, once for all time into the holy place and obtained an everlasting deliverance for us.' Heb.9:12.
---David8318 on 9/6/10

David8318, no offensive remarks or rhetoric from you? Now you want to work with me on this subject? Then notice how the truth is trying to set you free from this cult. Don't try and wangle it back in some way or other out of pride, let it go. If God slew this super-sheep - this god-Jesus - in the place of us sheep, then God Himself has made no sacrifice. Now that you know better on Christ's deity, you are in danger of moving from the ignorant group of JWs to the rejection group. God works in perfection, He'd already made His best creation in the first instance in Lucifer [Eze 28:11b], and he wanted to reign supreme [Isaiah 14:14]. So why wouldn't this god-Jesus want to do the same now that we know what absolute power does?
---John_II on 9/6/10

Scott, Abraham progenerated a son - so he had something to sacrifice. If God-the-Father begot a God-the-Son, then He had something to sacrifice too. But if God created a being out of super-clay and wired him up full of wisdom (as Satan was), then this is the same as Abraham making a wooden boy by relief and offering him for sacrifice. You brought the pattern to the table, which is fine, yet you refuse to accept you are serving a type of Pinnochio 'son of god'.
---John_II on 9/6/10

Samuel also asks what happens to the 144,000 when they all die. As previously explained, Jehovah's Witnesses believe the 144,000 are 'born again' from HolySpirit (Jo.3:5).

When they all completely die, they are referred to as the '24 elders' of Rev.4:4. These '24 elders' who represent the complete number of 144,000 in heaven, are 'made to be a kingdom and priests to our God, and they are to rule as kings over the earth.' Re.5:10.

So the 144,000 who experienced the 'first resurrection ...will be priests of God and of the Christ, and will rule as kings with him for the thousand years.' Re.20:6.

Thus, 144,000 who are 'bought from among mankind' will rule with Christ for a 1000yrs over the 'New Earth'. (Mt.6:10)
---David8318 on 9/6/10

Samuel asks about the 144,000 who are 'born again'. The choosing of these ones by God commenced Pentecost 33CE, when HS was poured out, initially on 120 disciples anointing them with HS- Acts 2.

When these anointed ones die faithfully, they immediately 'in the twinkling of an eye', receive their heavenly reward. They will then experience 'seeing the Kingdom of God'. 1 Cor.15:52.

But Jesus also said 'I have other sheep, which are not of this fold' (Jo.10:16). Jesus gave details of the 'other sheep' at Rev.7:9, where he described them as an innumerable 'Great Crowd'. Innumerable in relation to the 144,000 of verse 4. The Great Crowd will live in the 'New Earth', under God's Kingdom Government.
---David8318 on 9/6/10

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"A wooden son." John II

While not carved out of wood Isaac was 'produced' or 'generated' by his father Abraham. That's pretty basic biology.

The meaning of the Hebrew word for father, 'Av', includes the obvious:

'Founder of a... family. Originator, producer, generator'. (Gesenius)

The fact that Abraham 'generated' his son doesn't detract from his willingness to offer him up as a sacrifice. It adds to the significance. The fact that Isaac was 'generated' or 'produced' by his father doesn't change the fact that he willingly laid down his life (pre-intervention).

Christ willingly laid down his life for us, but this was also an expression of the father's, love for mankind. (John 3:16)
---scott on 9/6/10

John II- But we must remember that it was a man who introduced sin into the world- 'just as sin entered the world through one man...' (Ro.5:12 NIV).

'For just as through the disobedience of the one man the many were made sinners, so also through the obedience of the one man the many will be made righteous.' (Ro.5:19 NIV) To remove and reverse the effects of the sin the first 'man' introduced into the human race (Adam), justice required another 'man' (not God) to release us from that condemnation to sin and death. Jesus Christ is that 'last Adam'- 1 Cor.15:45.

As Jesus is 'the Son of God', it would also have been a great sacrifice for Jehovah to offer his 'only begotten son' to suffer death on our behalf.
---David8318 on 9/6/10

Only the HOLY SPIRIT can save or convince anyone of truth. So first and formost of all pray.

JESUS said we must be Born Again to see the Kingdon of Heaven. John 3.

