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God Tells Women Her Husband

Is it possible for God to tell a woman who her husband is? How can a man say that I am not in love with you, but if God tells me to marry you I will?

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 ---Tee on 9/5/05
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There is not one scripture in the bible that supports women being told by God who her husband is .. Think about the confusion . Example : God tells a woman this man is her husband. you tell this man he is your husband. he then bends on one knee asks you to marry him ?? LOL! that's confusion and compromising the word of God in the name Jesus. God created marriage presenting Eve to Adam . Man finds a Woman read Proverbs 18:22 Whoso findeth a Wife findeth a good thing and receives favour from the Lord. the word whoso reference a Woman who a Man found and chose to be his wife. A heterosexual relationship A man who finds a woman. The woman's becomes the wife her last name changes to her husbands last name Ephesians 5:23 . Amen ..
---Steady_1 on 2/28/18

how can a young girl know the will of God concerning her life?
---Elizabeth on 3/15/11

God revealed to me a man who I am to be with.We have served hand and hand for several months now. I feel led to meet with this man for coffee and tell him what the Lord revealed to me. The guy's ex girlfriend is moving her this Saturday to be with him.Should I do this? Is this a wise choice?
---Randi on 9/7/10

Love is part of God's plan for us. He created marraige for two persons to becime one IN LOVE. No God would not pick someone for you to marry whom did not love you and whom you did not love. You would not be confused about the one God chooses for you. You will know in your heart and soul he is from God and from the love in his heart.
---Marla on 11/10/07

Hmmmm....something dont sound right. God is not the authur of confusion. I wouldnt marry a man if he told me he didnt love me. I dont think God would send a man to you that didnt love you. Somethings wrong somewhere.
---PL on 3/25/07

A pastor's daughter 22 years old gets a secretarial job in the office of a 45 year old man. After one month this girl informed her boss that they will be getting married. Are you crazy the boss said, I have children older than you. Nevertheless she kept working for him. Slowly dinners, and trips, and finally he asked her do you want to formally date? No she said, I want to get married. They did, they're very happy I know them both.
---mima on 5/20/06

I know a woman who had a dream one night about a man, and in the dream they got married. She had no idea who the man was. Years later, she met a friend of mine from church, and he turned out to be, literally, the "man of her dreams". They married shortly after, and have been happy ever since. I believe God showed her who her husband was going to be. (Gee, wish I could have a dream like that.......)
---Ann5758 on 12/31/05

This is to angie who is 16 years old and says she's in love with her youth paster. What you have is a crush on him. Not love! If he remains JUST you're paster and does NOT go any further, then that's fine. But if both of you go further than you should. Then he should go to PRISON for life and you should be ashamed and repent.
---Bennie on 12/31/05

i kinda have a question likethat..its the same situation except he's 23 im 16 and im not completly sure of his feelings, people say that he loves me or likes me but we cant date cuz he's my uth pastor, i dont know how to act around him or what to say or if 2 even mention what people say to me about him and me, there are rumors but nothing is going on.!
---angie on 10/17/05

I read a testimony of a couple(about 1905)that were in Bible school.Men & women were not allowed to socialize alone.The man began to feel the woman was to be his wife and finally wrote her.She replied God had shown her some mo.before & she waited until God revealed it to the man.They married a wk later & went to the mission field.
---lovable_linda on 9/10/05

Sorry, I should have clarified. Yes, he does love me, and yes he is saved. We want to make sure that God wants us to marry. I truly believe God has told me. But God hasn't told him, so he says. And that is why I asked the question is it possible for God to tell the woman.
---Tee on 9/7/05

I believe that God gives guidance to those who asks but lets each decide who to ask or to whom to say Yes I will or No ...+ reason.
---pierre7958 on 9/7/05

I think that God will tell both of you! I know when I got married til the time I said I do God was telling me no! But I listened to other people and if I would have listened to God it would have saved me a 5 year abusive marriage that ended in divorce. I could be happily married by now instead of single. Seek God with all your heart and you will find the answers.
---Donna on 9/6/05

How would God tell a person who to marry? I have not ever heard God speak audibly. God gives us comman sense. Love for eachother and God should be the foundation of a marriage.
---Ulrika on 9/6/05

One thing needs to be set straight, God IS the author of confusion. 'Let Us go down and confound their language so they will not understand each other.'
---gregg8944 on 9/6/05

How did God tell you?

I have seen several people "told" by others "God gave me this for you..." (about a mate) each ended in disaster.
---Bruce5656 on 9/6/05

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Tee, Are you sure your listening to God and not your own desires?
---NurseRobert on 9/6/05

God does not over spiritualise marriage, there should always be love present, respect and a mutual desire to be married. Don't get caught in satan's trap of being tricked into the wrong marriage. If he doesn't love then it's simply not the right one.
---Maxine on 9/6/05

I also had a word from God a couple of years ago about I had meet my husband to. I carried on a friendship with him for 2 year. talked with my Minister about it and pray and a wrote a letter telling him I liked him more then a friend. he said he just wanted to be friends. I now relised it was the devil talking to me, It was what my heart wanted to hear at the time. So be very carefull on this one my dear, try beinging friends first then see where it may lead. God will lead it further if thats his plan.
---Paula_4343 on 9/6/05

I believe that believers are given freedom to choose their spouses if they are in the Lord. That is the only restriction. Based on love, what we want, similarities of life goals, values, personalities, and other preferences, we are free to choose our partners. God does not tell one and hide it from the other. We choose our mate and live with them.
---seble on 9/6/05

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it's possible for God to tell u ur husband. He musn't say it in a loud voice. It could be directly to u, through someone or through the normal things you do daily. But be careful how u handle that. If God reveals your husband to u, it's better you confide in ur pastor 1st. He knows how best to handle that. It's always better for the man to make the 1st move, not the woman.
---Debba7385 on 9/6/05

reminds us a sit in the OT where two are ment to even they have not seen each other? God's plan. The keything here is being truely able to "hear" God and obey what He says. The bible may already contain words God wantus to "hear": "Do not be unequally yoked...," and many more... On the other side, Man/woman when saying "love/notlove" is often only in his/her tongue. When at that stage of uncertainty, give courting/engagement stage more time before deciding marriage.
---cms on 9/6/05

I think with God all things are possible. Now most of us really don't know what love is and we base love on our feelings. To be honest people will swear they love you today and then tomorrow they hurt you like that. Just like us and the Lord, we don't start off loving him, but the more he pursues us, the more time he spends with us, the more we know him and open up to him. that's when we BEGIN to fall in love with him. Alot of times we call infatuation love when it's not.
---Mark585 on 9/6/05

While I don't want to "box God in", it would seem to me that He would tell BOTH persons they should marry each other - not just one of them.
---WIVV on 9/5/05

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