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Do You Like The Church You Attend

Do you Christians out there all like your church? I am a born again and committed Christian. I still can not find a home church. I have been hurt so much by churches.

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 ---Karen on 9/5/05
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I am a borned again Christian also, and no the church I go to I really don't care for it. I am a teacher there for little ones. they seem not to be able to keep people there specially the littles ones, they have nothing for the little ones.I am from the kind of church that worship God, where they lift the hands, and just let the Holy Spirit of God take over, where the gifts are taught as well as used. This church has nothing like that..mary4964
---mary4964 on 3/11/07

The people are good people but they are just set in their own ways, and they will not hear of anything else...I make up my lessons for Sunday School ones I know the kids will enjoy, I meet with them through the week also with Bible reading and crafts..this church don't have evening service nor does it have weekly service, instead they have weight watchers and other things, which is fine but the kids needs something to keep them going till the next Sunday. thats why I started our weekly meetings...mary4964
---mary4964 on 3/11/07

Church does not have to be in a building...only.. We ARE the church, the building that Jesus has made, not with human hands.. but living stones.. I have friends in other "churches",but "my church" is my homebase, and I thank God for it.. God will help you find a home Him first..
---karin on 10/15/05

I don't go to church because of the people! I am judged allot in my Church because I am a single mother! I am poor! I am disabled! I have a Disabled Child. I go to Church to worship Jesus to fill my body with the word! I have many people who wish I was not in my church! So I understand Karen your fear! Jst do what I do I go to Church to worship God, Jesus not the People or the Church! The Church is a Building ! It is Not God!
---angea7453 on 9/25/05

I LOVE my church,( of the past 5 yrs)because Jesus is there, amongst His people..I have seen and been to many in 18 yrs of christian life.Loving my church ,helps me to love others.SEEK/ASK God to find a home church, He will guide you, dont strive on your own.He does and loves to answer our prayers.
---karin on 9/23/05

It is true that no church is perfect. The point is Jesus did not command us to stay in church but to go and preach the Gospel. The whole issue is that we are staying too much in the church. Look around, there are souls perishing, if you would concentrate in the preaching of the Gospel to the lost you would have less problems. I am fed up of church politics and false teachers and prophets. I have come accross satanists and masons disguised as pastors, worshipers of the dead what have you.
---Lily on 9/22/05

It is true that no church is perfect. The point is Jesus did not command us to stay in church but to go and preach the Gospel. The whole issue is that we are staying too much in the church. Look around, there are souls perishing, if you would concentrate in the preaching of the Gospel to the lost you would have less problems. I am fed up of church politics and false teachers and prophets. I have come accross satanists and masons disguised as pastors, worshipers of the dead what have you.
---Lily on 9/22/05

3. The enemy is trying to come in the door and it is up to us to close the door, if you know what I mean. No denomination is perfect brother. Many are good but many are not. It is man that has failed and not God. So long as there is sin, man will always fail. What we need to do is check for ourselves through Scripture to make sure. That is why we have to resist the devil all the time because he and his demons don't sleep. Blessings to you brother
---lupe2618 on 9/14/05

2. What sister Sissy wrote was very true in any denomination. Brother, it is up to us, you and me to find out if what is been taught is good or not. We cannot hold someone else responsible for our mistakes. When someone does not care they will do nothing. When someone is sincere about their faith in Christ they will want to find out. It doesn't matter if you are Catholic or not. Not wanting to find out is prideful.
---lupe2618 on 9/14/05

Brother Emcee, You are an exception to the regular Catholic. In my answer to you I did not mentioned Catholic. I said even if you go to sing and be joyful, and I meant any church, if not been taught the truth they were going to hell. I know at your church they don't sing, or maybe they do now but never did before. Then I ended with, I didn't want to talk about your faith, which is Catholic. The reason I said that is that it would do no profit to anyone to speak on and on about someone's denomination.
---Lupe2618 on 9/14/05

It can be hard finding a church you like.
First the person has to decide what they are looking for in a church. One should only join a church when led by GOD to do so. No church is going to be perfect. There is always going to be something that could possibly hinder one from worshiping. I have been a member of 3 churchs total in the last 40 years. One needs to pray and ask GOD if this is where GOD wants me.
---gregory on 9/13/05

Bro Lupe.You accept sissy's words which is exactly the same as I said, she elaborated, yet, you have Bias about my church, you also surmise that what I am learning is not correct.I go to church to serve at the table of the lord, the singing if any is with the choir & congregation,hence your thanks of advising me to desist from declaring my catholic views.You have a strange way of offering & sharing the love of christ,in friendship as your neighbour & a christian.Blessings.Amen
---Emcee on 9/13/05

Great answer sister Sissy. I could not have put it better. What is happening is that some of the churches cater to the people instead of God's word and stay away many times from topics that might hurt some because of their sin and don't want to lose those people. It is about making the church bigger and happy but at the expense of God' Truth. Who cares how big it is if many are not saved.
---lupe2618 on 9/13/05