Witnesses believe they can live in the New Earth without being Born Again. That only the 144,000 who are already picked and cannot be added to are born again. This group of their leaders are dying. So you might ask them what happens when all of them are dead? Also ask them how they can see the Kingdom of GOD when they are not born again?
---Samuel on 9/6/10

Scott, now suppose for a moment that Abraham had a wooden son who he had made himself, and say called him Pinocchio, and he offered him as the sacrifice instead of Isaac, then what is so sacrificial about that (bar the time to whittle down another one)? Well then Pinocchio would be your god-Jesus.
---John_II on 9/6/10

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'Sacrifice'- John_II

Consider the account of Abraham and Isaac. Gen. 22.

"Take...your only son, Isaac". (v. 2)- "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son" (John 3:16)

"Sacrifice him..." (v. 2)- "Christ died for our sins. (1 Cor 15:3)

"Where is the lamb for the burnt offering?" (v. 7)- "Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!" (John 1:29)

Isaac acted in obedience to his father in becoming the sacrifice (v. 9)- Jesus prayed, "May this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will, but as you will." (Matt 26:39).

The (attempted) sacrifice was both Abraham's and Isaac's who willing offered himself.
---scott on 9/6/10

Different translations have different wording from eachother, but it is still the word of God! For example.. I have a KJV & a NCV(New Century Version)both say oppsite words, but translated into the same message.When I had the NWT (no longer do) I still got the same message. though since posting in 2005 I no longer associate with the witnesses ,but now I know that there is a new earth gonig to be formed & I am gonig to reside there with Jesus. I also know Jesus is my king, my spiritual brother & his father is my father.So I donot believe in the man made trinity, but I do confess Jesus is my saviour.I'm thankful for the lessons though not interested in the witneses.
---candice on 9/5/10

Oh, for goodness sakes do not look at no book. And you can witness until all of your hair falls out, only Jesus chooses, and therefore, only Jesus can save a lost soul. I am not saying for goodness sakes, don't witness, but, I am saying check your motives. You witness because we, God's, people are saved to glorify Him.
---catherine on 9/5/10

David8313, It's God Who's making the sacrifice, not one of His creatures. It doesn't make any sacrificial sense for God to place one of His creatures - this god-Jesus (no matter how well He made him) - as an atonement for the rest of our sins. That's no better than a bull or a lamb. On the one count: this would impute all of our sins onto the one creature, thus making God unjust, and on count two: even if this god-Jesus was content with his crown, this would impute to him some of God's glory! For I say: if this god has died in my place - taking the wrath due to me - then it's this god whom I owe my life to, not Almighty God. And as there is no sanctification in the blood of a lamb, there is no sanctification in any other creature's blood.
---John_II on 9/5/10

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Responding to a comment on this blog by 'Che' dated 8/3/07. I do so because 'Che' blatantly lies about what is stated in the appendix to the 'New World Translation'.

I doubt I will get a response as it appears 'Che' has left off blogging. But Jehovah's Witnesses do have a section at the back of the NWT to assist them in their preaching activity as most other Bibles do.

'Topics For Conversation' #38(b) says:

"Once saved, always saved" is not Scriptural."

Che's insertion- 'universal salvation', suggesting Christ didn't die for everyone is a lie designed to misrepresent Jehovah's Witnesses. JW's promote what the Bible teaches, and that is Christ died for everyone.
---David8318 on 9/5/10

John II- Your question, 'Is this a just God?' isn't the right question to ask based on your preamble.

You are confused. For example you surmise, 'The latter cannot then be a sacrifice from God but a sheer displacement of His judgment.' This is contradictory. If God's judgment is 'displaced' through Christ, then it IS from God.

You also state, 'The latter cannot then be a sacrifice from God.' But it is a sacrifice from God as identified in your preamble- 'God singled-out one of His creatures - ('a god')-Jesus.' So you initially say Jesus was 'singled-out' by God, but then say it cannot be 'from God'.

I believe God is 'just'. But I also believe you are confused & do not know what you're talking about.
---David8318 on 9/5/10

John II- Your dislike of my analogy stems from the fact that it sits awkward with your trinitarian theology. My analogy correctly describes how trinitarian reasoning is seriously at fault.

The trinitarian will use Plato's philosophy of metaphysics (Neo-Platonism) to explain how 'the Son' can be co-equal and co-eternal with 'the Father' because they share the same 'divine nature'. This is erroneous because as my analogy illustrated, being of 'divine nature' doesn't make Jesus co-equal and co-eternal with the Father, any more than humans sharing 'humanity' make them coequal or all the same age.

