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How to Clear My Good Name

If a Pastor from a church I used to attend has told people lies about my life and my past and this has caused division in my family and marriage, biblically what should I do with it? My name has been blackened.

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 ---Ruthy on 9/4/05
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Live a godly life so that people people have no reason to think anything ungodly about you.
---julie on 6/5/08

THE bible instructs us to pray for those who have done us wrong....
God is a god of truth. in time God wiill reveal truth to those that matter most and will clear this issue.
Just place it in Gods hands and let him do the rest.
---guyiyae on 6/5/08

Matthew 18 lists the proper procedure for correcting a brother. If the pastor is spreading accusations, he is clearly NOT following this, and can should be beld accountable (presumably the same way - ask him to retract the lies. If he doesn't, go to him with a few others and ask again. If he refuses, bring this matter to the elders of his church, and if that fails, epose it to his entire church).

Meanwhile, tell anyone else that you have been slandered and are dealing with the matter appropriately.
---Mark on 8/24/07

Why would a pastor want to do something like this? A pastor should be bringing people together through the word of God not bringing trouble and division. If someone asked me about somethind he/she said, I would not entertain this conversation. I would cut them off and excuse myself. Give it to the Lord. He will take care of it. Try to make amends with your spouse and family. Let them know you are not guilty of these lies. Hopefully they will still support you and believe you. Keep looking up.
---Robyn on 8/23/07

Ask him to write an apologized letter and have it certified and post it to your new church if someone questions about your integrity.
---Sue on 8/23/07

dont even rise to it or justify it , if you are innocent, then god knows you are not the one spreading bad news, he is wrong especially as a pastor, be strong, jesus went through the same well a much more and never defended himself not once, he died a horrible death with very few people knowing he was telling the truth think about that .
---corinne on 5/13/06

The name of Jesus, by which you are called, has not been nor will it ever be blackened by any rumor or lie. Just let the faithful and true witness take the witness stand of your life and bear testimony to the truth.
---Linda_Smith on 10/7/05

, the worst thing you can do is ignore it, as that will be seen as agreeing with the slander. bring the matter before the church so that he will not be able to continue slandering you or anyone else.
---steve on 9/8/05

Let's ask what Jesus would do. His word tells us what He did. Our experience shows us what He is doing. He says to follow in His steps. Lies have been told about His life and His past. Lies about Him have caused division in His family and with His marriage to His bride. His name has been blackened.
---Wayne87 on 9/5/05

If a church member steps out of line and does something harmful to the church that person can be disciplined in front of the congregation. I have known it happen where someone has had to admit their fault and apologize publicly. This being the case why shouldn't the same apply if the pastor is the one causing harm? I.M.O. no-one should wait for this to die down. It should be dealt with in a scriptural way.
---Xanthi on 9/5/05

Ruthy, You started this Post with an "If" which I initially understood to be hypothetical. But stating that your name is blackened is no longer hypothetical. This is real! This is difficult to do but you have to clean your name. There is no other way but to confront this pastor with witnesses and with your family. This would cause division in the church, am sure, but it is more dangerous to have a pastor that spread lies about you. If he can do this to you, then he can do this to others too.
---bebet3754 on 9/5/05

Take a deaconess with you and set up a visit. During your visit give him a chance to confirm or deny that he has done that hurts you. If it turns out that he really did tell lies about you, offer him a chance to apologize to you, both privatly and publically. If he refuses, then plan a second visit with an additional deacon(ess) Same routine. If he absolutely refuses to admit his mistake ask to boad toschedule a hearing, to get to the bottom of it.
---Pierr7958 on 9/4/05

To quote my father who use to say, "If what is being said is true, you deserve it; if it's a lie, it will die out." Just leave it alone, sooner or later this pastor will get caught in a lie, and won't be able to get out of it. (If not about you, it will be about some one else.) He probably likes control, so he would like nothing better than for you try and defend yourself. It will upset him, and cause him to "slip" if you just leave it alone.
---WIVV on 9/4/05

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