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Race and Class Part of Rescue

I saw on the news where the Charity Hospital in New Orleans had 200 patients in need of help didn't get help, while a private hospital got help right away. Is race and class playing a part in who and how the rescues are done?

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 ---Madison on 9/4/05
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I am as my Father, We judge a man by his Heart & Faith, NOT, the Color of ones Skin or how much he has or does'nt have, Rich or Poor, Weak or Strong, Does'nt Matter to us.
Soon the lowered shall be exalted & the Exalted shall be Lowered!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 3/12/08

You know what I think?? I think we need to focus on everyone sticking together! Helping each other.Disregard the comments on racial issues. We're all the same in the eyes of God.
---PL on 3/12/08

Of course there is racism in the US. E.g. attempted lynching of white Duke lacrosse players falsely accused of raping a black woman. Prosecutor Nifong blatantly sought the black vote, so withheld exculpatory evidence, the usual race-baiters Je$$e Jack$on and Al $harpton bayed for their blood, and the Duke Uni faculty signed a statement condemning these "white privileged boys".

Where is the repentance from them for dragging totally innocent white men through the mud?
---Ktisophilos on 7/15/07

Madison sounds like a typical secular liberal. Blacks and women can be anything they want to be, except conservative, huh? Hence her preference for race-baiting shakedown artists like JAck$on and $harpton over the accomplished Condi, a university provost and concert pianist who was appointed on merit.
---Ktisophilos on 7/15/07

It's money. How much you have is how much power you have for services. God help you if you are poor in this country, because it's a crime. The only one!
---sue on 7/15/07

Race - discrimination based on color or creed - & class - as financial status or political influence - unfortunately has always played a role in every aspect of this corrupt sensually based system. Let the "kings" of the earth rejoice now, for the time is coming when they will howl in anguish. For the reward of their doing will be return, what they have issued out will be returned, and the harvest gathered in will be much greater than the seed sown. For the Father is not mocked.
---joseph on 7/14/07

I think that you are askng us to guess on a situation about which we not have sufficent information. That would not be a wise thing to do.
---Pierr7958 on 7/14/07

Always has, always will be in varying degree's. "Wheat & Tares"!

Anytime there's class differences, or respector of person's, there'll always be race, serf's, indentured servant's attitudes/problems, etc & "filthy lucre" aggitated by poverty.

Nothing wrong with being financially blessed, like the rich young ruler & others, it's one's attitude towards those blessings.

In many instances, some were just more fortunate than others for whatever the reason(s).
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 9/17/05

tired: I would love to know your source for information. Also, prejudice and predigest are two different things.
---Madison on 9/17/05

If you noted it was 99% black people who were rescued from N.O. So perhaps you could conclude there was racism in this rescue. ??DUH!! Must have left all the white folks swim for it. So with that we conclude blacks got all the the help. Whites should scream and riot...shoot at the rescuers...and get in front of the TV camera and scream predigest.
---tired_of_pity_party on 9/17/05

, if you don't see it, i am moving on. bye.
---steve on 9/14/05

cont: As I said, two hospitals had to be evacuated. One was Charity, one was Tulane. Doctors and nurses were evacuated from Tulane, while sick people were still stuck in Charity. I did not change any story. You obviously cannot read.
---Madison on 9/14/05

Steve: I am looking at my original post and it clearly says that the Charity hospital didn't get the help it needed while the private hospital did get the help it needed. How is that changing my story?
---Madison on 9/14/05

, madison, you are the one who's story changed. maybe you didn't intend that, but it seemed to us that you changed your story along the way. please read your own posts again.
---steve on 9/13/05

Steve: If you do not wish to argue, why do you tell me I am twisting my stories when I am not? You are reading what you choose to read in my posts.
---Madison on 9/12/05

, i refuse to be dragged into another argument. we all want to give help to those in need, whoever they are.
---steve on 9/12/05

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Steve: Reread my blogs and my original question. I never changed my story.
---Madison on 9/10/05

, aaaahh madison, you earlier said tulane was kicking people out because they were poor while a charity hospital accepted them. lets stay with the truth instead of changing it to fit your agenda.
---steve on 9/10/05