Jesus is subject to his Father- 'the Son himself will also subject himself to the One who subjected all things to him.' 1 Cor.15:28.
---David8318 on 9/5/10

John II- If you thought my analogy was bad, I believe yours is even worse. You state, 'I am my father's son, but we are both human. Jesus is His Father's Son but they are both God.' That's hardly a comparable analogy is it? Perhaps the correct analogy by comparison would be, 'I am my father's son but we are both human. Jesus is His Father's Son but they are both divine.'

I did not say or suggest anything about 'fullness does not mean entirely full'. I will re-print what I did say for the record- 'Christ was filled with the knowledge and the divine qualities of his Father.' Is this normal behaviour of trinitarians John II? When you realise the argument is lost, you make up false statements to give credence to your faltering argument.
---David8318 on 9/4/10

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David8318, to answer your elementary questions: I'm not saying that Jesus sinned or was in need of God's punishment. And also that God does not punish Himself. We worship disparate Lords, I of the Trinity, you the created god-Jesus. I hereby recant of anything suggesting that the Jesus Christ of the Trinity was punished by God. Now, either God took it upon Himself - by way of my Jesus Christ - to sacrifice Perfection for us who choose to be imperfect, or, God singled-out one of His creatures - your god-Jesus - to bear the collective brunt of His wrath drawn from the rest of us. The latter cannot then be a sacrifice from God but a sheer displacement of His judgement. So I ask you: Is this a just God?
---John_II on 9/4/10

David8318, you said,

"Being of 'divine nature' doesn't make Jesus coequal and coeternal with the Father, any more than humans sharing 'humanity' make them coequal or all the same age."

This is a really poor analogy that you are trying to make, but it will serve as an aid in understanding respective persons: I am my father's son, but we are both human. Jesus is His Father's Son but they are both God.

A better analogy can be drawn from your suggesting that fullness does not mean entirely full, isn't this like saying the bottomless pit has a bottom?
---John_II on 9/4/10

So John II, 'the Jesus' in the Colossians excerpts you cite are with reference to 'the CHRIST', 'the SON of God', who according to Colossians 3:1, 'is seated at the right hand of God'.

Also according to Colossians 1:22, because of Christ, true Christians become 'reconciled (to God) by means of that ones fleshly body through his death.' It would be difficult for Christ to die if he were the 'eternal God', who cannot die.

Also, by virtue of the fact that Jesus is 'the Christ', -

-How do trinitarians explain how AlmightyGod can also be 'the Christ'?
-For the trinitarian, who anointed AlmightyGod to become 'the Christ'?

It's obvious trinitarians do not believe AlmightyGod has always had HolySpirit. Please explain?
---David8318 on 9/3/10

John II- I do not dispute the verses in Colossians you cite but what I do dispute is your rendering and understanding of those verses.

Col.1:19, 'For it pleased the Father that in him should all fullness dwell.' (KJV) In context, Christ was filled with the knowledge and the divine qualities of his Father.

Col.2:9, 'For in Christ all the fullness of the "theo'tetos" lives in bodily form.' According to 'Liddell and Scott', theotes (the nominative form, from which theo'tetos is derived) means 'divinity, divine nature.' (Oxford,1968,p.792)

Being of 'divine nature' doesn't make Jesus coequal and coeternal with the Father, any more than humans sharing 'humanity' make them coequal or all the same age.
---David8318 on 9/3/10

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John II- I still do not believe God as you say, 'punished this 'god-Jesus' ...for our sins'. I've previously requested further explanations from you- Where do you get the idea that God 'punished' Jesus? Are you saying Jesus sinned, and was in need of God's punishment?

I don't believe God 'punished' Jesus whatsoever. The very idea is absurd. And for a trinitarian, how can God 'punish' Jesus if they are one and the same? John II your trinity belief becomes even more mystical.