Romans 8:14 says: For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. Examine your heart, and your motives for wanting to leave- Is it YOU wanting to find a church that has all the attributes you are looking for, or is it really God's instruction for you to move?
---Sissy on 9/13/05

2. commitment, faithfulness in attendance and giving, volunteering for church maintenance and fund raising, community service, prayer meetings, spirit controled worship, and acceptance of correction and respect for the Pastor and for God, are quickly becoming things of the past. God will never lead a person out of a church because their feelings got hurt. He'll only lead them out if he has another assignment for them, or if the church is corrupt- BOTH of those are his decision and his alone, not ours.
---Sissy on 9/13/05

1. The church was designed for Christians to do 2 things: Worship, and serve. Sadly, most of them go to BE worshiped and BE served! If they aren't the center of attention and in charge of everything, and if the preaching, teaching, and music isn't to THEIR liking, and if the SS doesn't resemble a circus and the youth group doesn't resemble a continuous spring break party, then they get mad and go look for it all elsewhere.
---Sissy on 9/13/05

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Brother Emcee, I do know you go to church to give thanks to the Lord for all you have, and to praise Him. But you also learn at church and if what you are learning is not correct you are in big trouble. Its nice to be happy and sing, but been happy and joyful could still send you to hell if you are in the wrong place. I believe any more answers on your faith is not good, so I will just say thanks for your friendship brother.
---lupe2618 on 9/12/05

Part 2. This elder of our church was always rebuking or complaining about something just about every time he came in contact with a church member. I believe what contributed to this was when he got saved he was given authority too soon.
---Jay on 9/12/05

Part 1. Nurse Robert, Sorry it took so long to get back to you, I have been away. A rebuking ministry, although not a technical term is when someone in the church is always correcting you on this and that. One time we were at a church picnic, and this Elder rebuked me and my wife for drinking coffee with caffine. Another time he told me on the phone if I didn't buy his company's products (vitamin suppliments) that it was like rejecting Jesus.
---Jay on 9/12/05

Lupe : Its unfortunate that you do not read my words as is & come to your own conclusions.after reading all the blogs it seemed there are a lot of dissatisfied people unable to find a suitable church Re read my answer you go to church to honour & praise God not to please others.Communication with our Blessed Lord is a personal thing. I did not mention a thing about my churches teachings.check my answer of 9/7
---Emcee on 9/11/05

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Brother, you only stand condemned if you don't want to know the truth no matter what denomination you serve. I am not condemning you as you, but your Churches teachings. This is not hidden anymore to anyone. The infomation for any denomination is on the web. I only answered because of your comment. You made it seem as if everyone else, is shopping and you are not because been a Catholic you are right and they are wrong. That was the reason for my answer brother.
---lupe2618 on 9/11/05

Lupe:Your Ire shows & shines through your Christian teachings & as a prideful catholic I stand condemned & corrected, by you. The answer was intended for those who are searching, as catholics we know which is the true church yours is the doubt,hence the reply.WE know Peter is not the shepherd,even here you misread the words. I said he was an ordained successor.Keeping an open mind & maintaining civility is sometimes hard but like the gospel of today we are called to love our brother.Blessings.
---Emcee on 9/10/05

Karen in reply to your question I give this You won't find a building full of perfect people.The Bible teaches us to not look to man but to GOD, the author and finsiher of our faith. So don't look to a man or woman for all you need. But do realize in churches there are good and bad. Pick out the good and shun the rest. Keep your eyes on JESUS.
---janet on 9/10/05

2. we are all sheep and the Shepard is Christ. It is not the Catholic church, and Peter is not the shepard. I believe you are confuse on that one brother. The flock is all of us, not just the one's in a Catholic Church. San Martin de Porras or the lady of Guadalupe is not your mediator to God, Christ is.
---lupe2618 on 9/10/05

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Brother Emcee, people are looking for a church that teaches truth. Your making fun of others because you are a Catholic. The Catholics don't look and that is why they do not have all the truth, yet they stay for pride. Pride will not teach you the truth. Been born a Catholic does not make you correct. It's easy for someone to judge others because they belong to the same faith forever but what if you are wrong? and I believe you are, you will never know the truth, why? because of pride.
---lupe2618 on 9/10/05

My 10-year-old granddaughter recently told me, " I love my church, I really love my church. I am going to go there as long as I live." Even though we don't attend the same church, it warmed my heart to know that a young child could be that dedicated. If only more adults felt the same.
---Nan on 9/9/05

Like sheep without a shepherd.Searching for a true church!or better like shopping for a shirt Or a perfect Dress!!AmazingI shall not say about myself because then I shall have Bias-We go to church to honour Praise & revere Almighty God in the way which we know best from within our hearts. Does it really matter who is saying what to cause you upset we go to church to communicate with Jesus.People are different in all churches But God is the same God whom we have an imaginary image of in our minds& hearts.
---Emcee on 9/7/05

I love my church family. I have been worshipping with them now for ten years, yes I have been hurt by them, and at times sadly I have hurt them. Forgiveness plays a big part in this life, and we need to be able to forgive and get past the hurts. It's not about us, it's about God.
---bethie on 9/7/05