Steve: Both Charity and Tulane hospitals had to be evacuated because they were without power and flooded out. They were not putting people into Tulane hospital at all. Both hospitals had to be emptied completely. I did get the facts and I was not putting a spin on anything. I did research on it.
---Madison on 9/9/05

, madison, did you know that they were being evacuated to make room for those who are more in need of help? look at the facts instead of putting your own spin on things to fit your agenda.
---steve on 9/9/05

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Steve: This is not a political debate. I saw a report on the news one night that showed doctors and nurses being evacuated out of Tulane University hospital right next door to Charity hospital where 200 patients were without food, water, and electricity. Tulane is a private hospital. Charity is just that, charity.
---Madison on 9/8/05

, one can only wonder what people would say if clinton had this disaster to deal with. those who now bash bush would be saying, "clinton is doing the best he can".
---steve on 9/8/05

Seems what really happened in NO.The Govennor called Bush 72 hours before Katrina struck,he declared NO & La.a disaster area.She could have called in the Federal Government to help evacuate but it was Wednesday before she did ask for help.The Mayor goofed,he had buses to move 13000 people at a time, didn't use them . La. has a Crisis Plan that allows use of all State owned Vehicles to move people. Didn't do that.It wasn't Bush-Federal Government who didn't act,it was the City and State Leaders.
---Darlene_1 on 9/8/05

HW I have not heard, nor read anything about any survivors being brought here to Las Vegas. It hasn't been in the papers, or on the Net, and I've not heard anyone mention it. IF that should happen I feel sure it would be privately supported. Maybe somewhere else in NV where it is quieter and less expensive for food, lodging etc. This is not a good place for people to 'heal' from all they have been through.
---NVBarbara on 9/8/05

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HW, I don't know the answer to your question. What I do know is that people with an agenda will use any event to try to bring down individuals they don't agree with. I also know that when you build a city below sea level and it's surrounded by water, you should expect that it will be underwater one day.
---ralph7477 on 9/7/05

Ralph, Doesn't the local and state officials have to request help from Washington before the president can order the National Guard or anyone for that matter to usurp the local authority? So...that puts total guilt on the mayor of N.O....then the governor! THEY KNEW full well the situation of the levees and the verosity of the approaching storm...but chose to sit on their hands and now curse and point at the president!! ~~shaking head~~
---HW on 9/7/05

I don't trust most of the news stories. We are given parts and pieces, instead of full truths. Times like this brings out not only the best in some people, but also the worst in others. Sad that there are those who bring down the image of the poor black person, when there are so many of them who are honestly needing help. Judge a person by is character and not the color of skin or religion or by how much he makes or where he lives. Judge a man the way God judges a man, whether he is in Christ or not!
---geraa7578 on 9/7/05

The mention of Kerry made me laugh. If he were president I'm sure he would have been in N.O. this past week piloting his swift boat through the streets, standing at the bow like George Washington crossing the Delaware. Bullhorn in hand he would have been directing the rescue efforts like a true leader. Of course he would have had to take some time out to nominate 2 pro-abortion judges to the Supreme Court.
---ralph7477 on 9/7/05

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Let's face it. Some people are chronic complainers and critics. 2000 school buses just sat there and are now submerged underwater when they could have been used to transport people out. I guess that was the fault of the President who, by the way, also happens to be a brother in Christ. Where is the respect and Christian love for him?
---ralph7477 on 9/7/05

Since some want to play the blame game, first prize goes to the people who KNEW their situation in N.O..but chose to sit there through DAYS of warning!! I heard it. NO excuse for the finger pointing except at themselves. ONLY the children, very elderly or sick have an excuse and they could have been taken out for several days before the storm hit. Thousands could have walked out or hitch hiked. NO one to blame but themselves. Their rescuer should be thanked unending. They were totally selfishless.
---HW on 9/6/05

I heard today that the city of Las Vegas has taken a large number of survivers...given them $200.each, put them up in hotels and free $100. a day as long as they are there. Can you tell us more about this. Also, the mayor of N.O. said on the radio today, "get used to it", N.O. is a gambling city also. Is that where my aid $$$ are going??
---HW on 9/6/05

Wayne: What other administration? There is no other. The Democrats haven't had an administration since Clinton. We don't know what would have transpired with a Democrat in the White House in this disaster. I just believe that Kerry would have been in New Orleans on Tuesday, and not wait until Friday.