Jesus Christ died for our sins and for us to be reconciled to God- 'we became reconciled to God through the death of his Son.' (Ro.5:10). How can 'the Son' die if he is also the eternal God? If 'the Son' is God, why would 'God's death reconcile us to God'?
---David8318 on 9/3/10

David8318, to explain further at your request: I was making the distinction between the Jesus found in these two bible excerpts: Col 1:19 For God was pleased to have all His fulness dwell in Him [Jesus], and, Col 2:9 For in Christ all the fulness of the Deity lives in bodily form, and the Jesus whom you claim is a god "created" by God Most High. Now, even if you dispute these Verses, you cannot explain how a just God would expend His wrath on one singled-out creature as a propitiation for all His other creatures' sins. It's disgraceful that you don't understand who Jesus is and what He took in our place and yet you're taking this to people's doors with verve. Re: Jehovah Witness And The Trinity blog.
---John_II on 9/2/10

Candice - bless you - have you found a good home church?
---Andrea on 9/24/07

Wow I was reading my posts from 2 yrs ago,anyhow the best advice after being with them as an unbaptized publisher in Jan2006-March 2006 & after leaving them for good this past June'07 use the KJV,NKJV bible & remind them Jesus is the son of God ALWAYS & is not Archangel Michael.Correcting them with their own studies & your bible, they'll leave you alone.
---candice on 9/22/07

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Ashley - which scripture are you referring to about relying on the Holy Spirit?
---Andrea on 9/22/07

ashley - you just agreed with an atheist. At least he knows he's an atheist. Mormons try to make themselves into christians without going through the Christians God. Your entitled to believe what you want but you go around and recruit people into your cult under the guise of Christianity. Deceit!
---Andrea on 9/22/07

I- I hear ya. I have a very strong faith in Jesus Christ and follow everything that is taught in the bible and christians from many faiths condemn me for it. everyone is so intent on proving themselves right in evil and wickedness that they can't see the trees for the forest. that leads to arguments over doctrines that even children can understand. The Savior told us to rely on the Holy Ghost to learn truth. Millions of christians wouldn't know his voice if he screamed in their ears standing next to them.
---ashley on 9/20/07

Is it me or do you people not read the original bible. I don't even believe in Jesus and you people got your facts all screwed up. Are all Jehova's Witness's cult, santan loving people? All you care about is your religion, there is no God.
---j on 9/19/07

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In the JW's the original Black Bible in the back there is a section called Topics of Discussion #38 says Once saved, always saved & universal salvation is not Scriptural. This means Christ died for a few people, those who have proved themselves equal to Christ and not everyone can't repent of their sins. This is why it is easy to witness to them.
---Che on 8/3/07

I used to do the same with some J/W friends.
The best book to study and use is the HOLY BIBLE.
---russe9356 on 8/1/07

I know the Jehovas witnesses seem to have a lot of zeal but they do it out of fear becouse if they don't go door to door they are afraid of beeing classified as the bad servant and won't live in paradise for ever they go door to door to earn their salvation
---Guillermo on 3/15/07

I heard a man speak many years ago he used to write for the Jehovah Witness group. He said the best way is to do so thru your life and testimony. That they are trained to answer every scripture U throw at them with another scripture but they cant debate what Christ did for you personally. We all know if we dig hard enough we can find a Bible verse for almost any of our purposes if twisted enough and he said that is what they were trained to do. The NT says it best be a written epistle read of all men.
---Jeanne on 12/11/06

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Some Jehovah Witness use to come to my house. I would sit down and listen to them. I was amazed how they had memorized the bible. They had a little science book about evolution that was wonderful. BUT they didn't listen to me when I said I already had a church.I finally said I'll visit your church if you'll visit mine and they never came back.
---Virginia on 12/11/06

Candice?? Are you the woman that used to post on the AOL message boards concerning Jehovahs Witnesses?
---Mandy on 7/26/06

Candice - I am sure I read in another post that you had gone back to the JW's. Please come back to Jesus -- He is the way, the truth and the life, and nobody goes to the Father except through Him. Come back sweet sister.
---Helen_5378 on 6/12/06

It is important that you are well prepared and 'prayered up' before taking on a JW. Let the Holy Spirit lead. Having a decent knowledge of the history of the JW religion is vital as well. There are a lot of things they were wrong about in history that is recorded.
---laur on 6/12/06

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My former girlfriend is a JW. I tried many times to witness to her. Her chief objection and refusal to hear me was that I used the Holy Bible. The best way to witness to a JW is by using their bible, The New World's Translation, along with the Holy Bible. The more familar you are with their book, the more effective you will be.
---joe on 11/1/05

As of today Oct6,2005 I threw out my Jw books. The only great book you can use is the holy bible(other references from former jw's help too,but the bible is the most powerful tool)I have 2 versions, the KJV& ESV. I told them something in the KJV that did not line up with their teachings& they left me alone.
---candice on 10/6/05