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Find a church where the truth of the Bible is preached and taught. You WILL disagree with some people and their actions, but you should strive to impact that church and community through your actions. God bless you in your search.
---Peter on 9/6/05

Personally I gave up looking, frustrated by American Christianity. What we receive on Sunday is far from our hearts desire or Biblical. I tire of hearing you need plugged in to a home fellowship because you really won't get what you need on Sunday Morning,why bother. No,there is not a perfect church, I have yet to be convinced what we experience is what the Church was ever meant to be. One Person, "The Senior Pastor" and one ministry. I am fairly certain Mega Churches are not the answer.
---Huckbary on 9/6/05

It took me a long time to find the little church in which I belong. It has been many years since I've been to a church that loves each other and everyone is in one accord. We are called the praying church. I am really blessed to find my church. It was an accident.
---shira_5965 on 9/6/05

Jay... how would you describe a "rebuking ministry?"
---nurserobert on 9/6/05

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I don't think the problem is finding a perfect church. It's all about the foundation of the church, what are the leaders like because as shepherds they will be accountable for the flocks. Now it's sad that we have all these carnal people in church who don't love the Lord or each other and that's where the problem is. We CAN have a perfect church but not many will give over their will to the Lord. 2 those who are seriously labouring, your labour will not be in vain in the Lord.
---Mark585 on 9/6/05

The last church I went to there were a lot of people who had a rebuking ministry. There's a lot of that going around, but I know I will find the right one. No church is perfect and I will not give up and don't you either. God bless.
---Jay on 9/5/05

I'm 17 & for about a year now, I have Loved my church! I can't get enough of the preaching. My Pastor is 22 years old, he started preaching when he was 14. He truly speaks the word. (Pentacostal) We're not gonna pat your backs all the way to hell. You have to go through the rough stuff, just like Jesus did... "Christ-like"."You can't be a half-hearted christian, or you'll get eaten by a whole-hearted Devil." or AKA "A Sunday morning Christian"
---amber on 9/5/05

Please know as a Christian this is a very sad situation....I would like to hook you up to church like I attend..I wish I knew what city you live in and hopefully there is a spirit filled church there....I attend a UPCI church and it is the friendliest church in my town...We worship in Spirit and in truth....M
---Marga9383 on 9/5/05

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Karen, try home Bible fellowships. If you don't know where one meets, perhaps I can find one for you.
---jeffr5976 on 9/5/05

I have been fasting and praying often for God to send a new Shepherd to our church. I know He will. Our church needs someone who knows the Word and has good leadership qualities. I was in your shoes just a year ago, but ended up back where I started. Someone has to stand in the gap and intercess for the stranded sheep.
---Cathy_Y on 9/5/05

My husband and I was searching for a church where we could be us and worship as God would have us to. We searched and searched. We prayed for God to put us where he can use us the most. I would pray take my will and place it with yours. Now we are in a wonderfull church that is so full of love and the anointing is so powerful. but we are not a perfect church, there is no such thing. Pray that God will send you to a church where he can use you the most. But you need to be willing.
---Rebecca_D on 9/5/05

Hi, I understand exactly what you are going through. I do not believe there is a perfect church and if there was, I would ruin that :|, but what I am trying to listen to where God wants me to be...did that before and it worked
---Ken on 9/5/05

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I love my church.We are a family & look after eachother. Now my past church I belonged to was nothing but bickering& slander.I am glad the Lord guided me to my church home.
---autumn on 9/5/05

you will have satans attacks in a God filled church ,so praise him for them , there is no problem free church. I left the church once (in the flesh) , God worked it out later, I should have 'rode the storm' . I was going to leave again and he showed me twice not too, the word is preached wonderfully so why would I want to leave, I dont leave my jobs and I get more problems then I can stand at them .(3jobs)
---Jan4876 on 9/5/05

I love my church. My pastor is full of love for Jesus, the Word, and God's children. The people are also. Our services are great opportunities to worship the Lord.
---Madison on 9/5/05

if you are looking for the perfect church than my guess would be you will never be able to find it.true;some are more friender;caring;and loving than others.
As long As the church is A biblical believingone; And accepting of its parishoners no matter what;than that is All that can be really guess is the rest is up to us.I pray you find the church that Appeals to you Soon.GOD Bless!
---Roset7733 on 9/5/05

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I am also a christian and sometimes feel the same way. I started going to a new church a month ago.I believe like
relationships.God wants us to find the right church and watch for everything to make sure we are not yoked with an unbelieving/hypicritical church.If God reveals to you that the church is maybe not for you or is out of doing of his word. Then forgive as you would forgive others for being hurt and pray for them, then move on. God always has best for his children. He loves you! Christina
---christina on 9/5/05

The Church is of God's Children. We hurt like in any real family. Hopefully the hurts are not because we disagree with scriptural principles. I enjoy God's family as a child and being of use at any level. My duty is to apply God's love to others in the church. Hope you find church soon. Seek to help others and you will be surprised the warmth received back. Seek to do God's will through His word so when you are with the brethren you feel secure knowing God's grace for all. Pray for those who offend you.
---Benonia on 9/5/05

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