As for the evolution remark, so what? Dean is the party chair. He is entitle to be wrong. Bush certainly has been wrong plenty while in office.
---Madison on 9/6/05

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, madison, for you to use this tragedy to bash pres.bush, and play the race card, that just proves my point: you are following your own idea of Jesus instead of conforming to who Jesus really is. please, no more slander, let's just help the suffering.
---steve on 9/6/05

Ms. Madison, I am a sister in the Lord too. I live(d) in N.O. and I witnessed what went on. I saw no different treatment between African Americans and any other race. I am caucasion, and I had black people helping me. Everyone who is decent was doing all they could for each other. I just don't know if I can live there anymore, I really don't want to rebuild. It has been my home, and that of my ancestors, but enough is enough.
---Heidi on 9/6/05

So.....someone deplores this administration?
whats the alternative? the other admin who's party chairman said.." creation has no validity, as opposed to evolution" not one person of that other admin denounced his statement. how would the "other" admin have handled the situation in NO differently?
---wayne on 9/6/05

Just a few remarks. Being there, I saw NO difference made in the color of one's skin. More African Americans in N.O. than any other race.
The 'vodoo' remarks are ignorant. There was a time when quite a few practiced this,you don't see that in reality much now. What you see is mocked up for tourists, and a LOT of money is made from them for this trash! Its the same with Mardi Gras, a sinful spectical that not many locals attend unless they have something to sell,mostly tourists being wild.
---Heidi on 9/5/05

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Let's not fall into the "blame game". It is easy for us to sit here and criticize, but what I see now is that people ARE being helped regardless of color; people of all races are helping those of another throughout this country.....the hearts of our people are being stirred. GOD IS AT WORK! It rained on the just and the unjust....blaming is not helpful! May everything that we do be done in the love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!!
---Elsie on 9/5/05

Ralph: Since the Secretary of State is a political appointee, as is the entire Cabinet, and she is part of an administration which I deplore, I will refer to any of the Cabinet members as puppets, because that is what they are.

As for your post, you referred to me, not my ideas, which is why I felt attacked.

I do accept your apology. Thank you.
---Madison on 9/5/05

Madison, you calling the Secretary of State a puppet for the President (implied puppetmaster) sounds like a much more blatant attack on those individuals than anything I wrote. I was indeed being critical of the ideas you put forth and I have no idea what words caused you to feel attacked but in the spirit of Christian unity and love I wholeheartedly apologize for making you feel that way.
---ralph7477 on 9/5/05

Ralph: I have not attacked any one person on this question/blog. I would appreciate a little more respect and a lot more Christian love, as commanded in scriptures. Whether you like it or not, I am a sister in the Lord. If you don't like my posts, ignore them, or attack my ideas, not me as a person.
---Madison on 9/5/05

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I am so sick and tired of people playing the race card! Some of the African Americans that weren't rescued right away said that whites were being rescued over them. Not true. The first day of rescue, most of whom I saw were African Americans. If you look at all the evacuees that were brought to Texas, majority are African American. So if the "race card" is to be played, it can't in this instance.
---Melissa on 9/5/05

I heard on the news that 68% of New Orleans residents are black. I would guess that 95% or more of the ones that didn't evacuate were the poorest of the black residents. Therefore, with all the rescue work going on, I don't see how anyone could consider the work as being racist. The only favoritism I heard about was the that the Mayor of New Orleans sent buses to the Hyiatt hotel and had the tourist there evacuated some before some of the residents were. The mayor is also a black man.
---Sam on 9/5/05

I think ALL the military and government agencies did a phenomenal job of getting to N.O. and rescuing people ASAP. There should be loud expressions of praise and gratitude from everyone. The nation has rallied to this crisis with astounding speed and efficency. We need to hear much more gratitude....and far less complaints.
It's a fact that N.O. is the Voodoo and witchcraft headquarters in this country. Maybe the city's name should be Sodom or Gomorrah??? It's steeped in pagan religion.
---Hurricane_Watcher on 9/5/05

Madison doesn't like the way that relief efforts have been handled so it must be that elite racists are purposely allowing other citizens to suffer. That sounds like a person who epitomizes the mainstream thinking that abounds out in the world, not somebody who questions it.
---ralph7477 on 9/5/05