Sister Candice, you don't have to be sorry for my sister. This problem is more then you know. The reason I answered this one is because of what I went through. On your blog you mentioned you were leaving to go there. It is your choice and you have to give no explanation to anyone. The brothers and sisters wanted to help you so you would not make a mistake. I too wanted to help, thinking you would ask me. But you didn't which tells me it would not matter anyway. Again blessings to you.
---lupe2618 on 9/11/05

I forgive because holding a burden does no good for anyone. I am sorry something happened to your family ,but that is not so for everyone. For example at one of the Baptist churches my sis in law attends, at first things were ok,then it came to the point where some of the mebmers were unfriendly ,but I am not going to get upset for the baptist church ;but I am not gonig to stay where we're not welcomed .That can happen anywhere,not just with the witnesses.
---candice on 9/10/05

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Candice, thanks for your answer. Sorry I judged you the way you say. I guess the Witnesses left a reminder to me for the rest of my life. You would not know unless you lost someone close to you. May God lead you in the right way,
---lupe2618 on 9/10/05

lol Randy. They do not have windows,but at the nearest KH near me they replaced their wooded door with a nice window glass of different colors & with a nice design of plant type made out of iron bars so if the pane broke the introuders donot enter. They donot have windows in the main area of service because they believe windows are distractions when they want to stay focused on Jehovah& w/o them has less break ins.
---candice on 9/9/05

Maybe it is just around here in the DC area and in Dallas were I am from originally but none of the Kingdom Halls have windows. I think that is kind of strange and maybe a little telling. Kind of like the Mormons temples.
---randy on 9/9/05

I agree that the Jehovah's witnesses are much more organized. I also respect their zeal. As you read your Bible and seek Jehovah He will guide you in all truth. Remember there is only one door and His name is Jesus. May the light of His love be with you on your journey.
---chera on 9/9/05

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You say you are not trying to judge, but oyu are doing it. I am not making a mistake. The mistake I made is staying with other churches where I donot grow. Only Jehovah knows my heart. I respect others attending else where, however Lupe this is not your path, my path is my own journey to the lord. I have no regrets. thankyou.
---candice on 9/9/05

pt2:When they come over for bible lessons,the studygudies they use are more helpful then other "bibleclasses" I attended at other churches.I like them & get along with them. I am more focused on my bible & to Jehovah.
On the other hand I attend my husbands church on Sundays w/my husband when he is not working & I don't feel anything from anyother place.Bottom line is this is my descision & I know Jehovah loves me no mater where I attend to learn about him.
---candice on 9/9/05

Chera I am glad you asked that question & without being rude, thankyou. I like studying with them because I feel Jehovah brought me to them for one reason or another. Only if more churches were united in the lessons as they are. I can go to one baptist church & then another & they are on different topics,the witnesses are on the same page/lesson world wide. When they come over for bible lessons,the studygudies they use are more helpful then other "bibleclasses"
---Candice on 9/9/05

2. Seems to me that no matter what anyone shows you are tells you, you are determine to go there. I am not the judge of anyone but you are making a big mistake. Jehovah Witnesses are considered culted. Many here do not agree on every thing but all of us believe Christ as Lord and God. You will find out they sure don't. It is a big difference.
---lupe2618 on 9/9/05

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Yes they do Candice, but the New World Translation is not a Christian Bible. Reason is, that Christian Bibles are translated to make reading easier to understand but the meaning is still the same. The New world translation does not have the same meaning. Many areas are the same but the one's they want to change they change themselves to proof their point. Not the same as the others.
---lupe2618 on 9/9/05

Why are you studying with the Jehovah's Witnesses? What do you believe about the deity of Christ and Salvation? Into what were you baptised? I don't mean to be nosey, just wondering what you are seeking.
---chera on 9/7/05

If you evaluate all chruches with the bible you must look into the NIV bible ESV ect.. but in the bible in my KJV it tells us in 2tim 3:16 "All scripture is given by inspiration of God,& it is profitable for doctrine,for reproof,for correction,for instruction in rightiousness." Now I have spoken to other pastors other then witnesses about this & they all agreed that all translations refer to this.
---candice on 9/7/05

4. My advice is don't go against them unless you are prepared. Here on this webside many are not prepared. They do not even know if they are saved or not. how can anyone discuss things with them if the Christian is not prepared? Losing my sister opened my eyes to what they teach. My uncle was another one that lost his life becuase of the blood. I saw my sister die and I know the pain we all went through.
---lupe2618 on 9/7/05

