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Why Do I Make the Same Mistakes

My wife has seperated from me. I seem totally unable to make the necessary changes required to save my (2nd) marriage. I am repeating the same mistakes over and over. Why am I doing this and how do I change? I have prayed for change and nothing happens, I still do the wrong things.

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 ---Johann on 9/4/05
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you really need to pray and listen to God.
---karen on 5/10/07

Maybe God isn't ready for you to change yet.
---scott on 9/17/06

Some scriptures came to mind while reading your message. Luke11:24-26, Ro.5:3-8, Ro.12:21, 2Cor.12:10, Eph.5:25-33, 2Tim.3:16,17, Ja.3:10, 1Pet.1:23-25. Please read them. We must empty our lives of unGodliness and NOT forget to fill our lives with the Word of God. May God be with you.
---mike_fl on 9/12/05

I am sympathetic with your situation. I too am going through a situation that involves repeating poor decisions. Satan attacks us through our flesh. Pray for guidance from God and then by faith and action overcome this repetitive failure. God bless you brother.
---Peter on 9/6/05

listen to what Pierre told you and i agree with him...if we dont get our selves lined up with God then we keep repeating the same things over and over and over and sometimes its easier to cover it up than it is to air it out and do something about it. And you will carry the same problems into your next relationship if you dont take care of them now. Another thing most of us have some of the same problems, just most wont admit to it. Read Psalm 37
---lea on 9/6/05

It is called addiction to problems. Stop doing the same thing and you might figure it out. The bible warns against praying and not doing. But then the bible warns against praying for the wrong thing.
---gregg8944 on 9/6/05

My brother see Neil T. Anderson , book call the Bondage Breaker.
Also any books on Generational Curses.
Thirdly one can repent of sin and go into a long period of prayer and fasting and crying out to God to be delivered from all that is not of God.
---guyiyae on 9/5/05

I so sorry to hear about your situation. May I suggest going to see a Christian counsellor as you do sound like you have underlying issues that need to be dealt with and unless they are dealt with, will resurface in any future relationships. God bless
---Aly on 9/5/05

What do you mean by "mistakes?" Do you mean wrongs or sins? If so, then as a Christian you know what to do. Do you love your wife in the manner required by the Bible? (ref. Eph 5:25, Col 3:19) If you do all the things that God requires of you, then He may perform a miracle and save your marriage. He did mine. It is never God's intention that any marriage be broken apart.
---Jerry on 9/5/05

Everything happens for a reason. You have to nderstand that every couple who marries is not meant to be together in God's plan. We often choose mates by our own will and not the will of God. Don't be married for the sake of marriage. Be married so that you and your wife can live in the word of God TOGETHER, as one, the way God intended marriage to be. Remeber everything that happens is supposed to happen or it wouldn't happen! God will make a way!
---Anthony on 9/5/05

You may seek help from professional counselors.
---Seble on 9/5/05

One possible reason you keep making the same mistake is becaus you try to overcome in your own strength. Another reason is that you like making the same mistake you may even be addicted to that sin.Study Paul's experience and how he overcamw the pronlem you have!
---Pierr7958 on 9/5/05

A good therapist can help you examine yourself and your behaviors and get to the bottom of what is motivating you to repeat the same mistakes. Find one right away and get help.
---Madison on 9/4/05

It would be good to remember proverbs 3:5&6.
Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.
Once your intimate relationship with Jesus is as it should be, everything else will fall into place.
---Wiau on 9/4/05

Evidently you know what your doing. Or you wouldnt admit it. I dont know what mistakes your making. Dont want to know. Take a close look at yourself, examine what your doing, ask God for guidance. Pray pray pray!!! If nothing happens, keep praying till something breaks thru! I wouldnt allow the enemy to steal my salvation and family! Satan is a liar, father of liars!! If your serious about keeping your marriage together, you'll listen to God, and live a "christian" life! I wish you the best!
---Peggy on 9/4/05

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