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It's sad some Black leaders demean/devalue the Black Community ,thats what's done when they say it's race,they're saying people aren't worth being helped.What their words are about is keeping those men in the spotlight so they can appear to help Blacks and retain their positions.It's about themselves,they are opportunist seeking glory through the pain of others.Whites and other races in Mississippi and Alabama had slow delivery why didn't they yell Race about them?Agape love doesn't look at the skin.
---Darlene_1 on 9/5/05

Lea: I do not march to the drum that most of you march to. Jesus is my Lord, but my Social Work training and background cause me to examine and question the mainstream thinking. I am not negative, I am pro-people regardless of race, class, or religion, or nationality. Everyone is to be loved by us. That is a command of God. That doesn't always wash with some conservative Christians here. I don't like how the current administration has handled the relief efforts.
---Madison on 9/5/05

Well, that cant be true cause the ones rescueing them are all so that shoots that gossip.
---Jan4876 on 9/5/05

Heather....your last statement was beautifully said. THANK YOU and AMEN. I will do anything I can for ones with your attitude. Keep us posted on your situation. God WILL bless you......just watch and see.
---HW on 9/5/05

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Madison...LOL.....WHO would believe anything Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton said, except those who are willfully blind to their character? IF they open their mouth, they twist the truth and stir up dissension and the racial problems where NONE exsisted before. They're known trouble makers on every matter, seeking the media attention. NO good for anyone ever comes from J.J. HE is a wolf in sheep's clothing..a bonified hypocrite. Examine his life....disgusting!!
---HW on 9/5/05

And just when has the news media been 100% correct in reporting the news? Another thing i have read many of your responses on the blogs and you seem to have very negative answers and questions.....Pray more Point less and leave God in Controll ok, And this is not about race but Gods wrath has been poured out once again ...Read Ezekiel 7. God Bless and rem Let God arise and his enemies be scattered.
---Lea on 9/5/05

Blaming racism for things not happening as fast as people want them to is easy (it's a hot topic and everyone knows it). I don't believe our government or the rescue workers trying to aid these people are that petty. I do believe the Christian thing to do is give the rescue workers the benefit of the doubt (not be niave but have faith) and remember they're risking they're lives, too, and can only move so far so fast (especially when they're being shot at).
---Heather on 9/5/05

It is hard for me to believe that anyone would believe ANYTHING that comes out of Jessie Jackson or Al Sharptons mouths....these are possible the two biggest racists in America...but what bothers me most about these two clowns is they use the name of GOD to spread their hate sickens me.They need a TRUE touch of JESUS.
---co_ach on 9/5/05

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Madison, the fact that you give any credibility to a pair like Jackson and Sharpton is baffling. Both "reverands" are nothing more than self-promoting shakedown artists going about stirring up trouble. Jackson is an adulterer among other things and Sharpton was convicted of fabricating a hoax to defame an innocent man.
---ralph7477 on 9/5/05

I believe that big help is always from GOD not from man....
Also, God has plan to every one of us in this world.... since we are the work of his hand.
He always new that what will happen, let's just pray for the people out there instead of complain Coz God has the soloution.
---zufan4754 on 9/5/05

Ours is a government for all Americans. Our relief effort is centered on all Americans. The initial responsibility lies with the mayor, then the county(parish) and the governor. They had plans for a catastrophy. They cried first and blamed next and did not act like they wanted help only wanting to transfer responsibility to the President. We need to quit the political and race baiting and get to work in cleaning and clearing the damage and getting people back to work and school. They will get help.
---chuck on 9/5/05

Hurricane: I believe Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton over Condie Rice. Condie is a puppet for GW.
---Madison on 9/4/05

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I heard Condalisa Rice today clearly proclaim there was NO racial predigest, and she was offended at the suggestion. I believe her over street gossip. I am sure no one would turn from helping anyone at any time. Let's get off this race bandwagon. It's stupid to suggest such a thing in this crisis. Don't believe that rumor.
---Hurricane_Watcher on 9/4/05

PL, I totally agree that we are all the same in the eyes of God. Unfortunately, the government doesn't feel the same way.
---Madison on 9/4/05

I believe that no one was prepared for this hurricane and it's destruction. Who could be,
really? It was massive destruction and I think they are doing the best they can with all of their resources.
---DeniMari on 9/4/05

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