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3. Been proud and sincere does not make anything right. They are good people and help each other very much. They do more for a lie, then Christian do for the Truth. My sister was proud just like the Catholics are of their religion. A careful study into your faith will bring out so many things. I studied about the founder Charles Russel,Their first President, to Joseph Rutherford, Nathan Knorr.
---lupe2618 on 9/7/05

2. Just one of many verses they have in the New World Tranlation bible. They don't believe in Christ been God. I have studied their religion for more then four years. I have attended their services or meetings at their Kingdom Halls. My sister died because she believed in not taking the blood and so did my uncle Tony. She could have servived if she had taken blood to help her in her operation, but she was so proud of been a Witness that she refused. Of course it was her choice to do what she did,
---lupe2618 on 9/7/05

Sister Barbara, you do not witness to Jehovah Witnesses unless you are well versed on Scripture. You need to be sure on what you are going to talk about. Their whole faith is false. You can see it from one verse. John 1:1. "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." Just in one Scripture they change the diety of Christ. They put "A" before, "and the Word was God, to "and the Word was a God." in other words He was not God but A god.
---lupe2618 on 9/7/05

In my experiences in bible study with Witnesses they had their own bible with subtle but significant differences. For example when John 1 declares Jesus (the Word)as God in my bible, their bible said a god. I also like to use my own bible because I am familiar with how to find verses. With all denominations the first test is do they line up with the Word. If they don't we should love them enough to pray for them and show them in scripture where the belief or doctrine violates God'd Word.
---chera3744 on 9/6/05

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Oh they best advice I can give since I am studying with them is this. Don't go ask someone else who has never attended a congregation in their life something about Jehovahs Witnesses. If you are so admit to know the truth then go to them yourselves& ask.The Kingdom Hall is only a is like me asking a Presbitarian friend what she personally knew about a Baptist church ,which she never stepped foot in, noI would go to that church myself & ask.
---candice on 9/5/05

Speaking from sitting down with the witnesses& actually taking in a biblestudy, they do use the HolyBible. I still sue my KJV to this day with them. As far as their studyguide books I compare it to the baptist church I went to & it is like me in a bibleclass using Lifeway books or beth moore, it is a helpful study guide along with the bible.If we in any denomination were to study using just the bible then you should take out al lthe bibleclasses with books you study with also.
---candice on 9/5/05

The Bible is the only book you should use when witnessing. A book called Kingdom of the Cults gives a good scriptural outline of where cults do not line up with God's Word. Marking passages will help you as they(JW) are well trained with rote responses to objections. Stick to the Word and building relationships. Love never fails. Use your own bible when witnessing. Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you and them in all truth. God Bless you for loving others the truth will set them free!
---chera3744 on 9/4/05

False doctrines all have one thing in common, they were created by men according to their logic and purpose.
The very thing that makes them believable is their ability to make sense to us. The doctrine of Grace through faith is uncommon and doesn't make sense, that's why it's perfect, for who else would dream it up but God.

Learn their doctrines, focus on differences in your study; what they've done to Jesus is call him a liar and assigned him a position we will rule over one day. 1Cor 6:3
---Pharisee on 9/4/05

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Some cults remove the Heavenly Trinity, and some denigrate the full deity of Christ and place someone or something else in his place. JWs believe there are 3 Gods, and have changed their Bible by adding the indefinite article "a" to John 1:1, reading that the Word was a God, instead of the truth that Jesus was God. Refer them to verses reading that there is only one God, and that Jesus is the Father, as in Isaiah 9:6; John 14:8-11.
---Eloy on 9/4/05

The only book you need is the Bible. Ask them to point out verses which exactly say - not only similar to - what they say.If their words and the verses arent the same then it is the people who are 'fool'.You, too, point out verses from the Bible and teach them to the people.If they arent willing to listen to what God says then I can only feel sorry for them and pray. God bless u.
---el on 9/4/05

there are many books actually even sites. a few books you can try are Jehovahs's witnesses Answered verse by verse or Answering Jehova's Witnesses Subject by subject by"David a. Reed" Did you know that this religion begun from 2 Adventists. I always wondered Y witnesses couldn't stand the Adventists over all.
---judit4846 on 9/4/05

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